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Hammer Fall
Hammerfall (Musical group or band)
began 1993
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Cans, Joacim (hasMember)
Dronjak, Oscar (hasMember)
Elmgren, Stefan (hasMember)
Johansson, Anders (hasMember)
Larsson, Fredrik (hasMember)
Larsson, Johan (hasMember)
Ljungström, Glenn (hasMember)
Norgren, Pontus (hasMember)
Räfling, Patrik (hasMember)
Rosén, Magnus (hasMember)
Stanne, Mikael (hasMember)
Strömblad, Jesper (hasMember)
Sundin, Niklas (hasMember)
1999-04-02: Acoustic Legacy: KVA, São Paulo, Brazil
1999-06-18: Hultsfred Festival, Hultsfred, Sweden
400 M Medley
666 - The Enemy Within
Abyss, The
Always Will Be (acoustic version)
And yet I Smile
Anders' Message
Angel of Mercy
Any means necessary
At The End Of The Rainbow (Live)
At The End Of The Rainbow (Rehearsal demo 1998)
B.Y.H. (instrumental)
Back To Back (Rehearsal demo 1998)
Balls To The Wall (Accept Cover)
Bang Your Head
Bass Solo: Magnus Rosen
be_420a_421st of metal, The
Believe (live at Wacken '97), I
Believe (Live In Sweden), I
Between Two Worlds
Blood Bound (instrumental)
Blood Bound (karaoke version)
Blood Bound (remix)
Born to Rule
Breaking The Law (Judas Priest Cover)
Breaking The Law (Video Montage)
Bring It!
Bring the Hammer Down
Built to last
Carved in Stone (voice-over)
Chain of Command
Champion, The
Chapter I: The Early Days
Chapter II: The Rockslaget Festival
Chapter III: The Album
Chapter IV: New Members, Wacken & Touring
Chapter V: Unbent, unbowed, unbroken
Child of the Damned
Crazy Nights
Crimson thunder
Dark Wings, Dark Words (voice-over)
Dead by Dawn
Destined for Glory
Dethrone and Defy
Detroit Rock City
Dia de los muertos
Dragon Lies Bleeding (2012), The
Dreamland (Live)
Dreamland (Rehearsal demo 1998)
Dreams Come True
Drum Solo - Anders Johansson
Eternal Dark (Picture Cover)
Evil Incarnate
Ex Inferis
Fallen One, The
Filharmonie, Filderstadt, Germany [Templars Of Steel / Unchained / The Templar Flame / Knights Of The 21st Century]
Fire Burns Forever SP, The
Fire Burns Forever (voice-over), The
Flight of the Warrior
Fury of the Wild
Gates of Dalhalla
Genocide (voice-over)
German TV Advertisement
Glory of the brave
Glory to the Brave (20 Year Anniversary Edition)
Glory to the Brave (2012)
Glory to the brave : 20th anniversary edition
Glory to the Brave - Clip 1
Glory to the Brave - Clip 2
Glory to the Brave Medley (2017)
Glory to the Brave (radio edit)
Glory to the Live (Sweden 1997)
Guitar Solo: Pontus Norgren
Guitar Solo: Stefan Elmgren
Hallowed Be My Name
Hammer High
Hammer of Justice
Hammerfall (2012)
Hammerfall (live)
Hammerfall v.2.0.07 (video rough mix version)
Hammerfall v2.0.07
Head Over Heels (Accept Cover)
Headbangers & Beerdrinkers
Hearts of metal
Hearts on fire
Hector’s Hymn
Heeding The Call (Live 2018)
Heeding The Call (Rehearsal demo 1998)
Hero’s Return
Heroes of steel
Heroes Return
Hol van a szó (Send a Sign - Hungarian Version)
Howlin' With the 'Pac (voice-over)
In Memoriam
In the name of the king a dungeon siege tale ; music from and inspired by the original motion picture
Joacim's Message
Journey So Far, The
Keep the Flame Burning
Knights of the 21st Century
Last Man Standing
Legacy of Kings (1998 version)
Legacy of Kings (20 Year Anniversary Edition)
Legacy of kings deluxe edition
Legacy Of Kings - Interview 2018
Legacy Of Kings (Live In The U.S.A.)
