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DC Spooks
DJ Spooky
DJ Spooky (American DJ)
DJ Spooky (Amerikaans muzikant)
DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid
DJ Spooky The Subliminal Kid
DJ Spooky (US-amerikanischer Musiker, DJ und Produzent)
DJ Spooky vs Twilight Circus
Miller, P. D.
Miller, Paul
Miller, Paul D.
Miller, Paul D. (American multimedia and conceptual artist, born 1970)
Miller, Paul D'Shonne (Wirklicher Name)
Miller, Paul D. (Wirklicher Name)
Miller, Paul (Wirklicher Name)
Paul D. Miller
Spooky, D. J.
Spooky, DJ
Tha' Subliminal Kid
The Subliminal Kid
ミラー, ポール・D
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Miller, Paul D. (real name)
Related names: 
DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid (1970-)
DJ Spooky that subliminal kid (other; 1970-...; see also from)
ebrary, Inc
Lombardo, Dave
Lunenfeld, Peter
Matviyenko, Svetlana (1976-...)
Printz, Bellamy
Sado, Yutaka (1961-)
Sakamoto, Ryūichi (1952-)
Shipp, Matthew
Spectrum: the Lockwood Thompson Dialogues at the Cleveland Public Library (2005 ; Cleveland)
William Parker Quartet
今西, 玲子
6th Degree, The
Absentia Absentia (Dialectical Triangulation III)
Accidents and emergencies
Adbusters: Live Without Dead Time
All of Us Must Learn (interlude) (feat. Ursula Rucker)
Alter Echo's Interlude / Mad Professor's Interlude
American Grand Strategy and the Democratic Peace
Ananda Rotation (The DJ Spooky Remix) (feat. David S. Ware)
Anansi Abstrakt
Anansi's Gambit (DJ Spooky's on the Island of the Lost Souls mix)
Anansi's Gambit (remix)
Anansi’s Groove
Anodyne (main)
Another Forensic Charade (feat. Yasunao Tone)
Antarctic Rhythm Quartet 1 (Invincible Hip Hop mix)
Antarctic Rhythms (Invincible Hip-Hop mix)
Arctic Rhythms Quartet 1
Armed state building confronting state failure, 1898-2012
Asphalt (remix by Negativland)
Asphalt (Tome II)
Babylon Burning
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Variatio 1 A 1 (remix)
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Variatio 2 A 1 (remix)
Bach: Goldberg Variations, BWV 988: Variatio 3 Canone All'Unisono. A 1 (remix)
Backwards Forwards
Bad day for Wasps
Bass Digitalis
Bass Pressure (mix)
Bill Laswell "Oscillations" (Vedic's live pop remix) mixed w- Scanner "Biological closure" + Freeform vs Michael Mayer mixed w- Kurt Schwitters "Ursonate"
Birds, The
Black Militia
Blackface (We Are All Sharecroppers Now)
Brion Gysin "One night @ the 1001" + Tibetan evening music mixed w- Jon Hassel "Map of dusk"
Broken Compass (Intro Theme), The
Byzar Prologue
C. M. von Hausswolff "With the flow against the current" mixed w- Gnaoua De Abenb Binizi "Jellaba titara" mixed w- Guillaume Apollinaire "Pont Mirabeau"
Cadavre magnétique
Call Sign /aleph:/
CD:Dir->Gesture-><-N<-B*la Theory (remix)
Celestial Mechanix: The Blue Series Mastermix
Check Your Math
Closing Credits
Composite Refraction Drum Solo
Concept, image acoustique
Conduit 23
Conduit 24
Contribution to OLPC
Conversation, A
Cosmic World
Craig Taborn - Shining Through (Val-Inc. remix)
Creation Rebel
D'un cahier d'esquisses
Dada cat
Dance of the Morlocks
Daytrotter Mix, The
Daytrotter Session
Dazed and Confused Dub
Deckwrecka A Cappella (feat. Mcd 2ice)
Deckwrecka Remix (feat. Mcd 2ice)
Deckwrecka Remix (instrumental)
Degree Zero
Delerium Tremens
Delirium Tremens
Dementia Absentia (Dialectical Triangulation II)
Dementia Absentia (remix by Blend)
Dementia Absentia (remix) (feat. Blend)
Demonseed ’03
Dialectical Transformation I (A Parallax View)
Dialectical Transformation II (Du nouveau monde)
Dialectical Transformation III (Peace in Rwanda mix)
Dialectical Transformation III (Soylent Green)
Directions "Encode" mixed w- e.e. cummings "Let's from some loud unworld's most rightful wrong"
Dixie as Anti-Utopia
Dj Grazzhoppa "Milky remix" of Bill Laswell's "Oscillations"
DJ SoulSlinger Prologue
DJ Spookey vs The Dub Pistols Peace In Zaire Mix (Dub Pistols inna NYC style)
DJ Spooky Presents in Fine Style
DJ Toolz / Manifold Tracks
Dj Wally "Bitchley's kowkorn" mixed w- "In principio"
Dj Wally "Zeta reticulli" mixed w- Gertrude Stein "If I told him, a completed portrait of Picasso"
Double Cross (feat. Spring Heel Jack)
Dr. Satan's Echo Chamber
Drums of death
Duality (Drum and Bass Duo in D Flat Minor)
Dubtometry (feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry) (Alter Echo remix)
Dumb Mutha Fucka
Election and Results: The New Montage, The
Embarrassment Artist, An
Fact or Fiction?
