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Bemfunk Mc's
Bombfunk MC's
Bomfunk MC
Bomfunk MC’s
Bomfunk MC’s (Musical group or band)
Bomfunk MCS'
Boomfunk MC's
Boomfunk MC`s
began 1997
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
B.O.W (hasMember)
Folker, Jessica
Gismo, DJ (hasMember)
Komulainen, Okke (hasMember)
Mäkinen, Ville (hasMember)
Pentti, Riku (hasMember)
Salovaara, Jaakko
Spears, Britney (1981-)
Toikka, Ari (hasMember)
B-Boys + Flygirls (DJ Gismo Goes Funky mix)
B-Boys and Fly Girls (Motor Funk remix)
B-boys and flygirls
B-Boys & Fly Girls (Katapult All Stars remix)
B-Boys & Fly Girls (Westbams Technolectro mix)
B-Boys & Fly Girls (Y2K mix)
B-boys & flygirls choose your own style
B-Boys & Flygirls (Jori Hulkkonen Deep'n'Smooth remix)
B-Boys & Flygirls (JS 16 New mix)
B-Boys & Flygirls (JS16 Sound Design)
B-Boys & Flygirls (Missing Link remix)
B-Boys & Flygirls (original version)
B-Boys & Flygirls (radio edit)
B-Boys & Flygirls (Y2K mix)
Back to Back (feat. Z-MC)
Back to Back (Skillstersplusone remix)
Bomfunk MC's - In stereo special edition
Boys & Flygirls
Bravo - the hits
Burnin' sneakers
Clubbers compilation your best club- & trancetraxx
(Crack It) Something Going On (Beats'n Styles remix)
(Crack It) Something Going On (extended)
(Crack It) Something Going On (original)
Dance now!
Do you wanna mmm ...? si, señor
Electronic Collection
Fashion Style
Flying Steps (In da Arena video edit)
Foxy Lady
Freak It On
Freestyke Crew (Pump da Beat Short cut)
Freestyle Project (Electric Reality)
Freestyle Project (Music Don't Stop)
Freestyler (album version)
Freestyler (alternative radio edit)
Freestyler (Dirty Rotten Scoundrel's Surgical Spirit mix)
Freestyler (dirty Rotten Scoundrel’s Surgicial Spirit mix)
Freestyler (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Surgical Spirit dub)
Freestyler (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Surgical Spirit mix)
Freestyler (Happy Mickey Mouse mix)
Freestyler (Missing Link remix)
Freestyler (original mix)
Freestyler (radio edit dirty version)
Freestyler (Skillsters remix)
Freestyler (Tuff Twins mix)
Freestylers (B-Boy Strange)
Funky Things
Hypnotic (Arrants remix)
Hypnotic (Dallas Superstars remix)
Hypnotic (Will Power & Infekto Electro Breaks remake)
In Stereo (bonus disc: Remix Album)
It's All in Your Mind
Ladies & Fellas
Live Ur Life (Push remix)
Live Your Life (C/L Bounce remix)
Live Your Life (feat. Max'c)
Live Your Life (Push Club Remix)
No Way in Hell (a cappella)
No Way in Hell (DJ Slow remix)
No Way in Hell (Moonbootica remix aka koweSix)
No Way in Hell (Muffler remix)
No Way In Hell (Radio Edit)
No Way in Hell (radio version)
No Way in Hell (Royal Gigalo mix)
Othe Emcee's
Other Emcee’s
Pam Pam
Put Ya Hands Up
Put Your Hands Up (live remix)
Reverse psychology
Rock, Rocking tha Spot
Rock, Rocking the Spot
Rockin' With the Best
Rocking, Just to Make Ya Move (DJ Gismo's Hot Stuff)
Rocking, Just to Make Ya Move (DJ Orkidea's 160719942330 remix)
Rocking, Just to Make Ya Move (JS16 Powerplay)
Rocking, Just to Make Ya Move (Missing Link 2Step mix)
Rocking, Just to Make Ya Move (Quincy Freak mix)
Rocking Just to Make You Move (JS16 Powerplay)
Shy's the Limit
Si, señor
Sky's the Limit
Something Going On (feat. Jessica Folcker)
Something Going On (feat. Jessica Folker)
Spoken Word
Steady Rockin'
Stir Up the Bass
