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Ioannes Philippus Sousa
John Philip de Sousa
John Philip Sousa
John Philip Sousa (American conductor)
John Philip Sousa (Amerikaans dirigent (1854-1932))
John Philip Sousa (compositeur et chef de musique d'harmonie)
John Philip Sousa (compositore e direttore di banda statunitense)
John Philip Sousa (US-amerikanischer Bandleader und Komponist)
John Phillip Sousa
John Phillips Sousa
John Sousa
Sousa, ..
Sousa, I. P.
Sousa, J. P.
Sousa, J. Ph
Sousa, Johan Philip
Sousa, Johan Philipp
Sousa, Johann Philipp
Sousa, John
Sousa, John P.
Sousa, John Phil
Sousa (John Philip)
Sousa, John Philipp
Sousa, John Phillip
Sousa, Philip
Джон Філіп Суза
Суза, Джон Филип
ג'ון פיליפ סוזה
ژان فیلیپ سوزا
จอห์น ฟิลิป ซูซา
존 필립 수자
スーザ, J. P
スーザ, ジョン・フィリップ
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Manuscript notated music
Musical sound recording
Nonmusical sound recording
Notated music
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Berlin, Irving (1888-1989)
Brion, Keith (1933-...)
Debussy, Claude (1862-1918)
Escher, Ralf
Fanfare militaire canadien
Fennell, Frederick (1914-2004)
Gould, Morton (1913-1996)
Hunsberger, Donald
Naxos Digital Services
Nimbus records Ltd
Portugal. Conservatório Nacional. Escola de Música
President's Own United States Marine Band, The
Rogers, R. Mark
Sabourin, David
Smith, John Stafford (1750-1836)
Sousa, John Philip (1854-1932)
Stokowski, Leopold (1882-1977)
Tailor, Norman (1926-)
Ward, Samuel A. (1847-1903)
Warner Brothers Publications
Warszawscy Stompersi (zespół jazzowy)
三戸, 知章 (1900-1987)
15 Greatest Marches of John Philip Sousa
America First (March of the States)
American Maid - Suite: Dream Picture, "The Vivouac", The
American Maid - Suite: With Pleasure, "Dance Hilarious", The
American Maid - Suite: You Do Not Need a Doctor, The
American Marches
American Patrol March
Anchor and star
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co.
Ancient and honorable artillery company
At the King’s Court: I. Her Ladyship, the Countess
At the King’s Court: II. Her Grace, the Duchess
At the King’s Court: III. Her Majesty, the Queen
Atlantic City Pageant, The
Aviators, The
Band music. Selections
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Be Kind to Your Small Person Friends
Beau Ideal, The
bell of Chicago
Belle of Chicago, The
Black Horse Troop, The
Blue Danube Waltz, The
Bonnie Annie Laurie
Boston Commandery March
Boy scouts of America
Bride Elect March, The
Bride elect (Operetta). Selections
Bridge Elect, The
Bullets and bayonets
Camera Studies: I. The Flashing Eyes of Andalusia
Camera Studies: II. Drifting to Loveland
Camera Studies: III. The Children's Ball
Capitan (High School), El
Capitan March (London Festival Orchestra), El
Capitan (Operetta). Selections
Capitan (Selection), El
Capitan/The Stars and Stripes Forever, El
Century of Progress, A
Chantyman’s March, The
Chariot Race, The
Charlatan (March)
Charlatan (Operetta)
Charlatan Ouverture
Charlatan Waltzes, The
Cheese Roll Call
Circumnavigators Club, The
Coeds of Michigan
Colonial dames waltzes
Columbia’s Pride
Comrades of the Legion March
Congress Hall march
Conrades of the Legion
Coquette, The
Corcoran Cadets March, The
Crusader March
Crusader, The
Cuba land suite
Cubaland: I. Under the Spanish Flag
