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Bob Hurst
Hurst, Bob
Hurst, Robert
Hurst, Robert Leslie
Hurst, Robert Leslie III
Robert Hurst
Robert Hurst III
Robert Leslie Hurst III
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Apollo, DJ (co-performer)
Barry, David (co-performer)
Bowen, Ralph (co-performer)
Branford Marsalis quartet (1987-1992) 1987-1992 (see also from)
Bryant, Rocky (co-performer)
Buckshot LeFonque (isMemberOf)
Burnett, Carl (co-performer)
Calderazzo, Joey (co-performer)
Carrington, Terri Lyne (co-performer)
CBS (Etats-Unis)
CBS (Europe)
CBS disques SA France
Cinelu, Mino (co-performer)
Crouch, Stanley (1945-....))
Davis, Kenny (co-performer)
Drummond, Billy (co-performer)
Eubanks, Kevin (co-performer)
Ferrante, Russell (co-performer)
Finders, Matt (co-performer)
Garrett, Kenny (co-performer)
Gibson, Master Henry (co-performer)
Jazz Soul Seven (isMemberOf)
Kirkland, Kenny (1955-1998)
Kirkland, Kenny (co-performer)
Lofgren, Nils (co-performer)
Marsalis, Branford (1960-...)
Marsalis, Branford (co-performer)
Marsalis, Delfeayo (co-performer)
Marsalis, Wynton (1961-....))
Marsalis, Wynton (1961-...)
McComb, Frank (co-performer)
Mossman, Michael Philip (co-performer)
Out of the Blue (isMemberOf)
Peterson, Ralph (co-performer)
Phillinganes, Greg (co-performer)
Premier, DJ (co-performer)
Randle, Vicki (co-performer)
Roberts, Marcus (1963-....))
Roberts, Marcus (1963-...)
Roney, Wallace (co-performer)
Rosnes, Renee (co-performer)
Sony music France
Upchurch, Phil (co-performer)
Uptown (co-performer)
Veal, Reginald (co-performer)
Watts, Ernie (co-performer)
Watts, Jeff (1960-....))
Watts, Jeff (1960-...)
Watts, Jeffrey “Tain” (co-performer)
Wilson, Steve (co-performer)
April Foolproof
April in Paris (5 min 04 s)
Au privave (14 min 35 s)
Autumn leaves (9 min 42 s)
Ballad of Chet Kincaid
Bert's Flirt
Blue Freeze
Bu Waynea
Caravan (8 min 18 s)
Chambers of tain (15 min 13 s)
Cherokee (2 min 51 s)
Chillin' at the Sloat
Crazy people music
Dark knight (12 min 49 s)
Delfeayo's dilemma (9 min 13 s)
Detroit Red
Devil's Night in Motown
Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans (11 min 31 s)
Down 4 the Cause
Dr. Bleuss
Foogy day (7 min 35 s)
Goodbye (8 min 13 s)
In the afterglow (3 min 33 s)
In Your Own Sweet Way
Incessant Lullaby... Bye
Innuendo in Yo Window
Insane asylum (6 min 29 s)
J Mood
Jill of All Trades
Jill's Groove
Joyce Faye
Just friends (8 min 22 s)
Live at Blues Alley
Marsalis standard time. Vol. 1
Melodique (4 min 28 s)
Memories of you (4 min 02 s)
Mr. Steepee (6 min 19 s)
Mr. Thomas
Much later (6 min 15 s)
NO. 3 (8 min 17 s)
Nurturer Geri Allen
One for Namesake
onliest (7 min 37 s)
Onliest, The
Persistence (5 min 23 s)
Presence that lament brings (5 min 50 s)
Random abstract
Red top (12 min 19 s)
road less traveled
Robert Hurst presents Robert Hurst
Rose petals (11 min 09 s)
Roused about (8 min 08 s)
Salsa blues (5 min 48 s)
Secret name (5 min 04 s)
Silence and song/The nurturer (9 min 51 s)
Skain's domain (9 min 40 s)
Skatterbrain (6 min 37 s)
snake charmer (7 min 54 s)
Snake Charmer, The
Some cow fonque
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child (12 min 15 s)
song for Lionel (7 min 43 s)
song is you (5 min 09 s)
Soon all will know (3 min 36 s)
Spartacus (8 min 36 s)
Standard time
Stories waiting to be told (8 min 21 s)
Swing on Swole
Thad's blue plaid (7 min 34 s)
They can't take that away from me (5 min 03 s)
thing about (7 min 11 s)
This is new
This is the end of a beautiful friendship (6 min 15 s)
Time riff (6 min 19 s)
Tin tin deo (7 min 38 s)
Transmission (8 min 27 s)
Unflurgenized Colorations
Unrehurst, Volume 1
Vera Cruz (4 min 56 s)
Walk of the Negress
Water fall (9 min 22 s)
Where pelicans fly (8 min 48 s)
Whistle stop
Willow weep for me (12 min 40 s)
Wind rose
Wish you were here with me
Wolverine (10 min 36 s)
Contributed to or performed: 
Columbia Jazz: Limited Edition