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Blitzstein, ..
Blitzstein, M.
Blitzstein, Marc
Blitzstein, Marc Samuel
Blitzstein, Marcus Samuel
Blitzstein, Marcus Samuel (Vollstaendiger Name)
Marc Blitzstein
Marc Blitzstein (American composer)
Marc Blitzstein (Amerikaans componist (1905-1964))
Marc Blitzstein (amerikansk komponist)
Marc Blitzstein (amerikansk kompositör)
Marc Blitzstein (compositeur américain)
Marc Blitzstein (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Mark Blitzstein
בליצשטין, מרק
מארק בליצשטיין
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Blitzstein, Marc
Brecht, Bertolt (1898-1956)
Brecht, Eugen Berthold Friedrich (1898-1956)
Deering, Olive (1918-1986)
Engel, Lehman (1910-1982)
Gough, Lloyd
Lehrman, Leonard
Richard L. Coe Theater Programs Collection (Library of Congress)
Rome, Harold (1908-1993)
Schuman, William (1910-1992)
Weill, Kurt (1900-1950)
Wolfson, Martin (1904-1973)
Żyta, Łukasz
וייל, קורט (1900-1950)
Act 1: Daarlin' Man / [Dialog]
Act 1: His Own Peculiar Charm / [Dialog]
Act 1: I Wish It So
Act 1: Ireland's Eye
Act 1, No. 1: Intro
Act 1, No. 2: Birdie
Act 1, No. 3: Small Talk
Act 1, No. 4: Goodbyes
Act 1, No. 5: Big Rich
Act 1, No. 6a: I don't know
Act 1, No. 6b: My, my
Act 1, No. 7a: Away
Act 1, No. 7b: The best thing of all
Act 1, No. 7c: What will it be
Act 1, No. 8: Birdie and Zan
Act 1: Old Sayin'S (reprise) / [Dialog]
Act 1: On a Day Like This
Act 1: One Kind Word
Act 1: Overture / We're Alive
Act 1: Scene 1
Act 1: Scene 10
Act 1: Scene 2
Act 1: Scene 3
Act 1: Scene 4
Act 1: Scene 5
Act 1: Scene 6
Act 1: Scene 7
Act 1: Scene 8
Act 1: Scene 9
Act 1: Song of the Ma
Act 1: We Can Be Proud
Act 1: What Is the Stars
Act 2: Bird Upon the Tree
Act 2: For Love
Act 2: Hymn
Act 2 [incidental music on the theme of You Poor Thing]
Act 2: It's Not Irish
Act 2: Johnny
Act 2: Music in the House
Act 2: My True Heart.
Act 2: Old Sayin's (Re-reprise)
Act 2: One Kind Word (reprise)
Act 2, Scene 1, No. 1: Oh, Addie where are you?
Act 2, Scene 1, No. 2: Deedle doodle
Act 2, Scene 1, No. 3: These cee-gars what you looking for son?
Act 2, Scene 1, No. 4: Horace's entrance
Act 2, Scene 1, No. 5: Greetings
Act 2, Scene 1, No. 6: Horace and Regina
Act 2, Scene 1, No. 7: The Business
Act 2, Scene 2, No. 1: Gottschalk
Act 2, Scene 2, No. 2: Sing Hubbard
Act 2, Scene 2, No. 3: Transition
Act 2, Scene 2, No. 4a: Polka
Act 2, Scene 2, No. 4b: Chinkypin
Act 2, Scene 2, No. 5: Blues
Act 2, Scene 2, No. 6: Waltz
Act 2, Scene 2, No. 7: Intro and Gallop
Act 2: Scene 8
Act 2: Scene 9
Act 2: The Liffey Waltz
Act 2: We're Alive (reprise)
Act 2: You Poor Thing (reprise)
Act 3, No. 1: Rain Quartet
Act 3, No. 2: Birdie's Aria
Act 3, No. 3: Horace and Addie
Act 3, No. 4: Horace and Regina
Act 3, No. 5: Regina's Aria
Act 3, No. 6: Melodrama
Act 3, No. 7: Greedy Girl
Act 3, No. 8: Horace's Death
Act 3, No. 9: Finale
Airborne Symphony: I. Ballad Of History And Mythology, The
Airborne Symphony: I. Kittyhawk, The
Airborne Symphony: I. The Airbone, The
Airborne Symphony: I. Theory Of Flight, The
Airborne Symphony: II. Ballad Of The Cities, The
Airborne Symphony: II. Morning Poem, The
Airborne Symphony: II. The Enemy, The
Airborne Symphony: II. Threat And Approach, The
Airborne Symphony: III. Ballad Of Hurry-Up, The
Airborne Symphony: III. Night Music: Ballad Of The Bombardier, The
Airborne Symphony: III. Recitative: Chorus Of The Rendezvous, The
Airborne Symphony: III. The Open Sky, The
Art for Art's Sake
Ask Us Again
Be With Me
Bird Upon the Tree
Come to the Rescue
Concerto, piano, orchestra. Moderato molto
Condor pasa
Cop's Lament
Cradle Will Rock (1994 Blank Theatre Company, Los Angeles cast), The
Cradle Will Rock (Original 1985 Cast Recording), The
Cradle Will Rock (Original Broadway Cast), The
Cradle Will Rock: Scene 1 (Streetcorner). I'm checkin' home now (Moll), The
