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Hooverphonic (Musical group or band)
Milk Fisk
began 1995
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Baertsoen, Kyoko (hasMember)
Bosteels, Eric (hasMember)
Callier, Alex (hasMember)
Cruysberghs, Luka (hasMember)
Deep Forest
Duchêne, Frank (hasMember)
Geerts, Raymond (hasMember)
Geike (hasMember)
Goossens, Mario (hasMember)
Groove Armada
Hellofs, Arnout (hasMember)
Hoover Groupe de trip hop (see also from)
Kühne, Remko (hasMember)
Lybeert, Esther (hasMember)
Orbit, William
Poltrock, David (hasMember)
Sadonius, Liesje (hasMember)
Van Havere, Steven (hasMember)
Wolfs, Noemie (hasMember)
2 Wicky (DJ Pulse remix)
2Wicky (album version)
2Wicky (DJ Pulse dub)
2Wicky (DJ Pulse mix)
2Wicky (DJ Pulse remix)
2Wicky (Not So Extended Hoovering mix)
2wicky (Not So extended Hoovering version)
2Wicky (original version)
2Wicky (radio edit)
2Wicky (Steve Hiller version)
2Wicky (Steve Hillier version)
2Wicky (video edit)
50 Watt
Abc of Apology
Amalfi (Ledge Bootleg)
Anger Never Dies (Live Version Classic 21 Showcase)
Bad Weather
Badaboum (Alle Farben remix) (extended version)
Badaboum (Alle Farben remix) (radio edit)
Battersea EP
best of Hooverphonic, The
Black Marble Tiles
Blue wonder power milk
Bohemian Laughter
Club Montepulciano (808 State remix)
Club Montepulciano (Bugs Downtown remix)
Club Montepulciano (Bugs Uptown remix)
Club Montepulciano (Dark Dayz remix)
Club Montepulciano (Hooverphonic Funk remix)
Club Montepulciano (radio edit)
Cocaine Kids
Concrete Skin
Contract, The
Copper (CU)
Danger Zone
Day After Day
Deep Forest
Devil Kind of Girl
Dirty Lenses
Eclipse Song, The
Eden (Another Bad Dream on Plastic mix)
Eden (Cobble Stone Garden mix)
Eden (Cobble Stone Garder mix)
Eden (original mix)
Eden (single version)
Electro Shock Faders
Encoded Love
Every Time We Live Together We Die a Bit More
Expedition Impossible
Feathers and Tar
Five Track Sampler
Frosted Flake Wood
Gentle Storm, A
George’s Café
God's Gift
Happiness (Orchestra version)
Harmless Shapes (New Song)
Hiding in a Song
Hooverphonic - A new stereophonic sound spectacular
Hooverphonic Presents Jackie Cane (bonus disc)
Horrible Person
Horse, La
How Can You Sleep
Human Interest
Identical Twin
In Bloom
In wonderland
Inhaler (album version)
Inhaler (C.S.I)
Inhaler (CJ’s Multicolored Rhythm Injection) (radio edit)
Inhaler (Drum ‘n’ Orch remix by Hoover)
Inhaler (Mr Brown remix) (by Hector Zazou)
Inhaler (Mr Pink remix) (by Hector Zazou)
Inhaler (radio version)
Inhaler (Studio Brussel “Basta” Session 16 Jan 1997)
Jackie Cane
Jackie’s Delirium
Jacky Cane
Je T'aime Moi Non Plus
Kiss, The
L’odeur Animale
Last Supper, The
Last Thing I Need Is You, The
Last Thing Is You (radio version), The
Lethal Skies
Like the Way I Dance, I
Long Time Gone
Looking for Stars
Lung (1977 Happy Go disco mix) (club edit)
Lung (1977 Happy Go disco mix) (radio edit)
Lung (demo version)
Mad About Me
Mad About You (album version)
Mad About You (Fink mix)
Mad About You (Fink You)
Mad About You (FK dub)
Mad About You (FK vocal mix)
Mad About You (L'Autoroute)
Mad About You (Llorca’s radio Shot)
Mad About You (Mazda Beats remix)
Mad About You (original mix)
Mad About You (Palm Skin Productions remix)
Mad About You / V1
Mad About You / V2
Mad About You [Viceroy]
Magnificent Three, The
Magnificent Tree: Album Sampler, The
Music Box (More Sweet Music version)
My Autumn’s Done Come
My Child
New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular, A
Night Before (Live Version Classic 21 Showcase), The
Nirvana Blue
No More Sweet Music
Norwegian Stars (original demo)
Nr 9
Odeur Animale, L'
On and On
One (Sven Galy's Flemish Shuffle)
One Two Three (Live Version Classic 21 Showcase)
One Way Ride
Open space the classic chill out album
Others Delight
Out of Sight (Best Friends) (Al Stone mix)
