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Alban (Doctor)
Alban, .. (Dr)
Alban (musicien)
Alban Uzoma Nwapa
Doctor Alban
Doctor Alban (musicien)
Dr. Alban
Dr. Alban (cantante e produttore discografico nigeriano)
Dr. Alban (musicien)
Dr. Alban (musicien et producteur suédois originaire du Nigéria)
Dr. Alban (músico y productor nigeriano-sueco)
Dr. Alban (muzikant uit Nigeria)
Dr. Alban (Nigerian-born Swedish musician and producer)
Dr. Alban (pseud. för Alban Nwapa)
Dr. Alban (schwedisch-nigerianischer Pop-Musiker, Rapper und Produzent)
Dr. Alban (svenska artist)
Nwapa, Alban
Nwapa, Alban Uzoma
Д-р Албан
Доктар Албан
Доктор Албан
ד"ר אלבן
دكتور آلبن
دکتر آلبان
ดร. อัลบัน
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Nwapa, Alban (real name)
Related names: 
Anastacia (co-performer)
Colonel Reyel (co-performer)
Corona (co-performer)
Début de soirée (isRelatedTo)
Gala (1975-...)
Gala (co-performer)
Haddaway (1965-...)
Haddaway (co-performer)
Hjelte, Tom (1963-)
Melissa (chanteuse arabophone; co-performer)
Mousse T. (co-performer)
Paul, Billy (co-performer)
Robin S. (co-performer)
Shaggy (co-performer)
Technotronic (mūzikas grupa)
Whigfield (co-performer)
Yamboo (isRelatedTo)
100% dance
100 hits de la fête
100% tubes années 90
100% tubes de l'été 2015
200% Platinum Hits
Ain’t No Stopping
Alabalaba (Woman'a'sexy)
Alabalaba (Woman's Sexy)
Alban Prelude, The
Années 90
Answer, The
Around the World
Away From Home (12" Long)
Away from home (3 min 45 s)
Away From Home (Amaway edit)
Away From Home (Amaway mix)
Away From Home (Berlin vocal edit)
Away From Home (Berlin vocal mix)
Away From Home (long version)
Away From Home (Mashed Up version)
Away From Home (remix)
Away From Home (short version)
Away From Home (T's ragga edit)
Away From Home (T's Ragga One)
Away From Home (Todd's House of Alban)
Back to Basics
Beautiful Day
Because of You (Capitol mix)
Because of You (Highlander mix)
Because of You (Millennium mix)
Believe, I
Best Of, The
Born a Winner
Born in Africa (2 Phat mix)
Born in Africa (Dog'n Peo club Soda mix)
Born in Africa (Dog'n Peo Cocktail dub)
Born in Africa (extended version)
Born in Africa (original radio version)
Born in Africa (Pierre J's radio remix)
Cash Money
Chiki Chiki (DJ Kolya Funk & DJ Prokuror remix)
Chiki Chiki (feat. Starclub) (Interphace mix)
China Man
Colour the World (feat. Sash)
Colour the World (Sash! remix)
Culture 90
Dance machine
Dance Remixes '99
Don’t Joke With Fire (album mix)
Don't Joke With Fire (alternative mix)
Don’t Joke With Fire (radio edit)
Dr. Alban największe przeboje.
Enemies (Extended Additional)
Enemies (Remix)
Enemies (Smooth Beat mix)
Everybody dance tous les tubes dance des 90's
Feel Like Making Love
Feel the Music, I
Feel the Rhythm (2 Phat Mix)
Feel the Rhythm (Blue Ocean mix)
Feel the Rhythm (Booster & DJ Martin Mix)
Feel the Rhythm (radio edit)
Free Up Soweto
Fuel 4 Love
Get Up
Gimme Dat Lovin
Give Me Lovin'
Go See the Dentist
Grand Collection
Greatest Hits
Groove Machine 2
Groove Machine 4
Groove Machine 5
Groove Machine II
Groove Mashine
Guess Who Coming To Dinner (C & N Project Mix)
Guess Who Coming To Dinner (Radio Edit)
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Guess Whos Goming to Dinner (J&J Dinner long mix)
Guess Whos Goming to Dinner (J&J Dinner short mix)
Hallelujah Day (radio mix)
Hallelujah Girl
Hallo Africa
Hard Pan di Drums
Hard to Choose
Hello Africa ('97 remix)
Hello Africa (Mark Spoon's radio edit) (feat. Leila K.)
Hello Africa (remix '97)
Hello Africa (Sash! remix)
Hello Africa (Tell Me How You Are Doing)
Hello Afrika (42 Street mix)
Hello Afrika (Aaahfrika mix)
Hello Afrika (single mix) (feat. Leila K.)
Hello Afrika (Tell Me How You're Doin')
Hello Afrika: The Album
Hit Collection
Hits of the 90's
Home Sweet Home
Honey Bunny
Humpty Dumpty
It's My Life '2007 (Neonmaster mix)
It’s My Life 2012
It’s My Life 2014 (Bodybangers radio edit)
It's My Life 2014 (Bodybangers remix)
It's My Life 2014 (DBN Extended Mix)
It's My Life 2014 (DBN Radio Edit)
It's My Life 2014 (Original Edit)
It's My Life 2014 (Roter & Lewis Radio Dub Mix)
It's My Life (club edit)
It’s My Life (euro club mix)
It’s My Life (extended club version)
It’s My Life (extended radio version)
It's My Life (Organ dub)
It's My Life (original version)
It's My Life (Powermix)
It's My Life (Radio Edit) (Sash Remix)
It's My Life (Ragga mix)
It’s My Life (Raggadag remix)
It's My Life (Reggada remix)
It's My Life (Reggae mix)
It's My Life (Sash Dub)
It's My Life (Sash Remix Long Version)
It's My Life (Sash! rmx '97)
It’s My Life (single version)
It's My Life - The Album
It’s My Life (U.S. club version)
It's My Live
Johnny hits.
