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C, E. (Sir)
Coke, Edward
Coke, Edward (Sir)
Coke, Edwardo
Coke, Edwardo (Sir)
Coke, Edwardus
Coke, Edwardus (Sir)
Coke, Lord
Cook, Edward
Cook, Edward (Sir)
Cooke, Edward
Cooke, Edward (Sir)
Cooke, Lord
E.C (Sir)
Edward Coke (englischer Richter und Politiker)
Edward Coke (English lawyer and judge)
Edward Coke (Hakim di Inggris)
Edward Coke (politico e giurista inglese)
Edward Coke (politicus uit Koninkrijk Engeland (1552-1634))
Edwardus Coke
Кок, Эдвард
إدوارد كوك
에드워드 코크
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Language material
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Bowen, Catherine Drinker (1897-1973)
Butler, Charles (1750-1832)
Great Britain. Courts. [from old catalog]
Hale, Matthew (1609-1676)
Hargrave, Francis (1741?-1821)
Hawkins, William (1673-1746)
Jefferson, Thomas (1743-1826)
Littleton, Thomas Sir, -1481
Nottingham, Heneage Finch Earl of, 1621-1682
Sheppard, Steve (1963-)
Thomas Jefferson Library Collection (Library of Congress)
Ward, T.
book of entries. -, A
Charta de Foresta.
Commentary upon Littleton
compleat copy-holder, The : wherein is contained a learned discourse of the antiquity and nature of mannors and copy-holds : being a guide and direction for surrenders, presentments, admittances, forfeitures, customes, &c.
Complete copy-holder
declaration of the libertyes of the English nation, principally with respect to forests., A
England's independency upon the papal power historically and judicially stated
famous case of RobertCalvin a Scots-Man, The : As contain'd in the reports of Sir Edward Coke, lord chief justice of the common-please and as it was argued in Westminster-Hall by all the judges of England, in the reign of King James VI. of Scotland, and I. of England. Publish'd now for the information of such as would know the rights and privileges of Scots-Men residing in England, and of English-Men residing in Scotland.
Fift part of the reports of Sr. Edward Coke knight, the king's attorney generall
First part of the institutes of the laws of England
golden passage in the great charter of England, called Magna charta., The
Hæc ego grădævus posui tibi candide lector
Institutes of the laws of England. Part 1
Judges judged out of their own mouthes. -
L. Cokes charge, giuen at Norwich Assises
lion and the throne, The : the life and times Sir Edward Coke 1552-1634
Little treatise of baile and mainprize
Lord Coke his speech and charge. -
Notes on Lord Coke's First institute
Reading del Mon Seignior Coke sur le statute de 27. E.I. appelle le statute de finibus levatis
Reports de Coke
reports of divers resolutions and judgments given upon solemn arguments, and with great deliberation, and conference of the most reverend judges, and sages of law; of cases in law which never were resolved or adjudged before; and the reasons and causes of the said resolutions and judgments, The
reports of Sir Edward Coke, knt. [1572-1617] in English, in thirteen parts complete; with references to all the ancient and modern books of the law., The
reports of Sir Edward Coke, knt., in verse; wherein the name of each case and the principal points are contained in two lines. To which are added, references in the margin to all the editions of the said reports; and two tables; one of the names of the cases, and the other of the principal matters., The
Reports. Part 1
Reports. Part 10
Reports. Part 11
Reports. Part 12
Reports. Part 13
Reports. Part 2
Reports. Part 3
Reports. Part 4
Reports. Part 5
Reports. Part 6
Reports. Part 7
Reports. Part 8
Reports. Part 9
Reports. Parts 1-11
Second part of the institutes of the laws of England
Second parte des reportes del Edward Coke lattorney generall le roigne de divers matters en ley
selected writings of Sir Edward Coke
sept part des reports Sr. Edw. Coke chiualer, chiefe iustice del common banke, La : des diuers resolutions & iudgements done sur solemne arguments & auec grand deliveration & conference des tresreuerend iudges & sages de la ley, des cases en ley queux ne fueront vnques resolue ou adiudges par deuant, et les raisons & causes des dits resolutions & iudgements : publies en les size ań del treshaut & tresillustre Iaques, roy Dengl., Fr., & Irel., & de Escoce le 42. : le fountaine de tout pietie & iustice, & la vie de la ley.
[Synopsis of Coke on Littleton
Works. Selections.