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General Court Massachusetts
Massachusetts General Assembly
Massachusetts General Court
Massachusetts Great and General Court
Massachusetts Legislature
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act regulating the storage of gun powder., An
act supplementary to and explanatory of an act entitled, "An act for providing and regulating prisons" ..., An
act to establish the Massachusetts rail road corporations., An
act to incorporate the Boston Marine Insurance Company., An
act to regulate banks and banking], [An
address from the General Court, to the people of the commonwealth of Massachusetts., An
address of the legislature to the inhabitants of the commonwealth of Massachusetts. Commonwealth of Massachusetts., An
Address of the Whig members of the Senate and House of Representatives of Massachusetts, to their constituents : occasioned by the inaugural address of His Excellency Marcus Morton.
Addresses and messages to the General Court, proclamations, official addresses, and statements of His Excellency Governor Maurice J. Tobin for the years nineteen hundred and forty-five and nineteen hundred and forty-six
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availability and affordability of programs for latch-key children, The : a special report to the Great and General Court of Massachusetts
Black legislators in the Massachusetts General Court, 1867-present.
blessing of Zebulun & Issachar, The : a sermon preached before the great and general Court or Assembly in Boston : November 19, 1719
book of the general lawes and libertyes concerning the inhabitants of the Massachusetts, The : reproduced in facsimile from the unique 1648 edition in the Huntington Library
Bulletin of committee work and acts and resolves signed by the Governor
Bulletin of committee work and business of the Legislature
Centennial of the Bulfinch State House. Exercises before the Massachusetts legislature, January 11, 1898.
committee appointed at the last session of the legislature to consider whether any and what amendments are necessary in the militia law of the commonwealth, report ..., The
committee of both houses appointed to consider what measures it is expedient for this legislature to adopt in relation to the unhappy war in which we are engaged ... beg leave to report a remonstrance to the Congress of the United States ..., The
committee of both houses appointed "to examine the doings of the state bank, and to whom were referred the message of His Excellency the governor on the subject of said bank, and the documents accompanying the same" ... report ..., The
committee of both houses on the militia, to whom were referred the several orders of the past and present session, on the subject of the militia, have considered the same and respectfully submit the following report ..., The
committee of both houses, to whom was referred the several petitions of Isaac P. Davis and others, praying that they may be incorporated by the name of the Boston and Roxbury Mill Corporation ..., The
committee to whom was referred the letter of Major General Sewall of the 8th Division of the militia ... report ..., The
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Council Chamber, Jan. 30, 1808
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in Senate, Feb. 2, 1829
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fourteen
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, June 12th, 1813
Commonwealth of Massachusetts. To the Honourable Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, May 1811.
Cumulative pamphlet for the General laws of Massachusetts
Documents relating to the north eastern boundary of the state of Maine.
Documents submitted to the General Court.
Final subject index of ... legislation
General Court of Massachusetts, 1630-1930 : tercentenary exercises, commemorating its establishment three hundred years ago, and to note the progress of the Commonwealth under nine generations of lawmakers held at the State House, Boston, Massachusetts : at a special session in the chamber of the House of Representatives, Monday, October twenty, ninteen thirty, eleven o'clock.
General laws of Massachusetts.
Interim report to the General Court of the Special Commission Concerning State and County Buildings, created by chapter 5 of the Resolves of 1978 as amended, January 15, 1979.
joint committee on insurance annual report
Laws, etc. (Compiled statutes : 1921)
Legislative procedure in the General Court of Massachusetts.
List of committees of the General Court of Massachusetts.
manual for the use of the General Court., A
Massachusetts housing market, The : supply, demand, and policy indicators
Mr. Colmans sermon before the General Court, November 19th, 1719
Mr. West's election sermon, May 31, 1786
Nonpublic education in Massachusetts; the report of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Special Commission to Study Public Financial Aid to Nonpublic Primary and Secondary Schools and Certain Related Matters.