Super Electric (Bostik remix)
Super Electric (extended version)
Super Electric (Fu-Tourist remix)
Super Electric (Jan Driver remix)
Super Electric (JS16 remix)
Super Electric (Label 23 remix)
Super Electric (original version)
Super Electric (radio edit)
Throw 1 Back at Cha
Track Star
Turn It Up
Up Rockin Beats
Uprockin Beats (DJ Gismo's Groove)
Uprocking Beat
Uprocking Beats (DJ Gismo's Groove)
Uprocking Beats (Hatiras remix)
Uprocking Beats (JS-16 Sound Design)
Uprocking Beats (JS16 radio mix)
Uprocking Beats (JS16 Sound Design)
Uprocking Beats (original Version)
Uprocking Beats (radio edit)
Uprocking Beats (Transformer mix)
Uprocking Beats (Utah Saints extended alternative Acid Riff)
We R Atomic
Where's the Party At (feat. Mighty 44)
Contributed to or performed: 
(Crack It) Somethin Goin On
(Crack It) Something Going On
(Crack It) Something Going On (album version)
(Crack It) Something Going On (extended club mix)
1, 2, 3, 4
100 Essential Tracks: Millennium Hits
100 Hits: 2000s
100 Hits: Club Classics
100 Hits: Dancefloor Anthems
101 00s Hits
101 Dance Hits
101 Number Ones
101 Running Songs Lap 2
20 Top Hits aus den Charts 2/2001
20 Top Hits Aus Den Charts 5/2000
20 Years on MTV: 2000
2000er: The Pop Years: Die Hits des neuen Jahrtausends, Die
2002-06-27: A State of Trance #53, "Guest Airwave"
25 Jahre RTL: Die besten No. 1 Hits aus 25 Jahren
50 Jaar Radio Veronica: The 00’s
80 From the 00s
Absolute 00's
Absolute Dance Anthems
Absolute Dance Opus 34
Absolute Dance Summer 2000
Absolute Dance: Winter 2001
Absolute Music 23
Absolute Music 33
Absolute Music 35
Absolute Party Anthems
Addicted to Bass Classics
Afrekening, Volume 22, De
Afrekening, Volume 23, De
Alle 40 Goed 90's
Alle 40 Goed: 00’s
Antenne Bayern - Hit Collection Spezial: Best Of 15 Jahre - 1988 - 2002
B-Boys & Flygirls
Back to Back
Bang On!
Bangin' the Box, Volume 5
Best Dance Album in the World... Ever! Part 11, The
Best of 538 Dance Smash Summer Edition
Best of Remember 6 (Compilation Tracks)
Best Summer Album 2002, The
Best Summer Holiday 2001... Ever!, The
Beste Uit 2500 X Top 40, Het
beste uit de Mega Top 100 van 2000, Het
beste uit de Qmusic top 500 van de 00's, Het
beste uit de Qmusic top 500 van deze eeuw, Het
Big Beat Anthems
Big Brother 2 Danmark
BILD - Hits 2003 Die Erste
Body Combat 12
Body Combat 7
Bolero Mix 17
Boom 2000
Booom 2003: The First
Booom! The Number 1 Dance Album, Volume 2
Bravo 100 Hits: Das Beste aus 100 Bravo Hits
Bravo Hits 29
Bravo Hits 31
Bravo Screenfun Hits
Bravo: The Hits 2000
Bravo: The Hits 2002, Part 2
Bump 11
Bump 7
Čágo belo šílenci! 18
Central Energy 10
Central Energy 10 (disc 1)
Chart Boxx - Winter Extra 2004
Chart Boxx 1/2003
Chartmix 8
Club Rotation, Volume 5
Club Rotation: The Anthems
Club Sounds, Volume 1
Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection: 90s, Vol. 2
Clubfete 2014 - 44 Club Dance & Party Hits
Compilation 2003: The Best of Electronic
Contender for the Record of the Year 2000
CoolSweat 5
Crucial Dance
Dance Now 2001, Volume Two
Deejay Parade 2001
Dome, Volume 14, The
Dome, Volume 15, The
Dome, Volume 16, The
Dome, Volume 20, The
Dream Dance 23
Echo 2001
Elämä Lapselle 2004
Electric Beat
Electro Breakdance Party 2
Euro Hits Forever
Eva & Adam: Vinterparty
Fashion Styley
Fetenhits: Après Ski 2003
Fever Pitch: The Official Music of the 2002 FIFA World Cup
Formel Eins: Die 2000er!