Cubaland: II. Under the American Flag
Cubaland: III. Under the Cuban Flag
Cubaland Suite: Mvt. 1 - Under the Spanish Flag
Cubaland Suite: Mvt. 2 - Under the American Flag
Cubaland Suite: Mvt. 3 - Under the Cuban Flag
Daughters of Texas, The
Dauntless Battalion, The
Diplomat March, The
Directorate, The
Doggins Original Soundtrack
Dwellers of the Western World: I. The Red Man
Dwellers of the Western World: II. The White Man
Dwellers of the Western World: III. The Black Man
Easter Monday on the White House Lawn
Esprit de corps
Excerpts From Mars and Venus
Ext Crat Pass
Ext Crater
Ext Forest
Ext Party Tree
Fairest of the Fair, The
Favorite American Marches: Twenty Five Favorites
Federal march
Federal, The
Flags of freedom march
flor de Sevilla, La
Foshay Tower (Washington Memorial)
Free lance (March)
Free-Lance, The
Free Lanch March
From Maine to Oregon march
Gallant and Gay We'll March Away
Gallant Seventh, The
George Washington's Bicentennial March
Gladiator March, The
Gladitor, The
Glass blowers
Gliding Girl, The
Globe and eagle march
Glory of the Yankee Navy, The
Golden jubilee march
Golden Star, The
Great American Marches I, Volume 11
Great American Marches II
Great Marches and Incidental Music (The Wallace Collection, feat. cond. John Wallace)
Grid Iron Club
Gridiron Club March, The
Guide right march
Hail to the spirit of liberty
Hands across the sea
Harmonica wizard march
Here’s to Your Health, Sir!
High School Cadets (30 second version)
High School Cadets March
High School Cadets, The
Honored dead
Humoresque: Listen to My Tale of Woe
Humoresque on Jerome Kern's Look for the Silver Lining (with some extra padding)
Humoresque on Swanee
Humoresques Orchestre d'harmonie
I've made my plans for the summer
Imperial Edward march
Impressions at the Movies: I. The Serenaders
Impressions at the Movies: II. The Crafty Villain and the Timid Maid
Impressions at the Movies: III. Balance All and Swing Partners
In memoriam
In parlor and street fantasy
In pulpit and pew fantasy
In the Good Old Summertime
Int 1902 Cavern
Int Crater
Int House-Side A
Int House-Side B
Int Party Tree
Intaglio waltzes
Invincible Eagle March, The
Invisible Eagle, The
Irish Dragoon: Circus Galop, The
Irish Dragoon: Overture, The
J.P. Sousa's Marches and Dances
Jack Tar March
Jazz America
John Philip Sousa Conducts His Own Band: The March King, Volume II
John Philip Sousa's Greatest Hits
Kansas Wildcat, The
Kansas wildcats
Keeping step with the Union march
King Cotten March
King Cotton March
Lamb's March, The
Lambs' march
Lambs, The
Last Days of Pompeii: I. In the House of Burbo and Stratonice, The
Last Days of Pompeii: II. Nydia, The
Last Days of Pompeii: III. The Destruction of Pompeii and Nydia's Death, The
Legionnaires, The
Liberty Bell (1894 Recording), The
Liberty Bell (extract)
Liberty Bell March (San Diego Symphony)
Liberty Bell March, The
Liberty Bell "Monty Python's Flying Circus" (feat. The Band of the Scots Guards), The
Liberty Loan march
Light Cavalry Overture
Lily bells
Looking Upward Suite: Beneath the Southern Cross, The
Looking Upward Suite: By the Light of the Polar Star, The
Looking Upward Suite: Mars and Venus, The
Loyal Legion, The
Man Behind the Gun, The
Manhattan Beach, march for band
Manhatten Beach March, The
March of the Pan Americans - Part 1: I. U.S.A.