Jungle Beats (Gurana mix)
Les années 90 les 40 tubes exceptionnels des années 90
Let the Beat Go On (Dindogamadub)
Let the Beat Go On (Jungle Speed)
Let the Beat Go On (long mix)
Let the Beat Go On (short version)
Let the Beat Goes On
Like to Know, I
Like to Move It (Classified mix), I
Like to Move It (club mix), I
Like to Move It (CS Jay mix), I
Like to Move It (feat. DJ Aligator), I
Like to Move It (Musikk mix), I
Like to Move It (Propane remix), I
Like to Move It (radio mix), I
Like to Move It (Spank! At the Swamp mix), I
Long Time Ago (album version)
Long Time Ago (Ari's Dr. Records remix)
Long Time Ago (Bundes radio mix)
Long Time Ago (Sash extended)
Long Time Ago (Sash! mix)
Long Time Ago (Sash! remix)
Look Who's Talking (long) (12")
Look Who's Talking (Lucky edit)
Look Who’s Talking (Lucky version)
Look Who's Talking (short) (7")
Look Who's Talking (Stone's club mix)
Look Who's Talking (Stone's clubmix) (12")
Look Who's Talking (Stone's Eurodub) (12")
Look Who's Talking (Stone's radio mix)
Look Who's Talking! - The Album
Look Whos Talking! (short)
Looking for Something
Love Affair
Love The 90's (Radio Edit), I
Loverboy (Andalo remix)
Loverboy (Dash remix)
Loverboy (Erick Decks remix radio edit)
Loverboy (Erik Decks remix instrumental)
Loverboy (Erik Decks remix radio edit)
Loverboy (extended original mix)
Loverboy (Hewie remix instrumental)
Loverboy (instrumental radio edit)
Loverboy (Promostella extended remix)
Loverboy (Promostella radio remix)
Loverboy (Remixes)
Man & Woman
Mata oh a eh
Maxi dance sensation
Mega 90
Mega dance Millenium
Mr. DJ (Ari's original mix)
Mr. DJ (C&N Project mix)
Mr. DJ / Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Mr. DJ (R 'n' B mix)
Mr. DJ (Tokapi - Sash! mix)
Mr. DJ (Twin mix)
Music Box
Music In Me
No Coke (After Use 12" mix)
No Coke (Float remix)
No Coke (Klanghouse remix)
No Coke (No Hasch-Hasch mix)
No Coke Remix (Mark Spoons Reggae Trip Mix)
No Coke (Swe-Flow mix)
Oh Baby (Sly & Robbie mix)
Om we rembwe ike
One Love (Africana version)
One Love (Denniz Moog mix)
One Love (Dragon Fly version)
One Love (extended version)
One Love (Moog dub)
One Love (radio Moog)
One Love (radio version)
One Love (remix)
One, The
Our Father (Parther Noster)
Our Father (Pater Noster)
Papaya Coconut (2 Pn's dub mix)
Papaya Coconut (extended mix)
Plastic Smile
Proud! (To Be African)
Proud to Be Afrikan (Proud to Be a CD bonus mix)
Push It (Ragga Dub mix))
Raegge Gone Ragga
Raggamuffin Gil
Raggamuffin Girl
Reggae Gone Ragga
Reggae Music Gonna Move Ya
Remix U & Mi
Rich Man / Poor Man
Riddle of Life
Rock Steady (Pupulala)
Rock the Woman / Shake It (Todd Terry mix)
Roll Down Di Rubber Man
Said It Once, I
Show Me
Sing Allelujah
Sing Halelujah!
Sing Halleljah
Sing Hallellujah
Sing Halleluah! (single edit)
Sing Halleluhjah! (Short)
Sing Halleluja!
Sing Hallelujah! '2007 (feat. Yamboo)
Sing Hallelujah! (ATM Sunseeker club mix)
Sing hallelujah base dance mix
Sing Hallelujah! (DJ Stevie Steve's Pizzi edit)
Sing Hallelujah! (DJ Stevie Stevie's Pizzi edit)
Sing Hallelujah! (Easter mix)
Sing Hallelujah! (Eastermix remix)
Sing Hallelujah (extended club mix)
Sing Hallelujah (J.J.'s Eurotrance mix)
Sing Hallelujah (JJ's International Trance mix)
Sing Hallelujah! (long)
Sing Hallelujah! (original mix)
Sing Hallelujah! (original version)
Sing Hallelujah! (Paradise dub)
Sing Hallelujah! Recall 2004 (ATM)
Sing Hallelujah Recall 2004 (Bitcrusher club mix)
Sing Hallelujah! (Red City vocal mix)
Sing Hallelujah Reloaded
Sing Hallelujah (remix by Serious Rope)
Sing Hallelujah! Remix (Eastermix)
Sing Hallelujah! Remix (JJ's Eurotrancemix)
Sing Hallelujah! (short version)
Sing Hallelujah! (single edit)
Sing Hallelujia
Sing Halleluyah !
