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Modest mouse
Modest Mouse (Musical group or band)
began 1993
Location / Nationality: 
United States Oregon Portland
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Brock, Isaac (hasMember)
Fairchild, Jim (hasMember)
Folds, Ben (1966-)
Gallucci, Dann (hasMember)
Green, Jeremiah (hasMember)
Higbee, Russell (hasMember)
Judy, Eric (hasMember)
Marr, Johnny (hasMember)
Molinaro, Lisa (hasMember)
Newman, A. C.
Peloso, Tom (hasMember)
Phantom Planet
Plummer, Joe (hasMember)
Stevens, Sufjan (1975-)
Teddybears Sthlm
Vega 4
Weikel, Benjamin (hasMember)
Wickhart, John (hasMember)
Yorn, Pete
1995: The Goat House, Sammamish, WA, USA
1996-03-01: Moe's Mo' Rockin' Cafe, Seattle, WA, USA
1996-03-17: The Young and the Restless KNDD, Seattle, WA, USA
1996-09-01: Fletcher's, Baltimore, MD, USA
1996-11-01: RKCNDY, Seattle, WA, USA
1997-04-22: Slim's, Los Angeles, CA, USA
1997-04-27: Mod Lang, San Francisco, CA, USA
1997-05-02: Bluebird Theater, Denver, CO, USA
1997-05-03: Fox Theater, Boulder, CO, USA
1997-05-20: Moe's Mo' Rockin' Cafe, Seattle, WA, USA
1997-06-07: RKCNDY, Seattle, WA, USA
1997-06-09: The Black Cat, Washington, DC, USA
1997-07-18: Atlanta, GA, USA
1997-08-04: The Firehouse, Redmond, WA, USA
1997-10-23: Gabe's Oasis, Iowa City, IA, USA
1997-11-08: Sudsy Malone's, Cincinnati, OH, USA
1998-01-16: Unknown
1998-06-26: Mural Amphitheater, Seattle, WA, USA
1998-07-05: Seattle, WA, USA
1999-06-18: RKCNDY, Seattle, WA, USA
1999-11-19: HUB Ballroom, Seattle, WA, USA
1999-12-22: Up Records Christmas Party, Seattle, WA, USA
20 Times to Exhale / Aranods Birthday Song
2000-01-15: Portland, OR, USA
2000-02-26: Ice House, Victoria, BC, Canada
2000-02-26: Icehouse, Victoria, BC, Canada
2000-03-19: KVRX Session
2000-05-12: First Avenue Club, Minneapolis, MN, USA
2000-05-19: Bowery Ballroom, New York City, NY, USA
2000-06-17: Showbox, Seattle, WA, USA
2001-02-23: New Orleans, LA, USA
2001-09-08: Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR, USA
2001-09-25: Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, USA
2001-09-26: Criminal Records Parking Lot, Atlanta, GA, USA
2002-08-15: Diamond Ballroom, Oklahoma City, OK, USA
2002-08-17: The Blue Note, Columbia, MO, USA
2002-09-02: Memorial Stadium, Seattle, WA, USA
2002-12-22: Seattle, WA, USA
2003-05-10: University Ballroom, Missoula, MT, USA
2003-07-23: 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA, USA
2004-02-13: Orlando, FL, USA
2004-02-14: Orlando, FL, USA
2004-08-04: Kool Haus, Toronto, ON, Canada
2005-05-28: Sasquatch Festival, Gorge Amphitheater, Quincy, WA, USA
2005-06-06: Orpheum Theatre, Madison, WI, USA
2005-06-12: Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, TN, USA
2008-07-03: Rothbury Music Festival, Rothbury, MI, USA
3 Inch Horses, Two Faced Monsters
3rd Planet (BBC Radio 1 Session radio edit)
5-4-3-2-1 Lips Off
5‒4‒3‒2‒1 Lipsoff
5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Lisp Off
5-4-3-2-1 Lispoff
5 Track Sampler
AEIOU and Sometimes Why
Air, The
All Night Diner
All Nite Diner
Alone Down There
Alone on the Shelf / The Doomsday Blimp Can't Play Ping Pong
Apology From Dog to Cat Concerning a Comment Made Earlier 'Bout Cats Breath, An
Austral Opithecus
Autumn Beds
Baby Blue Sedan
Baby's Clean Conscience
Bankrupt on Selling
Baron von Bullshit Rides Again
Be Brave
Beach Side Property (live)
Best Room, The
Beta Carotine
Birds vs. Worms
Black Blood & Old Newagers
Black Cadillac
Black Cadillacs
Blame It on the Tetons
Blame Yourself
Bliss Phones Explanation
Blue Cadet‒3, Do You Connect?
