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John Wolcot
John Wolcot (Brits schrijver (1738-1819))
John Wolcot (englischer Satiriker)
John Wolcot (English satirist)
John Wolcott
Peter Pindar
Pindar, P.
Pindar, Peter
Pindar, Peter (pseud)
Pindar, Peter (Pseudonym)
Ploughshare, Jan
Ploughshare, John
Walcot, John
Wolcot, John
Wolcott, John
Wolcott, John (English painter, 1738-1819)
Wolcott, Peter Pindar
Джон Волькот
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Gifford, William (1756-1826))
Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809)
Joly, Jaspar Robert (1819-1892)
Kearsley, George (17..-1790))
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Nichols, John (1745-1826)
Oomkens, Jan (II, Groningen)
Pitt, William (1759-1806)
Pope, Alexander (1688-1744)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Zall, Paul Maxwell (1922- ))
Bozzy and Piozzi, or, the British biographers, a town eclogue. By Peter Pindar, Esq.
Brother Peter to brother Tom : An expostulatory epistle
Celebration, or, the academic procession to St. James's; an ode. By Peter Pindar, Esquire.
complimentary epistle to James Bruce, Esq. the Abyssinian traveller. By Peter Pindar, Esq., A
Expostulatory odes to a great duke, and a little lord
Georgian Revel-ations !, or "The Most accomplished gentleman's" midnight visit below stains ! a poem reprinted from a clever suppressed work entitled "Pindaric odes and tales" by Peter Pindar,... London, 1821, with twenty suppressed stanzas of "Don Juan" in reference to Ireland, with Byron's own curious historical notes. The whole written in double rhymes, on the model of Casti's stanzas, an Italian author from whom Byron is sait to have plagiazired many of his beauties...
Hair powder: a plaintive epistle to Mr. Pitt
Hope told a flattering tale : introduced by Madam Mara at the King's Theatre Haymarket in the opera of Artaxerxes.
Instructions to a celebrated laureat; alias the progress of curiosity; alias a birth-day ode; alias Mr. Whitbread's brewhouse. By Peter Pindar, Esq.
Irregular epistle
Julius Cesar
keapman fen Venetien
Liberty's last squeak; containing an elegiac ballad, an ode to an informer, an ode to jurymen, and crumbs of comfort for the grand informer. By Peter Pindar, Esquire.
Louisiad, The
Lousiad. An heroi-comic poem. Canto II. With an engraving by an eminent artist. By Peter Pindar, Esq, The
Lousiad. Canto 1
Lousiad. Canto 3
Lousiad. Canto 4
Lousiad. Canto 5
Lyric odes, for the year 1785
More lyric odes to the Royal academicians
More money! : or, odes of instruction to Mr. Pitt: with a variety of other choice matters. By Peter Pindar, Esq.
Ode upon ode
Odes, epistles etc.
Odes of importance : &c. To the shoemakers. To Mr. Burke. To irony. ... By Peter Pindar, Esq.
Odes to Kien Long, the present emperor of China; with The Quakers, a tale; To a fly drowned in a bowl of punch; ... By Peter Pindar, Esq.
Odes to Mr. Paine, author of "The rights of man"; on the intended celebration of the downfall of the French empire by a set of British democrats on the fourteenth of July.
pair of lyric epistles to Lord Macartney and his ship. By Peter Pindar, Esq., A
Peter's pension : A Solemn epistle to a sublime personage
Peter's prophecy : or, the president and poet; or, an important epistle to Sir Jos. Banks, on the approaching election of a president of the Royal Society. By Peter Pindar, Esq.
Pindariana, or, Peter's portfolio : containing tale, fable, translation, ode, elegy, epigram, song, pastoral, letters, with extracts from tragedy, comedy, opera, &c.
poetical and congratulatory epistle to James Boswell, Esq. on his Journal of a tour to the Hebrides, with the celebrated Dr. Johnson. By Peter Pindar, Esq., A
poetical epistle to a falling minister; also, an imitation of the twelfth ode of Horace. By Peter Pindar, Esquire., A
poetical, supplicating, modest, and affecting epistle to those literary colossuses, the reviewers By Peter Pindar, Esq., A
poetical works of Peter Pindar, Esq., a distant relation to the poet of Thebes, The : to which are prefixed memoirs and anecdotes of the author.
remonstrance. To which is added, An ode to my ass: also, The magpie and Robin, a tale; An apology for kings; and An address to my pamphlet. By Peter Pindar, Esq., The
rights of kings; or, loyal odes to disloyal academicians., The : By Peter Pindar, Esq.
Rowland for an Oliver; or, A poetical answer to the Benevolent epistle of Mr. Peter Pindar [pseud.] Also the manuscript odes, songs, letters, &c. &c. of the above Mr. Peter Pindar, A
royal progress to Maidstone, 1799?:, The
royal tour, and Weymouth amusements; a solemn and reprimanding epistle to the laureat. Pitt's flight to Wimbledon; an ode. ... By Peter Pindar, Esq., The
royal visit to Exeter, 1795:, The
sigh of her heart was sincere a favorite ballad, The
Sinners and the sculls
Sir Joseph Banks and the Emperor of Morocco. A tale. By Peter Pindar, Esquire.
Sturm, Der : für gemischten Chor (Soloquartett ad lib.) mit Orchester- oder Klavierbegleitung
Subjects for painters [in verse]. : By Peter Pindar, Esquire.
Tales of the hoy; interspersed with song, ode, and dialogue. By Peter Pindar, Esq
Tears and smiles, a miscellaneous collection of poems, by Peter Pindar, esq. [Julia, or the Victim of love, an elegiac ballad ; Orson and Ellen, a legendary tale ; New-old ballads ; Odes.]
unsex'd females, 1800:, The
When night spreads
works of Peter Pindar, Esq. complete. A new edition. In two volumes. ..., The
works of Peter Pindar, esq. With a copious index, The : To which is prefixed some account of his life