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Amtrak Washington, DC
National Railroad Passenger Corp
National Railroad Passenger Corporation
National Railroad Passenger Corporation Washington, DC
Railroad Passenger Corporation Washington, DC
United States Amtrak
United States Dept. of Transportation Amtrak
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United States District of Columbia Washington
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Language material
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Amtrack express.
Amtrak annual report
Amtrak high-speed rail, a new century--a new way to travel : getting you on board for the 21st century
Amtrak national timetable, spring/summer 1998
Amtrak national train timetables.
Amtrak Northeast Corridor high-speed rail
Amtrak Northeast Direct
Amtrak Northeast map, effective October 1994
Amtrak Northeast timetable : fall-winter 1994-1995, effective October 30
Amtrak Northeast timetable : fall-winter 1996-1997, effective November 10, 1996
Amtrak northeast timetable : fall/winter 1998-99, effective October 25, 1998
Amtrak northeast timetable : fall/winter 2001, effective September 30, 2001
Amtrak northeast timetable : spring/summer 1998, effective May 17, 1998
Amtrak northeast timetable : winter 2000
Amtrak NortheastDirect
Amtrak Pennsylvanian, NewYork-Philadelphia-Harrisburg-Pittsburgh, route guide : Pittsburgh-New York
Amtrak Pennsylvanian, route guide, Pittsburgh-New York : New York-Philadelphia-Harrisburg-Pittsburgh
Amtrak's national rail passenger system : [United States].
Amtrak's Northeast rail system.
Amtrak system route map, May 1998
Amtrak system train timetables.
Annual report (1980)
Baxter's USA bicentennial train travel guide
California passenger rail system : 20-year improvement plan : a summary report.
Daily train report O/D passenger count, on/off/aboard for month of ...
Discover the Northeast with Mike and Steve, Amtrak NortheastDirect
Four kids and a train
Intercity rail passenger routes.
Mike and Steve's guide to traveling in the Northeast
Mike & Steve's guide to traveling in the Northeast : Amtrak NortheastDirect, wouldn't you rather be in one of our cars?
National Railroad Passenger Corporation daily train report O/D passenger count, on/off/aboard for month of ...
National timetable
National train timetables
Northeast Corridor high-speed rail : Amtrak's fast track to the future
Northeast corridor improv. proj. joint annu. rep.
Northeast corridor improvement project joint annual report.
Northeast timetable
Rails west.
System train timetables
Union Station, Washington, D.C. : an assessment of commercial development opportunities : a panel advisory service report
USA bicentennial train travel guide