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Jean‐Jacques Perrey
Jean-Jacques Perrey (Frans componist)
Jean-Jacques Perrey (fransk komponist)
Jean-Jacques Perrey (fransk kompositör)
Jean-Jacques Perrey (französischer Komponist und ein Pionier der Elektronischen Musik)
Jean-Jacques Perrey (French composer)
Jean Jacques Perry
Jean Jaques Perrey
Jean‐Marcel Leroy
Leroy, Jean‐Marcel
Perrey, Jean J.
Perrey, Jean‐Jacques
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Ace Records Ltd
Arvanitas, Georges (1931-2005)
Bartoli, Pierre
Ciné Horizon
Kingsley, Gershon
Kingsley, Gershon (1925-...)
Panda films
Vanguard Records
Warner music France
WEA Europe
18th Century Puppet
Aérolithe Alpha
Alerte aux robots
Alien Planet, The
All night long (16 min)
Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound of Jean Jacques Perrey, The
Analog Generique
Andromeda Calling
Animal Saloon
appel des bioceps, L'
Aqua Density
At home with the groovebox a Grand Royal and tannis root little grand records
Bal Campagnard
Ballet intersidéral
Barnyard in Orbit
Baroque Hoedown
Berceuse pour un bébé robot
Blake et Mortimer alerte sonique !
Blues in 3/4 Time
Blues un 3/4 time
Bolshoi Ballerina
bonne du tonnerre
Boys and Girls
Brazilian Chick
Brazilian Flower
Castanets With Sound
Cat in the night
Caverns in Deep Sea
Celtic Feast
Charley Stone
chauffeur de taxi amoureux
Chez le photographe
Chicken on the Rocks
Circus of life
Cœur synthétique
Colette kids
Colonie céleste
Comical Logos
Corn on the Cob (club mix)
Cosmic Ballad (feat. Gershon Kingsley)
Cosmic Bird
Country rock polka
County Rock Polka
Crazy Crow and Daffyduck
Dance of the Goblins
Dancing Silhouette
Dream 106
E.V.A. (Fat Boy Slim dub)
E.V.A. (Fat Boy Slim remix)
E.V.A. (Fatboy Slim dub remix)
E.V.A. (Fatboy Slim remix - radio edit)
E.V.A: The Best of Jean Jacques Perrey
Eighteen century puppet
Electronic ostinato
Elephant Never Forgets, The
Elephant on the Roof, An
Elephant's Wedding March
essential Perrey & [and] Kingsley
Eva (Fatboy Slim remix)
Evocation of Cartoons
Fallout (feat. Gershon Kingsley)
Feet of mud (18 min)
Final Message From Jean-Jacques
Flight of the Bumble Bee (feat. Gershon Kingsley)
Flight of the Bumblebee (Eurotrash remix)
Four, Three, Two, One
French Horn
Frère Jean Jacques
Fuite siderale
Funambule De L'Espace, La
Funny Blues
Fusée Dans Le Ciel
Gavotte des vers luisants, La
Girl From Mill Valley, The
Glockenspiel Gavotte
Good moog astral animations & komputer kartoons
Gossipo perpetuo
Gossippo Perpetuo
Groovy Leprechauns
Gypsy in Rio
Harry Langdon et compagnie
Hello, Dolly !
Hi Fi Trumpet
horloge Hantée, L'
In First Orbit
In Texas Tonight
In the Heart of a Rose
Indicatif spatial
Intercelestial Tabulator
Intro: Disneyland Theme
Island in Space
Jean-Jacques Perrey et son Ondioline
Jericho Jerk
Kiddy Kappers
Kiyouli Le Clown
Krazy Cat Rag
Laboratoire des mutants
Little Girl From Mars, The
Little Italy
Little Ships, The
longue nuit
Mack Sennett et Compagnie [Images animées]
Madder Than Mad
Mars Reflector
Mary France
Mas Que Nada (feat. Gershon Kingsley)
Melancholy Mule, The
Messy Hop
Mexican Cactus, The
Minuet of the Robots, The
Mister James Bond
Mister Ondioline
Mod Ghost
Moog indigo
Moog Mig Mag Moog
Moog Sensations
Moogie Boogy
Moogy Boogy
Music of the Planets
Musique De L'infini
Musique Electronique du Cosmos
Nasty Groove
Old Bell Ringer, The
Ondioline Demonstration Recordings From Satellite Records Acetates: Introduction
One Note Samba (Spanish Flea)
One Two Two
One Zero One
One Zéro Zéro
out sound from way in! Perrey, Kingsley - The complete Vanguard recordings
Panthère cosmique, La
Parade des soldats de bois
Passport to the future
Pasttime Music
Payaso, El
Pendant que nous chantons
Percolator, The
Percolators, The
Percussion With the D, Several Seconds
Percussion Without String
Pioneers of the Stars (orchestral arrangement)
Pizzicato Polka
Pizzicato pour Vénus
Please smile (7 min)
Porcupine Rock
Pour l'amour de sa belle
Prélude au sommeil
Psyche (Fakesch remix)
Quand le temps sera venu
really good houskeeper (4 min)
Rose and the Cross, The
Rush Hour - Trafic Jam
Russian Rump
Sailors Delight
Saturn Ambassador, The
Saturnian Bird
Saynètes d'antan
Sentimental Trip
Sérénade à la mule
siffleur et son chien, Le
Skazka o Care Saltane
Soirée chez Jean-Sebastien
Soul City / E. V. A.