Foreign Matter
Form or Function
Fouth Inversion, The
Freedom Reign
FTP > Bundle / Conduit 23
Futureproof in Zaire (Karsh Kale remix)
Galactic Funk (live From the Black Hole mix)
Galactic Funk (Tau Ceti mix)
Ganges River
Gedanken Form Remix
Getting Biblical
Gettysburg Requiem
Ghost of a Smile
Giacinto Scelsi "Suite #11" mixed w- Bill Laswell with Trilok Gurtu "Nothing"
Glass Beads
Go Down Moses / Winds of Change
Golden Age (The Val-Inc remix) (feat. Craig Taborn)
Grapheme: Ghetto of the Mind
Gus, Elsie, Silas and the Klan
Haunted Beat
Haunted: Ill Konzeptual Mix
Heterotopean Trace
Heterotopian Trace Prologue
Hi-fidelity dub sessions
High Density
Hologrammic Dub
Iannissimo! [SR] p1997:
Ibid/Asphalt-Otikon (remix)
Ibid, désmarches, ibid
Ice Music
Ice Sonification
imaginary app
In the High Atlas
In the Valley of Shadows ... (DJ Spooky takes a walk through New York City)
In the Valley of the Shadows
In Treetops
Instrumental music.
Interlude: Journey into Sound
Interlude Paris
Intro: Anagramme Oulippienne
Intro: The War of Ideas
Invisual Ocean
Is it now ?
Island of Lost Souls
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, World
It's Nice Not to Lose Your Mind in '99 (reprise)
Jean-Luc Fafchamps "Chrysanthemum haradjani" mixed w- Meira Asher + Guy Harries "Girl"
Jilala de Tanger "Darba del hameni" mixed w- Jean-Luc Fafchamps "Ground"
Joe Nation Prologue
Journey Anagramme Oulippienne II
Journey (Paraspace mix)
Jungle Soldier (feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry)
Kim Cascone + Scanner "Atavistic endeavor" + Scanner "Control phantom" mixed w- Merzbow "Lux automobile - Krokodil rock mix"
Kybernetes Variation 1
Last Element
last reading
Lee Ranaldo's remix of Konstantin Raudive
Lincoln and Booth Get Acquainted
Lingua Ex Machina (remix)
Lord Cholmondeley
Lost objects
Luciano Berio "Brin" mixed w- Bill Laswell's "Dislocation"
Machine Phylum
Maldoror's Gambit (remix)
Mémoires d'un surfeur au bord du désert
Mex Black Grass (remix)
Mist (feat. The Blue Series Continuum)
Moon Rain
More and More (feat. Guillermo E. Brown)
Morning high
Most Dangerous Woman in America, The
Mother Swatch Presents
Murderah Style
Muzique Mechanique Dub
Muzique Psychotique
Nasty Data Burst (Why Ask Why?)
Nation Divided, A
Nebula Interlude
Necropolis: The Dialogic Project
Nerd, The
Next Election, The
Nicholas James Bullen "Again and again" mixed w- violin from Brion Gysin recording @ the 1001 + Gilles Deleuze
Nihilismus Dub
Nodal Flux
Nommas Ascending (remix)
Nommos Ascending
North Isn't South
Not in Our Name (feat. Saul Williams) (remix)
Not in Our Name / Nu Bop (feat. Matthew Shipp)
Nu Bop / Scrapbook (feat. Matthew Shipp & William Parker)
Nûs "Machine chop" drum break mixed w- Morton Feldman "Triadic memories" mixed w- David Toop "tricyrtis latifalia"
Nuuk Posse "Poesi" mixed w- Antonin Artaud "Aliénation et magie noire"
NYC Cultural Warfare
Object Unknown (Funky Redneck Mix)
Object Unknown (Mothership Connection Instrumental Mix)
Object Unknown (Mothership Connection Mix) (Album Version)
Object Unknown (Piano Roll Blue Instrumental Mix)
Object Unknown (The Placebo Effect)
Offbeat a Red Hot sound trip.
