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III Nino
Ill Nino
Ill Niño (Musical group or band)
began 1999
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Chavarri, Dave (hasMember)
Couto, Daniel (hasMember)
Luster, Ahrue (hasMember)
Machado, Cristian (hasMember)
Paisante, Jardel (hasMember)
Pina, Lazaro (hasMember)
Rizzo, Marc (hasMember)
Against the Wall
Alibi of Tyrants, The
Alibiy of Tyrants, The
All I Ask For
All the Right Words
Am Loco, I
Are We So Innocent
Art of War, The
Barely Breathing
Best of Ill Niño, The
Bleed Like You
Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Breaking the Rules
Bullet With Butterfly Wings
Can't Forgive, Can't Forget
Compulsion of Virus and Fever
Confession 3 Track Radio Sampler
Corazón of Mine
CSI: Miami the soundtrack
Dead Friends
Dead new world
Death Wants More
Depression, The
Disposal (demo)
Epidemia, La
Estoy Perdido
Everything Beautiful
Eye for an Eye
Finger Painting (With the Enemy)
Fingers Painting [With the Enemy]
Five Minutes Alone
Forgive Me Father…
Formal Obsession
Freddy vs. Jason the original motion picture soundtrack
God is for the Dead
God Is I
God Save Us (live)
Gode Save Us
Guerrilla Carnival
Have You Ever Felt?
Hot Summer's Tragedy
How Can I Live (album version)
How Can I Live (New radio edit)
How Can I Live (original radio edit)
How Can I Live (single mix)
How Can I Live (Spanglish version)
How Can I Live (Spanish version)
How Could I Believe
I'll Find a Way
I'll Find the Way
I'm Not the Enemy
If You Still Hate me
If You Were Me
Ill Niño
In This Moment
Invisible People
Kellogs, Bombs, & Cracker Jacks
Killing You, Killing Me
la Vida, De
Letting Go
Liberación of Our Awakening, La
Lifeless... Life...
Live from the Eye of the Storm
Live Like There's No Tomorrow
Live Roadrage Tour 2003
Make Me Feel
March Against Me
Me gusta la soledad
Mi Revolución
My Bullet
My Pleasant Torture
My Resurrection
Niño, El
No Murder
Not Alive in My Nightmare
Nothing's Clear (demo)
One nation underground
Only the Unloved
Part of the Signs
Pieces of the Sun
Pray I Don't Find You
Radio Id #1 (Song intro)
Radio Id #2 (Humorous Song intro)
Radio Id #3 (Generic Spanglish intro)
Red Rain
Reservation for Two
Revolution Revolución Sampler
Rip Out Your Eyes
Roadrunner road rage
Roadrunner roadrage 2003
Sangre Hermosa, De
Serve the Grave
Someone or Something
Te amo... I Hate You
Territorial Pissings
This Is War
This Time's for Real (album version)
This Time's for Real (single version)
Till death, la familia
Time Won't Save You
Tribal Jam
Turns to Gray
Two (Vaya con Dios)
Undercover Sessions, The
Unreal (reborn mix)
Unreal (Spanish version)
Violent Saint
What Comes Around (Day of the Dead mix)
What Comes Around (edit)
What Comes Around (Spanish version)
What You Deserve
When It Cuts
With You
World So Cold
Zombie Eaters
Contributed to or performed: 
15 Years Metal Addiction
25 Live and Now! Roadrunner Rock Tribune Sampler
Aerodrome 2004
Afrekening, Volume 27, De
Afrekening, Volume 32: Best of 2003, De
Alternative Times, Volume 23
Alternative Times, Volume 45
Alternative Times, Volume 65
American Chopper: The Series
Bandit Rock, Volume 1
Buzz Bands
Cave, The
Concrete Corner: November Sampler 2003
Crossing All Over! Volume 15
CSI: Miami: The Soundtrack
Download 2001
Download 2002
Download 2004
Freddy vs. Jason
Great Metal Covers, Volume 3
Hard N' Heavy, Volume 61
Heart of Roadrunner Records
Here's the Metal
Here's the Metal: August 2014
Here's the Metal: September 2014
Hörsturz, Volume 3
Hörsturz, Volume 5
Hot Stuff. The Noise of Summer, The
Incoming: The Sounds of 2001
Indie, Volume 8
Infected: Roadrunner Records Fall 2005 Enhanced Sampler
JägerMusic Volume 2
Kerrang! Incoming: The Sounds of 2002
Kerrang! Reload
Kerrang! The Album
Kerrang! The Album, Volume 2
Kerrang! The Album, Volume 3
Kerrang! Weekender
Large Compilation CD 20
Legends of Metal
Loud, Volume 1
Maniacs, Autumn 2006
Metal & Hard Rock Hammer World HWCD 2008/04
Metal Edge Sampler (January/February 2008)
Metal Hammer: July 2001
Metal Museum, Volume 10: Nu Metal, The
Monitor This
Monitor This! (Feb-Mar 2002)
Monitor This! Oct/Nov 2003
MTV2 Headbangers Ball
New Shit
New Shit, Volume 13
New Shit, Volume 2
New Shit, Volume 4
New Shit, Volume 7
Nu Metal 3
Onde De Choc 22
Ozzfest 2002 Summer Sampler
Ozzfest Live 2002
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, August 2003
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, November 2005
Resident Evil
Resident Evil: Music From and Inspired by the Original Motion Picture
Roadrunner Drill!! The CD '01
Roadrunner Records 2001 Sampler: The Wrath of Ro
Roadrunner Records Roadworks
Roadrunner Records Sampler
Roadrunner Records Spring 2002 Programming Guide
Roadrunner Road Rage
Roadrunner Roadrage 2003
Rock Matrix, The
Rock Sound: Music With Attitude, Volume 20
Rock Sound: Music With Attitude, Volume 27
Rock Sound: Music With Attitude, Volume 54
Shield: Soundtrack Music From the Streets, The
Soundwave 2014
Summer of Metal
Sweating Bullets 3