March of the Pan Americans - Part 1: II. Argentina
March of the Pan Americans - Part 1: III. Bolivia
March of the Pan Americans - Part 1: IV. Brazil
March of the Pan Americans - Part 1: IX. San Domingo
March of the Pan Americans - Part 1: V. Chile
March of the Pan Americans - Part 1: VI. Columbia
March of the Pan Americans - Part 1: VII. Costa Rica
March of the Pan Americans - Part 1: VIII. Cuba
March of the Pan Americans - Part 1: X. Ecuador
March of the Pan Americans - Part 1: XI. Guatemala
March of the Pan Americans - Part 1: XII. Haiti
March of the Pan Americans - Part 1: XIII. Honduras
Marches, band. Selections (Sousa American bicentennial collection)
Marches of John Philip Sousa
Marching With Sousa
Marquette University
Märsche, Orch
Marseillaise, La
Marsze. Orkiestra dęta (wybór)
Masaniello Overture
Messiah of nations
Mikado March, The
Military Bands Play the Music of John Philip Sousa
Military Marches of Sousa
Mingling of the Wets and Drys (A Prohibition-Era Fantasy), A
Mingling of the Wets and the Drys - Humoresque, A
Minnesota March, The
Monty Python's Flying Circus: The Liberty Bell
Moonlight on the Potomac waltzes
Mother Goose March
Mother Hubbard march
Music of John Philip Sousa, The
My Maryland March
Myrrha gavotte
National Emblem March
National Fencibles March
National Fensibles
National Game, The
Naval Reserve march
Naval Reserve, The
Neige et le feu : Stars and Stripes, La
New Mexico March
New York Hippodrome March
New York Hippodrome, The
Night (Agamemnon Project Mix), The
Nobles of the mystic shrine
Northern Pines March, The
Northern Pipes
Occidental, The
Oh, Warrior Grim (from “El Capitan”)
On Parade (The Lion Tamer)
On the campus
On the Mississippi Medley: On the Mississippi / Oh What a Beautiful Dream You Seem / Goodbye, Rose / The Wedding Glide / My Marguerita / My Sumurun Girl
On the tramp
On Wings of Lightning
Orchestra music. Selections
Our Flirtation March
Our flirtations (March)
Our flirtations. Overture
Paloma, La
Pathfinder of Panama, The
Peaches and cream
People Who Live in Glass Houses: I. The Champagnes
People Who Live in Glass Houses: II. The Rhine Wines
People Who Live in Glass Houses: III. The Whiskies
People Who Live in Glass Houses: IV. Convention of the Cordials, Wines, Whiskies, and White Rock
Picador, The
Picadore March, The
Poet and Peasant Overture
Polyphone: March of the Cadets
Power and glory
Powhatan's daughter
Powhattan’s Daughter
Presidential Polonaise, The
pride of Pittsburgh
Pride of the Wolverines, The
Prince of Pilsen, The
Quilting party
Red, White & Blue: The Best of John Philip Sousa
Reine d’amour, La
Reine De La Mer: Waltzes, La
Review, The
Revival march
Riders for the Flag March
Riders of the Flag
Rifle Regiment, The
Rose, Shamrock and Thistle
Rose, thistle and shamrock
Royal Welch Fusiliers, no. 2
Royal Welch Fusiliers, The
Royal Welsh Fusiliers, The
Saber and Spurs March
Sabre and spurs
Salutation March
Salute of the Nations to the Columbian Exposition, The
Salute to John Phillip Sousa, A
Salvation army march
Sandalphon Waltzes
Selections from El Capitan
Selections from “The Free-Lance”
Selections from the Operetta, The Bride Elect
Semper Fideles
Semper fidelis march
Semper Fidelus (London Festival Orchestra)
Service (medley)
Sesqui-Centennial Exposition
Sesquicentennial exposition march
Sextet from The Bride-Elect
Sheridan’s Ride
Silver Spray Schottische
Sleepy Sidney
Smugglers - Quintet, The
Solid men to the front
Songs of grace and songs of glory
Sorella March, La
Sound off
Sounds from the revivals
Sousa Marches (Boston Pops Orchestra)
Sousa Original - Volume II ("The President's Own" United States Marine Band)
Sousa's Greatest Hits
Sousa the Great
Star and Stripes Forever (Arr. Horowitz), The
Stars and Stripes Forever (A Few Good Men)
