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Arjen Lucassen
Ayreon (Musical group or band)
began 1995
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Broek, van den Joost (hasMember)
Goossens, Jeroen (hasMember)
Lucassen, Arjen Anthony (hasMember)
Mathot, Ben (hasMember)
Warby, Ed (hasMember)
5.1 Mix Actual Fantasy Revisited 2004
Abbey of Synn
Accusation, The
Across the Rainbow Bridge
Act I ‘The Dawning’: Eyes of Time: a) Eyes of Time - b) Brainwaves
Act I ‘The Dawning’: The Awareness: a) Premonition - b) Dreamtime (Words Become a Song) - c) The Awakening
Act I ‘The Dawning’: The Banishment: a) A New Dawn - b) The Gathering - c) The Accusation - d) The Banishment - e) Oblivion
Act II ‘King Arthur’s Court’: Nature’s Dance
Act II ‘King Arthur’s Court’: Sail Away to Avalon
Act II ‘King Arthur’s Court’: Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy
Act III ‘Visual Echoes’: Computer‐Reign (Game Over)
Act III ‘Visual Echoes’: Listen to the Waves
Act III ‘Visual Echoes’: Magic Ride
Act III ‘Visual Echoes’: Waracle
Act IV ‘Merlin’s Will and Ayreon’s Fate’: Ayreon’s Fate: a) Ayreon’s Fate - b) Merlin’s Prophecy - c) Epilogue
Act IV ‘Merlin’s Will and Ayreon’s Fate’: Merlin’s Will
Act IV ‘Merlin’s Will and Ayreon’s Fate’: Swan Song
Act IV ‘Merlin’s Will and Ayreon’s Fate’: The Charm of the Seer
Actual Fantasy 1996 Version
Actual fantasy : Revisited
Age of Shadows (edit)
Age of Shadows (Including We Are Forever)
Alive! (instrumental)
All That Was
Amazing Flight: A) Amazing Flight in Space - B) Stardance - C) Flying Colours
And the Druids Turn to Stone
And the Druids Turned to Stone
Another Time, Another Space
Aquatic Race
Argument 1 (instrumental), The
Argument 2 (instrumental), The
Arjen’s Speech
August Fire
Ayreon 7 Preview (instrumental)
Ayreon universe : Best of Ayreon live
Ayreonauts Only
Back 2 Me (dance mix)
Back 2 Me (Joost Van Den Broek Pimpin’ remix)
Back on Planet Earth
Bay of Dreams
Behind the Scenes / The Making of the Source
Beneath The Waves (Movie 2.0 / 5.1)
Beyond the Last Horizon
Blackboard (reprise) (instrumental), The
Bloopers (Audio)
Breakthrough (instrumental), The
Carpe Diem (Chaos)
Carried by the Wind
Caste Hall (acoustic version), The
Castle Hall, The
Charm of the Seer, The
Collision (instrumental)
Come Back to Me (single remix)
Computer Eyes
Condemned to Live
Connect the Dots (Different vocal version)
Consultation (instrumental), The
Cosmic Fusion: A) I Soar on the Breeze - B) Death's Grunt - C) The Passing of an Eagle
Dark Energy (instrumental)
Dark Medicine (instrumental)
Dawn of a Million Souls
Dawn of a Millions Souls
Dawn of Man, The
Day Eight: School (instrumental version)
Day Eighteen: Realization
Day Eleven: Love (demo)
Day Eleven: Love (instrumental)
Day Eleven: Love (radio edit)
Day Fifteen: Betrayal
Day Five: Voices
Day Four: Mystery
Day Fourteen: Pride
Day Nine: Playground
Day Nineteen: Disclosure
Day One: Vigil
Day Seven: Hope (instrumental version)
Day Seventeen: Accident?
