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Hanquart, Évelyne
Hanquart-Turner, E.
Hanquart-Turner, Évelyne,
Turner, Évelyne Hanquart-
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Centre d'études et de recherche sur l'Empire et le Commonwealth Créteil
Deschamps, Yannick (1960-....))
Doll, Jürgen
Gibault, Michèle
Hanana Chouk, Imen (1976-....))
Hangest, Germain d' (1883-1963))
Mignauw, Marylène (1982-....))
Neddam, Fabrice (1976-....))
Olivier, Florence
Volná, Ludmila
1800's-1990's two centuries of divorce law reform in Britain
analysis of the punk movement in Britain, An
anglo-american special relationship during the Falklands crisis, The
Anglo-German colonial rivalries in the Dark Continent during the interwar period : the example of East and South Africa.
Anti-catholic fears in Ireland, 1685-91 a study of the protestant mentality
Anti-imperialism in George Orwell's Burmese days, "Shooting an elephant" & "Hanging"
Churchill's route in 1939-1940 from an isolated figure to britain's uncontested leader
Civil defence in Leicester during the blitz
cultural influence of the African-Caribbean community in contemporary London, The
declining power of the landed interest in the nineteenth century the Parliament reform act of 1832 and the repeal of the corn laws, The
diachronic study of the legend of Robin Hood, A
Doubles critères, double standards
Écrire le temps [septième Colloque du CEREC, Centre d'études et de recherche sur l'empire et le Commonwealth, 28 avril 2000
Éducation et sécularisme perspectives africaines et asiatiques
Education in Hong Kong from 1841 to 1913 or the beginning of a process of forced acculturation
empire et son double. -, L'
Exils, migrations, création
exploitation of a minor literary phenomenom by an english provincial town Brother Cadfael and Shrewsbury, The
From fan to electric "Pundah" British women during the Raj
genesis of a multicultural society Jamaica and Trinidad-Tobago, The : from discovery to independence
Great-Britain and the Falkands [sic] War
greatest Evil of our society" a study of prostitution in Britain, 1840-1890, "The
Henry Fielding and the last jacobite rebellion the Forty-Five as seen through "The True Patriot" and other periodicals
History and preservation of Scottish medieval castles
housing conditions of the underprivileged in victorian cities 1840-1890, The
humaniste dans la cité moderne, Un : E[dward] M[organ] Forster
Immigration policies in the United Kingdom, 1945-1981
impact of colonialism in Kenya, The
Imperialism and public opinion during the Boer war (1899-1902)
Indian people in Britain from immigrant to citizen status 1960s - 1980s
Irish in Paris, The
Isle of Bourbon Franco-British rivalry in the colonies, The
Jannie, Mynie, Susanna, Emily, Jane, Margaret... Boer and British women in the Boer war, 1899-1902
Malta from integration to independence
Marianne Thornton, 2000:
Mrs Thatcher's years and ethnic problems
Multicultural education in Great-Britain today
Multiculturism in Canada
Mythologies of the (M)otherland mythologies de la mère patrie et de la terre d'accueil
New South Wales and New Caledonia convict colonies
Pakistani Community and the careers of Pakistani women in Great Britain today, The
Parents' dreams, children's integration British Asian success in the works of Hanif Kureishi and Meera Syal
Perspectives transculturelles
Plus égaux que d'autres démocratie, Empire et Commonwealth
Pouvoir et légitimité
Raj and the untouchables in India, The
rebellion jacobite de 1745 à travers les écrits polémiques de Henry Fielding, La
revival of the Highlander as a national folk hero or the revival of scottish identity, The
rivalités coloniales germano-britanniques en Afrique noire entre les deux guerres l'exemple de l'Afrique orientale et australe, Les
Role and influence of the Second War upon India's decolonizing process
synchronic study of the integrated schools in Northern Ireland 1981-1996, A
Tales of the British empire : nouvelles
Trois romanciers anglais contemporains à la recherche d'un humanisme D. H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, E. M. Forster
Unions mixtes et métissage dans le monde anglophone. -
University of Oxford and the formation of "national" men, The : nationalisms, masculinities, and the reform of Oxford education in Georgian and Victorian England.
Violence d'État, parole libératrice et colonialisme
voix anglophone du roman indien de l'Empire à la diaspora, La
War and Survival in Ken Saro-Wiwa's and Cyprian Ekwensi's works.
Women, education and social opportunities in the republic of Ireland
Women in Georgian England from the novels by Jane Austen
Women, religion and society the case of the Caribbean : Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and Barbados
Working-class community spirit a myth or a reality
Zulus in South African society and their political organisation, The
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