Out of Sight (Best Friends) (album version)
Out of Tune
Paranoid Affair
Perfect Dose, The
Picture This
Pink Flamingo Dream
Pink Fluffy Dinosaurs
Plus Profond (original recording feat. Sample From John Barry’s “007 and Counting”)
Praise Be
President of the LSD Golf Club, The
Radio Silence
Renaissance Affair
Sad Song
Satin Doll (demo version)
Shades (original Soundtrack)
Shake the Disease
Single Malt
Singles 96–06
Sit down and listen to Hooverphonic the live theater recordings
Someone (Studio Brussel “Basta” Session 16 Jan 1997)
Sometimes (Eli's Chilled Times mix)
Sometimes (original version)
Sometimes (TMF live version)
Strictly Out of Phase
Sunday Afternoon
Sunday Morning
Teek (demo CD)
Thin Line
This Strange Effect (album version)
This Strange Effect (Bugs Fifth Columnist remix)
This Strange Effect (Bugs Spectre remix)
This Strange Effect (Surf's Up Cinderella remix)
This Strange Effect (Thievery Corporation mix)
This Strange Effect (Thievery Corporation remix)
Two wicky
Unfinished Sympathy (Orchestra Version)
Vinegar and Salt
Vinegar & Salt (live version)
Vinegar & Salt (Llorca's Half Truth remix)
Vinegar & Salt (TMF version)
Visions (edit)
Visions (long version)
Wait for a While
Wake Up (No More Sweet Music)
Wardrope (Jungle remix edit)
We All Float
With Orchestra Live
World Is Mine (Buscemi Remix), The
World Is Mine (Eli Janney's Tight Remix Club Full Version), The
World Is Mine (Eli Janney's Tight remix (edit)), The
World Is Mine (Marc Moulin Remix Short), The
World Is Mine (Radio Edit), The
World Is Mine (remix by Marc Moulin), The
You Hurt Me (But I've Got So Much More to Give)
You Love Me to Death / Sarangi
Contributed to or performed: 
[Lazy Hours] 02
100 op 1 - De Beste Belgen
100 op 1 De beste Belgen
100 Op 1: De Beste Belgen
100 op 1: De Beste Belgen - Volume 4
100% Belpop
100% Bittersweet Melodies
100% Chillout 2
100% grandi successi senza tempo
100% Woman
1000 Klassiekers - De Absolute Top Vol. 4
1000 Klassiekers - De Absolute Top Vol. 5
1000 Klassiekers - De absolute top Vol. 6
1000 Klassiekers - De Absolute Top Vol. 8
1000 Klassiekers Radio 2 - De Absolute Top, Volume 3
38º Festivalbar 2001: Compilation blu
4-Box, Volume 11, The
40º Festivalbar 2003: Compilation blu
Abductions and Reconstructions
Absolute Dance (Trip-Hop)
Acid Jazz, Volume 53
Afrekening 60, De
Afrekening 61, De
Afrekening 65, De
Afrekening, Volume 12, De
Afrekening, Volume 19, De
Afrekening, Volume 22, De
Afrekening, Volume 23, De
Afrekening, Volume 26, De
Afrekening, Volume 29: Best of 2002, De
Afrekening, Volume 32: Best of 2003, De
Afrekening, Volume 38, De
Afrekening, Volume 43, De
Afrekening, Volume 49, De
Afrekening, Volume 51, De
Afrekening, Volume 52, De
Afrekening, Volume 56, De
Afrekening, Volume 58, De
Alle 40 Goed - Belpop
Alle 40 Goed - Gezellig Aan Tafel
Alternative Energy, Volume 2
Alternative Moments III
Apériclub Select, L'
Avery Hit List
Bar Lounge Classics: Deluxe Edition
Bar Lounge Classics: Weekend Edition
Bares Canallas
Beautiful Voices 011 (Afterlife Vocal-Chill)
Bel 2000: De beste belpop van 2000 > 2004
Bel 2000: De beste belpop van 2005 > 2009
Bel 90: Het beste uit de Belpop van 1999
Belpop - De Eerste Vijftig Jaar
Belpop 100
Belpop 100 Volume 2 - Radio 1
Best of Classic Chillout, The
Best of Love, Volume 6
beste uit de MNM 1000: Limited Edition 2011, Het
Big 5: Slow Classics, The
Break Ups to Make Ups
Cafe de Pera 2
Cafe Latino: New Experience
Cafe Puls Sommerhits 12
Chill Two: Sensual Lounge
Chillout Room 2, The
Cinderella (original demo)
Classic Chillout Album, The
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 45: May 1997
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 61: September 1998
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 89: January 2001
Cool Vibes, Volume 2
Crazy Sony Afternoon: Summer Festival Acts '98
