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Amorphis (Musical group or band)
Amorphis yhtye (Musical group or band)
began 1990
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Etelävuori, Niclas (hasMember)
Holopainen, Esa (hasMember)
Joutsen, Tomi (hasMember)
Kallio, Santeri (hasMember)
Kasari, Pekka (hasMember)
Koivusaari, Tomi (hasMember)
Koskinen, Pasi (hasMember)
Laine, Olli-Pekka (hasMember)
Mårtenson, Kasper (hasMember)
Rantala, Kim (hasMember)
Rechberger, Jan (hasMember)
2006-07-15: Artmania Festival, Sibiu, Romania
Against Widows (Ilosaarirock Festival Finland 1997)
Against Widows (live)
Alone (Live in Radio Mafia, Finland 26-Feb-2001)
Alone (radio edit)
Am Universum
Amongst Stars
Amorphis Interview (Jyrki TV Show 1996)
And I Hear You Call
As Mountains Crumble
Bad Blood
Battle for Light
Bee, The
Beginning of Time
beginning of times, The
Best of Amorphis
Better Unborn (live)
Black Embrace
Black River
Black Winter Day (live)
Blessed by the night
Born From Fire (promo cut)
Brother and Sister
Brother Moon (promo cut)
Brother-Slayer, The
Captured State
Cast Away
Castaway/Kingston Wall Intermezzo, The
Castaway (live), The
Come the Spring
Course of Fate
Crack in a Stone
Crimson Wave
Dark Path
Darkness is thy kingdom
Daughter of Hate
Day of Your Beliefs (radio edit)
Dead Man’s Dream
Death is just the beginning
Death of a King (edit)
Disment of Soul
Divinity (edit)
Divinity / Northern Lights
Dreams of the Damned
Drifting Memories
Drowned Maid
Elegy Medley: Against Widows / Cares / On Rich and Poor
Empty Opening (promo cut)
Enchanted by the Moon
Enemy at the Gates
Ethereal Solitude
Evening With Friends at Huvila, An
Every Time I Die
Evil Inside
Excursing From Existence
Exile of the Sons of Uisliu
Exile of the Sons of Uislu
Far From the Sun (acoustic)
Finnish Interview (Live in Radio Mafia, Finland 26-Feb-2001)
First Doom
Folk of the North
Follow Me Into the Fire
Forever More
Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes
Forgotten Sunrise
Four Wise Ones, The
From Earth I Rose
From the Heaven of My Heart (edit)
Gathering, The
God of Deception
Goddess (of the Sad Man)
Godlike Machine
Golden Elk, The
Gothic rock
Grail’s Mysteries
Grain of Sand
Grieve Stricken Heart
Heart of the Giant
Heart's Song
Her Alone
Higher Ground
Highest Star
His Story: Best of Amorphis
Hopeless Days (live)
House of Sleep / Stone Woman
In the Beginning
Into Hiding
Into the Abyss
Intro - Karelia
Intro / Pilgrimage From Darkness
Isle of Joy
Karelian Isthmus / Privilege of Evil, The
Killing Goodness
Leaves Scar (promo cut)
Legacy of Time
Light My Fire
Live at The Abyss, Houston, Texas 1994-10-16
Live in Radio Mafia, Finland 26-Feb-2001
Lost Name of God, The
Lost Son (The Brother-Slayer, Part II), The
Magic and Mayhem / Black Winter Day
Magic and Mayhem: Tales From the Early Years
Majestic Beast
Making of "Circle", The
Message in the Amber
Metal dreams
Misery Path
Moon and Sun, Part II: North’s Son
Morning Star
Mourning Soil
My Enemy
My Future
My Kantele (acoustic reprise)
My Kantele (Jyrki TV Show 1996)
My Sun
Narrow Path
New Day, A
New Song
News from Nuclear Blast
Night Is Over, The
Nightbird’s Song
Northern Lights
Nuclear Blast 100
of Crimson Blood, I
On a Stranded Shore
On Rich and Poor
Orphan, The
Perkele (The God of Fire) (promo cut)
Photo Gallery
Pilgrimage From Darkness
Pilgrimage, The
Planetary Misfortune
Privilege of Evil
Pyres on the Coast
Queen of time
Rusty Moon
Same Flesh (promo cut)
Servant, A
Shades of Gray
Shatters Within (Live in Radio Mafia, Finland 26-Feb-2001)
Shining Turns to Gray
Sign From the North Side
Sign From the Northside
Silent Waters (radio edit)
Silver Bride (edit)
Silver Bride (live)
Skull, The
Sky is Mine (live)
Smithereens / The Smoke
Smoke (promo cut), The
Song of the Sage
Song of the Troubled One
Stone Woman
Story: 10th Anniversary
Summer’s End
Tales From the 20 Years (Documentary)
Tales from the Thousand Lakes / Black Winter Day
Thousand Lakes
Three Words
To Father’s Cabin
To Fathers Cabin
Too Much to See
Towards and Against
Tree of Ages
Two Moons (promo cut)
Under a Soil and Black Stone (promo cut)
Under the red cloud
Under the Soil and Black Stone
Veil of Sin
Visions Nuclear Blast - sampler special
Vulgar Necrolatry
Wanderer, The
Warriors Trial
Way, The
We Accursed
Weaving the Incantation
Weeper on the Shore
White Night
White Swan, The
Wind, The
Winter’s Sleep
world of gothic rock, The
Wrong Direction
You I Need
Contributed to or performed: 