One Laptop Drum Solo
One Laptop Theme
Optometry (Animal Crackers remix)
Optometry (remix by Animal Crackers)
Out of the Blue (feat. DJ Wally)
Oval vs Yoshihiro Hanno "April remix" + Oval vs Main "SDII audio template" + David Shea "Satiricon" mixed w- Marcel Duchamp "Some texts from à l'infinitif"
Oval vs Yoshihiro Hanno "April remix" mixed w- James Joyce "Anna Livia Plurabbelle (Finnegans wake)"
Parachutes (dub version)
Parallax Waltz, The
Part 2s New Flesh (remix)
Pataphysica Morpholo
Peace In Zaire (DJ Wally's Sci-Hi remix)
Phase Interlude, Part 2
Polyphony of One
Post-Human Sophistry
Prologue (The Duchamp Effect)
Quilombo Ex Optico
Reactive Switching Strategies for the Control of Uninhabited Air
Real Is Surreal (feat. Anti-Pop Consortium)
Reciprocal Presupposition
Rekonstruction (Rhyme and Reason Mix)
Remix Sistrum
Revolution (disco dub)
Rhythm science
Riddim Come Forward
Riddim Warfare
Ride of the Klansmen
Rizumu saiensu
Roman Planetaire
Rosemary Intro
Runaways Ward 29 (instrumental)
Runaways Ward 29 (remix)
Sawtooth Swirl (Irreducible Gate Momentum dub mix)
Scanner "Fuse" - William S. Burroughs + Martin Olson "The five steps"
Scrapbook (feat. William Parker)
Scratch Battle
Secondary Inversion
Secret Song, The
Sequentia Absentia (Colorform remix)
Sequentia Absentia (Lee “Scratch” Perry intro)
Sequentia Absentia (remix by Colorform)
Seuqigolana (Suntropic Inversion Mix)
shape of jazz to come the blue series sampler
Slow Horn (feat. Anti-Pop Consortium)
Song of Hope (feat. William Parker Quartet & Leena Conquest)
Songs of a Dead Dreamer
Soon Forward
Sound Unbound: Excerpts and Allegories From the Sub Rosa Archives
Sound unbound : sampling digital music and culture
Spy (feat. DJ Wally), I
Squentia Absentia (Dialectical Triangulation I)
Star Chart
Stellar (1,2,3 remix)
Stereo Specific Polymerization
Strykly Turn Table Eyzd, Umm
Sub Dub Prologue
Subliminal Minded: The E.P.
Subsidia Pataphysica
Sum Ill Shit (Clinton Street dub)
Supersonic Bionic (Spectral dub mix)
Surface Noise
SVP / Mad Professor's Interlude (feat. Anti-Pop Consortium)
Synaptic Dissonance
Synchronic Disjecta
Synthetic fury EP
Temporally Displaced
Temps Magnetique
Terran Invasion of Alpha Centauri Year 2794, The
That Subliminal Kid vs. The Last Mohican
Thebook of ice
Theme of the Drunken Sailor
Thoughts Like Rain
Time Out of Joint
Trans Jam
Travelogue 1: NYC to Hawaii (DJ Wally remix)
Travelogue 1: NYC to Hawaii (feat. Meat Beat Manifesto)
Travelogue II: Medley (feat. Meat Beat Manifesto)
Truth, technology, and the visual/virtual world
Twilight Fugue
Under the Influence: Mixed by DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid
Unforgettable Journey
Unreals (remix)
Untitled (feat. Mike Ladd)
Urban Shadows (feat. The Blue Series Continuum)
US and Afghanistan After 2014, The
Variation Cybernetique (remix by Karsh Kale)
Variation Cybernetique (remix by Twilight Circus)
Variation Cybernétique: Rhythmic Pataphysic, Part I
Variation Cybernétique: Rhythmic Pataphysic, Part II
Variation Cybernetique (Twilight Circus remix)
Vedic "Kali rising" mixed w- Tristan Tzara "Pour compte (Phases, 1949)"
Vengeance of Galaxy 5, The
Viral sonata an inventory of effects
Visions (feat. Matthew Shipp Quartet)
Walter Ruttmann "Weekend" remix
What Would Moses Say?
