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Memphis Jug Band
Memphis Jug Band (Musical group or band)
Shade's Memphis Jug Band
The Memphis Jug Band
Will Shade and the Memphis Jug Band
Will Shade's Memphis Jug Band
began 1927 until 1934
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Blackman, Tee Wee (hasMember)
Burse, Charlie (hasMember)
Burse, Robert (hasMember)
Cannon's Jug Stompers
Clifton, Kaiser
Jones, Jab (hasMember)
Jordan, Charley (ca. 1890-1954.)
Lewis, Hambone (hasMember)
McClennan, Tommy
Memphis Minnie (1896-1973)
Mississippi Jook Band
Pierce, Charlie (hasMember)
Polk, Charlie (hasMember)
Pope, Jenny
Ramey, Ben (hasMember)
Robie, Milton (hasMember)
Shade, Will
Shade, Will (1898-1966; see also from)
Shade, Will (hasMember)
Stevens, Vol (hasMember)
Stokes, Frank
Wallace, Minnie
Weldon, Will (hasMember)
Alan Lomax blues songbook
Ambulance Man
Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues
Beale Street Mess Around
best of the Memphis Jug Band classic recordings from the 1920's., The
Black Woman Is Like a Black Snake / On the Road Again, A
Blues songbook
Bob Lee Junior Blues
Booze & [and] the blues
Bottle It Up and Go
Bumble Bee Blues (59993)
Can Beat You Plenty, I
can't be satisfied early American women blues singers - town & country., I
Can’t Stand It, I
Cave Man Blues
Coal Oil Blues
Cocaine Habit Blues / It Won't Act Right
Complete Recorded Works 1927-1930, Volume 1
Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, Volume 3: 1930
country blues, The
Early American women blues singers
essential, The
Evergreen Money Blues
Everybody's Talking About Sadie Green
Feed Your Friend With a Long Handled Spoon
Film by Charles Burnett
Fourth Street Mess Around
Gator Wobble
Going Back to Memphis
Good time blues: harmonicas, kazoos, washboard and cow-bells
Good time blues harmonicas, kazoos, washboards & cow-bells
Got a Letter From My Darlin'
Great jug bands
Harmonica, washboards, fiddles, jugs (1926-1933)
Harmonicas, washboards, fiddles, jugs (1926 - 1933)
He’s in the Jailhouse Now
I'll See You in the Spring, When the Birds Begin to Sing
I'm Looking for the Bully of the Town
Insane Crazy Blues
It Won’t Act Right
Jazzbo Stomp
Jim Strainer Blues
Jug Band Waltz
K.C. Moan / Memphis Yo Yo Blues
Kansas City Blues
Lindberg Hop / Sugar Pudding
Little Green Slippers
Mary Anna cut off
Memphis area 1927 - 1932, The
Memphis Boy Blues
Memphis harp and jug blowers (1927-1939)
Memphis harp & jug blowers (1927-1939) complete recorded works in chronological order + 1 alternative take.
memphis jug band 1927 34 sr p
Memphis Jug Band and Cannon's Jug Stompers
Memphis Jug Band associates & alternate takes (1927-1930).
Memphis Jug Band. complete recorded works 1927-1930 in chronological order.
Memphis Jug Band complete recorded works in chronological order, 1932-1934.
Memphis Jug Band with Gus Cannon's Jug Stompers
Memphis Jug Blue (take 1)
Memphis Jug-Blues (alternate take)
Memphis Minnie & [and] Kansas Joe
Memphis shakedown
Memphis Yo Yo Blues
Meningitis Blues / Jim Strainer Blues
Mississippi River Waltz
Missouri and Tennessee (1924 - 1937)
Move That Thing
Newport News Blues (take 1)
Oh Ambulance Man
Old Folks Started It, The
On the Road Again
Packed My Suitcase, Started to the Train, I
Papa Long Blues
Papa's Got Your Water On
Peaches in the Springtime Blues / Evergreen Money Blues
Round and Round
Ruckus juice and chitlins
Ruckus Juice and Chittlin'
Ruckus Juice & Chitlin'
Ruckus juice & chitlins. the great jug bands.
She Done Sold It Out
She Stays Out All Night Long (take 1)
She Stays Out All Night Long (take 2)
Snitchin' Gambler Blues
Sometimes I Think I Love You
Son Brimmer's Blues
Spider's Nest Blues
State of Tennessee Blues
Stealin', Stealin' (take 3)
Stealin', Stealin' / Whitewash Station Blues
Stingy Woman Blues
Stonewall Blues
story of the blues, The
story, The : 1927-1934
Sugar Pudding
Sun Brimmer’s Blues
Sun Brimmers Blues
Sunshine Blues
Take Your Finger Off It
Taking Your Place
Tired of You Driving Me
Volume 2: 13 February 1928 to 4 October 1929
Warming by the Devil's fire a film by Charles Burnett.
What's the Matter?
When the sun goes down
Whipped My Woman With a Single Tree, I
Whitewash Station Blues
Wild about my lovin' Beale Street blues, 1928-1930.
