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Renegade Soundwave
Renegade Soundwave (Musical group or band)
began 1986 until 1996
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Asquith, Gary (hasMember)
Bonnie, Karl (hasMember)
Briottet, Danny (hasMember)
Cave, Nick (1957-)
Miranda Sex Garden
Shantel (1968-)
United Future Organization
42nd Street Dub
A.J.'s Imbis
African Hips
Alert's Back On (RSW Junglist mix), The
Bert Campari Mix
Bertrand Burgalat - The genius of
Biting My Nails (1990 remix)
Biting My Nails (7" version)
Biting My Nails (Bass Numb Chapter)
Biting My Nails (Bassnumb chapter)
Biting My Nails: Club Mixes
Biting My Nails (instrumental '90)
Biting My Nails (instrumental club mix)
Biting My Nails (original version)
Biting My Nails (Sound System plays a Renegade tune)
Biting My Nails (version '90)
Biting My Nails (vocal)
Black Eye Boy
Blast 'em Out (instrumental)
Blastik 1
Blue Eyed Boy
Bonus Porno Beats
Brixton (Audiopilot)
Brixton (dub mix)
Brixton (Sable of Paradise mix)
Brixton (Sabres of Paradise mix)
Can't Get Used to Losing You
Cocain & Sex (Turbo Lust mix)
Cocaine Sex (Sub Aqua Overdrive dub)
Cocaine Sex (Turbo Lust mix)
DJ Morpheus presents If u can beat 'em, break 'em! (a selection of breakbeats)
Dub infusions 1989 - 1999 light'em up before you gogo!
Fast forward & rewind
Funky Dropout
Hundred and eighty degrees
If u can beat 'em, break 'em!
In dub
Jam, Part 2, The
John Holmes
Ken Ishii presents X-mix Fast forward & rewind
Kray Twins (Dragon Bass Sound System mix)
Kray Twins (Easy mix)
Kray Twins (Terror Drum mix)
Last Freedom Fighter (dub)
Liquid Up
Lucky Luke
Man Who Wouldn't Let Wax Wane, The
Murder Music
next chapter of dub, The
"O" - Fetish compilation
Ozone Breakdown '90 (Uprising mix)
Ozone Breakdown (original version)
Phantom (It's in There) (edit) / Inspiral Carpets - This Is How It Feels (RSW Drum mix) (edit) / Fortran 5 - Love Baby (Charlie Endell remix) (loop), The
Phantom (Layo & Bushwacka!), The
Phantom Mixes / Space Gladiator, The
Phantom (original mix), The
Phantom (PFN vs. The Light), The
Phantom (Subsonic Legacy remix), The
Phantom (Subsonic Legacy vs. Dreadzone), The
Phantom (Turntable Scratch mix), The
Phantom: Versions Excursions, The
Pocket Porn (dub mix)
Positive Dub Mixes
Positive ID (Book of Isaiah mix)
Positive ID (No Way Back Psycho dub)
Positive ID (Positive BB)
Positive ID (Positive Mindscape)
Positive Id (Remix Bertrand)
Positive ID (Saturday Night in Soho)
Positive ID (Soho Groovement)
Postitive Mindscape
Probably a Robbery (12 Gauge Turbo)
Probably a Robbery (7" mix)
Probably a robbery (7" version)
Probably A Robbery (Extended Mix)
Probably a Robbery... The Remixes
R.S.W. Megamix, Lesson 1
Radio Mix
Recognise and Respond
Renegade Priest, The
Renegade Song
Renegade Soundwave (7" instrumental)
Renegade Soundwave (7" mix)
Renegade Soundwave (Basstube Shakin')
Renegade Soundwave in video
Renegade Soundwave (Leftfield mix)
Renegade Soundwave (Leftield remix)
Renegade Soundwave (RSW International Underground mix)
Renegade Soundwave (The Leftfield dub)
Renegade Soundwave (The Leftfield remix)
Renegade Soundwave (Whistling Guitar mix)
Renegade Theme
RSW: 1987-1995
RSW in dub
RSW Megamix (Lesson 1)
Son of Bubbaluba
Sound of Burgalat Mix, The
Space Gladiator (LP Version)
Space Gladiator (Satellite of dub)
Space Gladiator / The Phantom
Space Gladiator (Vocal Remix)
Thunder (7" version)
Thunder (edit) / Goldfrapp - Utopia (Tom Middleton dub) (loop)
Thunder II (7" edit)
Transworld Siren
Turntable Terror
Underground Chemist
Where's Steve A.?
Woman respond to bass
Women Respond to Bass (12" vocal mix)
Women Respond to Bass (Pro-Sounds 7" edit)
Women Respond to Bass (Women Respond in Heaven)
Women Respond to Bass (Women Respond to the Terror Drums)
Women Respond to Bass (Women Rspond to Terror Drums)
Contributed to or performed: 
10 Classic Smokin' Cuts
180 degrees: A Mute Records Compilation
2009: “Live at Coachella”, Empire Polo Club, Indio, CA, USA
22 Class A Tracks
Afrekening, Volume 20(00): The Lost Tracks, De
Altered States: Distorted Dance & Remix Rock
Art of Acid, The
Back to Basics: Cut the Crap
Beatz & Bobz, Volume 4
Big Fucking Beats
Brit Hop and Amyl House
Brothers Gonna Work It Out
Chillout 2000, Volume 3: Early Dawn
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 12: August 1994
Dance Culture, Volume 1
Definitions of Sound, Volume 2
Dirtchamber Sessions, Volume One, The
DJ Morpheus Presents If U Can Beat 'Em, Break 'Em!
DJ-Kicks: Andrea Parker
Dope Classics
Dub Infusions: 1989-1999
Dubnology: Journeys Into Outer Bass
Electrospective: Electronic Music Since 1958
Fear and Loathing 2
Fetish Compilation, Volume 1, O
Floor Fillers: Warehouse Party
Future Dub #01
Gas Food Lodging
Gas Food Lodging: Music From the Original Soundtrack
Generation X
Genius of Bertrand Burgalat, The
Give Peace a Dance: A CND Compilation
Hectic Pleasure
Hits: Night of the Living Post Modern
House Breaks Sessions
In to the Mix
Indie Top 20, Volume X
International: Compilation Mute
Levi's Presents Rockin' on Campus
Love 1991, I
Maxx Long Player 9, De
Ministry Magazine Presents Sex Trax
Morning Lemon / Mars Needs Women / Thunder / Losing Control / Mother Earth
Mute Bank
Mute Records: Tonal Evidence
Mute Sampler
Mute: Tonal Evidence (USA)
N.O.D. the Final Sessions
Old Skool Euphoria
Q: Lost in the ’90s: Buried Treasure From Your Favourite Decade
Real Retro Electronic Beats Classix
Red Tape
Renegade Soundwave (The Leftfield remix)
Repérages Couleur 3, Volume 5
Revolution Magazine: The Classics, Volume 1
Robbery (2005 Mixes)
Robbery (4/4 mix)
Robbery (Breaks mix)
Robbery (Ozone Breakdown remix edit)
Rock Furore
Rock Furore 9
Section 8: Sure Shot / Breakdance Electric Boogie / Doomsday of Rap / Ozone Breakdown / Funky Nassau / It’s Just Begun
Serious Clubhits 2
Skin Beat: The First Touch
This Is Electronic Body Music
Thunder / Losing Control / Mother Earth
Tinsel Town
Torture Garden: Journeys Through Cybersex
United Dance Anthems, Volume 2: 1988-1992
Wildstyle 01
X-Mix: Fast Forward and Rewind