Sing Hallulujah!
Sing Shi-Wo-Wo (Stop the Pollution) (Mental mix)
Sing Shi-Wo-Wo (Stop the Pollution) (Rainforest mix)
Sing Shi-Wo-Wo (Stop the Pollution) (Shi Wo-Wo Dup mix)
Single Searching
So Long
Soon Come
Stop the Pollution (album version)
Street Vibes
Summer dance
Svartskallarnas sammansvärjning
Sweet Dreams (feat. Swing)
Sweet Little Girl
Sweet Reggae Music
Talk About Love
Telephone Love
Thank You
Then I Fell in Love
This Time I'm Free (alternative Breakbeat mix)
This Time I'm Free (Berlin...24 Hrs)
This Time I'm Free (Cerdibility extended mix)
This Time I'm Free (Credibility extended mix)
This Time I'm Free (Fizzle Mix)
This Time I'm Free (Slow Credibility Mix)
This Time I'm Free (Stonebridge & Nick Nice Anthem mix)
This Time I'm Free (Stonebridge & Nick Nice Big mix)
This Time I'm Free (Todd Terry Remix-edit)
This Time I'm Free (Todd Terry's Remix)
Top 50 1993
U and Mi (Eee-Motion mix)
U & Me (Remix)
U & Mi (album version)
U & Mi (instrumental mix)
U & Mi (radio mix)
U & Mi Remix (E-Type mix)
U & Mi Remix (Swe & Me mix)
U & Mi (Swe-Tech mix)
Very Best of 1990-1997, The
Wanna Know (feat. Efti), I
What Do I Do
Work Summer 2007 Recall
Work Work (Africa Recall mix)
Work, Work (album version)
Work Work (Mattias remix)
Work Work (Moos Power remix)
Work Work (v2003)
Yalla dance Arabian's hottest dance floor tunes
You and mi
Contributed to or performed: 
10 Jaar hits 1989-1999
100 canzoni di sempre internazionali, Le
100 Disco Workout Music
100 Essential Tracks: 90s
100 Essential Tracks: Pop
100 grootste jaren 90 hits, De
100 Hits Dancefloor
100 Hits of the 90s
100 Hits: 90s
100 Hits: 90s Essentials
100 Hits: Dance Anthems
100 Mega Sommer Hits
100 Mega Summer Hits 2012
100 Mega Zomer Hits
100 Nr. 1 Hits, Volume 1
100 Trance Workout Music
100 Tubes 90’s
100 Tubes Dance
100 Tubes Fiesta
100 Zinderende Zomerhits 2006
100% Clubland 90s
100% Dance
100% Dance Hits
100% Dance Party Winter 2014-2015
100% Dancefloor Classics
100% Hits 90's
100% Pure Old Skool Club Classics
100% Svenska Sommarhits
100% tubes de l'été
100% tubes de l'été 2015
1000 Klassiekers - De Eindejaarstop Van Radio 2
101 90s Hits
101 Barbecue Songs
16 grands succès du top 6 à 6 de CKOI 96,9 fm
18 Top-Hits International 3-1993
1960–2010 : 50 ans de hits
1992: Die Stars — Die Hits — Die Facts
1994-04 18 Top Hits
1997 Hit Mix
20 Years on MTV: 1992
2011 - 100 Hits pour faire la fête !
20th Century Hits for a New Millennium: 36 Hits of 1990-1994
20th Century Hits for a New Millennium: 36 Hits of 1990–1994
2Day FM’s Party Songs, Volume 1
2x Double the Hits, Volume 2
30 Jaar Top Hits 1967–1997
30 Jahre Hits
36 svenska klassiker 1990-1994
36 svenska klassiker 1990-2000
40 Jahre - 40 Hits
400% Dance Hits
50 Barbecue Hits
50 Grootste Summer Hits, De
50 Jaar Radio Veronica: The 90’s
50 Jahre Kronen Zeitung
90 Les Années Dance
90 Les Années Dance, Volume 2
90, Los
90's: Hits of the World, The
90’s Collection: 1992, The
90’s Collection: 1993, The
90’s Euro Dance Top 50
90’s Hitmix
90’s Megadance Hits
90er Show, Part 1: Die jahre 1990–1994, Die
90er: The Pop Years, Die
90s Collection: 1994, The
90s Collection: 90s Dance, The
90s Stars Comeback (Summer Edition 2017)
90s XL
Absolument 90 : Les Plus Grands Tubes internationaux
Absolute 90’s
Absolute 90’s, Vol. 2
Absolute Club Classics: Best Of
Absolute Dance
Absolute Dance 12
Absolute Dance 3
Absolute Dance 9
Absolute Dance Autumn 2008
Absolute Dance Classics
Absolute Dance Opus 18
Absolute Dance Opus 37
Absolute Jul
Absolute Let's Dance Opus 12
Absolute Let's Dance Opus 5
Absolute Let’s Dance Opus 6
Absolute Let’s Dance, Volume 1
Absolute Music 10
Absolute Music 15
Absolute Music 17
Absolute Music 43
Absolute Music 5
Absolute Music 7
Absolute Number One 1990–1994
Absolute Party Anthems
Absolute Reggae 2010
Action Hits
Aguja & Vinilo, Volumen 2
Aiia VI
Alarm für Cobra 11
Album 3, The
All 90’s
All Night Disco
All Stars Disko 5 & 6
All Time Greatest Hits of Dance 2, The
All-Time Greatest Dance Album, The
Alle 40 Goed Fout, Vol. 2
Alle 40 Goed: 90’s, Vol. 2
Alle 50 Fout
Ambi Summer 2001
Années 90
Antenne Bayern - Hit Collection Spezial: Best Of 15 Jahre - 1988 - 2002
Anthems 90s 2
Aprés Ski Rockparty 2012
Après Skihut Rotterdam 35, De
Around the World
Around the World (instrumental)
Astérix et les Indiens
Asterix in Amerika
Back 2 the Dance
Back to Eurodance, Volume 2
Back to School: Winter Term
Back to the 90’s: 100% Original Hits!