Legacy Of Kings (Medley 2018)
Legacy of the Brave
Legacy of the Kings
Legend Reborn, A
Let's Get It On (instrumental)
Let The Hammer Fall (Live in Brazil 2017)
Let The Hammer Fall (Live In Sweden)
Let The Hammer Fall (Rehearsal demo 1998)
Life Is Now
Listening Session
Live at Hultsfred Festival in Sweden 1999
Live Life Loud
Living in Victory
Lore of the Arcane/Trailblazers (live)
Magnus' Message
Making of "Glory to the Brave“, The
Making of Natural High
Man of the Silver Mountain (Rainbow)
Man on the Silver Mountain
Metal Age (1998), The
Metal Age (live at Wacken '97)
Metal Age (live), The
Metal dreams
Monsters of metal
My Sharona
När vindarna viskar mitt namn
Natural High (karaoke version)
Natural High (voice-over)
Never, Ever
Never Forgive, Never Forget
New Breed
New Swedish Legacy
News from Nuclear Blast
No sacrifice, no victory
Nominated for the Swedish Grammy Award
Oh Fortuna
On the Edge of Honour
One Against the World
One crimson night
One More Time (instrumental)
One of a Kind
Oscar's Message
Outlaw, The
Outtakes And Sign Off
Patient Zero
Promo Clips
Punish and Enslave
Raise the Hammer (instrumental)
Raise the Hammer (live)
Raven Lord
Ravenlord - Live (Stormwitch Cover)
Rebel Inside (voice-over)
Rebels with a cause unruly, unrestrained, uninhibited
Refuse, I
Reign of the Hammer (voice-over)
Releaseparty For Legacy Of Kings
Remember The Heroes
Remember Yesterday (Live In Japan)
Renegad (edit)
Renegade alle Songs der CD für Gitarre in Noten und TAB
Renegade (Auszug)
Renegade (live)
Restless Soul
Riders of the Storm
Rise the Hammer 1997–2000
Rise the Hammer (instrumental)
Rising Force (Yngwie Malmsteen)
Run With the Devil (Heavyload)
Sacred Vow, The
Scars of a Generation
Second to None
Second to One
Send Me a Sign (Hungarian version)
Shadow Empire (voice-over)
Shure Endorsement Ceremony
Something for the Ages
Star of Home, The
Stay Strong Japan Message
Steel Meet Steel (live)
Steel Meets Steel (1998)
Steel Meets Steel - First Live Show
Steel meets steel Hammerfall - ten years of glory
Stefan's Message
Stone Cold (1998)
Stone Cold (live)
Stronger Than All (Live)
Tainted Metal
Take the Black
Tausend Jahre Reich
Templar Flame, The
Templar Renegade Crusades, The
Templars of Steel (live)
Threshold (voice-over)
Titan (voice-over)
tribute to Accept, A
tribute to the creatives of the night, A
TV Clips
Twilight Princess
Unchained (Live In Switzerland)
Unforgiving Blade, The
Want Out (Live Montage From Hansen Studios), I
Want Out (studio track), I
Warriors Of Faith (Live In Chile)
Warriors Of Faith (Rehearsal demo 1998)
Way of the Warrior (Fredman version), The
(We Make) Sweden Rock
We're Gonna Make It
We Won't Back Down
Wer'e Gonna Make It (Twisted Sister)
Winter Is Coming
Youth Gone Wild
Contributed to or performed: 
10 Years Nuclear Blast
20 Years of Nuclear Blast
30 Years of Nuclear Blast
Absolute Power Metal 2004: The Definitive Collection
Aerodrome 2005
Alla Tiders Melodifestival
Bandit Rock 1
Be(a)st of Metal: I: World of Fantasy, The
Blasting Your Ears! Volume 1
Blood Bound
Compilation Rock Hard 59
Death… Is Just the Beginning, Volume 5
Death… Is Just the Beginning, Volume 6
Death… Is Just the Beginning, Volume 7
Echo 2001
Fire Burns Forever, The
Great Metal Covers, Volume 1
Great Metal Covers, Volume 18
Great Metal Covers, Volume 19
Great Metal Covers, Volume 20
Great Metal Covers, Volume 5
Ground Zero
Hard Music News, Volume 2
Hard N' Heavy, Volume 29
Hearts of Metal, Volume 1
Hearts of Metal, Volume 2
HellDorado II
Here's the Metal: September 2014
Heroes of Steel
Heroes of Steel, Chapter 3
Holy Dio: A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio
Holy Dio: A Tribute to the Voice of Metal
In the Name of the King
Into the Light
Iron Warriors
KnuckleTracks #77
KnuckleTracks 100
KnuckleTracks 88
Large Compilation CD #14
Masters of Rock 2007
Masters of Rock 2015
Maximum Metal, Volume 112, Spezial
Maximum Metal, Volume 137
Maximum Metal, Volume 223
Metal Dreams
Metal Dreams, Volume 3
Metal Dreams, Volume 4
Metal Dreams, Volume 5
Metal for the Masses V
Metal Hammer #140: Metal Meltdown
Metal Hammer #143: Battle Metal II: Kiss My Axe
Metal Hammer #150: Nuclear Blast
Metal Hammer #184: The Unholy Alliance Chapter III
Metal Hammer: Battle Metal
Metal Hammer: Battle Metal V: The Final Conflict
Metal Hammer: November 2004 (Razor, Volume 9)
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 11
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 35
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 4
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 51
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 75
Metal Hymns, Volume 11
Metal Museum - Metallised Hearts 1
Metal Museum, Volume 1: Power Metal, The
Metal Rocks
Metal Years: Power Metal, The
Monsters of Metal: The Ultimate Metal Compilation Double DVD
Monsters of the Millennium: Rocksongs 1980–2000
Nuclear Blast Heavy Summer 2011
Nuclear Blast Music Assault 2009
Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series, Volume 15
Nuclear Blast: Blasting Your Ears! Volume 1
Nuclear Blast: Blasting Your Ears! Volume 2
P3 Guld 2009
Power From the North: Sweden Rocks the World
Primal Rock
Rautakanki 2
Rock Hard Lauschangriff Volume 017
Rock Hard Lauschangriff Volume 031
Rock Hard Lauschangriff, Volume 049
Rock Hard Presents: EMP - 20 Years of Rock 'n' Roll - Finest Collection
Rock Hard: Das Festival 2007
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 13
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 23
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 34
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 61
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 64
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 7
Rock Hard: Nuclear Blast
Sampler RockHard N°146, Le
Schwerter des Königs - Dungeon Siege
Stahlmaster, Volume 3
Sweden Rock, Volume 1
Symphonic & Opera Metal Vol. 5
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 136
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 34
Tribute to 1988, A
Tribute to Accept, A
Tribute to the Creatures of the Night, A
Tribute to the Priest, A
Twisted Forever
Unbroken Metal
Very Best of Hard Rock Ballads, The
Viking Ballads
WOA: Full Metal Juke Box, Volume I