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Gregory, J. W.
Gregory, John Walter
John Walter Gregory (British geologist and explorer)
John Walter Gregory (Brits ontdekkingsreiziger (1864-1932))
John Walter Gregory (geologo e esploratore britannico)
John Walter Gregory (schottischer Geologe)
Грегори, Джон Уолтер
Джон Уолтър Грегъри
جان والتر گرگوری (زمین‌شناس و کاشف بریتانیایی)
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Cartographic material
Language material
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British Museum (Natural History) Department of Geology
British Museum. Trustees
Gregory, C. J.
Hutchinson, H.N. (1856-1927)
Hutchinson, Henry Neville (1856-1927)
Jordan, Karl (1861-1959)
Lang, W.D.
Lydekker, R. (1849-1915)
Lydekker, Richard (1849-1915)
Marshall, Patrick
Simon, Eugène (1848-1924)
Smith, Arthur Donaldson (1866-1939)
Wood, Meta McKinnon
Woodward, Arthur Smith (1864-1944)
Africa; a geography reader
Age of the Morte slate fossils.
Australia and New Zealand
Bericht der wissenschaftlichen Expedition welche die jüdisch-territoriale Organisation unter dem Schutze der portugiesischen Regierung ausgesandt hatte, um Gebiete Angolas zu prüfen, ob sie für eine jüdische Ansiedlung geeignet sind
Catalogue of the Fossil Bryozoa in the Department of Geology British Museum (Natural History): The Cretaceous Bryozoa
Climatic variations their extent and causes
[Collected papers in geology and paleontology.]
Corals of Cutch, The
Creation by evolution; a consensus of present-day knowledge as set forth by leading authorities in non-technical language that all may understand
Dalradian geology : the Dalradian rocks of Scotland and their equivalents in other countries
dead heart of Australia. A journey around Lake Eyre in the summer of 1901-1902, with some account of the Lake Eyre basin and the flowing wells of central Australia, The
Earthquakes and volcanoes
Echinoidea of Cutch
elements of economic geology, The
Eozoonal structure of the ejected blocks of Monte Somma
first crossing of Spitsbergen; being an account of an inland journey of exploration and survey, with descriptions of several mountain ascents, of boat expeditions in Ice Fjord, of a voyage to North-East-land, the Seven Islands, down Hinloopen Strait, nearly to Wiches Land, and into most of the fjords of Spitsbergen, and of an almost complete circumnavigation of the main island., The
Fossils from the lower greensand.
Foundation of British East Africa
General stratigraphy
geography of New Zealand historical, physical, political and commercial
geological map of Australia and Tasmania, A
Geological researches in the Judean desert
great Rift Valley being the narrative of a journey to Mount Kenya and Lake Baringo with some account of the geology, natural history, anthropology and future prospects of British East Africa
Human migration & the future; a study of the causes, effects & control of emigration
Irish eskers, The
jurassic fauna of Cutch. with 2 plates, The
living races of mankind, The : a popular illustrated account of the customs, habits, pursuits, feasts & ceremonies of the races of mankind throughout the world
Livingstone as an explorer. Delivered in the University of Glasgow on the occasion of the Centenary of David Livingstone. 18th March 1913
making of the earth, The
menace of colour, The : a study of the difficulties due to the association of white & coloured races, with an account of measures proposed for their solution, & special reference to white colonization in the tropics
Nature and origin of fiords. -, The
On zeuglopleurus.
Part of north west Yunnan showing the route
Race as a political factor
Razas humanas : Descripción de todas las razas y tribus que pueblan el globo. Sus hábitos, costumbres, fiestas y ceremonias
[Report on irrigation]
Report on the work of the commission sent out by the Jewish Territorial Organization under the auspices of the Governor-General of Tripoli to examine the territory proposed for the purpose of a Jewish settlement in Cyrenaica.
Reports on geological collections from the oastlands of Kenya Colony
rift valleys and geology of East Africa, The : an account of the origin & history of the rift valleys of East Africa & their relation to the contemporary earth-movements which transformed the geography of the world : with some account of the prehistoric stone implements, soils, water supply, & mineral resources of the Kenya colony
Some additions to the Australian Tertiary echinoidea.
story of the road, from the beginning down to A. D. 1931, The
structure of Asia, The
Temperance regulations in the Russian & Australian armies;
Through unknown African countries : the first expedition from Somaliland to Lake Lamu
To the Alps of Chinese Tibet; an account of a journey of exploration up to and among the snow-clad mountains of the Tibetan frontier
treatise on zoology, A
vertebrate fossils from the glacial and associated post-glacial beds of Scotland in the Hunterian museum, University of Glasgow, and their evidence on the classification of the Scottish glacial deposits, The
Water divining