Why Patterns
Yes, I'm a witch
Yoshio Machida "Afterimage" mixed w- Sussan Deyhim "The first reading" Tibetan evening music
Yoshio Machida "Afterimage" mixed w- Vladimir Maïakovski "Une aventure extraordinaire arrivée à Vladimir Maïakovski, en été à la datcha"
You Are About to Witness
Contributed to or performed: 
10 Days of Techno: The 2nd Soundtrack
2K Sports CD Compilation, The
2K Sports: The Commemorative Xbox 360 CD
45 Seconds of:
5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO
50,000,000 DJ's Can't Be Wrong, Volume One: Mixed Up Beats
Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music: First A-Chronology 1921–2001, An
Art of War (Back to the Lab), The
Assisted Suicide
Aurora Remixes
Autre, L'
Axiom Dub: Mysteries of Creation
Azadi (The New Complexity)
B-Side Wins Again
B-Side Wins Again (2005)
Babylon Bar, Part 03
Ballet Mechanique
Beggars Banquet: Tea for 2000
Being Black
Bell (Paranoia Network remix), The
Better Living Through Circuitry
Black Dada Nihilismus
Blue Series Sampler: The Shape of Jazz to Come, The
Bring Me My Mental Health
Brother's Gonna Work It Out (2005)
Channel Float
Chromatic Aberration
Cloudwatch: A Soundtrack to a Freeform Gathering
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 35: July 1996
Colette N°10
Condo Painting
Corale / FTP>Bundle / Conduit 23
Creaking Door
Creative Commons CD
D:Fi.Rocks >, Volume 1 - A Compilation of Music That Rocks
Darker Shade of Bleak, A
Dazed and Confused Dub
Deeper Concentration
Delerium Tremens
Dialectical Transformation III (Peace in Rwanda mix)
DJ Spooky vs. Alec Empire
Docking Sequence: BSI Campaign, Volume I
Downtempo Manifesto
Drop Acid & Listen to This
Drums of Death
Dub Cultivator
Dub Smasher
Dubtometry Interlude
Dust Storm on NGC 7023
Eclectic Electric 2.0
Electric Ladyland III
Electric Ladyland IV
Electric Ladyland V
Electric Ladyland VI
Electric Ladyland: Clickhop Version 1.0
Electronic Experience, The
End of Utopia, The
Everything Is Beautiful
Experimental Asyncronicity
File Under Futurism
File Under Futurism (Dubprotocol mix)
File Under Futurism (Grooveprotocol mix)
For Whom the Bell Tolls (The Irony of It All)
Form or Function
Freie Sicht aufs Mittelmeer
Gamma Burst
Guitar DJ Tool Element (Vernon Reid)
Hi-Fidelity Dub Sessions: The Second Chapter
Iago's Lament
In Memoriam Gilles Deleuze
Incipit Zarathustra
Increase The Beats, Volume 2
Incursions in Illbient
Intergalactic Dub
Interlude 2
Interstitial A
Interstitial B
Knitting on the Roof
Known Unknowns
Konstantin Raudive: The Voices of the Dead
Kool Stereo Arc, Part 2
Kultur Krieg
Laid in Full
Listen Picks, Volume 1
Live Jam
Mandolin / Acid Bassline
Measure by Measure
Mind the Gap, Volume 15
Modulation & Transformation 3
Modulation & Transformation 4
Murder by Syntax
Murderah Style (Spy vs. That Subliminal Kid)
Need for Speed Most Wanted
New York Downtown: Jazz and Other Sounds
Night Shift, The
No Quarter Dub
Not in Your Name
Object Unknown (Funky Redneck Vocal)
Obscure Disorder (Ghost Hacked!!!)
Offbeat: A Red Hot Sound Trip
Onda Sonora: Red Hot + Lisbon
Open Ends - Musical Exploration in New York - 1960 to 2000
Other Planes of Dub
Particle Storm
Pax Per Fidem
Paysage Insolite
Peace in Zaire mix (Dub Pistols Inna NYC Style)
Phase Anansi
Pledge to Resist, The
Protest Records, Volume 3
Public Enemy #1 (2005)
Quantum Cyborg Drum Machine
Quick and the Dead, The
Rapper's Relight
Rauschen 12
RCA Mark II Synthesizer, The
Rebirth of a Nation
Resonance Found at the Core of a Bubble, The
Revolution Will Be Streamed, The
Riddim Clash
Riddim Clash - Heavyweight Style
Rock the Nation
Rock the Net: Musicians for Net Neutrality
Salt Satyagraha
Scratch Battle
Secret Garden
Secret Song, The
Sounds From Planet X
Sounds of Dissent: The Politics of Music
Spawn: The Album
State of the Union
Storm of Drones, A
Studio Distribution (Winter & Spring 2004)
Subsidia Pataphysica
Sulphur: Compound
Synchronism 2
Terra Nullius (Cyborg Rebellion on Colony Planet Zyklon 15)
Tetragramaton - Submerge
That Subliminal Kid and the Last Mohican
This Is Home Entertainment
This Is Jungle Sky, Volume 6: Funk
This Is What Happens (live)
Tribal Gathering '96
Twilight Fugue
Universal Time Signal
Valis I: Destruction of Syntax
Variation on a Freight Theme (live)
Visionaire No. 53: Sound
Wet Paint: Wolf Kampmann’s Knitting Facts
Where I'm At
Wired Magazine Presents: Music Futurists
Wreck This Mess: Remission 2