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Radics Musical group
Roots Radics Band
Roots Radics Musical group
Roots Radics (Musical group or band)
Roots Radix Musical group
The Roots Radics
The Roots Radics Band
The Roots radix band
began 1978
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Anderson, Gladstone (hasMember)
Bowen, Bopee (hasMember)
Bowen, Winston "Bo-Peep" (hasMember)
Eek A Mouse, 1957-
Fraser, Dean (hasMember)
Isaacs, Gregory
Johnson, Wycliffe "Steely" (hasMember)
Levy, Barrington
Madden, David (hasMember)
Pinkney, Dwight (hasMember)
Prophet, Michael
Scientist (Musician)
Scott, M.
Thompson, Linval
Wales, Josey
Weise, Sylvester
12" of pleasure
Alien Aborts, The
Baby father
Babylon Armed
Babylon Don't Touch My Sensi
Babylon Wrong Dub
Back Out
Beam Down
Below The Belt
Big ship
Blood On His Lips
Book Of Life Dub
Book of Love
Bright Dub
Bright Eyes
Bubbling Dub
Buck Rogers in the Black Hole
Buds Bush
Buying Out The Dub
Caring for My Sister
Christian Dub
Cloning Process
Come on Baby (Dub Style)
Come Out Of We Land Dub
Communist Dub
Corpse Rises, The
Crazy Dub
Crisis Dub
Crushing of the Storm Troopers (A.K.A. King of the Arena dub), The
Cry Of The Werewolf
Dance Of The Vampires
Dancehall Massive (Jam Jam) (remix)
Dances Are Changing (Version)
Dancing Dub
Dangerous Match Eight
Dangerous Match Five
Dangerous Match Four
Dangerous Match Nine
Dangerous Match One
Dangerous Match Seven
Dangerous Match Six
Dangerous Match Ten
Dangerous Match Three
Dangerous Match Two
Dark Secret Of The Box, The
Day to day living
Death of Mr. Spock, The
Dedication to Barnabas
Dedication to Bingy Bunny
Dedication to Dean Frazer & Nambo
Dedication to Dwight
Dedication to Flabba Holt 1
Dedication to Flabba Holt 2
Dedication to Gladdie
Dedication to Sky Juice
Dedication to Sowell
Dedication to Steelie
Dedication to Style Scott
Don't Go
Don't Turn Around
Don't Turn Me Down Dub
Dread In Confrontation
Dread in South Africa
Dreadlocks Dub
Dub fi Junjo
Dub Organizer
Dub We Land
Dubbing at Channel 1
Extra Time Five
Extra Time Four
Extra Time One
Extra Time Three
Extra Time Two
Falling Dub
Fally lover
False Dub
Farm Duck
Flash Gordon Meets Luke Sky Walker
Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker
For You
Forward ever, backwards never
Friend in Need, A
Ghost Of Frankenstein
Give Thanks and Praise
Golden Goal
Good Looking Dub
Good Man Dub
Gregory Isaacs live
Heavyweight dub champion
Hell a go pop
Highest, The
History Dub
Holy Mount Zion (version)
Hot We Hot Dub
How Could I Live
I'm a Man
Informer Dub
International Garvey Dub
International Hero (extended mix)
IV dub
Jacket Dub
Jah Do That
Jah Jah Give Us Love
Jah Thomas meets the Roots Radics dubbing
Janet Dub
Joy To The World Dub
Judgement Time
Kidney Punch
King Tubby’s Rockers
Knock Out Bell
Laser Attack
Listen Dub
Live at Channel One Kingston Jamaica
Live Dub, I
Long Road
Lood Dub
Look Out Behind You!