Ballermann Dance Hits
Ballermann Top 100 (2014)
Beat Hits Vol. 58
Berlin Tag & Nacht 5
Best Dance Album in the World… Ever! 2005, The
Best Dance Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best Disco… Ever!, The
Best Dream World of Sash!
Best Italo Dance Hits 2008 Vol. III
Best Mix... Ever!, The
Best Nineties Album in the World… Ever!, The
Best of 1990–1992, Vol. 1, The
Best of 93
Best of Absolute Music, Volume 2: 1991–1995, The
Best of Dance & Euro 1991-2001, Volume 4, The
Best of Dance Mix USA, Vol. 2, The
Best of Dance People
Best of Dance People, Volume 2
Best of Eurodance, The
Best of Mallorca Hits
Best of Party Hits
Best of Summer Hits 2 (disc 2)
Best of Summer Hits 3
Best of Techno & Dance, The
Best of the 90's, The
Best of the 90’s
Best of the 90s
Best Party… Ever!, The
beste uit 10 jaar het Foute Uur, Het
Beste Uit 40 Jaar De Pre Historie, Het
Beste Uit 5 Jaar Het Foute Uur, Het
beste uit de Mega Top 50 van '93, Het
beste uit de MNM 1000: Limited Edition 2011, Het
beste uit de Q Music Top 500 van het Foute Uur, Het
Beste Uit De Q-Music Top 500 Van De 90’s: Editie 2012, Het
beste uit de schaamteloze 100, Volume 3, Het
beste uit de Top 40 van '92, Het
Beste Uit de Top 500 van de Zomer, Het
Beste uit de Top 500 van het Foute Uur, Het
Big Tunes: Back to the 90s 2
Black & White Dynamite (Raggamuffin Style)
Body Combat 2
Bodywork III: 32 Hit‐Tracks to Pump Your Body
Booker Hits '93
Booom 2002: The First
Booom 3
Booom 5
Born in 90
Braun MTV Eurochart '95, Volume 11, The
Braun MTV Eurochart '95, Volume 4, The
Braun MTV Eurochart: April 1994
Braun MTV Eurochart: July 1994
Braun MTV Eurochart: November 1994
Bravo Hits 2
Bravo Hits 4
Bravo Hits 8
Bravo Hits 99 (Limited Edition For DJ)
Bravo Hits Party: 90er
Bravo Hits Wiosna 2015
Bravo Hits: Best of 91
Bravo Hits: Best of 92
Bravo Hits: Best of 93
Bravo Summer Hits
Bravo Super Show, Vol. 1
Bravo Supershow, Volume 1
Breakdown: The Very Best Euphoric Old Skool
Bump 13
Bump 14
Burger King Beats - Volume I
Čágo belo šílenci! 12
Čágo belo šílenci! 13
Čágo belo šílenci! 14
Čágo belo šílenci! 16
Capitol EMI Sampler Week 22
Cartoon Network: Kidz Hits
Charter Hits
Chartmix 2
Children of the 80's
Classic Cuts Presents: 90’s Night: The Definitive DJ Collection: 1992
Classic Cuts Presents: 90’s Night: The Definitive DJ Collection: 1993
Classic Pop: The Ultimate Collection
Club Classics
Club Cutz, Volume 1
Club Dance, Volume 2
Club Hits - Hear the Boom!