Stars And Stripes Forever (Air de cirque)
Stars and Stripes Forever (Bulworth)
Stars and Stripes Forever (London Festival Orchestra)
Stars and Stripes Forever March, The
Stars and Stripes Piccolo
Suite “Looking Upward”: I. By the Light of the Polar Star
Suite “Looking Upward”: II. Beneath the Southern Cross
Suite “Looking Upward”: III. Mars and Venus
Tales of a traveler. Easter Monday on the White House lawn
Tales of a traveler. Grand promenade at the White House
Tales of a Traveler: I. The Kaffir on the Karroo
Tales of a Traveler: II. In the Land of the Golden Fleece
Tales of a Traveler: III. Coronation March
Tales of a traveler. Kaffir on the Karoo
Tally ho Ouverture
Tannhauser Festival March
Themes Song From Doc Savage - Man Of The Bronze
Three Quotations: I. The King of France
Three Quotations: II. I Too Was Born in Arcadia
Three Quotations: III. In Africa
Thunderer March (Historic 1896 recording), The
Transit of Venus
U.S. field artillery
Under the Cuban Flag
Under the Double Eagle
University of Illinois march
University of Nebraska
Untitled March, The
Volunteers, The
Waltzes from “El Capitan”
Washington Post March (1890), The
Washington Post March (1988), The
Washington Post March (London Festival Orchestra)
Washington Post Orchestre d'harmonie
Washington Post (original 1890 Recording), The
We are coming march
Wedding march
Werke Blasorchester
When my dreams come true
When the boys come sailing home !
White Plume March, The
white rose, The
Who's Who in Navy Blue March
Willow blossoms
Wisconsin forward forever
With Pleasure (Dance Hilarious)
With Steady Step
Wolverine march
Works. Selections
World of Sousa Marches, The
Yorktown centennial
You’re My Baby Medley: Be My Little Baby Bumblebee / My Little Persian Rose / When I Waltz With You / When You’re Away / You’re My Baby
You're the flower of my heart
Zampa Overture
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#1 Club Hits 2010 - Best of Dance & Techno
100 Greatest TV Themes
1904 St. Louis World's Fair: Meet Me At The Fair
20th-Century: Concerto for Orchestra / Finale from "The Firebird" Suite / An American in Paris
25 Classical Favorites
25 Thunderous Classics
51 bandes originales pour 51 Films, Volume 2
70's - Les meilleurs génériques des séries T.V. américaines (Best of)
A224 Inside Music
America! A Celebration of Freedom From Our Nation's Finest
America's Greatest Hits
American Games
American Impressions 2: The History
American Marching Bands
Awesome Classics
Barrel Organ / Squeeze Box
Basler Fasnachtsmärsch Vol 4
BBC Comedy Themes
Be Kind to Your Small Person Friends
Beaver County Honors Band: March 9, 2002
Belle of Chicago, The
Black Horse Troop, The
Brass & Percussion
Brass Busters (The Canadian Brass)
Capitan, El
Classic FM: As Heard on TV
Classical Music for Home Improvements
Classical Pomp
Classical Power Ice
Classical Spectacular 1
Classics at the Movies: Drama
Classics For Kids
Clint Eastwood's Iwo Jima (Flags of Our Fathers - Letters from Iwo Jima)
Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa, The
Complete RCA Collection (Volumes 36–40), The
Comrades of the Legion March
Cult Files: Re-Opened, The
Cult TV Themes
Dietrich Schwanitz: Musik: Alles, was man hören muss
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! / Horton Hears a Who! The Original TV Sound Tracks
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! & Horton Hears a Who! The Original TV Soundtracks
Easter Monday On The White House Lawn
Famous Sousa Marches
Fantasy Film Music Of George Pal
Fennell Conducts Sousa
Fennell Conducts Sousa Marches
Flags of Our Fathers
From Maine to Oregon: The Williams Fairey Band plays Sousa Marches
Fun of the Fair, Vol. 1, The
Gladiator, The
God Bless America: United We Stand!
