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Kaj Ulrik Linderstrøm-Lang
Kaj Ulrik Linderstrøm-Lang (Danish biochemist)
Lang, K. Linderstrøm
Lang, Kaj Linderstrøm-
Linderstrøm-Lang, K.
Linderstrøm-Lang, Kaj,
Linderstrøm-Lang, Kaj Ulrik (Deens chemicus)
Линдерстрём-Ланг, Кай Ульрик
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Manuscript language material
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Holter, Heinz
Jacobsen, C. F.
Kopenhagen University
Lanz, H.
Lanz, Henry
Lehmann-Bern, F. E.
Mogensen, K. R.
Olsen, Carsten
Strain, Harold H.
Aktivierung der Leucylpeptidase von Tubifex-Eiern durch Magnesiumsalze
Aproximate Solution of certain diffusion problems in liquid syste*. -
Beiträge zur enzymatischen Histochemie. XXX Lokalisierung der Peptidase während derersten Furchungen des Eies von Psammechinus Miliaris
contraction accompanying enzymatic break-down of proteins, The
Diffusion of gases through protective seals of oil or flotation medium in the cartesian diver micro respirometer
Dilatometric microestimation of peptidase activity
Exchange of nitrogen atoms in the leaves of the sunflower
Histological control of histochemical investigations
K.U. Linderstrøm-Lang, 1896-1959
Lane medical lectures
Linderstrøm-Lang Conf. (12th : 1982 : Laugarvatn, Iceland). Selenium, glutathione peroxidase ... 1982:
number of peptide bonds in insulin, The
On the measurement of the deuterium content in mixtures of M20 and D20
On the properties of 2-methyl-thiazoline and their relation to the protein problem
Oxygenation of papain digests of wool, formation of compounds insoluble in trichloroacetic acid
Peptidase security in the Avena coleoptile, phytohormone test object
Proteins and enzymes.
reputed synthosis of protein by aeration of protein - proteinase digests, The
Selected papers, 1962
Studier over kasein; om kaseinets fraktionering
Studies on enzymatic histochemistry
Über die Verteilung der Amylase in den äusseren Schichten des Gerstenkornes
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Kopenhagen University