BMX Crash
Bought Into
Break Through
Broke (live)
Broken String Jam
Building Bricks
Building nothing out of something
Bukowski (Congleton/Godbey remix)
Bulldozers on High
Bury Me With It
Busy Bees in Gatsbies Tree
...But They're Not Singing Gohsts
Buttons to Push the Buttons (live)
Calculus Man (Normal mix)
Calculus Man (Other Ending)
Calculus Man (Weird Guitar)
Calico Went for a Walk
Call to Dial a Song
Came as a Rat (Long Walk Off a Short Dock), I
Candy Blue
Circling Round
Classy Plastic Lumber
Clock Watches
Cold Part, The
Convenient Parking
Cowboy Dan / Devil's Workday
Cowboy Dan (jam ending)
Crow Bar
Custard Toothed Alpha Bet
Custom Concern (instrumental BBC Radio 1 Session version)
Dance Hall
Dark Center of the Universe
Dashboard / Education / Little Motel
Dead End Job at the Dead Letter Office
[Demos Given to Chris Early by Eric Judy]
Dialogue - 8 Seconds on the Radio
Dialogue - Monkey
Dialogue - Talking About His Sweaty Shirt and Naked
Different City, A
Dig Your Grave
Diggin' Holes
Ding, Urch, Ding / Zoom Bean Gone
Dirty Fingernail
Dirty Fingernails
DJ Intro
Dog Paddle
Doin' the Coackroach
Doin' the Cockroach (introduction)
Doing the Cockroach
Dont Know Direction
Dukes Up
Edit the Sad Parts (live)
Election Day
[encore break]
Every Penny Fed Car
Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks
Eviction Day for Guilt
Exit Does Not Exist
Favorite Horse at the Tracks
Fire It Up
Fisherman's Tale, A
Float On (live studio session)
Fly Trapped in a Jar
Four Fingered Fisherman
Four Fingered Fishermen
From Point a to Point B (∞)
Fruit That Ate Itself, The
Go on Out, Come On, Carry Off (On)
God Is an Indian and You’re an Asshole
Good Crook (In the Dark)
Good news for people who love bad news
Good Times Are Killing Me (alternate mix version), The
Good Times Are Killing Me / [encore break], The
Gravity Involved in Climbing, The
Gravity Rides Everything
Grey Ice Water
Ground Walks, With Time in a Box, The
Guilty Cocker Spaniels
Happy Face Goes To...
Happy Little Ower
Head South
Heart Cooks Brain / Shit Luck
Here It Comes
Hip-Hop Song / Jump Start 6, 9, 1..., A
History Sticks to Your Feet
Horn Intro
How Many Miles
Humpin' Pumpkin
I'm Still Here
I’ve Got It All (Most)
Ignoring Each Other, Togeather, for It
Immigration Office Spelling Bee
In Like Roses (demo)
Inanimate Know-How
Indie music diary
Interlude (Milo)
Interstate 8
[Isaac Rambling]
It Always Rains on a Picnic
Jawbreaker (aka Sweater Song)
Jeremiah/Eric Jam
Jesus Christ Was an Only Child
Jumpsuit or Jumpship
Karma’s Payment
King Rat
Kirchies Song
Lampshades on Fire (Promo Only Clean Edit)
Leaflets Gabe
Less Thought Than Sleep
Life Like Weeds
Life of Arctic Sounds, A
Life of Artic Sounds, A
Little Motel
Live at Sunburst MT.