Love and Understanding
Love Thicker Than Blood
Lovers Mood
Lovers Rock
Loving Version
Low Down
Lowers Frock
M And D Dub Special
Malicious Intent
Materialize, De
Me For You Dub
Medley of Hits (Tribute to Bingy Bunny)
Mighty Step
Mission Impossible
Mister Yellowman
Mix Me Up Dub
More dangerous dub
Mouse and the man, The
Mummy's Shroud, The
Natural Dub
Nengeh Nengeh
never let go sr p
New Sound in Town
Next To Dub
Nice To Be With You Dub
Night nurse
Night Of The Living Dead
No Bun It Down
No Cuff
No Follow Fashion
One Away Man
One Spliff Dub
One Two
Opposition Dub
Orange Hill
Out deh
Outlaw Josie Wales, The
Pay Back
Pice Dub
Plague Of Zombies
Police in helicopter
Pon The Dub
Postman Dub
Praising Version
Prince Far I Dub
Prince's Wrath
Private Enemy
Prospering Dub, A
Radically Radics
Raggae for Kids
Ram Jam Dub
Red Shift
Reggae for Kids
Reggae greats - Live
Reshuffle The Deck Dub
Right Cross
Righteous are the conqueror
Road Block
rock and groove sr p
Rock Rock Dub
Rock With the Radics
Roots Dub Style
Roots Man Dubbing
Roots Radics Meets King Tubbys: More Dangerous Dub, The
Roots Radics meets Scientist and King Tubby in a dub explosion
roots radics musical group world peace iii sr p
Round 1
Round 10
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Round 7
Round 8
Round 9
Rub A Dub
Saturday night jamdown style
Saved By The Bell
Scandal Dub
Scientist in Fine Style
Scientist & Jammy strike back!
Scientist meets the space invaders
Scientist rids the world of the evil curse of the vampires
Scientist v. Prince Jammy big showdown.
Scientist wins the world cup
Second Hand Girl
Seconds Away
Settle Down Version
Sex education
She Loves Me
She No Ready
Shuffle the Deck
Siddung Deh
Singing Dub
Singing in the Dancehall
Skettle (instrumental)
Son of Darth Vadar, The
Son of Darth Vader, The
Space Invaders Re-Group
Storming the Death Star
Straight Left
Strong Like a Lion
Super Nova Explosion
Talk About Dub
Teach Dem
That Girl Dub
Time And Place To Dub
Time Is Cold
Time Warp
Today Dub
Too Deep Dub
True Believer
True Dub
Two giants clash
Two Time Dub
Under Surveilance
Upper Cut
Vampire Initiative
Violence and Crime
Voodoo Curse, The
Watch Your Step Dub
Watcha Gonna Do
Water More Than Flour (Be My Queen)
Weep And Wail
Who Me Dub
Wicked Dub
Wild Dub
World Cup Squad Lick Their Wounds
World Peace Dub
World peace III
Wrong Time Dub
Your Teeth In My Neck
youthman penitentiary sr p
Contributed to or performed: 
Acid Jazz: The 25th Anniversary Box Set
Adventures in Dub: Essential Bassline Business
Babylon Don't Touch My Sensi (dub)
Back Off Ringcraft
Ball of Fire
Banana and Yam Skank
Bass Culture Volume Four: Mash You Down - The Birth Of Dancehall 1978-1985
Best Dress (Pretty Looks)
Best Dub On Ya
Big Bamboo Dub
Big Showdown
Black Cinderella
Blame Them Dub
Blind Rodent Attack
Blunted in the Bomb Shelter
Caring for My Sister
Changing Dub
Communist Dub
Corner Stone Dub
Country Gal Dub
Cow Horn Dub
Crafty Dub
Dancing Dub
Dangerous Dub
Dark Zone, The
Deja que los discos hablen...
DJ Spooky Presents in Fine Style
DJ Yoda's How to Cut & Paste: Mix Tape, Volume 1
Doctor Dub
Drifting Dub
Dub Anthology
Dub Fi Junjo
Dub For Daze, Volume 1: Fox Journeys In Dub From The RAS Masters
Dub Sessions
Dubba Dub
Dubbin With Horns
Duddle Oley
Earthquake Shake
Encounters Pac-Man
English Cow Boy
Essential King Tubby, The
Evening Time
Evil Curse Of The Vampires, The
Fighting Radics
Fine & Confine
Flabba Is Wild
Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker
Flashing Echo: Trojan in Dub 1970-80
For The Future
Forward Dis Ya Dub
Foundation Dub
Freedom & Fyah
Front Line Presents: Dub - 40 Heavyweight Dub Sounds
Gambling (Mama Say)
