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High Llamas
High Llamas (Musical group or band)
The High Lamas
The High llamas
The High Llamas (Musical group or band)
began 1992
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Allum, Rob (hasMember)
Aves, Pete (hasMember)
Bennett, John (hasMember)
Fell, John (hasMember)
Fenner, Tom (hasMember)
Holdaway, Marcus (hasMember)
Murcott, Dominic (hasMember)
O'Hagan, Sean
O'Hagan, Sean (hasMember)
Primal Scream
Trash Can Sinatras
2 Part Byke
3 Frame Offset
Alexandra Line
American Scene, The
Amy Recalls—Barham Trees
Angel Connector
Anna Lee, the Healer
Bach Ze (edit)
Banking on Karma
Barny Mix
Beachy Bunch
Beet, maize & corn
Bells of Senegal, The
Berry Adams
Birdies Sing
Bit sand riders
Black Balloon
Blinger Suc
Bobby's Court
Boing Backwards
Bouncy Glimmer
Bramble Black
Bramble Underscore
Buzzle Bee
Calling Up, Ringing Down
Campers in Control
Can cladders
Caroline now! the songs of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys
Chackin' in, Checkin' Out
Checkin' in, Checkin' Out Alpaca Park
Checking In, Checking Out (1994, A Side, Cork)
Chime of a City Clock
Chip Chip
Clarion Union Hall
Click and the Fizz, The
Cold and bouncy
Cookie Bay
Cotton to the Bell
Cove Cutter (Hills and Fields)
Crazy Connector
Cuckoo Casino
Cuckoo's Out
Cut the Dummy Loose
D.C. 8
Daltons Star
Decorator Recalls—Step Tempo Has Arrived
Doo-Wop Property
Dorothy Ashby
Double Drift
Dressing Up the Old Dakota
Dutchman, The
Easy Rod
Elliot Bridge
End on Tick Tock
Evergreen Vampo
Fly Baby, Fly
Folly Time
Frankly, Mr. Shankly
Friendly Pioneer, A
Get Into the Galley Shop
Giddy and Gay
Giddy Strings
Gideon Gaye
Glide Time
Go to Montecito
Goat (instrumental), The
Goat Looks On, The
Goat Strings, The
Green Coaster
Harper's Road
Harpers Romo
Hawaii (bonus disc)
Hawaiian Smile
Here Come the Rattling Trees: Music From the Original Stage Production
Hi Ball Nova Scotia
Hiball Nova Scotia
High Llamas, The
High on the Chalk
Hokey Curator, The
Holly Hills, The
Home Spin Rerun
Homerun Übershow (remix by Schneider TM)
Homerun Ubershow (remixed by Schneider TM)
Homerun Ubershow (Schneider TM remix)
Homespin Rerun (Cornelius remix)
Homespin Rerun (Kid Loco Space Raid remix)
Homespin Rerun (remix by Cornelius)
Homespin Rerun (The Space Raid mix)
Homespin Rerun (The Space Raid remix-edit)
Homespin Rerun (The Space Raid remix-vocal)
Hoops Hooley
Hot Revivalist, The
Ill-fitting Suits
In The Yacht
Incidentally N.E.O.
Instrumental Suites
Instrumental Suits
Island People
It Might As Well Be Dumbo
Jackie Underscore—The Bells Ring Straight
Janet Jangle
Jazzed Carpenter
Leaf and Lime
Let's Have Another Look
Literature Is Fluff (instrumental version)
Little Collie
Livorno Underscore
Lobby Bears
Lollo rosso
Market Traders
McKain James
McKain Underscore
Might as Well Be Dumbo
Milting Tindmills (instrumental)
Mini-Management (remix by Jim O'Rourke)
Mini-Management (remixed by Jim O'Rourke)
Mona’s Song
Mona Underscore—Slow Down Mona
New Broadway
Nomad Strings
Old Spring Town, The
Over the River
Painters Paint
Passing Bell, The
Pat Mingus
Period Music
Phoney Racehorse
Plumber Recalls—Call Me to the Common
Porter Dimi
Prelude—A Day in the Square
Put Yourself Down
Recent Orienteering
Reflections in a Plastic Glass (3 Point remix) (remix by Stock Hausen & Walkman)
Reflections in a Plastic Glass (remixed by Stock, Hausen & Walkman)
Retrospective, rarities & instrumentals
Ribbons and Hi Hats
Ring of Gold, The
Rock in May, A
Rotary Hop
Runner Recalls—Outback Runner
Rustic Vespa
Sailing Bells
Santa Barbara
Showstop Hic Hup (remix by Mouse on Mars)
Showstop Hic Hup (remixed by Mouse on Mars)
Showstop Hip Hop
Showstop (Op Art Informal)
Shuggie Todd
Sleeping Spray
Smiths is dead, The
Snapshot Pioneer
Something About Paper
Space Raid Remix (instrumental) (remixed by Kid Loco), The
Space Raid Remix (Kid Loco remix), The
Space Raid Remix (remix by Kid Loco), The
Sparkle Up Sparkle Down
Stop Trainer
Summer Seen
sun beats down, The
Switch Pavilion
Switch Pavillion
Take My Hand
Talahomi Way (Angel 9)
Tambourine Day
Taog Skool No
Taximan's Daughter, The
There's Nobody Home
Three Point Scrabble
Tilting Windmills
To the Abbey
Track Goes By
Travel (1992, A Side, Cork)
Twisto Teck
Up in the Hills
Vampo Brazil
Very best of
Walworth River, The
Wander, Jack Wander
Warp back to earth 66/69
Winter's Day
Woven and Rolled
Contributed to or performed: 
Acoustic Songbook
Âge d'or de Tricatel, L'
Best of 1995, Le
Bollox to Ibiza: The Autumn Collection
Britpop, Volume 1
Brittle Days: A Tribute to Nick Drake
Buy British
Caroline Now! The Music of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys
ChillOutMix 2000
Cornelius reMixes
Defect 2: Curiosidade (High Llamas remix)
Dragnet 97
Electronic Bible, Chapter 1, The
Emerald Rock
Fantasma reMixes & Cornelius reMixes
Free Design Redesigned, Volume 2, The
Happy Accidents
Harve Daley Hix
Jesus Life for Children Under 12 Inches
Kid Loco Presents Jesus Life for Children Under 12 Inches
Larry's Hitrakete
Melody Maker: In Car Stereo
Mojo Machine Turns You On, 3, The
Mojo Presents: In My Room
More Music, Less Parking: WFMU Live From Jersey City
Musikexpress 2
NME: Singles of the Week 1995
Now Sound Redesigned, The
Paste Magazine Sampler #07: Dec 2003-Jan 2004
Postmodern Platos
Q the Music 5
Rock O' the Irish
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 31
Smiths Is Dead, The
Sound Concierge #401: "Do Not Disturb"
Unconditionally Guaranteed, October 1999: Volume 9
Volume Ten
Warp Back to Earth 66/99
Way of Life
Went Down, I