Sounds With a Base of B and A
Sounds With a Base of C
Sounds With F and H
Source lab
Space Light
Spatial Blues
Special Effects With the String
Spectrums in sound [SR] 1968:
Starring Role (intro by cut Chemist), The
String Bass
String With the D, The
Swans Splashdown (feat. Gershon Kingsley)
taxi driver in love (6 min)
Tour pointue, La
Toy Town Parade
turbulent jojo
Unidentified Flying Object (feat. Gershon Kingsley)
Vision for the Future
Waltzing the Weasel
Walz at Wall street (14 min)
Washing Machine
We Use the Letter D, Several Seconds
White Knight (Black in the Day)
Winchester Cathedral (feat. Gershon Kingsley)
Ye Olde Beatbox
You Moog Me
Contributed to or performed: 
18th Century Robot
28th Paradigm
ACE - 30 Años de Soul, Blues y Rock'n'Roll
Agent 29's Escape
Alerte Sonique
Analog Dialog
Analog Generique
Analogue Genius (Professor Genius mix)
At Home With the Groovebox
Atomic Café: French Cuts 2, The
Atomic Café: French Cuts, The
Atomic Twist
Bal Campagnard
Barn Dance on Saturn
Barnyard in Orbit
Baroque Hoedown
bas, La
Best of Moog: Electronic Pop Hits From the 60's & 70's
Beyond the Milky Way
Big Beat Elite Repeat
Bilbo K. (instrumental)
Blast-Off Country Style
Bleep: A Guide to Electronic Music
Blues in 3/4 Time
Boys and Girls
Bra grejer är gratis
Brazilian Chick
Café Brasilia
Calypso Electronica
Carousel of the Planets
Cats in the Night
Chansons Des Parcs Disney
Cheng Guy
Cheng Guy (Beige remix)
Cheng Guy (Jega remix)
Cheng Guy (Le Couteau Jaune remix)
Cheng Guy (Mesak remix)
Cheng Guy (Mochipet remix)
Chicken on the Rocks
Chillout Album, Volume 1: The Essential Late Night Mix, The
Chronophonie 99
Clones War
Cocktail Shaker: New Groovy Kitsch & Space-Age Pop, The
Colonie Celeste
Comical Logos
Computer in Love
Cosmic Ballad
Cosmic Bird
Cosmic Bird / Bob Marley - Basic Bob (vocal)
Cosmic Cowboys and Indians
Cosmic Machine: A Voyage Across French Cosmic and Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980)
Countdown at 6
Crates, Volume 1, The
Crazy Congas
Crazy Crow and Daffyduck
Cyberbugs Time-Machine
Dance Dance Revolution: Disney’s Rave
Dancing Silhouette
Dandelion Wine
Danielle of Amsterdam
Destination Space
Doc Tequil and Mister H.