Cradle Will Rock: Scene 10 (Nightcourt). Finale (Ensemble), The
Cradle Will Rock: Scene 2 (Nightcourt), The
Cradle Will Rock: Scene 3 (Mission). Mission Scene (Mrs. Mister, Reverend Salvation), The
Cradle Will Rock: Scene 4 (Lawn of Mr. Mister's Home). Croon Spoon (Junior Mister, Sister Mister) / The Freedom of the Press (Mr. Mister, Editor Daily) / Honolulu (Junior Mister, Sister Mister, Editor Daily, Mr. Mister), The
Cradle Will Rock: Scene 5 (Drugstore). Drugstore Scene (Harry Druggist, Steve) / Gus and Sadie Love Song (Gus Polock, Sadie Polock), The
Cradle Will Rock: Scene 6 (Hotel Lobby). The Rich (Yasha, Dauber) / Ask Us Again (Yasha, Dauber, Mrs. Mister) / Art for Art's Sake (Yasha, Dauber), The
Cradle Will Rock: Scene 7 (Nightcourt). Nickel Under the Foot (Moll) / Leaflets (Larry Foreman) / The Cradle Will Rock (Larry Foreman), The
Cradle Will Rock: Scene 8 (Faculty Room), The
Cradle Will Rock: Scene 9 (Dr. Specialist's Office). Doctor and Ella (Ella Hammer, Doctor Specialist) / Joe Worker (Ella Hammer), The
Cradle will rock. Selections
Cradle Will Rock (Speech), The
Croon Spoon
Daarlin' Man
Darlin' Juno (1976 Long Wharf Theater cast)
Do We Disturb
Don't Let me Keep You
Dramatic music. Selections
Dusty Sun
Elizabethan songs
Ella's Entrance
Faculty Room
Final Scene
For Love
Freedom of the Press, The
From Marion's book. O by the by
From Marion's book. Open your heart
From Marion's book. Until and I heard
Hard Times - The Sermon
Have Yourself a Little Night
Hey Virgil
Hills of Amalfi, The
I'll Show You Guys
I've got the tune
Idiots first
In the clear
Invitation To Bitterness male Chorus with Altos
It's in the Cards
It's Not Going To Hurt
It's Not Irish
Joe Worker
Juno (1992 Musical Theater Lab at the Vineyard Theater cast)
Juno. Bird upon the tree
Juno (original Broadway cast)
King Lear.
Let's Do Something
Liffey Waltz, The
Love at the First Word
Love Duet (Gus and Sadie)
Love theme
Lovely to get back to love
Mack the knife
Make the Heart Be Stone
Marc Blitzstein autograph letters to his mother Anna E. Levy
Marc Blitzstein songbook, The
midsummer night's dream., A
Miracle Song / Sleep
Moll and Gent
Moll's Song
Moment of Love
Monday Morning Blues
monde libre, Le
Mother of the Bridegroom
Mozart serenade
Music in the House
Musical theatre premières
Musky and Whisky
Muss I denn
My True Heart
Mystery of the Flesh
Native land. American day
Native land. Dusty sun
Never get lost
New suit
New York City Ballet
Nickel Under Your Foot, The
Night shift
No for an Answer (1941 original cast)
No for an Answer: Act I, Scene 1. Opening Chorus "No for an Answer" (Chorus)
No for an Answer: Act I, Scene 10. "No for an Answer" (Chorus)
No for an Answer: Act I, Scene 3. Gina (Hester Sondergaard, Norma Green, Martin Wolfson)
No for an Answer: Act I, Scene 4. Secret Singing (Olive Deering, Lloyd Gough)
No for an Answer: Act I, Scene 6. Dimples-Fraught (Carol Channing, Coby Ruskin)
No for an Answer: Act I, Scene 8. Francie (Norma Green, Micahel Loring)
No for an Answer: Act II, Scene 1. Penny Candy (Curt Conway)
No for an Answer: Act II, Scene 4. Mike (Bert Conway)
No for an Answer: Act II, Scene 7. Nick (Martin Wolfson)
No for an Answer: Act II, Scene 7. Purest Kind of a Guy (Curt Conway, Chorus)
No for an Answer: Act II, Scene 9. Make the Heart be Stone / Chorus "No for an Answer" (Chorus)
No for an answer. Selections
Oh What a Filthy Night Court
Old Sayin's
On a Day Like This
One Kind Word
Order in the Court Room II
Order in the Courtroom III
Penny Candy
Percussion music
Piano Concerto: I. Moderato molto - Allegro
Piano Concerto: II. Largo assai
Piano Concerto: III. Adagio ma non troppo - Allegro non troppo
Piano Percussion Music: I. Toccata
Piano Percussion Music: II. Air
Piano Percussion Music: III. Rondino
Piano Sonata
Pins and needles.