You Got Me Rollin'
You May Leave but This Will Bring You Back
Contributed to or performed: 
100 plus grands thèmes du blues, Les
1929-1934 Recordings in Chronological Order, Volume 1: 18 June 1929 to 29 May 1930
African-American Fiddlers, 1926-1949: Violin, Sing the Blues for Me
Alan Lomax: Blues Songbook
American Epic
American Epic: The Soundtrack
American Pop: An Audio History - From Minstrels to Mojo: On Record, 1893-1946
Anthology of American Folk Music
Anthology of American Folk Music, Volume Three: Songs
As Good as It Gets: Country Blues
Baby, How Can It Be? Songs of Love, Lust and Contempt From the 1920s and 1930s
Before the Blues, Volume 2
Blowing the Blues: A History of Blues Harmonica 1926-2002
Blues 1923 to 1933, The
Blues Collection 41: Memphis Jug Bands: Walk Right In, The
Blues Collection: Memphis Jug Bands, Walk Right In, The
Blues Masters, Volume 12: Memphis Blues
Blues: 1927-1946, The
Blues: A Collection of Classic Blues Singers, Volume 1, The
Blues: A Smithsonian Collection of Classic Blues Singers, The
Broke, Black & Blue
Can't Be Satisfied 1: Early American Women Blues, I
Can't Be Satisfied: Early American Blues Singers, Volume 1: Country, I
Century of the Blues
Cherokee Boogie - Indians and the Blues
Cocaine Blues: Vintage Songs About Cocaine & Heroin
Cocaine Habit Blues
Cornshucker's Frolic, Volume 2: Downhome Music and Entertainment From the American Countryside, The
Country Blues Hard Hitters, Volume 2
Essential Memphis Blues
Flashbacks, Volume 1: High & Low: DrugSongs 1917-1944
Flashbacks, Volume 2: Crazy & Obscure: NoveltySongs 1914-1946
Flashbacks, Volume 4: Blue & Lonely: HeartBreakers 1927-1946
Folks, He Sure Do Pull Some Bow!: Vintage Fiddle Music, 1927-1935
Good Time Blues: Harmonicas, Kazoos, Washboards & Cow Bells
Good Time Blues: Harmonicas, Kazoos, Washboards & Cow-bells
Great Blues Singers, The
Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music, Volume Four
Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music, Volume Four: Country Music & Bluegrass
Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music, Volume Four: Rhythmic Changes
He Got Out His Big Ten Inch: Risque R&B and Rude Blues
Influence, Volume 2: I Was Young When I Left Home
Jazz Greats, Volume 79: Sounds of Surprise
Jazz of the 20s
Juice Head Baby: Vintage Songs About Bars & Booze 1925-1953
Junkers, Jivers & Coke Fiends: Vintage Songs About Drugs 1926-1952
L’Histoire du jazz vocal - The Story of Vocal Jazz: 1911–1940
Let Me Tell You About the Blues: Atlanta - The Evolution of Atlanta Blues
Living the Blues: Blues Roots: 1930-1944
Lonesome Whistle: An Anthology of American Railroad Song
Marijuana Madness 2: The Best of Vintage Drug Songs (1924-1950)
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: A Musical Journey
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Warming by the Devil's Fire
Memphis Harp & Jug Blowers
Memphis Masters: Early American Blues Classics 1927-34
Pap’s Got Your Bath Water On
Prewar Blues Story, The
Pure Blues
R. Crumb's Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country
Really the Blues? A Blues History 1893-1959 Volume1 (Of 4) (1893-1929)
Roots & Blues
Roots of Led Zeppelin, The
Roots of Rap: Classic Recordings from the 1920's and 30's, The
Roots of Rock n' Roll, Volume 1: 1927-1938
Rough Guide to Blues Legends: Blind Lemon Jefferson, The
Rough Guide to Jug Band Blues, The
Rough Guide to Unsung Heroes of Country Blues (Vol. 2), The
Route du Blues, La
Ruckus Juice & Chittlins: The Great Jug Bands: Classic Recordings of the 1920s and 30s, Volume 1
Southern Country Blues, Volume 2: Down in Boogie Alley
State of Tennessee Blues
Story of the Blues, The
Story of the Blues: 125 Blues Classics, The
Street Walker Blues: Vintage Songs About Prostitution, Vol. 1
Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of, The
Them Dirty Blues
Those Dirty Blues, Volume 2
Those Dirty Blues, Volume 4
Times Ain't Like They Used to Be: Early American Rural Music, Volume 1
Too Late, Too Late Blues: Newly Discovered Titles & Alternate Takes, Volume 1 (1926-1944)
Too Late, Too Late: Newly Discovered Titles & Alternate Takes, Volume 3 (1927-1960's)
Ultimate 8 Blues Collection, The
Viper Mad Blues: 25 Songs of Dope and Depravity
Walk Right In: The Essential Recordings of Memphis Blues
When the Sun Goes Down, Volume 2: The First Time I Met the Blues