Club Hopping 3
Club Sounds Presents Bodybangers: Bang the House
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Vol. 68
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection: 90s
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection: 90s, Vol. 2
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection: 90s, Vol. 3
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection: Best of 2014
Clubland 90s
Clubland Eurodance
Coca Cola Hits 2003
Colour the World
Colour the World (ATB remix)
Come Along
Come Back
Compilation GO1
Complete Dance 1
Cooler 2
Countdown: One Hit Wonders 2
Crazy Signs
Culture 90
Dance 2 the 90’s
Dance 90’s
Dance 93
Dance Box 2
Dance Chart, Volume 22
Dance Chart, Volume 6 (disc 1)
Dance Classics: The Next Generation
Dance Collection 2
Dance Collection 3
Dance Contact 2
Dance Contact 3
Dance Contact 4
Dance Culture 98
Dance d’or 96
Dance Explosion, Vol. 1: A Choice of the Best
Dance Hits
Dance Hits 90–99, The
Dance Kids
Dance Machine
Dance Machine 5
Dance Machine 6
Dance Machine 7
Dance Machine Anthology
Dance Max 5
Dance Max 9
Dance Max: Best of ’94
Dance Mission The Best 1-6
Dance Mission, Volume 2
Dance Mission, Volume 6
Dance Mix ’93
Dance Now! 97-4
Dance Now! Volume 5
Dance Now! Volume 8
Dance Now! Volume 9
Dance Remember
Dance Superstars of the 90's
Dance Tip: A Decade of Dance
Dance to the Max
Dancefloor Deluxe: The Biggest Dance-Hymns of the 90’s
Dancefloor Hits 2: 1992-1996
Dancefloor Hits: 1992–1996
Dancemania EX2
Dancemania Trance Z
Darius & Finlay - Do It All Night Vol. 1
Den inre rymden (som är den del som ligger innanför månens bana)
Dîner Presque Parfait, Un
Disco Fox Party 2006
Discoradio Collection Vol. 2
DJ 90er Edition
DJ Dance 96, Volume 5: Special Crazy Summer Edition
DJ Hits '98 Volume 3
DJ Mix '96
DJs sind Hitarbeiter: Die grössten Discotheken-Hits
DMA Dance, Vol. 3: Eurodance
DMA Dance, Volume 1: Eurodance
DMA Dance, Volume 2: Eurodance
DMC CD Collection 124
Dome, Volume 69, The
Dorian Gray: History of Magic 2
Dos Décadas Dance
Driven By the 90s: 100 Essential Driving Songs
Dynamite Dance
E-Type väljer sina eurofavoriter
Energy for the 90's
Energy Rush 2
Enjoy the Real Thing, Part 1
Entertainment Weekly Presents: Hotter Dance
Essential Pop 1990s, The
Euro Detergent Volume 3
Euro Hits Forever
Euro Mix 2
Eurodance 90, Volume 2
Eurodance, Volume 1
European Dance Party
Europop: The Best of Eurodance Classics, Vol. 2
Everybody Dance Now
Everybody Dance: Tous les tubes dance des 90’s
Exotic Heat
Extravadance NRJ
F1 - 98
Faisez les Cons avec Corti
Festa Mix 3
Festivalbar 94
Fetenhits: 90’s Best Of
Fetenhits: Eurodance Classics 1992–1996
Fetenhits: Reloaded
Fetenhits: Silvester 2014
Fetenhits: The Real 90's
Fetenhits: The Real Classics 4
Fetenkult, Volume 2: Die volle Sommerladung!!!
Fetenkult: Die volle Partyladung!!!
Fetenkult: Strandparty 2006
FetenMix: 80 Party-Klassiker im Megamix
Flair Summerhits '70 '80 '90 - Volume 1
Flaix Fm History Vol. 5
Flaix History, Vol. 3
Flaix History, Volume 1
Flaix History, Volume 4
Flaix History, Volume 5
FLEX: The Album, Volume 1
Flippo's Flash Hits Volume 2
Floorfillers: 90’s Club Classics
Floorfillers: 90s Dance Classics
For Sale, Volume II: Hits, Die Aus der Werbung Kommen
Formel Eins: Die 90er! (Black Music Edition)
Formel Eins: Die 90er! Euro & Dance Edition
Formula 1
Foute CD Box Van Q Music, Volume 2
Foute CD Van Q-Music, Volume 10
Foute CD van Q-Music, Volume 3
Foute CD, Volume 8
Foute Zomer Hits
Freitag Nacht Vol.12 (Mega Maxi Edition)
From Beverly Hills to Melrose Place
Future Trance: Return to the 90s
Génération 90
Get Ready for This: The Ultimate Dance Hits of the 90's
Girls Night Out
Gladiatorerna 3
Golden Collection, The
Golden Greats
Golden Memories: 20 Years No. 1 Hits
Goldene Europa '94
Grandmix: The 90’s Edition
Grandmix: The Millennium Edition
Grandmix: The Summer Edition
Great Zorro Hits
Greatest Christmas Collection, The
Greatest Hits '93, Volume 2, The
Greatest Hits '94, Volume 2, The
Greatest Hits ’92, Vol. 4, The
Greatest Hits ’92, Volume 3, The
Greatest Hits Of The 90's – Part One 1990 To 1994, The
Greatest Hits of the Millennium: 90's, Volume 1
Greatest Tracks
grootste zomerhits aller tijden, De
Groove Station
große) Über 30 Party - Der ultimative Soundmix zur Party, (Die
grössten Nr.1 Sommer Hits, Die
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata (2phat R'n'b mix)
Hakuna Matata (2phat Whoodini mix)
Hakuna Matata (Ari the Laborator club mix)
Hakuna Matata (Jorges Existance mix)
Hakuna Matata (Swahili Flava mix)
Hakuna Matata (Swahili original version)
Hallelujah Amen (club version)
Happy Summer‐Box: 60 Original Happy Hits
Hello Africa
Hello Afrika
Hello Afrika (Denniz Pop mix)
Hello Afrika (Fast Blast club mix)
Hello Afrika (Tech-Makossa-mix)
Hello Afrika (Tribal mix)
Hello South Africa