Girl of My Complexion
Gold And Silver
Good Times Skank
Got To Get On
Greatest, The
Hang On
Harder They Come, The
Haul and Pull Up Selecta: Heavy Weight Dancehall 1979-82
Haunting Ground
Healer Dub, The
Heartbeat Reggae Roundup
Heavyweight Dub Champion
Hollymont Zion
Honey Dub
House of Parliament Dub
Housewife Dub
Hungry Belly Dub
I'll Be Black: Compiled by The Orb
I'm the One
In a Dub Explosion
In Fine Style
Indica Dub
Inforce 'ah
Ivory Coast Dub
Jah Army
Jah Dub
Jah Is Love
Jah Wrote Me (A Letter From Zion)
Jamaica Labour Party Dub
Jennifer Naud
Johnny Osbourne Meets the Roots Radics - 1980-1981 Vintage
Johnny Raker
Johnny Too Bad
Join The Queue
Jonny Greenwood Is the Controller
Junjo Presents: Wins the World Cup
Just Be Nice
Kill The Devil's Wife
King Stereo Gav Dub
King Tubby's Anchor Dub
King Tubby's Brass Dub
King Tubby's Cloud Dub
King Tubby's Copper Dub
King Tubby's Coral Dub
King Tubby's Crown Dub
King Tubby's Diamond Dub
King Tubby's Earthquake Dub
King Tubby's Emerald Dub
King Tubby's Explosion Dub
King Tubby's Gold Dub
King Tubby's Hi-Fi Dub
King Tubby's Hidden Treasure
King Tubby's Jewel Dub
King Tubby's Moon Dub
King Tubby's Pearl Dub
King Tubby's Platinum Dub
King Tubby's Rockers
King Tubby's Ruby Dub
King Tubby's Silver Dub
King Tubby's Snow Dub
King Tubby's Sovereign Dub
Kiss Dub, A
Knife and Fork Dubwise
Know Me So Good
Lawyer Dub
Leggo De Dub
Let's Turn The Tables
Lion Roars, The
Live In Chicago
London Bridge Special
Lonely Streets
Loud Mouth Rock
Love Comes and Goes
Love Dub
Love I Need, The
Loving a Woman / You No Hear
Lying Girl Dub
Mash Dub
Meeting In Africa
Méga Reggae Dance
Midwife Dub
Mike Brooks & Friends: The Classical Anthology
Minister of State Dub
Miss Know It
More Reggae for Kids
Motherland Dub
Movements in Dub (Roots)
Movements Of Jah
Mr Mickie
Musicians And Friends Volume 2
Night Fall
Night Fall Dub
No Way No Better Than Yard
Nuh Brother (Heavenless)
Nurse Dub
On the Reggae-Lar
One Way
Opposition Dub
Papa Can't Help You
People’s National Party Dub
Pipe of Peace Dub
Please Officer
Policeman Dub
Reach the Top
Reggae Anthology Box Set
Reggae for Kids
Reggae Masterpieces
Revolution Dub
Rice Grain Rock
Riding West Dub
Rivers Of Babylon
Road Block
Road Block (Dub)
Rocking Miss D
Roots Radics' Star Dub
Roots Radics' Storm Dub
Roots Radics' Summer Dub
Roots Radics' World Dub
Rub a Dub Anthem
Rude Boys
Run: The Reggae Race
Scientist (Stalag 17)
Scientist Ganja Dub
Scientist Meets the Roots Radics
Scientist's Earth Dub
Scientist's Hurricane Dub
Scientist's Rain Dub
Scientist's Thunder Dub
Scientist's Winter Dub
Seedy Weed Dub
Selassie Dub
Sensi Dub
Sensi Dub Vol.6
She Is A Woman
Shepherd Bush in Dub
Shine Eye Dub
Showcase in a Suitcase
Sitting In Limbo
SmokingCop Dub
Socialist Dub
Soldierman Dub
Some Dub
Sounds & Pressure, Volume 4
Sounds & Pressure, Volume 7
Soundsystem: The Story of Jamaican Music
Space Invaders
Stand Up And Fight Back
Sunshine Reggae From Jamaica, Vol. 2
Symbolic Dub
Tampi Stump Dub
Taxi Dub
Thanks And Praises
This Is Dub: The Original Dub Masters
This Is Trojan Dub (Thundering Vibrations And Chilled Beats)
Time Is Cold
Time Is Cold Dub
To Kiss Somebody
Towering Dub Inferno
Trojan Dancehall Box Set
Trojan Dub Collection
Trojan Dub Massive Chapter One
Trojan Dub Massive Chapter Two
Trojan Dub Rarities Box Set
Trojan Ganja Reggae Box Set
Trojan Presents: DUB - 40 Deep and Heavy Hits
Trojan Ras Reggae Box Set
Trojan Reggae for Kids Box Set
Universal Love
Up Town Special
Very Best of Me, The
Wa Di Is Free
Wanted Man
War Mongers
Weep and Wail
What You Gonna Do
Whip Them
Working Hard (Won't You Come Home Girl)
Worldwide Dub
You Can Get It
Young Lover (Shank I Shenk)