Freestyle, Volume 17
Fresh Hits, Volume 1
Future Trance: Return to the 90s
Global Hits 2002
Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten: Fan-tastic
Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten: Stars & Hits #35
Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten: Starlight
Heaps Cool
Heaps Cool 2
Helsinki 2005
Hey Everybody
History of Dance 10: The Eurodance Edition
Hit Box: 2000, Volume 3
Hit Club: Very Best 2000
Hit Explosion 2000, Vol. 4
Hit-Giganten: Best of Dance, Die
Hitbreaker 1.2005
Hitbreaker 2.03
Hitbreaker 2001: Die Zweite
Hitexplosion 2001
Hits 2001 (disc 1)
Hits 50
Hits for Kids 10
Hits for Kids 4
Hits for Kids 5
Hits for Kids 8
Hits for Kids, Volume 3
Hits for Kids, Volume 4
Hits for Kids, Volume 8
Huge Hits 2000
Hyvää ja kaunista: Radiomafia-live, Volume 1
Indie Dance Anthems (disc 1)
Intiaanikesä, Volume 4
It's All In Your Mind
It's Like That! (disc 1)
Just the Best 3/2000
Just the Best, Vol. 41
Just the Best, Vol. 43
Kickin' Hard 3
Kix Mix 9
Krone Hit Vol.2
Let's Dome - The Very Best Of
Live Your Life
Live Your Life (C/L Bounce Remix)
Live Your Life (DJ Slow Remix)
Live Your Life (Extended Mix)
Live Your Life (Fu-Tourist Remix)
Live Your Life (Modulation Remix)
Live Your Life (On The Edge Mix)
Live Your Life (Original Version)
Lords of the Boards 2001
Love 90’s, I
Love 90s, I
Massive Dance 2001
Maxi Super Dance 4/2000
Maxx Long Player 25: Lost Classics, De
McMusic 18
McMusic 21
McMusic 22
McMusic Break Box
McMusic Hits 2000
Mega 90er Vol. 2, Die
Megahits 2000: Die Zweite
Megahits 2001: Die Erste
Megahits 2003: Die Erste
Members Only #2
Members Only #8
MM2003: Jääkiekon MM-kisojen virallinen kisalevy
MNM Nineties 90’s & 00’s Nillies, Volume 2
MNM Party 2013.2
MNM Party 2015.1
More FM Mix Tape
Most Wanted Hits 1
Most Wanted Hits 4
Most Wanted Summer 2000
Mother 2000 Mach 3
Mr Music Hits 2000-11
Mr Music Hits 2000-8
Mr Music Hits 2002-05
Mr Music Hits 2002-10
Muziek 10-Daagse, De
No Limits!
Non Stop Hits
Now Dance 1
Now Dance 2001
Nr.1 Hits der 90s Kidz
Nu Skool Breaks
Official Album of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, The
One Hit Wonders
One Shot 2000
One World, One Love Parade: The Compilation 2000
Party Songs, Volume 2
Party Zone 14
Pepsi Chart 2001
Pepsi Chart Hits, Volume 3
Pepsi: More Music, Volume 2
Pop Giganten: One Hit Wonder
Power Dance Party
Promo Only: Alternative Club, March 1999
Pump Up the 90’s
Pure Dance Hits
Pure… Dance Party
Pure… Dancefloor
Pure… Fitness
Reloaded 2
Remember the 90s, Volume 2
RTL - I Like the 90's
RTL Party Hits 2003
Schubkraft, Volume 3
Serious Beats 3
Sky's the Limit
Sky's the Limit (radio edit)
Smash Hits - Summer Vibes
So Fresh: 15 Years of the Greatest Hits
So Fresh: The Hits of Spring 2000
So Fresh: The Hits of Summer 2001 Plus the Biggest Hits of 2000
Something Goin' On
Something Going On
Something Going On (Crack It)
Street Vibes 6
Street Vibes 7
Sunshine Songs & Lovin' Beats
Suomipoppia 6
Techno Power 2001
TMF Dance 2011
Top 40: 2000’s
Top of the Pops 2000, Volume 3
Top of the Pops 2001, Volume 1
Top of the Pops: The Best of 2000, Volume One
Tracks 20 år: Dancesamlingen
Trance Compilattion
Traxx of the Future
Triple J: Hottest 100, Volume 8
Triple J: Hottest Box
Turn It Up
Ultimate 2000's
Ultimate 90's, The
Ultimate Dance: 60 Massive Dancefloor Classics
Ultimate Fitness
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Hits des neuen Jahrtausends (2000-2009), Die
Ultra Techno 2000
Ultra‐Pop 2000–2009: A Decade of Hits
Ultratop 15 ans
Veronica 00's Top 500
Veronica Top 1000 Allertijden: Editie 2011
Very Best of Street Vibes
Video Hits 96-06
Video Hits: Just Dance
Viva Hits 20
VIVA Summer Hits 2000
Where's the Party At
WicKeD: Volume 1
Wild FM, Volume 8
Wild Gold
Wild Gold, Volume 4
Wild Reunion 1996–2011
Wild, Volume 13
XTC: Music for the Mind