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E, W.
E, William Emerson
E, William Emwerson
Emerson, W.
Emerson, William
W. E, William Emerson
William Emerson
William Emerson (British mathematician)
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Carpenter, Nathanael (1589-1628?)
Davis, William (1771-1807)
Emerson, William (1701-1782))
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Machin, John -1751
Motte, Andrew -1734
Newton, Isaac (1642-1727)
Nourse, John (1705-1780))
Nourse, John (Londen)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
arithmetic of infinites, and the differential method illustrated by examples., The
art of surveying, or measuring land Containing, I. The work to be perform'd in the field, ... II. Concerning protracting, reducing, ... III. Measuring inaccessible heights, and distances., The
Calculation, libration, and mensuration or the arts of reckoning, weighing, and measuring. Being a mechanical work, adapted to the business and practice of tradesmen and artificers, in the shortest method possible; and designed purely for common use.
Chronology: or, the art of reckoning time Describing the several divisions of time in common use; the nature and original of cycles and periods, and the most remarkable aera's.
collection of tracts]., [A
Cyclomathesis: or An easy introduction to the several branches of the mathematics : Being principally designed for the instruction of young students, before they enter upon the more abstruse and difficult parts thereof.
doctrine of fluxions: not only explaining the elements thereof, but also its application and use in the several parts of mathematics and natural philosophy., The
elements of geometry, 1794:, The
elements of optics. In four books. Book I. Simple optics, or direct vision. Book II. Catoptrics, or reflected vision. Book III. Dioptrics, or refracted vision. Book IV. The construction of optical instruments ..., The
elements of trigonometry, The : Containing the properties, relations, and calculations of sines, tangents, secants, &c. The doctrine of the sphere, and the principles of plain and spherical trigonometry. All plainly and clearly demonstrated.
Geography, the second booke, containing the generall topicall part thereof
Mathematical Works.
method of increments Wherein the principles are demonstrated; and the practice thereof shewn in the solution of problems., The
Miscellanies. Or a miscellaneous treatise; containing several mathematical subjects.
Navigation; or, the art of sailing upon the sea Containing a demonstration of the fundamental principles of this art. Together with all the practical rules of computing a ship's way, ... To which are added, several necessary tables.
Perspective: or, the art of drawing the representations of all objects upon a plane In two sections.
principles of mechanics., The : Explaining and demonstrating the general laws of motion, the laws of gravity, motion of descending bodies, projectiles, mechanic powers, ...
projection of the sphere, orthographic, stereographic, and gnomonical Both demonstrating the principles, and explaining the practice of these three several sorts of projection., The
system of astronomy. Containing the investigation and demonstrations of the elements of that science., A
Tables of natural and artificial sines, tangents, &c. and logarithms
Tracts: containing: I. Mechanics, or the doctrine of motion. II.
treatise of algebra, in two books Book I. Containing, the fundamental principles of this art. Together with all the practical rules of operation. Book II. Containing, a great variety of problems, in the most important branches of the mathematics., A
Works. Selections.