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Andrew Poppy
Andrew Poppy (britischer Komponist, Pianist und Musikproduzent)
Andrew Poppy (British composer)
Andrew Poppy (Brits componist)
Poppy, Andrew
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
32 Frames (Drummed Up)
32 Frames for Amplified Orchestra
32 Frames (New York radio edit)
45 Is
Almost the Same Shame
Alphabed: A Mystery Dance
Amsterdam 1896
Amusement (12 Inch), The
Amusement (7 Inch Edit), The
And the Shuffle of Things, ...
Andrew Poppy Is the Wave in "Do the Flip"
Andrew Poppy Is the Wave in "If I Could Copy You" Asuza Ono, the Dancer and Recand Echoes Dances in the Mirror...
Andrew Poppy Is the Wave in "Twelve Thoughts on the Language of Others"
Balcony Scene /Doppelgänger
beating of wings, The
Bernardo Devlin as Henry Fortune, the Lucky Horse Sings "Knacker's Yard Blues"
Blind Fold
Blood Sugar
But Does Winston Own a Straw Hat, Part 2
Cadenza, electronic piano, piano
Cadenza for Piano and Electric Piano
Claudia Brücken as the Angel of Only Sings "Dark Spell"
Cyber Spark
Do You Doubt
Double Stitch
Downside Up
Drum Machining
East Fragment
Eight Movements for Piano Trio: As Smoothly As Possible
Eight Movements for Piano Trio: Attack Attached
Eight Movements for Piano Trio: Evenly Fading Away
Eight Movements for Piano Trio: Marcato And Lyric
Eight Movements for Piano Trio: Pizzicato And Connected
Eight Movements for Piano Trio: Sustained, Separated And Together
Eight Movements for Piano Trio: Vigorously Suspended
Eight Movements for Piano Trio: With Mute, Without Vibrato
Eighth Interlude
Ember: String Quartet - First
Ember: String Quartet - Second
Ember: String Quartet - Third
Fifth Interlude
First Interlude
Fourth Interlude
Goodbye Mr G
Guillermo Rozenthuler as Stepanov the Notator of Dances Sings and a Marionette Calls "Dance With Me"
Have Been So Affrighted, I
Head of Orpheus Football, The
Hoarse Songs
Hope All Will Be Well, I
How Does Your Honour
How the hammer felt
Impossible Net (Extract), The
Infernal Dub Furniture
Inside the Wolf
It Is the False Steward
James Gilchrist as the Man of Red Dust Sings "Shiny Floor Shiny Ceiling"
James Gilchrist Is the Man of Red Dust on a Mountain: "Singing Into the Air (Aufgesetzt Auf Dem Bergen Des Herzens)", Simon Vincenzi Hovers as the Ghost of Rilke
Kink Kink Presto
Kink Konk Adagio
Kink Konk Presto
Last Light
Let's Have No Words of This
Lining for a Desirable Suit
Listening In (re-modelled)
Lula Pena as the Seamstress of the Corridor, "Unravelling"
Margaret Cameron as Persephone: Myth and Marionette Sings "Persephone Calls"
Melody Versus the Brittle Funk: Soft Preview
Melody Versus the Brittle Funk: The Brittle Funk
Melody Versus the Brittle Funk: Trumpet Melody
Movie Momento
My Father's Submarines
My Stress Mistress
Nebensonnen, Die
Object Is a Hungry Wolf (Extract One), The
Object Is a Hungry Wolf (Extract Two), The
On Zang Tuum Tumb
Ophelia / Ophelia
Passage, Parts 1, 2 & 3, The
Poems and Toccatas - No 1
Poems and Toccatas - No 10
Poems and Toccatas - No 11
Poems and Toccatas - No 12
Poems and Toccatas - No 13
Poems and Toccatas - No 14
Poems and Toccatas - No 2
Poems and Toccatas - No 3
Poems and Toccatas - No 4
Poems and Toccatas - No 5
Poems and Toccatas - No 6
Poems and Toccatas - No 7
Poems and Toccatas - No 8
Poems and Toccatas - No 9
Rainy Must Kiss Everybody
Recordings, 1992:
Revolution Number Eight: Airport for Joseph Beuys
Rude Bloom
Running Naked Through the Garment District
Scottish Writer of the Year (1992) (Pencil and Paper mix)
Second Interlude
Sequence, The
Seventh Interlude
Shiny Floor Shiny Ceiling
Sixth Interlude
Smith Quartet. Good medicine [SR] p2000:
Snowdronia (excerpt)
Something Secret
Sometimes It Rains
Sonata Four A
Sonata Four B
Sonata Nine
Sonata One
Sonata Two
Song Tide (Interrupted)
Think Nothing, I
Third Interlude
Time at Rest Devouring Its Secret (excerpt)
Tis in My Memory Locked
Under the Son
Video Recorder
Wave Asks 'When Is Persephone's Scream a Dream?' And Persephone Answers in "Persephone Scream Dream", The
Wave Machine (Endless Parting)
Wave Machine, Part II
Wave Machine, Part III
Wet Fold
What Alice Said
What Else: What Then Now
What Is This Place
Where Is the Beauteous
Will Not Come Again
Works. Selections
XY Song
Contributed to or performed: 
Amsterdam 1896
Another Language
Art of the 12″, Volume Three: A Soundtrack for Living, The
Art of the 12″, Volume Two: A Promotion of a Way of Life, The
Art of the 12″: A Celebration of the Extended Remix, The
Broken English
Drive In Saturday
Emre: Dark Matter
In Dreams
Libertango (I've Seen That Face Before)
Lipstick Vogue
Nebensonnen, Die
Nice Dream
Organisation of Pop, The
Running Up That Hill
sR:ample ::: A Source Research Recordings Sampler
This Happened
Touch Travel
White Noise Maker
Wooden Heart
You Do
Zang Tumb Tuum (The ZTT Box Set)
Zang Tumb Tuum Sampled