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The Varukers
The Varukers (Musical group or band)
Varukers (Musical group or band)
began 1979
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Musical sound recording
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Baker, Andy (hasMember)
Biff (hasMember)
Brains (hasMember)
Brik (hasMember)
Gauntlett, Marvin (hasMember)
George (hasMember)
Greaves, Justin (hasMember)
Kennhed, Mattias (hasMember)
Rat (hasMember)
Riddell, Bruce (hasMember)
Thompson, Damien (hasMember)
Tony (hasMember)
1980-2005 : Collection of 25 Years
All Systems Fail
Allegiance to None
Animals an Animal
Another Cease Fire Fails
Another Religion, Another War
As Good as It Gets
Best of the Varukers, The
Bleed Us Dry
Blood Money
Bloodsuckers / Prepare for the Attack
Bomb Blast (Never Again), The
Bomb Last
Bullets Bombs and Bodies
Condemned to Death
Crawling Up the Wall
Damnation of Our Species, The
Damned and Defiant
Dance 'til You're Dead
Deadly Games: The History
Don't Conform
Don't Wanna Be a Victim, I
Don't Wanna Be a Victim (live)
Emotional Blackmail
End Is High
End Is Nigh, The
Endless Destruction Line
Enter of a New Phase (live)
Eradicate the Problem
Face of Humanity
Fear of Mankind, The
for the Government, Die
for Your Goverment, Die
for Your Government (live), Die
Forever Crucified
Fuck You Up
Fucked It Up Again
Get Out of the Gutter
Good Time Girls
Goodtime Girls
Government’s to Blame
Gun Crazed Kids
How Can Your Conscience Allow This to Go On
How do you sleep ???????
In South Africa
Invest in Your People
Killed by Man’s Own Hands
Killed by Mans Own Hand
Killed by Mans Own Hands
Killing Myself to Live
Last War, The
Led to the Slaughter
Less Is More
Lesson We Must Never Forget, A
Live in Holland
Live : Protest and survive
March of the S.A.S.
March of the SAS
Massacred Millions
Memo to Me
Missing Out
Modem for Destruction
Never Again
Never Let Go
New Phase
Nightmare Vision
No Education
No Escape
No Going Back
No Hope for a Future
No Hope for the Future
No Hope of a Future / Never Again
No Masters No Slaves
No Restrictions
No Scapegoat
No Scapegoats
Nodda (Contraceptive) Machine
Nothing's Changed
Nothings Changed
Nowhere to Go
One Struggle One Fight
Persistance Resistance
Persistant Resistance
Piece of the Puzzle, A
Piss Off (I've Paid)
Politics in Store
Politics Instore
Project Fear
Protect Not Disect
Protect Not Dissect
Protest and Survive
Protest & Survive (live)
Protest to Survive
Punk Ain't Dead
Punk Singles 1981-1985, The
Put the World to Rights
Riot City - The Punk Singles Collection
Riot City Years 1983-1984, The
Rot Records - The punk collection
School's Out (Maybe)
Schools Out (Maybe)
Seek and Destroy
Seek Shelter in Hell
Society's Decline
Sods Law
Soldier Boy (live)
State Enemy
Still bollox but still here
Stop the Killing Now
Stop the Killing (original version)
Systematic Slaughter
Target of Shame
Tell Us What We All Wanna Hear
Thanks for Nothing
Thatcher’s Fortress
Thatchers Fortress
Through the Eyes of a Killer
Tighten Their Grip
Today Ain't Your Day
Tortured by Their Lies
Under Attack
United We Stand
Varukers EP, The
Varukers - The punk singles 1981 - 1985, The
Vintage Varukers (Rare and Unreleased 1980-1985)
We Have the Right
We Hint at Things Nuclear
What Are You Gonna Do
What the Hell Do You Know?
Where Is Your God?
Where Next
Who Pays?
Who the Fuck
Will They Never Learn (live)
You're Dead
Contributed to or performed: 
100% Hardcore Punk
Against Your System!
Agitprop: The Politics of Punk
Angry Songs and Bitter Words: A Crass Records Tribute
Babylon: Bleibt Fahren
Beast of British
Best of Retch Records, The
Break the Silence
Burning Ambitions: A History of Punk, Volume 3
Burning Britain: A Story of Independent UK Punk 1980-1983
Concerts filmés
Dogs Bollocks: Soi Dog Foundation Benefit CD, The
Entire History of Punk, The
Extreme Punk
For a Few Crash Helmets More
Go-Kart vs. The Corporate Giant 3
God Save the Queen, Volume 3
God Save This Box!
Greatest Punk Album of All Time, The
Have a Rotten Christmas, Volume Two
Indie Punk Classics 2
Maggie, Maggie, Maggie; Out! Out! Out!
Mass Prod Sampler 2010
Mass Prod: Sampler 2008
Mortarhate: A Compilation of Deleted Dialogue: The Singles
No Good Turn Goes Unpunished
Noise Attack
Punk Indie Chart Hits Vol. I
Punk Indie Chart Hits Vol. II
Punk Live Classics
Punk Outrage!
Punk Pay Tribute
Punk: Voice of a Generation
Punks in Protest
Pure Punk Rock Sampler #1
Religious as Hell
Riot City Records: Punk Singles Collection, Volume 2
Riot City: The Punk Singles Collection
Rot in Hell
Rot Records Punk Collection
Shit Factory, The
Society's Best, Volume I
Sound of Rebellion, Volume 2, The
Still Our Future You're Messing Up
UK/DK / Holidays in the Sun
UK/DK: The Original Soundtrack
UK/DK: The Original Video Soundtrack
Unite or Die
We Don't Need Nuclear Force
We Don't Want Your Fucking War!
We Won't Take No More
What Are You Doing About That Hole in Your Head