13th Street: The Sound of Mystery
20 Years of Nuclear Blast
30 Years of Nuclear Blast
5 Years Nuclear Blast
Abhorrence / Amorphis
Aerodrome 2004
After Forever Sampler
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 21, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 41, The
Beauty in Darkness
Beauty in Darkness, Vol. 5
Beauty in Darkness, Volume 5
Beauty in Darkness, Volume 7
Blast Supper, The
Blast! Presents
Blast! presents 102/2013
Come Hear. Finland 2008
Compilation Rock Hard 69
Contaminated 3.0
Contaminated 4.0
Contaminated: Relapse Records Sampler 1999
Contamination MCMXCVIII
Corporate Death: A Relapse Multi Death Compilation
Cover It Up, Volume 2
Dark Side of Wacken, The
Darkness Is Thy Kingdom: A Journey Into Dark-Metal Sounds, Volume 2
Day of Darkness Festifall, Part 2
Daze öf the Undergröund: A Tribute tö Hawkwind
Death… Is Just the Beginning, Volume 2
Death… Is Just the Beginning, Volume 3
Death… Is Just the Beginning, Volume 4
Death… Is Just the Beginning, Volume 7
Demons of the Night
EMP Music Mag Sampler, Vol. VI
Extrem Terror
Full Metal Racket 2
Gothic File 02
Gothic Spirits 10
Gothic Spirits 14
Gothic Spirits 3
Gothic Spirits 4
Gothic Spirits 6
Gothic Spirits 7
Great Metal Covers, Volume 18
Hard + The Heavy, Volume 1, The
Hard-Rock Magazine, Volume 75
Hellfest 2013
In the Name of the King
Into the Light
Kaikkien aikojen suomimetallit
Kiss From a Vampire, A
KnuckleTracks #85
KnuckleTracks 106
KnuckleTracks 95
KnuckleTracks XVIII
Knuckletracks XXX
Large Bonus CD #3
Large Compilation CD #11
Leijonat 2013
Maximum Metal, Volume 101
Maximum Metal, Volume 119
Maximum Metal, Volume 140
Maximum Metal, Volume 154
Maximum Metal, Volume 209
Maximum Metal, Volume 239
Menolippu Mombasaan
Metal Dreams
Metal Dreams, Volume 3
Metal Explosion n° 12
Metal for the Masses: The Ninth Gate
Metal Hammer #150: Nuclear Blast
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 18
Metal Hymns, Volume 10
Metal Meltdown
Metal Museum: Covered in Metal 3, The
Metal Rocks
Metalliliitto 1999
Metalopolis, Volume 2
Monsters of Metal: The Ultimate Metal Compilation Double DVD
Morbid Noizz - ...most Darkness and Epic
Music From Time and Space, Vol. 18
Musiikkia elokuvasta V2 Jäätynyt enkeli
Mystic Art, Vol. 6
News From Dr. Blast, Volume II: Wacken 2008
Nuclear Blast 100
Nuclear Blast 11 Song Promotional CD
Nuclear Blast Limited Festival CD
Nuclear Blast Music Assault 2009
Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series, Volume 25
Orkus Compilation 17
Orkus Compilation VII
Planet Metal 5
Prognosis 17
Raskasta uutta vuotta
Rautaiset metalliklassikot
Rautakanki 2
Relapse Records: 25 Years of Contamination
Relapse Singles Series, Volume 4
Rock Hard Festival: Archives – Best of 2007–2012
Rock Hard Lauschangriff Volume 005 plus Tribute Special
Rock Hard Lauschangriff Volume 010
Rock Hard Lauschangriff Volume 019
Rock Hard Lauschangriff Volume 038
Rock Hard Lauschangriff, Volume 063
Rock Hard: Das Festival 2008
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 15
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 2
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 25
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 50
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 57
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 65
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 28
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume 95
Sonic Seducer: Cold Hands Seduction, Volume IX
Soundi 2010: Heavy
Spectrum Ale: Micro-Brewed Musical Artistry
Spectrum Fest
Sue CD 5: ...Tales From the Land of the 1000 Icecold Lakes
Summer Blast 94
Summer Breeze 2006
Suomimetallia 3
Sweden Rock Magazine #62
Tales From Lake Bodom
Teraz Rock: Outsiders
Terrorized, Volume 2
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 119
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 25
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 45
Upfront Pinup 3:5
Very Best of Hard Rock Ballads, The
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 128
Weapons of Musical Destruction Nuclear Blast 2006
Welcome to the Machine
Welcome to the Subterranean Sect
World of Gothic Rock, The
Zero Tolerance: ZTaudio006
Zillo CD 05/07: 20 Jahre Nuclear Blast
Zillo CD 09/07
Zillo Dark Visions Compilation: Die Clip-Highlights von 1989-2009
Zillo Festival Sampler 1999
Zillo Festival Sampler 2001
ZilloScope 04/01
ZilloScope 06/03
ZilloScope 07-08/99
ZilloScope: New Signs & Sounds 03/06