Order of both branches of the Legislature of Massachusetts, to appoint commissioners to investigate the causes of the difficulties in the County of Lincoln : and the report of the commissioners thereon with the documents, in support thereof.
patriotick proceedings of the legislature of Massachusetts, during their session from Jan. 26, to March 4, 1809. Consisting of the lieutenant governour's speech, answer of both houses, report of the Joint committee on petitions, Gore's report on Crowninshield's resolutions, report on the lieutenant governour's military orders, with three speeches, memorial to Congress, address to the people., The
petition & memorial of the towns of Bristol, Nobleborough, New-Castle, Edgcomb, and Boothbay, in the County of Lincoln, to the General Court of Massachusetts, anno domini, 1810., The
Records of the colony of New Plymouth, in New England
Records of the Massachusetts General Court
Report of the committee who had under consideration the expediency of building a ship of the line, of seventy-four guns, and offering the same when completed and equipped to the government of the United States ...
Report of the Joint select committee of the legislature of Massachusetts, upon so much of the governor's address at the opening of the present session as relates to the proceedings of the Convention of South Carolina.
Report on so much of the message of His Excellency the governor as relates to his application to the Secretary at [sic] War, and the answer thereto.
Report on the Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation : an investigation by the House of Representatives Post Audit and Oversight Bureau, including, "Are you sure about this guy?" : an analysis of the abuse of two mentally retarded men in Raynham, Massachusetts
Report on the State House conference, Lawmaking, technology, and quality growth, Boston, Massachusetts, 14-16 June 1976
Report : the committee of both houses, appointed to consider further amendments in the Constitution of the United States ...
Report to the General Court of the Commission on Interstate Co- operation.
Report to the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Report to the Legislature on the Determination of Need Program
Reports in the legislature of Massachusetts on the case of William Vans.
Reports of committees in Congress to whom were referred certain memorials and petitions complaining of the acts of Congress, concerning the Alien & Sedition laws : and, on the naval establishment, the augmentation of the navy, and the adoption of measures for procuring of timber and other supplies : also, an answer of the Massachusetts legislature to the Virginia Resolutions respecting dangerous aliens and seditious citizens.
Reports of controverted elections in the Senate and House of representatives, of the commonwealth of Massachusetts from 1853 to 1885 inclusive.
Resolves of the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts : together with the speeches, &c., of his excellency the Governour to the said court begun and held at Boston in the county of Suffolk on Wednesday the twenty-sixth day of May, anno Domini 1790, and from thence continued by adjournment to Wednesday the twenty-sixth day of January following.
Review of the proceedings in the Massachusetts Legislature for 1843 : with an appeal to the people against the violent course of the majority by the Whig minority.
Rules and orders of the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Rules of the Senate, House of Representatives, and joint rules, 1975-1976 sessions.
sermon preached before His Excellency James Bowdoin, Esq. governour, His Honour Thomas Cushing, Esq. lieutenant-governour, the Honourable the Council, Senate, and House of Representatives, of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, May 31, 1786, A : being the day of general election
Several methods of making salt-petre; recommended to the inhabitants of the United colonies by the Honorable Continental Congress. And re-published by order of the General assembly of the colony of Massachusetts-Bay. Together with the resolve of said Assembly, and an appendix, by Doctor William Whiting.
Speeches of the Governors of Massachusetts, 1765-1775; the answers of the House of Representatives thereto; with their resolutions and addresses for that period. And other public papers relating to the dispute between this country and Great Britain which led to the independence of the United States.
study of the health effects of video display terminals in the workplace, A : commissioned by the Massachusetts Legislature, July 1984 : submitted to the Massachusetts Legislature, May 1986
Testimonials of respect to the memory of John Quincy Adams, by the Legislature of Massachusetts.
Through the golden door : impacts of non-citizen residents on the Commonwealth : preliminary report
To the honorable Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled.
To the Honourable Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled, the undersigned agents of the commonwealth for selling the public lands in the state of Maine ... make the following report ...
Undersigned having been appointed by His Excellency the governor ... relative to the disturbances in Lincoln County ...
Victim Bill of Rights, the Massachusetts experience, fiscal years 1985 to 1987, The : report to the Massachusetts Legislature.