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Fastbacks (Musical group or band)
Fastbacks, The
The Fastbacks
began 1979 until 2002
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bloch, Kurt
Green River
McKagan, Duff (hasMember)
Stuverud, Richard (hasMember)
3 Boxes
5 5 5, Part 2
5 5 5, Part One
5 5 5, Part Two
AAA (45 version)
Above the Sunrise
All About Nothing
All in Order
Allison (original mix)
Alone in a furniture warehouse
Always Tomorrow
and His Orchestra, ...
And You
Answer Is You., The
Answer the phone, dummy
As Everything
Back to Nowhere
Ball of Fire
Banner Year
Beaujolais' the Beat
Believe Me Never
Better Than Before
Bike Toy Clock Gift
Bill Challenger
Bitter Drink, The
Book of Revelation
Breakup Theme
Brighton Rock
Call It What You Want
Day That Didn't Exist, The
Dear Mr. Oswald
Defy's Gravity
Do the Right Thing
Don't Cry for Me
Don't Eat That It's Poison
Dreams I.H.S.
Every Day Is Saturday
Everything I Don't Need
Fast Enough
Find Your Way
For Tomorrow (Unfinished)
Fortune's Misery
Found the Star, I
Future Right
Girl's Eyes
Go All the Way (alternate mix)
Gone to the Moon (45 version)
Goodbye, Bird
Guess, I
Have You Had Enough
Hit or Miss
Hung on a Bad Peg
Hung Up on a Dream
Hype! surviving the northwest rock explosion ; the motion picture soundtrack
I'll Be Okay
I'll Return
I'm Cold
If You Tried?
In America
In Search of Outer Space
In the Observatory
In The Summer • You Can't Be Happy
In the Winter
Is It Familiar?
It Came in a Dream
It's Your Birthday
Just Out of Reach
Just Say
K Street (live)
Kind of Game
Know, I
Last Night I Had a Dream That I Could Fly
Light's on You, The
Like Today
Live in a Car, I
Love You More
Meet the Author
Midnight Confessions
My Destiny
My Letters
Need Some Help, I
Never Fails, Never Works
Never Heard of Him
Never Knew, I
New Book of Old
New mansions in sound
No Information
No Lethal Hope
No Music Played
Now Is The Time / Sometimes / Was Late
Old Address of the Unknown
On the Couch
On the Wall
On Your Hands
One More Hour
One of These Things
Only at Night
Out of the Charts (medium-length version)
Play Five of Their Favorites
Please Read Me
Queen of Eyes (remix)
Question Is No, The
Ramblin' Rose
Rat Race
Right Thing, The
Rocket Man (remix)
Roll Away the Stone
Run No More & Really
Save Room for Me
Says Who?
See and Say
Set Me Free
Seven Days
So Wrong
Someone Else's Room
Space Station #5
Stay at Home
Swallow My Pride
Teenage FBI
Telephone Numbers
That Was
They Don't Care
Time and Matter (remix)
Trouble Sleeping
Trumpets Are Loud
Truth, Corrosion and Sour Bisquits
Under the Old Lightbulb
Used to Belong
Very, Very Powerful Motor
Wait It Out
Was Late
Was Stolen, I
Waste of Time
Waterloo Sunset
We Can Be
We Tried
Weather: Perfectly Clear
Went for a Swim
What Ever Happened To?
What's It Like
What's the Use?
What to Expect / Dirk's Car Jam
What Will They All Say?
When I'm Old
Whenever I'm Walking
Which Has Not Been Written
Win, Lose or Both
Won't Have to Worry
Won't Regret, I
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong
Yesterday at Midnight
You Can't Be Happy
You Will Be the One
Contributed to or performed: 
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