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Bain, George Grantham
Bain, George Grantham (American author and inventor, 1865-1944)
George Grantham Bain
George Grantham Bain (American photographer)
George Grantham Bain (Amerikaans fotograaf (1865-1944))
جرج گرانتام بین
Related names: 
Bain News Service
Bain News Service (see also from)
Brady, Mathew B. approximately (1823-1896)
Seaborn, Edwin (1872-1951)
Underwood & Underwood
Washington Press Photo Service
Bain News Service photograph collection [unprocessed portion]
Miscellaneous news photos from the Bain Collection
New York City police department parades and award ceremonies, 1908-1918
New York City public school activities, ca. 1908-16
New York City recreational areas
New York City scenes and publishing industry
New York City street cleaning, 1907-1913
New York City subways and elevated trains, ca. 1908-1920
New York City theaters, rehearsals, and players, ca. 1907-1916
New York state Republican convention, Saratoga, 1910 and 1912
Old men making toys in a shop maintained for their benefit, apparently by society women
Omaha, Nebraska, after the cyclone of March, 1913
Opening of the Astor market, New York City, 1915
Pennsylvania State University
possible claimant of the English throne. The mystery of George IV and Mrs. Fitzherbert, and the strong evidence that they were actually married; was there a son of the marriage? The papers in Coutts' bank might solve this interesting question, A
Prince Henry of Prussia and President Roosevelt
Prince of Wales' arrival in New York on H.M.S. RENOWN, 1919
Prison riot and fire at Western Penitentiary, Bellview, Pa., July, 1921
Prisoners of war activities in Germany, 1914-1915
Rescue of S.S. Titanic survivors, April 15, 1912
Rockaway Beach, Long Island, New York
Roosevelt arriving on stand
Roosevelt's library [Stoner House?].
Roosevelt speaking, Yonkers, 10/17/12
Roosevelt taking the oath
[S.R. Guggenheim and daughter, full-length portrait, facing left, on deck of the Aquitania]
Salvation Army's Bundle Day drive, New York City, Jan.-Feb. 1915
Scenes and figures in Delaware's battle over local option
Schools for handicapped children
Sea Breeze Junior - a hospital for tubercular children, New York City
[Senator Addison Gardner Foster, Republican from Washington, seated with a newspaper]
Shrine of the Black Virgin, New York
Siberia, ca. 1917
Social events in New York City, ca. 1909-19
South Dakota, 1897-1916
Spain, ca. 1896
St. Petersburg, 1902-1917
Stock trading on the New York Curb Association market, 1907-1920
Street railway strike, Brooklyn, New York, 1919-20
Strikes - Lawrence and Lowell, Mass. 1912
Tabernacle and revival services of William Ashley ("Billy") Sunday, New York City, 1917
[Theodore Roosevelt, full-length portrait, standing, facing right, in deer skin hunting suit, holding rifle]
[Theodore Roosevelt sitting in an open carriage enroute to the U.S. Capitol on his inauguration day tips his hat to spectators]
[Theodore Roosevelt, three-quarter length portrait, seated in front of desk with legs crossed]
Trained dogs, 1908-16
Transatlantic flight attempted by four U.S. Navy Curtiss NC-type flying boats, in stages, from Newfoundland to England via the Azores and Portugal
Triangle Waist Company fire, New York City, March 1911
Trolley car strikes in Massachusetts, Ohio, and Pennsylvania
U.S. airships, balloons, pilots, balloonists, and inventors
U.S. Army activities near the Mexican border during the Mexican Revolution, 1912-1915
U.S. Army training school at Pratt Institute, New York, August 1917
U.S. Military Academy, West Point, N.Y.
U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.
U.S. Naval and marine occupation of Vera Cruz during the Mexican Revolution, April 1914
U.S. naval reserve activities, New York City, 1913-1917
U.S. Naval training school activities, Newport, R.I., and St. Helena, Va., 1915
USS Michigan: building the battleship, staming in open water, sailors on deck, The
USS MISSOURI: afloat, in the Panama Canal, The
USS NEW YORK: building the warship in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, 1911-12; launch of the ship, 1912; view of the ship and close up of ammunition ...
USS NORTH DAKOTA: building the ship at Fore River Yards, 1907; the warship afloat; coaling operations, 1914; ceremonial visit of Admiral Togo, 1911
USS SOUTH CAROLINA: view of the warship afloat; rescued RYNDAM passengers coming aboard
USS TEXAS: launching the ship, the warship afloat, her 14" guns, The
USS UTAH ca. 1911, passing through the Straits of Magellan, 1925, The
USS WYOMING: in dry dock, sailors scraping paint
Views of London, England ...
Walter Wellman and his airship America
warship USS Delaware, The
Washington, D.C., scenes
William Jennings Bryan campaigning for president in New York City, Sept.-Oct., 1908
Wine growers' protest demonstrations in Champagne District of France, 1911
Woman suffrage movement in Great Britain
Women's fashions, ca. 1900-1918
Women's war work, 1917-1918, mostly in New York City
Wright brothers flying demonstrations and aircraft