Piston, Blitzstein, Hill
Purest Kind of Guy, The
Quartet for Strings, "Italian": I. Allegro
Quartet for Strings, "Italian": II. Allegretto
Quartet for Strings, "Italian": III. Presto Possibile
Quartet for Strings, "Italian": IV. Lento
Quartet, violins (2), viola, cello
Regina. Blues
Regina opera in three acts, based on The little foxes by Lillian Hellman
Regina. What will it be
Reuben, Reuben (1955-10-05 Boston cast)
Reuben Reuben. Hard to say
Reuben Reuben. Monday morning blues
Reuben Reuben. Rose song
Reuben Talks
Richard Speaking
Rise up
Rose Song
Sacco and Vanzetti
San Gennaro
Scene 1: Street Corner: Moll and Dick
Scene 1: Street Corner: Moll and Gent
Scene 1: Street Corner: Moll’s Song
Scene 1: Streetcorner: I'm Checkin' Home Now
Scene 10: Night Court: Finale
Scene 10: Night Court: Reprise of The Cradle Will Rock
Scene 2: Night Court: Moll and Druggist
Scene 2: Night Court: Oh, What a Filthy Night Court!
Scene 3: Mission: Mrs. Mister and Reverend Salvation
Scene 4: Lawn of Mr. Mister's Home: Croon Spoon
Scene 4: Lawn of Mr. Mister’s House: Croon‐Spoon
Scene 4: Lawn of Mr. Mister’s House: Honolulu
Scene 4: Lawn of Mr. Mister’s House: Let’s Do Something
Scene 4: Lawn of Mr. Mister’s House: The Freedom of the Press
Scene 5: Drugstore: Drugstore Scene
Scene 5: Drugstore: Gus and Sadie Love Song
Scene 6: Hotel Lobby: Art for Art’s Sake
Scene 6: Hotel Lobby: Ask Us Again
Scene 6: Hotel Lobby: The Rich
Scene 6: Mrs. Mister's Entrance
Scene 7: Night Court: Leaflets
Scene 7: Night Court / Nickel Under the Foot
Scene 7: Night Court: The Cradle Will Rock
Scene 8: Faculty Room
Scene 9: Dr. Specialist's Office
Scene 9: Dr. Specialists Office: Doctor and Ella
Scene 9: Dr. Specialists Office: Joe Worker
Scene Eight
Scene Five
Scene Four
Scene Nine
Scene One
Scene Seven
Scene Six
Scene Ten
Scene Three
Scene Two
Scherzo, "Bourgeois At Play"
Scherzo, piano
Schwarze Augen
Secret Singing
Serenade for String Quartet: I. Largo
Serenade for String Quartet: II. Largo
Serenade for String Quartet: III. Largo
Serenade, violins (2), viola, cello
Shave and a Haircut
Shiley Booth [and] Melvyn Douglas in the new musical "Juno"
Sonata 1927: I.
Sonata 1927: II.
Sonata 1927: III.
Sonata 1927: IV.
Sonata 1927: IX.
Sonata 1927: V.
Sonata 1927: VI.
Sonata 1927: VII.
Sonata 1927: VIII.
Sonatas, piano (1927)
Song (1925)
Song of the Arrow
Song of the Bat, The
Song of the Ma
Songs for Armstrong
Songs for free men 1940-45
Songs. Selections
soup song
Spanish earth
Spot, The
Stay in my arms
Stranger on the shore
Such a Little While
Summer Weather
Take the Book
Tell It to Bart
Terre d'Espagne
Thank You
There Goes My Love
This is the garden. In twos
threepenny opera., The
Tragedy of Julius Caesar (Mercury Theatre version)
United front
vieux rentier [enr. son.], Un
Vocal music. Selections
War song
Way you are
We Can Be Proud
We Got a Pact
We’re Alive
What Is the Stars
What's the matter with me?
Which of You Guys?
Whitman songs
winter's tale., The
wish it so, I
With a Woman to Be
Yeth, Yeth
You Poor Thing (Reprise)
Zipperfly & other songs : The New York festival of song
Испанская земля
מקי סכינאי
על התמזה מר הבכי על חופיה שוד ודם
Contributed to or performed: 
Early Years III: Airborne Symphony, The
First Life
Threepenny Opera: The Ballad of Mack the Knife, The