Hello South Africa (Bernasconi & Farenthide Edit)
Hello South Africa (Bernasconi & Farenthide Remix)
Hello South Africa (Bodybangers Edit)
Hello South Africa (Bodybangers Remix)
Hello South Africa (Cisko Disco Edit)
Hello South Africa (Cisko Disco Remix)
Hello South Africa (Darius & Finlay Edit)
Hello South Africa (Darius & Finlay Remix)
Hello South Africa (Jake & Cooper Edit)
Hello South Africa (Jake & Cooper Remix)
Hello South Africa (King & White Remix)
Hello South Africa (Marc Lime & K Bastian Remix)
Hello South Africa (Maurice Da Vido Remix)
Hello South Africa (Original Alternative)
Hello South Africa (Sash! Remix)
Hello South Africa (Turner & Rodriguez Remix)
Hi-Nrg Summer Edition
High on Dance
Highlights '95 - 18 Tophits aus den Charts
Highlights: 18 Top-Hits aus den Charts
History of Dance 10: The Eurodance Edition
History of Pop 1991 - 1994, The
History of Pop 1991-1994, The
History of Techno ’89–’91
Hit Clip Vol. 1
Hit Collection
Hit Connection
Hit Connection 84-94
Hit Dance Party
Hit Des Pubs TV, Le
Hit Fascination 2/91
Hit Fascination 3/91
Hit Giganten: Best of 90s Dance, Die
Hit Machine 5
Hit Mania '80s, Volume 8
Hit Mania Estate 2005
Hit Mix '93
Hit Mix ’95
Hit News 91, Volume 2
Hit News 92, Volume 3
Hit Parade International 4/92
Hit Parade International 6/92
Hit Rekorde: Champions der 90er, Die
Hit-Giganten: Best of 90s, Die
Hit-Giganten: Best of Après Ski Hits, Die
Hit-Giganten: Best of Party Hits, Die
Hit-Giganten: Dancefloor Hits, Die
Hit-Giganten: Eurodance, Die
Hit-Giganten: Hits der 90er, Die
Hitbox ’93, Vol. 3: 18 Original Hits
Hitbox, Volume 8
Hitbreaker - Pop News 1/95
Hitbreaker - Pop News 3/94
Hitbreaker - Pop News 4/94
Hitbreaker '98: Die Erste
Hits 93, Volume 2
Hits 93, Volume 3
Hits Album: The 90’s Album, The
Hits Album: The Car Album, The
Hits der 90er, Volume 2, Die
Hits Explosion 13, 14
Hits for Kids, Volume 1
Hits for Kids, Volume 8
Hits Hits & More Dance Hits: 40 Huge Dance Hits of the 90s
Hits Hits Hits of the 80's & 90's
Hits of the 90’s
Hitti Buumi 6
Hop bęc, Vol. 7
Hopp Schwiiz
Hot + Crazy: Sunny Hits for Fun
Hot and Fresh
Hot and Fresh, Vol. 7: Die internationalen Superhits
Hot and Fresh, Volume 6
Hot and Fresh, Volume 8
Hot Pop
House of Groove: Arista’s Most Fierce Tracks, The
Hüttendudler 2008
Intégrale Année 80, L'
Internationale Hits 91
Internationale Hits 92
Internationale Hits 93
Internationale Hits 94
Intiaanikesä, Volume 4
It's My Life
It’s My Life (C’est ma vie)
It’s My Life (Don’t Worry)
It’s My Life (Don’t Worry) (radio edit)
It’s the Ultimate Dance Album
Italo Fresh Hits 2006
Jag är Markoolio
Joe Top 2000, Volume 11
Julen svänger mer på Jamaica
Just the Best, Vol. 2
Just the Best, Vol. 3
Just the Best, Vol. 4
Just the Best, Vol. 5
Just the Best, Vol. 7
Just the Best: 90s – Die Neunziger Partyhits
Keep Me Hanging On
Keep On Dancing
Kiss FM Hits 2
Kneipenhits: Die Kölsche, Vol. 3
Kontor Sports: My Personal Trainer 2015
Kontor Summer Jam 2015
Kontor: House of House, Volume 21: The Summer Edition
Kristiane Backer's Dance Party
Kristiane Backer’s Dance Party 3
Kristiane Baker’s Dance Party 2
Larry präsentiert: Hit Duell 94
Latino Dance Party 2008
Latino Dance Party 2009
Leb den Moment
Let's Dance 94 Vol. 2
Let's Dance, Volume 3: Die Tanzhits zur Show
Like to Move It (club mix), I
Like to Move It (Gold Hits 2002), I
Like to Move It (radio mix), I
Like to Move It, I
Lo más disco ’91
Lo Mejor Del Planeta 80's Anglo 90's
Logic Euro-Dance Compilation, Volume 1
Love 90s, I
Love the 90’s (alternative mix by RMG Team), I
Love the 90’s (extended mix), I
Love the 90’s (M:Ret-Zon & Nick Solid 90’s club mix), I
Love the 90’s (Nojokes Tullinge remix), I
Love the 90’s (Phatmah’s mix by Mr. Wizax), I
Love the 90’s (radio edit), I
Love the 90’s (Recharged 90’s mix), I
Love the 90’s (Uhannezon trance recall 2008), I
Love the 90’s, I
Love the 90’s, Volume 2, I
Love the 90’s: 10 Years Anniversary Edition, I
Love the 90’s: Deluxe Box, I
Love the 90’s: The Megamix, I
Love the 90’s: The Retro Edition, I
Made in the 90s: Pop & Dance
Mallorca Party
Mastermix Classic Cuts 44: Pop / Dance
Mastermix Classic Cuts: 90s Night
Mastermix Mashed Up! 10
Mastermix Professional: Decades Engineered for DJs
Mastermix: DJ Beats, Volume 12
Maxi Dance Hits 93
Maxi Dance Hits 94
Maxi Dance Hits 95
Maxi Dance Sensation 10
Maxi Dance Sensation 13
Maxi Dance Sensation 14
Maxi Dance Sensation 15
Maxi Dance Sensation 17
Maxi Dance Sensation 19
Maxi Dance Sensation 21
Maxi Dance Sensation 3
Maxi Dance Sensation 4
Maxi Dance Sensation 7
Maxi Dance Sensation 8
Maxi Dance XXL: The Long Versions
Maxi Power
Maximum Dance, Volume 1/98
Maximum Dance, Volume 2/98
Maximum Dance, Volume 7/98
Maynard's Rewind, Volume 2
Media Markt Collection: Dance Classics
Mega 90
Mega 90 Volume 2
Mega 90er, Die
Mega Club
Mega Cool!
