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Project X
Project-X (Musical group or band)
Project X (Publisher)
began 1990-07-01
Location / Nationality: 
United States California Coronado
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Ollila, Jouni (hasMember)
10 Years Anniversary Limited Edition EP
309 Megamix
309 Steps Between
All Systems Dead E.P.
Closing down the systems
Cyberdome (Children Within remix)
Cyberdome (Pouppée Fabrikk Tribal mix)
Cyberdome (Rational Youth remix)
Cyberdome (remix by Flesh Field)
Cyberdome (remix by Rational Youth)
Cyberdome (Run Towards Metropolis)
Cyberdome (Tranceformation remix)
Dead by Dawn
DJ Operandi
Double-Faced Society (98 version)
Double-Faced Society (live)
Electro club attack
Electro, industrial
Fearless (21 53 06 Otaku remix)
Fearless (Clubversion 2.0 by Cantique)
Fearless (Evils Toy remix)
Fearless (Forbidden Colours remix)
Fearless (Hoof remix)
Fearless (MZ.412 remix)
Fearless (No Fear by Lights of Euphoria)
Fearless (original cut)
Forbidden Desires (Cantique remix)
Forbidden Desires (live)
Headhunter 2000
Humanity (live)
Humanity (Mensch an der Tankstelle mix by Cymotec)
Humanity (Mensch an der Tankstelle remix by Cymotec)
In Silence I Cry (Projective mix 1995)
Infected (8kHz Mono remix)
Infected (Andreas Tilliander remix)
Infected (Assemblage 23 remix)
Infected (Backlash remix)
Infected (Macrophage mix by Assemblage 23)
Infected / Reminder
Infected (The Nine remix)
Is This What You Wanted
It's All Gone (Extraction mix V1.1 by God Module)
It's All Gone (Lights of Euphoria remix)
It's All Gone (original demo 1996)
It's All Gone (Overloaded)
It's All Gone (remix by Lights of Euphoria)
Last Notes (8kHz Mono remix)
Last Notes (Children Within remix)
Lies 2K2 (Punto Omega remix)
Lies 2k2 (The Fair Sex remix)
Lies (demo 1995)
Lies (The Final Assault)
Lies (The Final edit)
Lika mycket hår som hjärna
Mindphase, The
Modus Operandi
Needle (2010)
Needles and Control
Never Trust a Klingon
No Regrets (Monstré Mekunnik remix)
No Regrets (NamNamBulu remix)
Ocean of Thoughts
Orkus - Club hits
Para/Vision (live)
Pleasure and pain
Promotional Greed
Push! (99 version)
Push! (live)
Push! (vocoder edit demo 1996)
Reminder (E-craft mix)
Reminder (E-Craft remix)
Reminder (Flesh Field remix)
Reminder (Iambia remix)
Reminder (Inertia remix)
Reminder (Jouni Ollila remix)
Reminder (Signal mix by Jouni Ollila)
Reminder (Tolchock remix)
Safety Dance (live)
Safety Dance (Vo-Code mix) / Wannabe
Severed Soul (99 Fear Was the Key) / Fearless (remix)
She's Lost Control (Leæther Strip remix)
Släpp tomten lös
So What
Stay Awake (davaNtage remix)
Stay Awake (Insomnia remix by Cobalt 60)
System Is Dead (Aqualite remix), The
System Is Dead (Deadjump remix), The
System Is Dead (Defunct mix by The Nine), The
System Is Dead (Funker Vogt remix), The
System Is Dead (Inertia remix), The
System Is Dead (R.E. mix), The
System Is Dead (remix by Funker Vogt), The
System Is Dead (remix by The Nine), The
System Is Dead (Run Level Zero remix), The
This Time
time we'll remember, A
Tour CD 1997
Unreal (Kopfer Kat remix)
Unreal / [unknown]
Walking Dead (demo 1994) / Der Tomtelini
Your Mind
Contributed to or performed: 
Advanced Club 0.1
Counterbalance, Volume 1
Cover Classics, Volume Two
Cryonica Tanz V.1
Cyberpolis: A Darker Dancefloor, Volume 1
Different Mix, Volume Two, A
Dystopian Visions
Electro Club Attack, Shot Six
ElectroManiac, Volume 1
Elektrostat 2007
Endzeit Bunkertracks, Act I
Extreme Sündenfall 10
Get Electrofied! Memento Materia 15 Years in Electronic Music
High Voltage III
Memobeat: An Electro Industrial Compilation
Modem Angels
Orkus Compilation VII
Pleasure and Pain, Volume Two
Plutonium Showcase v.2
Resist the Command 2: Resistance Is Not Futile
Sauna, Volume 1
Sounds From Electropolis
Stromschlag, Volume 1
Subsoil II: Beneath the Surface
Synthetic Music Collection, The
Tomtelini (Für du önskar det var hjul), Der
VAWS, Volume I
Virtual X-mas 1998
Virtual X-mas 1999