Livin Your Life in Two
Lonesome Crowded West Demos, The
Lonesome Crowded West Sessions, The
Long Distance Drunk
Lounge (Closing Time)
Make Everyone Happy / Mechanical Birds
Manic Depressive Named Laughing Boy, A
March Into the Sea
Maybe Your Jokes Aren't Funny
Measure My Sleep
Mice Eat Cheese
Missed the Boat (album version)
Missed the Boat (radio edit)
Moon & Antarctica Demos, The
Mouthful of Lost Thoughts, A
Music from the OC
My Name on a Letter in the Mailbox
Naive Choking on a Shallow Line, The
Neck a Throne for Your Bad Ideas, The
Never Endiing Math Equation
Never Ending Math Equation
Never Grow Old Jam
Neverending Math Equation
Night on the sun
No one's first, and you're next
Nothing New
Novocain Stain (live)
Ocean Breathes Salty (live studio session)
Ocean Breathes Salty, The
Of Course We Know
Old New Agers
One Chance
Other People’s Lives
Out of Gas
Paper Thin Walls
Parasite Sessions
Part Time Pastenseolith
Parting of the Sensory
Path of Least Resistance
People as Places as People
Peppermint Soda
Perfect Disguise (BBC Radio 1 Session version)
Perpetual Motion Machine
Phoney, Bad Timing Cat
Piggy Tails Buries Carborador in the Desert
Pistol (A. Cunanan, Miami, FL. 1996)
Play Taps
Playground for the Shotgun Kids
Poison the Well
Polar Opposites/Doin' the Cockroach
Polar Opposites (radio edit)
pop sampler spring 2005, The
pop sampler summer 2004, The
Positive Negative
Pups to Dust
Race Car Grin You Ain’t No Landmark
Reason, Vandetta, and Problem
Red Hand Case
Red Ink's indie music diary
Roof of My Mouth
Sad Sappy Sucker Chokin on a Mouthful of Lost Thoughts
Sad Sorta Angry
Satellite Skin
Satin in a Coffin
Secret Agent X‒9
She Ionizes and Atomizes
Shepards Pie
Shit in Your Cut
Shit Luck
Short Term Memory Gets a Lolly
Side Through Side
Sin Gun Chaser
Slave Trade Defenition Transfer
Sleepwalking (Couples Only Dance Prom Night)
So I've Got Alot of Time on My Hands (Parts 1+2)
So Much Beauty in Dirt
Song, A
Space Travel Is Boring
Spitting Venom
Stars Are Projectors, The
Steam Engenius
Storage Shed for Kids
Strangers to ourselves
Study to Use a Crayon
Styrofoam Boots (intro)
Styrofoam Boots / It’s All Nice on Ice, Alright
Sucker Bet
Sugar Boats
Sugar in My Coffeeo
Sunspots in the House of the Late Scapegoat
Super Saver Day
Talk - Birthday
Talk - Goodnight
Talk - Hot Eats Cruel Treats
Talk - Intro
Talk - Just Trying to Be a Dad
Talkin’ Shit About a Pretty Sunset
Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset (introduction)
Teachers Fieldtrip to the Moon
Teeth Like God’s Shoeshine
Teeth Like God's Shoesine
Teeth Like God's Sunshine (Partial)
Teeth Like Gods Shoeshine
Teeth Mean Smiles
That’ll Be the Day
Think Long
Thinking Lead to Suspision
Third Planet
This Devil’s Workday
This Is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes (BBC Radio 1 Session version)
Tiny City Made of Ashes
Tip Toed
To Roads to Go to Roads to Go
Too Many Fiestas for Rueben
Toothache Splinter
Tortoise and the Tourist, The
Tossing Your Weight
(Track cut Around Windscreen Handling)
Trailer Trash (alternate ending)
Treat Me Like a Mammal
Trouble With..., The
Trucker's Atlas (Aborted)
Truckers Atlas
Tube-Fruit, All Smiles and Chocolate
Tundra / Desert
Ugly Cassanova
Uncle Bunny Faces' Useless Anology Involving Distance, Freight Trains, and Half Ripe Limes (It Doesn't Matter, Limes Are Sour Either Way)
Valentine's Day
View, The
Wagon Ride Return
Way Down
Waydown, The
We’ve Got Everything
We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
Whale Song, The
What People Are Made Of
Whatever. Go Make Some Friends