Mega Dance
Mega Dance (More Original Mega Dance)
Mega Dance Mix
Mega Dance Party '92
Mega Dance Party 2
Mega Dance Party 3
Mega Groove
Méga Music Dance à Bercy, Le
Mega Music Dance Experience
Mega Music Dance Experience 1994
Mega Party-Highlights
Mega Top 50, 1994
Megahits 94½
Megahits 95: Die Erste
MegaMix 1
Melodifestivalen 2014
Mes Soirées 90
Millenium Dance Collection, The
Millennium Super-Hits 1991 - 1995
Millennium: The Next Generation, Vol. 1
Ministry of Sound: 90s
Ministry of Sound: Anthems: 90's 2
Ministry of Sound: Piano House Classics
Mixed Up Logic
MNM Heetste 100
MNM Party 2013.1
MNM Party 2014.1
Mobile Beat Dance 9
Modern Mix, Volume 1: 80's Dance Rarities, The
Monster Hits of Dance (36 Monster Dance Hits From the 80's & 90's)
Monster Hits, Volume 2
Monster Hits, Volume 4
Monster Hits, Volume 8
More Summer 2014
More Summer 2015
Most Wanted Music 5
Move On (Maxi Dance Hits)
Move the House 12
Move Your Body 2
Movin' On Up (16 Hot Dance Trax)
Mr Music Hits 1992-6
Mr Music Hits 1994-04
Mr Music Hits 1994-06
Mr Music Hits 1994-07
Mr Music Hits 1994-10
Mr Music Hits 1995-09
Mr Music Hits 4-96
Mr Music Hits 9
Music Is My Language
Muziek 10-Daagse: Les 10 Jours de la Musique, De
Nachtschicht, Volume 19
Neue Hits 95 International
Never Forget the 90s #2
Never Forget: The Ultimate 90s Collection
Nineties - The Hits 1990 - 2000, Volume 1
Nineties Legends
No. 1 Hits of the 90s
No. 1 Summer Hits
No.1 Stade
Nonstop-Dancemix Spring ’95
Nonstop-Dancemix Summer '94
Nostalgie Summer Party
NOW 100 Hits Car Songs
Now Dance 2
Now Dance 4
Now Dance 6
Now Dance Hits 95, Volume 1
Now Dance Party Night
NOW That's What I Call Music! 1
Now That’s What I Call 90s Dance
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1992
Now That’s What I Call Summer
Now the Music: Reggae Dance
Nr.1 Hits der 90s Kidz
NRJ 200% Hits 2015
NRJ Hits 2015
Nuits Trance 1, Les
One Hell of a Dance Album
One Nation One Station
One Shot '90, Volume 2
One Shot 1991
One Shot 1992
ONLY Reggae Hits
Papaya Coconut
Papaya Coconut (Come Along)
Papaya Coconut (Come Along) (2 Pn's dub Doctor mix)
Papaya Coconut (Come Along) (extended mix)
Papaya Coconut (Come Along) (radio edit)
Parasta ennen! Timanttista jyystöä, vol. 3
Parasta ennen! Timanttista jyystöä, volume 1
Party & Dance
Party All Stars
Party Classic-Hits
Party Collection, Volume 01 - What´s going on ...
Party Collection, Volume 12
Party Collection, Volume 6
Party Mania - Endlich Wochenende
Party On… The Ultimate Party Mix
Party Police, Volume 1
Party Power Pack: Party Kult
Party Zone
Party Zone 2
Party Zone 3
Party Zone 5
Plus Grande Discothèque Du Monde - Le Disque D'Or, La
Plus Grande Discothèque du monde, Vol. 10, La
Plus Grande Discothèque du monde, Vol. 9, La
Pop Giganten: Party Hits
Pop of the Century
Pop Toppers
Pop Years: 1992–1993, The
Pop Years: The 90s, The
Popcorn: Pop-Explosion 94
Powerstation 4
Pre Historie 1992, De
Pre Historie 1993, Volume 2, De
Pre Historie 1994, Volume 2, De
Promo Only: Mainstream Club, November 1995
Pump Up the 90’s
Pumpin’ & Jumpin’
Pure Energy, Volume 2
Pure… 90s
Pure… 90s Dance Party
Pure… Dance Party
Pure… Dancefloor
Q-music: Het beste uit de Q-Music Top 500 van de 90’s: Editie 2015
Q-Music: Het Beste uit de Top 500 van de 90’s
QMusic: Top 500 van de 90s
Rabo Top 40 Presenteert de Nr.1 hits van de jaren '97, Volume 1
Radio 538 Greatest Hits: 5th Anniversary
Radio City Hits 4
Rap’n’Hype Hope
Real 90's, The
Real Hits, Volume 4: 1992, The
Reggae Dance
Reggae Fever, Volume 2
Reggae Fever: 36 Reggae Hits zum Abtanzen
Reggae Fieber
Reggae Forever
Reggae Nights Vol.3
Reggae Nights, Vol. 2
RFM Night Fever
Rhythm of the Night
Rock Times plus, Volume 10: 1991-1994
Ronny's Pop Show 17
Ronny's Pop Show 20
RTL: I Like the 90’s
Rythmes de la fête, Les
SA-FM Party Songs, Volume 1
Sahnestücke 94: Die besten internationalen Hits
Sanremo International
Schmucke Mucke
Shake Your Ass!
