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Henry Augustus Pilsbry (American zoologist)
Henry Augustus Pilsbry (Amerikaans bioloog (1862-1957))
Henry Augustus Pilsbry (US-amerikanischer Biologie, Zoologe, Malakologe und Karziologe)
Pilsbry, H. A.
Pilsbry, Henry A.
Pilsbry, Henry Augustus
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Bequaert, Joseph Charles (1886-1982))
Clark, William Bullock (1860-1917)
Cooke, Charles Montague (1874-1948)
Gardner, Julia Anna (1882-1962))
Marx, George
Maryland Geological Survey
Neal, Marie Catharine (1889-)
Stephenson, Lloyd William (b. 1876))
Tryon, George W.
Tryon, George W. (1838-1888))
Tryon, George Washington
Turner, Ruth Dixon
Uhler, P.R.
Uhler, Philip R.
Vanatta, E. G.
aquatic mollusks of the Belgian Congo, The : with a geographical and ecological account of Congo malacology
barnacles (Cirripedia) contained in the collections of the U. S. National Museum, The
Bermuda Islands, The : a contribution to the physical history and zoology of the Somers archipelago : with an examination of the structure of coral reefs : researches
Cerions of Andros, Bahamas
Cirriped genus Pyrgoma in American waters, The
Cirripedia (Balanus) from the Miocene of New Jersey
Cirripedia from the Panama canal zone
Descriptions of fresh-water Mussels of the Kenya Colony and South Africa : By Henry A. Pilsbry
fresh-water snail, Physa zionis, living under unusual conditions. -, A : Mollusks from Quetétaro, Mexico
Jamaican fluviatile Nerita, A
Land mollusca from Japan and the Bonin Islands, The
Land Mollusca of North America (north of Mexico)
Land mollusks (Helicedae) from Central and Northern California
land mollusks of the Republic of Panama and the Canal Zone, The : Costa Rica land shells
Land shells of Tartuga Island, Haiti, and a New Haitian Oleacina
Land snail genus Polygyrella, The
Land snails from Hawaii, Christmas island, and Samoa
Land snails from Northwestern Mexico
Lettoral Barnacles of the Hawaiian islands and Japan : by Henry A. Pilsbry
List of new and revised ... 1984-
Manual of conchology : structural and systematic.
Method of progression in Truncatella, The
Miocene and Pleistocene Cirripedia from Haiti.
Miocène and recent Mollusca of Panama Bay, The
Mollusca of the Southwestern States, XI : from the Tucson Range to Ajo, and Mountain Ranges between the San Pedro and Santa Cruz Rivers, Arizona
New Clausiliidæ of the Japanese Empire - XI
new East indian Euciroa, A
new Ecphora of the Chesapeake Miocene, A
New Mollusca of the Santo Domingan oligocene
New names introduced by H. A. Pilsbry in the Mollusca and Crustacea
Note on a collection of fossils from Wilmington, North Carolina
Notes on Hawaiian land shells.
Notes on some Pacific Cirripedes
Notes on some pleurotomariidae of the cretaceous of New Jersey
Notes on the anatomy of Oreohelix : with a catalogue of the species
Notes upon some lower Californian Helices
Oligocene fossils from the neighborhood of carthagena, Colombia : with notes on Haitian species
On the classification of Scalpelliform Barnacles
Partulidae of Tonga and related forms
Pliocene fauna from western Ecuador
Report on barnacles of Peru
Reports of the Princeton University Expeditions to Patagonia, 1896 - 1899. Non-marine Mollusca of Patagonia
Results of the Pinchot South Sea expedition.
Review of the land mollusca of Korea
Review of the species of Lucidella belonging to the subgenus Poeniella (Helicinidae) of Haiti and Santo Domingo
Revision of the Ampullariidae of Jamaica and Cuba
Sea shells of the Jersey shore
Some alleghenian forms of the land snail genus Gonyodiscus
South American land and freshwater mollusks.
Species of Roly-gyra from Montana Idado : and the Pacific coast states
Studies on West Indian mollusks : the genus Zachrysia
Upper Cretaceous ...
West African snails of the family Achatinidae in the United States National museum
West Mexican and Central American mollusks collected by H.N. Lowe, 1929-31