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Culture pub - la compilation
Digital Empire, Volume 3: Phuturism
Donna Celebrates a Decennium of Hits
Donna Top 5000
Donna’s Top 2004
Donnamour, Volume 6
Donnamour, Volume 9
Dreamworld: Essential Late Night Listening
Driving Music 3
Eigen Kweek
Erotic Lounge: Sensual Passion
Erotic Lounge⁵: Secret Affairs
Expo 58: De soundtrack 1958-2008
Femme Nikita Ultimate Soundtrack, La
Fnac & Les Inrockuptibles présentent : Un automne 96, La
For the Masses
Healing III, The
heel klein beetje oorlog, Een
Hidden Treasures
Hit Club: The Very Best 2006
Hit Connection 2011.3
Hit Connection: Best of 2016
Hit-Giganten: Best of Summer Chill, Die
Hitarchief Top 2000, Volume 3
Hitarchief Top 2000, Volume 7
Hooverphonic - Amalfi (Ledge Bootleg)
Hot Party Winter 2019
Humo Selecteert - Meer Dan Het Beste Uit 2011
Humo: Alle 2000 Goed
Humo: Alle 2001 Goed
Humo: Alle 98 Goed
Humo's Alle 97 Goed
Humo's Top 2005
Humo's Top 2008
Humo's Top 2011
Inhaler (original demo)
Innovators: From Trip Hop to Big Beat – An Exciting Journey Into Sound
Intelligent Music Favorites, Volume 2
Intellligent Music Favorites, Volume 7: Finest Vocal Lounge & Chill Tunes
International Music: Sony Music Around the World
Island 4
Je t’aime 2010
Journey Into Drum 'n' Bass, Volume 2.0, A
Klassik Lounge, Werk 8
Know What You Did Last Summer, I
Know What You Did Last Summer: The Album, I
Knuffelrock 11
Knuffelrock 12
Knuffelrock 13
Knuffelrock 15
Knuffelrock 18
Knuffelrock 2012 – Jubileum‐Editie
Knuffelrock 2013
Knuffelrock 2014
Knuffelrock 2015 (Radio 2) (Belgian Edition)
Knuffelrock 9
Komen eten
Komen Eten 2
KROQ: New Music 1999
Late Nite Reworks, Volume 1: A Collection of Remixes by Buscemi
Life Is Music 2011.1
Life Is Music 2011.2
Life Is Music 2013.2
Life Is Music 2016.1
Life Is Music 2016.2
Lot Like Love, A
Lounge Box 2: The Ultimate Chill Out Collection, The
Lounge Box: The Ultimate Chill Out Collection, The
Lounge for Lovers 3
Love Lost in Love
Maxidrom 2004
Maximum Hit Music Best of 2013
Maxx Long Player 36: Future Beats Edition, De
Mijn leven
Mijn Restaurant!
MNM Big Hits - Best of 2010
MNM Big Hits 2011.2
MNM Big Hits 2011.3
MNM Big Hits 2012.1
MNM Big Hits 2016, Vol 1
MNM Big Hits 2018.3
MNM Big Hits 2019, Vol. 1
MNM Big Hits 2019, Vol. 3
MNM Big Hits Best of 2013
MNM Big Hits: Best of 2018
Mooiste Openingsdansen, De
Mosquito Bar: Chill Out Sessions
MTV Lounge 2
Music for Cocktails: Royal Club
Music@Work 2
Music@Work 3
Narcosound: Trip Hop
Nice Lounge, Part 27
Nightfly 7 - Heaven&Earth, The
Nightripping (by 88.5)
No Alternativ - Radyo Eksen
Noi due
Nr 9 (original demo)
One Shot 2001
Open Space: The Classic Chillout Album
Open Space: The Classic Chillout Album 2
Perfect Harmony
pre historie - 75 Jaar radiohits 90-00, De
Pure Chill
Pure FM – Lazy Factory
Pure Voices 2
Pure Voices 4
Pure Voices 7
Pure... Chillout
Q The Music 1
Radio 1 Sessies 2008-2012
Radio RAM & Magic Records Present RAM Café: Lounge & Chillout
Real Blonde, The
Recaffeninated Iced
Revolver (original demo)
Rock'mantique top 100
Rozengeur & wodka lime
Schöner Hören 15
Siglo 21 2.0
Siglo 21: Version 3
Siglo XXI
Slows Hits
Solamente uno
Sound of Milano Fashion, Volume 4, The
Space Night Vol. 11 - The Electronic Session
Stealing Beauty
Street Mix: Music From Volkswagen Commercials, Volume 1
Studio Brussel '99
Studio Brussel: 't Gaat vooruit '98
Studio Brussel: ’t Gaat vooruit ’97
Sunday Morning Club, The
Super Smart Vol. 2
Sygnowano Fabryka Trzciny, Volume 2
Todo en 1: El álbum
Top Hits 2019
Tribute to Depeche Mode
Trip Hop Boutique
Trip-Hop Anthology
Ultimate 16 Originals: Pure Moods
Underwater Love
Uno más
Urban Moods
Vintage Pop
Viva for Life 2016
Volo nuovo, Il
VTM 30 - 30 jaar muziek
Weekend Wins
Wicked Good Sampler, Volume IV
Your Winter Mix Tape 2015
Zapping - Un disco sin interrupciones