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Perceval, Spencer
Percival, Spencer
Spencer Perceval (britischer Politiker und Premierminister)
Spencer Perceval (britisk politikar)
Spencer Perceval (britisk politiker)
Spencer Perceval (Brits politicus)
Spencer Perceval (brittisk politiker)
Spencer Perceval (politicien britannique)
Spencer Perceval (politico inglese)
Spencer Perceval (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom)
Spenser Perseval
Spensers Pērsevals
Персиваль, Спенсер (английский государственный деятель)
Спенсер Персевал
Спенсер Персіваль
Спенсэр Персіваль
Спэнсэр Пэрсэваль
ספנסר פרסיבל
سبنسر برسيفال
स्पेन्सर पर्सिव्हाल
ஸ்பென்சர் பேர்சிவல்
스펜서 퍼시벌 (영국의 총리)
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Caroline Amelia Elizabeth, Queen
Caroline, Queen (consort of George IV, King of Great Britain, 1768-1821.)
Great Britain Prime Minister (1809-1812 : Perceval) (see also from)
Maberly, John
Manderson, James
Melville, Henry Dundas Viscount, 1742-1811
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Monck, John Berkeley
Perceval, Dudley Montagu
Radcliffe, William (1760-1841))
Sidmouth, Henry Addington (1757-1844; Viscount))
Church question in Ireland, The
Communications between the Right Honourable Spencer Perceval, and the committee appointed by the meetings of members of both Houses of Parliament, connected with Scotland on the subject of the property tax, as affecting the tenants of land in Scotland.
Copy of a letter to the Revd. Dr. Mansel ... on the subject of the Curates bill
duties and powers of public officers and private persons with respect to violations of the public peace., The
Edward's genuine edition
genuine book, The : an inquiry, or delicate investigation into the conduct of Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales : before Lords Erskine, Spencer, Grenville, and Ellenborough, the four special commissioners of inquiry, appointed by His Majesty in the year 1806
Huskisson and Irish affairs based on the Foster papers in the Public record office, Belfast, by C. R. Fay. [Letters from William Huskisson, John Foster, Spencer Perceval and Duke of Wellington, then Sir Arthur Wellesley.]
into the truth of certain written declarations touching the conduct of the Princess of Wales, ...
letter from John Maberly, Esq. to the Right Honourable Spencer Perceval recommending to his consideration, a system for the better provision of clothing, &c. &c. for the army and militias., A
Letter from Spencer Perceval, Attorney General to Joseph Hill regarding his request to see a copy of a report into Richard Rigby's estate
letter from the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Melville to the Right Hon. Spencer Percival, A : relative to the establishment of a naval arsenal at Northfleet.
Letter to the chancellor of the Exchequer
Letter to the Right Honourable Spencer Perceval, on the augmentation of a particular class of poor livings without burthening the public., A
letter to the Right Honourable Spencer Perceval on the expediency of imposing a duty on cotton wool of foreign growth, imported into Great Britain., A
Maynooth and the Jew bill further illustrations of the speech of the Rt. Hon. Spencer Perceval on the Roman Catholic question, in May, 1805
plan of reform proposed by Sir Francis Burdett correctly reported in two speeches delivered in Parliament, recommending an inquiry into the state of the representation, The
proceedings and correspondence upon the ... 1807., The
Remarks on the character ascribed by Colonel Napier to the late ... Spencer Perceval.
review of the arguments in favor of the continuance of impeachments, notwithstanding a dissolution, A
Six letters on the subject of Dr. Milner's explanation..., 1809:
substance of the speech, delivered by the Right Hon. Spencer Perceval, in the House of Commons, on the 8th and 9th of March, 1809 in the debate on the enquiry into the conduct of His Royal Highness the Duke of York, The
Twelve letters, addressed to the Right Honourable Spencer Perceval wherein a view is taken of the present magnitude of the British Navy, the Royal establishments for its equipment and reception, compared with those at different periods of its strength ... also, of the policy of the measures about to be adopted for the supplying of the evident defects in the present anchorages and Royal Dock-yards