Grace & Beauty: Ragtime Classics
Grand Sousa Concert, A
Great Sousa Marches
Greatest Hits: Marches
Gridiron Club March, The
Hands Across the Sea
High School Cadets, The
Holst: Suite no. 1 in E-flat / Suite no. 2 in F / Handel: Music for the Royal Fireworks / Sousa: Stars and Stripes / Marches, Fanfares and others
Hommage á Horowitz: Virtuoso Transcriptions For Piano
Horton Hears a Who Finale
Indispensable, The
International Marching Brass
Invincible Eagle March, The
Invincible Eagle: Famous Sousa Marches, The
John Philip Sousa and Other March Kings: Favorites From the Classics
Jurassic Park & Other Movie Favourites
King Cotton
King Cotton March
Liberty Bell, The
Lighter Side of Fine Arts Brass Ensemble, The
Magnificent Marches
Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach March
March, “Washington Post”
Marches: The Greatest Hits
Military Tattoo
Monde du piano, Le
Monty Python's Flying Circus: The Infamous TV Soundtrack: 1969-1974
Movie Archives: Marches
Movies: The Greatest Hits Volume II
Music for Wind Band 17
Music for Wind Band, Volume 1
Music for Wind Band, Volume 2
Music for Wind Band, Volume 3
Music for Wind Band, Volume 4
Music for Wind Band, Volume 5
Music for Wind Band, Volume 6
Music for Wind Band, Volume 7
Music for Wind Band, Volume 8
Neige et le Feu, La
New York: A Documentary Film
Nipper's Greatest Hits: 1901-1920
On Wings of Lightning
Our Band Heritage Volume 29: Sousa (Humoresques & Descriptive Vignettes)
Pass in Review
Patriot Games
Peaches and Cream, Dances and Marches
Phase 4 Stereo: Stereo Concert Series
Phillip Morris
Pomp on Parade
Prague Museum, Mechanical Musical Instruments
Presidential Polonaise
Pride of the Wolverines, The
Public Television's Greatest Hits
Radio Classique : les enfants
Reluctant Astronaut, The
Royal Welch Fusiliers March, The
Saber and Spurs March
Sample Surround
Semper Fidelis
Sixty-First Annual Midwest Clinic, The
Solid Men to the Front
Solo Instruments 1
Songs of Liberty
Sonic Boom
Sousa Celebration, A
Sousa Favorites
Sousa II
Sousa Marches
Sousa Marches: Stirring Marches of the USA Services
Sousa Marches/Stirring Marches of the USA Services
Sousa Spectacular
Splash of Pops, A
Stars & Stripes Forever, The
Stars and Stripes Forever
Stars and Stripes Forever, The
Symphony on the Green
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 2: More From the 50’s & 60’s
Themes From TV & Radio
Those Fabulous Hollywood Marches
Thunderer, The
Thunderous Classics
Timeless Classics
Treasury of Marches by John Philip Sousa, A
TV Classics
Uncommon Valor
Used Cars
Variations on America: Organ Spectacular
Very Best of Classical Spectacular 2, The
Wake Up: Sounds to Start Your Day
Washington Post March (1890 original recording), The
Washington Post March (1988 recording), The
Washington Post, The
Whimsical 2: Classical Moods
Who's Who In Navy Blue March
Wind and the Lion, The
World Famous Masterpieces Sampler
World Marches
World of Military Bands, Vol. 2, The
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