Whenever I Breathe Out You Breathe in ∞Positive Negative, Positive Negative∞
Whenever You Breathe Out, I Breathe In (Positive Negative) (live)
White Lies, Yellow Teeth
Wicked Campaign
Wild Pack of Family Dogs
Wild Packs of Family Dogs
Willful Suspension of Disbelief
Workin’ on Leavin’ the Livin’
World at Large, The
Worms vs. Birds
You're the Good Things (It's Alright to Die)
Your Life
Contributed to or performed: 
101 Indie Anthems
20 Jahre Intro: Die Hits der Leser und die Lieblingslieder der Redaktion
All Tomorrow's Parties 3.1, Volume 1
Alternative Energy, Volume 2
Alternative Nation: 100 Alternative Classics
Alternative Times, Volume 105
Alternative Times, Volume 47
Alternative Times, Volume 52
Alternative Times, Volume 80
Alternative Times, Volume 82
Alternative Times, Volume 83
Alternative Times, Volume 90
April 2007
Best of JMFH's Choice 2004-2007
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 122: April 2004
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 83: July 2000
Coffeehouse Classics, Vol. 1
Crime + Punishment in Suburbia
Doing It Real Big
Everything Is Nice: The Matador Records 10th Anniversary Anthology
Festival Summer 2007
Filter Magazine Austin 2004 Music Sampler
Floating Paranoia
FM4 Soundselection: 16
FM4 Soundselection: 32
Fun With Scissors, Volume 16
Get Out and Rock!
Giant Rock 'n' Roll Swindle, The
Gilmore Girls: The Ultimate Soundtrack, Volume 3
Guitar Hero: World Tour
Hear Music, Volume 7: Waking
Hott Rocks 110
Interstate 8
JMFH's Choice 2004
Johnny Marr And Friends
KBCO Studio C, Volume 19
Live From Nowhere Near You: Volume Two, Pacific Northwest
Love Metal, I
Mark Ronson & Samantha Ronson Present: Get R - The C. Ronson Mixtape
Mixtape, Volume Four, The
Modern Rock: April 2004
Mojo: U2 Jukebox
Music From the O.C. Mix 4
Musikexpress 123: Sounds Now!
New Breed, The
Nowcore! The Punk Rock Evolution
Oh God It Hurts It Hurts (disc 1)
Playing Games, Volume 1
Project: Echo
Promo Only: Canada Modern Rock Radio, December 2007
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, June 2004
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, May 2015
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio January 2015
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, June 2007
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, November 2007
Pure FM : 10 years
Pure… America
Rave On Buddy Holly
Record Store Day 2015
Red Ink's Indie Music Diary
Rock of Dudes
Rock Sound: Music With Attitude, Volume 61
Rock Sound: Sound Check, Volume 96
Rolling Stone: New Noises, Volume 82
Rolling Stone: New Voices, Volume 37
Smart Club., The
Sonically Speaking, Volume 33: February 2007
South of Heaven
Spex CD #39
Suicide Squeeze: Slaying Since 1996
Tom Dunne's Essential Selection, Volume 1
Trailer Trash
Triple J: Hottest 100, 20 Years of Triple J's Hottest 100
Triple J: Hottest 100, Volume 12
Triple J: Hottest 100, Volume 15
Triple J's Hottest 100 Volume 12
Trójkowy Ekspres, Volume 6: Międzynarodowy Skład 2004
Ultimate Coffeehouse
Ultimate Drive
Unaccompanied Voice: An A Cappella Compilation, The
Up in Orbit!
Up Next
Valentine / Baby I / Sexual Healing / Nerve Endings / Somerville / Missed the Boat / How to Beat Dementia / Everything I Have / Why Do I Care? / Pull Shapes / Smile / This Month, Day 10 / Happy Place
Welcome to the Desert 2004
Whenever You See Fit
Whenever You See Fit (DJ Dynomite D mix)
Whenever You See Fit (DJ Dynomite D remix)
Whenever You See Fit (Sientific American mix)
Wild and Wooly: The Northwest Rock Collection
YoYo a Go Go: Another Live Compilation
Zum Audio, Volume 2