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N. S. Rajaram
N. S. Rajaram (Indiaas auteur)
N. S. Rajaram (Indian mathematician)
Navaratna Srinivasa Rajaram
Rajaram, N. S.
Rajaram, Navarathna S.
Rajaram, Navaratna S.
Rajaram, Navaratna Srinivasa,
Srinivasa Rajaram, Navaratna
Раджарам, Наваратна Шриниваса
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Language material
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writer of accompanying material
Related names: 
Frawley, David (1950-....))
Indiana University
Jha, N. (1939-)
Jha, N. (1939-))
Jha, Natwar (1939-)
Makkhan Lal, 1954-
National Seminar on Indian Science, Philosophy, Art and Architecture (2008 : Bangalore, India)
Samskrita Bharati
Sreenath, H. K.
Subbarayappa, B. V.
Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture
Voice of India
Christianity's scramble for India and the failure of the ʻsecularist' elite
Dangs and after missionaries, media, and politics
deciphered Indus script, The : methodology, readings, interpretations
Hindu view of the world: essays in the intellectual Kshatriya tradition, A
India heritage: science, philosophy, art & architecture
Indian heritage, 2009:
Itihāsaḥ, saṃskr̥tih, rāṣṭriyatā ca
Nationalism and distortions in Indian history : causes, consequences and cure
Partition and other divisive issues
politics of history, The : Aryan invasion theory and the subversion of scholarship
Profiles in deception : Ayodhya and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Sarasvati River and the Vedic civilization history, science, and politics
Search for the historical Krishna
Secularism : the new mask of fundamentalism : religious subversion of secular affairs
Stochastic integrals of weighted ... 1976
Stochastic integrals of weighted empirical processes and an application to the limiting distribution of linear rank statistics under alternatives
Vedic Aryans and the origins of civilization, The : a literary and scientific perspective
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Indiana University, 1976