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Emperor (Musical group or band)
began 1991
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Alver (hasMember)
Ellefsen, Håvard (hasMember)
Faust (hasMember)
Ihsahn (hasMember)
Samoth (hasMember)
Tchort (hasMember)
Torson, Trym (hasMember)
Acclamation of Bonds, The
Ærie Descent
Alsvartr (The Oath)
Am the Black Wizards (alternative mix), I
Am the Black Wizards (rehearsal 1993), I
Ancient Queen, The
Anthem to the welkin' at dusk
Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
As the Shadows Rise
Beyond the Great Vast Forest (alternative mix)
Burning Shadows of Silence (alternative mix), The
Burning Shadows of Silence (pre-prod rehearsal 1993), The
Candlelight compilation
Conquering Europe
Cosmic Keys to My Creations and Times
Cosmic Keys to My Creations & Times (alternative mix)
Curse You All Men! (live at the Astoria, London July '99)
[data track]
Decrystallizing Reason
Elegy of Icaros, An
Emperial live ceremony
Emperor ; Wrath of the tyrant
Ensorcelled by Khaos
Eruption, The
Fine Day to Die, A
Forgotten Centuries
Funeral Fog
Gods of darkness
He Who Sought the Fire
In Longing Spirit
In the nightside eclipse
In the Wordless Chamber
Infinity Burning (medley)
Inno a Satana (alternative mix)
Inno a Satana (live)
Into the Infinity of Thoughts (alternative mix)
Introduction (alternative mix)
IX Equilibrium
Live in Frostland
Live inferno
Lord of the Storms (Demonic Pitch version)
Lord of the Storms (Evil Necro Voice From Hell remix)
Loss and Curse of Reverence, The
Majesty of the Nightsky (4-track pre-prod 1993), The
Majesty of the Nightsky (alternative mix), The
Midsummer Night's Dream, A
Moon Over Kara‐Shehr
My Empire's Doom
Night of the Graveless Souls / Ensorcelled by Khaos
Nonus Aequilibrium
Of Blindness & Subsequent Seers
Opus a Satana
Prometheus - The Discipline of Fire & Demise
Prophet, The
Scattered ashes : a decade of Emperial wrath
Source of Icon E, The
Sworn (Revamped by Ulver at Endless Studios)
Thorns on My Grave
Thus March the Nightspirit
Thus Spake the Nightspirit / Inno a Satana
Tongue of Fire, The
Towards the Pantheon (alternative mix)
Usurper (rehearsal from 1992), The
Wanderer, The
Warriors of Modern Death, The
Witches Sabbath
With Strength I Burn
Wrath of the Tyrant
Ye Entrancemperium
Contributed to or performed: 
Attila Csihar... The Beast Of
Blackend IV
Blackend: The Black Metal Compilation, Volume 1
Blackend: The Black Metal Compilation, Volume 2
Blackend: The Black Metal Compilation, Volume 3
Candlelight Compilation
Danse Macabre / Massacra / Triumph of Death
Dark Side of Wacken, The
Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone
Emperor / Hordanes Land
Full Metal Racket
Gods of Darkness
Hard N' Heavy, Volume 12
Hard N' Heavy, Volume 20
Hard N' Heavy, Volume 24
Hard Rock: Le CD de l'extrême
Hellhammer / Celtic Frost / Emperor / Bathory
Identity Four
Identity II
In Conspiracy With Satan: A Tribute to Bathory
In Memory of Celtic Frost
Kerrang! The Best of 2001
KnuckleTracks XVIII
Legacy 05/01
Lords of Chaos: The History of Occult Music
Mercyful Fate Tribute
Metal Hammer: September 2001
Metal Museum, Volume 14: Black Metal, The
Metal: A Headbanger's Journey
Metallian Sampler n°28
Metalliliitto 1999
Monsters of Metal: The Ultimate Metal Compilation Double DVD
Moonfog 2000: A Different Perspective
Morbid Tunes of the Black Angels, Part I
Mystic Art, Vol. 10
Mystic Art, vol. 16
Mystic Art, Vol. 2
Mystic Art, Vol. 6
Nordic Metal - A Tribute To Euronymous
Nordic Metal: A Tribute to Euronymous
Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series, Volume 28
Originators of the Northern Darkness: A Tribute to Mayhem
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 15
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 29
Terrorized, Volume 14
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 23
Thorns vs. Emperor
True Kings of Norway
Voodoo Rock Machine Vol. 6
WOA: Full Metal Jukebox, Volume III