Dream 106
Easy Paris by Elisabeth Butterfly
Edith Von Aachenburg
Electrical Parade 〜Retro Future mix〜
Electrical Parade 〜Retro Future mix〜 (new recording)
Electronic Can-Can
Electropop Parade
Elephant on the Roof, An
EVA / Bonus Beats
Fake Off
Fake Off (Eero Johannes remix)
Fatboy Slim's Greatest Remixes
FHM Presents... Bar Culture: The Essential Pre-Club Mix
Five Fingers Discount
Forever Moog
Frere Jacques
Frisky Frilly Fruits
Frisky Frilly Fruits (Com.A remix)
Frisky Frilly Fruits (Okapi remix)
Frisky Frilly Fruits (Thiaz Itch remix)
Froots (Animals on Wheels remix)
Froots (Cursor Miner remix)
Froots (Gangpol Und Mit remix)
Froots (Michael Fakesch remix)
Froots (Osymyso remix)
Froots (Slugabed remix)
Froots (Subjex remix)
Froots (Takeshi Muto remix)
Froots (Wankers United remix)
Froots Juice (Fresh Remixes)
Frothy (Candie Hank remix)
Frothy (Cupp Cave remix)
Frothy (Fulgeance remix)
Frothy (Himuro remix)
Frothy (Team Doyobi remix)
Frothy (Wevie Stonder remix)
Funk Around the World
Funky Little Spacegirl
Funny Blues
Furioso Disco (Bran Flakes mix)
Fusée Dans Le Ciel
Girl From Berlin, The
Girl From Venus
Glockenspiel Gavotte
Good Moog
Good Old Days, The
Gossipo Perpetuo
Greatest Hits From Outer Space
Groove Zone III
Gymnopédie No. 1
Happy Electropop Music Machine!, The
Happy Moog!, The
Harry's Rag
Hectic Joker
Hernando's Hideaway / Tico Tico
Hollyfool Chewing Gum
Hollyfool Chewing Gun (Tep remix)
Horloge Hantee, L'
In a Happy Moog
In a Latin Moog
In Texas Tonight
Incredible Synthesizer
Indicatif Spatial
Japanese Connection
Jazz Dispensary: Cosmic Stash
Jazz Newbeats, Volume 3: The Blend
Jungle Blues From Jupiter
Kid's Corner
Kiddy Kappers
Kinky Beats
Kittens on the Moon
Kiyouli Le Clown
Krazy Cat Rag
L’Âme des poètes
Let's Funk the World
Little Bit of This..., A
Little Brown Moog
Little Man From Mars, The
Lo Compilation _ Mix by Susumu Yokota
Loop 1
Loop 2
Loop 3
Loop 4
Loop 5
Loose & Juicy
Lover's Concerto
Madder Than Mad
Main Street Electrical Parade
March of the Martians
Mas Que Nada
Mastermix Classic Cuts 38: Novelty
Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy
Melancholy Mule, The
Messy Hop
Milky Disco 1.5
Mod Ghost
Moog Acid
Moog Acid (Banca's White Horse mix)
Moog Acid (Jackson mix)
Moog Acid (Plastician mix)
Moog Acid (Plastician mix) / Philippe Cam - Karine
Moog Acid 133
Moog Acid 138
Moog Foo Young
Moog Sensations
Moogy Boogy
Moon River
Music for a Retro Future
Musikexpress 78: Le rhythme et la cadence - Der beste Pop des jungen Frankreich
Musique De L'Infini
My Blue Morlok
Mysterious Mr. Him, The
No Frogman No Cry
No Frogman No Cry (Ebola remix)
No Frogman No Cry (Freeform remix)
No Frogman No Cry (People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz)
Old Bell Ringer, The
One Note Samba / Spanish Flea
One Two Two
One Zero Zero
Out Sound From Way In! - The Complete Vanguard Recordings, The
Output64 - Delete All Data - Input64 Remixed 1/X
Output64 - Delete All Data - Input64 Remixed 3/X
Panthere Cosmique, La
Paris 2079
Payaso, El
Percolators, The
Pioneers of the Stars
Pizzicato Polka
Pizzicato Samba
Plastic on Thursdays
Pour l'amour de toi
Re-Entry to the Moon
RE/Search: Incredibly Strange Music, Volume 2
RE/Search: Incredibly Strange Music, Volume II
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 8: Unerhört! Die heimlichen Hits von 98
Rush Hour Traffic Jam
Rush Hour Trafic Jam
Russian Rump
Sailors Delight
Sampled, Volume 2: Digging Deeper
Saturn Ski Jump
Savers, The
Short Circuit
Six Froots Under
Six Froots Under (Kelpe remix)
Soft & Easy
Source Lab 3X/Y
Source Lab 3Y
Space Express
Sponge, The
Spooks in Space
Spy From Outer Space, The
Stars and Stripes Forever, The
Strangers in the Night
Strictly Breaks, Volume 2
Supa Funky
Super Breaks: Essential Funk Soul and Jazz Samples and Break Beats
Swan's Splashdown
Switched On Bob: A Tribute to Bob Moog
Third Man Theme
This is... Cult Fiction Royale
Top Up Pips
Toy Balloons
Toy Town Parade
Trip Hop Boutique
trois pierres blanches, Les
Troll's Story: Furioso Disco
Troll's Story: Morning Theme
Troll's Story: The Arrival of the Queen
Troll's Story: The Gate of Thule
Troll's Story: The Queen's Minuet
Troll's Story: Triumphant Return of the Adventurers
Tune In: Chill Out: Classic Chill Out From the Coolest Ads
Typewriter, The
Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Unidentified Flying Object, The
Vache et le Prisonnier main theme (excerpt), La
Venusian Love Duet
Visa to the Stars
Visa to the Stars (commercial arrangement)
Vision for the Future
Waltzing the Weasel
Washing Machine
What's Up Duck?
Whistling Cosmonauts, The
White Knight (Black in the Day)
Winchester Cathedral
Ye Olde Beatbox
You Moog Me
YTMND Soundtrack, Volume 15