Simply Nineties
Simply the Best of the 90’s
Sing Halleluja (Rico Bass vs. Tom Pulse remix)
Sing Hallelujah
Sing Hallelujah (C-Base dance mix)
Sing Hallelujah (CJ Stone remix edit)
Sing Hallelujah (Disco Deejay’s radio edit)
Sing Hallelujah (radio version)
Sing Hallelujah (Rico Bass vs. Tom Pulse rmx)
Sing Hallelujah (Scotty remix edit)
Sing Hallelujah!
Ski Mix 1
Skibox 12, De
SkitzMix 19
SkyRadio We Like The Summer 2015
SkyRadio: We Like The Summer 2015
Smash 11
Smash Hits 94
Soirée Idéale
Somebody Told Me / It's My Life
Sonic System
Sound of Scandinavia, The
Stadium Anthems
Starfloor Anthology, Volume 2
Starfloor Anthology, Volume 3
Starfloor, Volume 6
Stars und Hits des Jahres 1992, Die
Stars und Hits des Jahres 1993, Die
Studio Hits No. 23
Summer Classics
Summer dreams
Summer Holiday Hits
Sun Dance
Sunny Summer Top 100
Sunshine '99
Sunshine Feeling
Sunshine Live, Volume 43
Super 30
Super 30: Die Dritte!
Super Dance Plus 3
Super Sommer Hits
Super Sonic präsentiert: The Better One Wins
Super Ultra Workout Music: 200 Songs
Superhits of the 90's
Superploužáky 9
Svenska dans- & topplåtar
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams (aura mix)
Sweet Dreams (extended mix)
Sweet Dreams (extended)
Sweet Dreams (radio)
Sweet Dreams (tabledance)
Tagomago, Vol. 2
Take No Crap: Alle Tiders 90'er Hits
Techno & Dance II
This Is Your Night
Throwback 90s Dance
Tilbake Til 90‐Tallet
TMF: Music Factory, Volume 11
Toggo Music 36
Top 40 90's hits
Top 40 Classics
Top 40 Foute Hits: The Ultimate Top 40 Collection
Top 40 Hitdossier 1991–1992
TOP 40 Hitdossier 90s
Top 40 Nineties: The Ultimate Top 40 Collection
Top 40: Dance
Top 40: Nineties
Top DJ 3
Top DJ, Volume 1
Top Giant, Volume 1: Power Life
Top Hits U.S.A. T163
Topp Dance 97, Volume 2
Topradio: Het beste uit de schaamteloze 100, Volume 2
Total dance 2
Tracks 20 år: Dancesamlingen
Trance: The Vocal Session 2013
Tubes Fête
Turn Up the Bass: Mega Mix
Twelve Inch Nineties - 90s Feels Like Heaven
Ultimate 90
Ultimate 90's Dance Collection, The
Ultimate 90s
Ultimate 90s, The
Ultimate 90s: 60 Classic Tracks of the Decade
Ultimate Dance
Ultimate Dance: 60 Massive Dancefloor Classics
Ultimate Eurodance, Volume 1
Ultimate Holiday Party
Ultimate Party
Ultimate Summer Party Album, The
Ultimate Summer Party Animal, The
ultimative Chart Show: 15 Jahre - Die erfolgreichsten Singles, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die beliebtesten Aprés‐Ski Party‐Hits, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Dancefloor Hits aller Zeiten, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Disco Classics aller Zeiten, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Fetenhits, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Hits der 90er, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Lieblingssongs der Frauen, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Party Knaller, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Sängerinnen & Sänger, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Singles der 90er, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Singles, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Songs der Pop-Komponisten, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Stars der 90er Jahre, Die
ultimative RTL Chart Show: 37 Megahits der Charthistory, Die
Urban Dance 7
Verbotene Liebe
Verdens bedste Dance
Veronica Top 1000 Aller Tijden 2007
Veronica Top 1000 Allertijden: Editie 2011
Very Best of Euphoric Dance Breakdown: Summer 2008, The
Very Best of Now Dance, The
Very Best of Pop Music 1991-92, The
Very Best of the 90's, Volume 2
Very Best of the 90's, Volume 3
Vet Kicken!
Video Hits 1000th Show Celebration
Video Smash Hits - The Album
Viva Club Rotation: Eurodance
Viva! Europop: 40 Essential Dance Hits
Vorsprung Durch Logic, Vol. 1
Wanna Know, I
We Love Life!
We Love the 90’s
We Want More! 19
We Want More! 20
What a Lie
Wildest Party Album in the World...Ever!, The
X-Diaries, Volume 5
XXL: The Club Edition
Zack Feierabend
ZDF Pop Show 93
Zlatan (remix)
Zomertijd - Een Zomer Vol Muziek - De 100 Grootste Zomerhits
Zona de Baile, Volume 1
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