Day Six: Childhood (piano version)
Day Sixteen: Loser
Day Ten: Memories
Day That the World Breaks Down, The
Day Thirteen: Sign
Day Three: Pain
Day Twelve: Trauma
Day Twenty: Confrontation
Day Two: Isolation
Deathcry of a Race
Decision Tree (We're Alive), The
Diagnosis (instrumental)
Dragon on the Sea
Dream Dissolves, The
Dream Sequencer (live, 2001), The
Dream Sequencer Reprise, The
Dream Sequencer System Offline
E=mc² (acoustic live version)
Ed Warby's Session
Eleventh Dimension, The
End Credits
Epilogue: The Memory Remains
Everybody Dies
Evil Devolution
Eye of Ra, The
Eyes of Time
Farside of the World
Featurette: Recording Drums, Bass And Guitar 2004
Fifth Extinction (instrumental), The
final experiment, The
First Man on Earth, The
"Forever" of the Stars
Fortune? (instrumental)
Frequency Modulation
Full-length artist interviews
Garden of Emotions: A) In the Garden of Emotions - B) Voices in the Sky - C) The Aggression Factor, The
Gift (instrumental), The
Guide Demos (Audio) 1. Comatose 2. Connect The Dots 3. Ride The Comet 4. Web Of Lies 5. Waking Dreams 6. River Of Time
How You Gonna See Me Now? (acoustic version)
Human Compulsion, The
human equation, The
Inertia (instrumental)
Intergalactic Space Crusaders
Into the Black Hole (acoustic live version)
Into the Electric Castle (2018 remix)
Into The Electric Castle (20th Anniversary Edition)
Into the Ocean
Isis and Osiris: A) Let the Journey Begin - B) The Hall of Isis and Osiris - C) Strange Constellations - D) Reprise
Journey on the Waves of Time
Journey to Forever
Lighthouse (instrumental), The
Liquid Eternity
Listen to the Waves
Loser (demo version)
Loser (Star One version)
Love and Envy (instrumental)
Magnetism (instrumental)
Making of The Theory of Everything
March of the Machines
Medley (acoustic, live at Studio Brussel)
Merlin’s Will
Mirror Maze: A) Inside the Mirror Maze - B) Through the Mirror, The
Mirror of Dreams (instrumental)
My House on Mars
Nature's Dance (demo)
New Migrator, The
Newborn Race
No Quarter
Note (instrumental), The
One Small Step
Opera metal
Original Hippie’s Amazing Trip
Original Vintage Bonus Videos
Out of the White Hole
Parting (instrumental), The
Phase I: Singularity
Phase II: Symmetry
Phase III: Entanglement
Phase IV: Unification
Planet Y Is Alive!
Potential (instrumental)
Prediction (instrumental), The
Prodigy’s World (instrumental), The
Progressive Waves (edit)
Prologue: a) The Time Telepathy Experiment - b) Overture - c) Ayreon’s Quest
Prologue: The Blackboard (instrumental)
Quantum Chaos
Quid Pro Quo (instrumental)
Reason to Live (instrumental), A
Recording sessions time lapse
Reprise Childhood
Reprise Pain 1
Reprise Pain 2
Reprise Pain 3
Reprise School
Reprise Trauma
Reprise Vigil
Ride the Comet (Different vocal version)
Rival’s Dilemma (instrumental), The
River of Time
Run! Apocalypse! Run!
Sail Away to Avalon (radio edit)
Sea of Machines
Shooting Company of Captain Frans B. Cocq, The
Side Effects (instrumental)
Sixth Extinction, The
Source Will Flow, The
Space Oddity
Star of Sirrah
Stranger From Within (single version), The
Stranger From Within (Utrecht Record Fair demo)
String Theory
Surface Tension
Teacher’s Discovery (instrumental), The
Teaser Trailer
Temple of the Cat (acoustic version)
Temple of the Cat (previously unreleased version)
Temple of the Cat (single version)
Theater Equation, The
Theory of Everything (edit), The
Theory of Everything, Part 1 (instrumental), The
Theory of Everything, Part 2 (instrumental), The
Theory of Everything, Part 3 (instrumental), The
Through the Wormhole
Time Beyond Time
To the Quasar
To the Solar System
Tower of Hope
Transformation (instrumental)
Truth Is in Here, The
Try Out Show Highlights
Tunnel of Light
Two Gates (Utrecht Record Fair demo), The
Uncertainty Principle (instrumental), The
Universal Migrator, Part 1: The Dream Sequencer
Universal Migrator, Part 2: Flight of the Migrator
Universal migrator part I & II ; special edition
Universe : Best of Ayreon live
Unnatural Selection (Different vocal version)
Valley of the Queens
Video: Day 11: Love
Videoclip 'The Stranger From Within' In 5.1 And 2.0
Visitation (instrumental), The
Waking Dreams
Web of Lies
Welcome to the New Dimension
When I’m Sixty‐Four
Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy
Contributed to or performed: 
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 26, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 3 - Tales of Mystery, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 74, The
Childhood's End
Dream of the Dragon
Exploring the Rainbow Vol. I
Hard N' Heavy, Volume 25
InsideOut Music: Sampler 2005 No. 1
Into Temptation: The Best of Gothic Rock
Keep Your Prog in Check, Vol. 1
KnuckleTracks #82
Light My Fire
Metal Museum, Volume 11: Progressive Metal, The
Metal Years: Progressive Metal, The
Music From Time and Space, Vol. 64
Music in Progress
Music in Progress, Volume 2
New Species, Volume XI
Nintendotape II: Let's Dance!
One for the Vine
Opera Metal
Opera Metal, Volume 4
Opera Metal, Volume 6
Opera Metal: The Ultimate Collection
Prog : Le coffret idéal
Prog Rocks!
Prog Rocks! Volume Four
Progressive Rock – Aktuelle Highlights und Klassiker
Rock Hard Lauschangriff Vol. 053
Rock Hard Lauschangriff, Volume 023
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 22
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 41
Superсборка (#7'04)
Symphonic & Opera Metal, Vol. 1