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John Thomson
John Thomson (britisk fotograf)
John Thomson (brittisk fotograf)
John Thomson (fotografo, geografo e viaggiatore scozzese)
John Thomson (pioneering Scottish photographer, geographer and traveller)
John Thomson (schottischer Pionier der Photographie)
Tangmuxun, Yuehan
Thompson, John
Thomson, J.
Thomson, John
Thomson, John F. R. G. S.
Thomson, John (Scottish photographer and author, 1837-1921, active in the Far East and in London)
Tomson, Tzōn
Τζον Θόμσον
جان تامسون (عکاس بریتانیایی)
탕모손, 약한 (汤姆逊, 约翰)
탕무쉰, 웨한
톰슨, 존
トムソン, ジョン
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Cartographic material
Computer file
Language material
Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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Balmer, Judith
Brandt, Bill (1904-1983)
Édel, Chantal
Seller, John (16..-1697)
Smith, Adolphe
Talandier, Alfred (1822-1890)
Tissandier, Gaston (1843-1899)
Vattemare, H.
Vattemare, Hippolyte (18..-1882)
Warner, John (1930-)
White, Stephen
Worswick, Clark
1878 Sonbaharında kamera ile Kıbrıs : iki cilt altmış kalıcı fotoğraf
Boy with tray
Buy a broom
China, the land and its people : early photographs
[Chinese men greeting each other, a "compradore" (agent), a Tartar man, and an agricultural laborer with a scythe and a child]
[Chinese men playing "Chai Moi" (finger game), street vendors with carts selling food; and a group of men, women and children]
[Chinese people in a sampan and canal boat, women in a wheelbarrow, and a street cobbler]
Chinese soldier
Conc, a concordance generator]
Dead flowers, 1968:
Dix ans de voyages dans la Chine et l'Indo-Chine
Ekthesē phōtographiōn Tzōn Tomson "Peridiavazontas stēn Kypro, phthinopōro 1878, 1984:
Empire de Chine, L'
Foochau woman
head guard on the South Eastern Railway, 1885--The engine is one of Richard Christopher Mansell's "Gunboat" 0-4-4 tanks, built for Greenwich, Woolrich and Blackheath local services, The
Headdress, coolie
history and handbook of photography, A
'Hookey Alf' of Whitechapel
[Horse-drawn cab of T. Tilling, with boy inside and driver, London]
Illustrations of China and its people. Vol. 1
inmost shrine, The : a photographic odyssey of China, 1873
London cabmen
Merveilles de la photographie.
Native Macao
Native of Hong Kong
Old man in spectacles
[Portraits of a Chinese peddler, a woman selling brooms, a woman from Canton, and a laborer]
[Portraits of a Chinese policeman with prisoners, a person being carried in a sedan chair, a group of women and a barber]
[Portraits of a Chinese woman holding a boy, an elderly man wearing glasses, two women, and a two needlewomen with baskets]
[Portraits of a Chinese women purchasing jewelry, women from Macau, people in a boat, and the "toutai" (magistrate) of Shanghai] with an attendant]
[Portraits of the executioner of Kanagawa with sword and prisoner, the head of Hayashida Tciken, and Chinese women, including one from "Foochau"]
Punishment of the canque
Sheying : shades of China, 1850-1900
Siam through the lens of John Thomson, 1865-66 : including Angkor and coastal China
Straits of malacca, indo-china, and china, or, ten years' travels, adventures, and residence abroad
Street life in London
[Studio portraits of a Chinese bureaucrat (mandarin), a civil officer, a Buddhist priest and a woman ]
Sutorito raifu : Yoroppa o mitsumeta 7nin no shashinkatachi.
Taiwan récit
Ten years' travels, adventures and residence abroad
Thomson's China travels and adventures of a nineteenth-century photographer
Through China with a camera
Through Cyprus with the camera, in the autumn of 1878
[Travel album Iran and Iraq]
Wan Qing sui ying : Yuehan. Tangmuxun yan zhong de Zhongguo
Workers on the "silent highway"
Zhongguo zui hou yi ge gu dai
ストリート・ライフ : ヨーロッパを見つめた7人の写真家たち
晚清碎影 : 约翰 ・汤姆逊眼中的中国
玻光流影 約翰湯姆生世紀影像特展 : 鏡頭下的福爾摩沙與亞洲紀行 : Window to the East : the Journey to Formosa, China and Southeast Asia 1865-1871