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Shapiro, Teddy
Shapiro, Theodore
Teddy Shapiro
Theodore Shapiro
Theodore Shapiro (American composer)
Theodore Shapiro (Amerikaans componist)
Theodore Shapiro (amerikansk komponist)
Theodore Shapiro (amerikansk kompositör)
Theodore Shapiro (compositeur américain)
Theodore Shapiro (compositore statunitense)
Theodore Shapiro (US-amerikanischer Filmkomponist)
Теодор Шапиро
تئودور شاپیرو (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Feig, Paul (co-author)
Frankel, David (1960-)
Frankel, David (co-author)
G-Eazy (co-performer)
Hamburg, John (1970-)
Hamburg, John (co-author)
Keltner, Jim
Lord, Peter (1938-)
Lord, Peter (co-author)
Peterson, Barry
Phillips, Todd (1970-)
Roach, Jay (co-author)
Soren, David (co-author)
Speck, Will (co-author)
Stiles, Julia (1981- ))
Stiller, Ben (1965-)
Stiller, Ben (co-author)
Streep, Meryl (1949- ))
Thurber, Rawson Marshall (co-author)
Vaughn, Vince (1970-)
Wald, Eric
Wilson, Owen (1968-....))
Wilson, Owen C. (1968-)
Zielinski, Jerzy (1950-)
1 des débuts difficiles, an
10 Pounds / Wrestling Patty / Great Day for Women
13 going on 30
30 ans sinon rien
400 Million Dollars
51st Floor
Abraham and Isaac
Afghan Trek
Agent Bradley Fine
Agent Susan Cooper
Agents presque secrets
Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do
Aldridge Mansion, The
All Good Dogs
All's Well That Ends Well
Along came Polly
Already Cramped
Am a Goat, I
Ameribank Robbery
Angry Hasselhoff
Animals Come Out, The
Annihilate the Friendship
Anti-Humor Boy
Apology, The
Apple Fight
Arctic Fantasy
Art Class Liberation
Arthur (film 2011)
Ascent of Man, The
At The Track
Ate the Cheese, I
Attacking Ships
Attacking the Beagle
Attention to Detail
Attu / Great Spotted Woodpecker / Mating Rituals
Average Joes
Baby Clothes
Back Spasms
Bad Feeling About This
Bad News
Balaton Showdown
Balloon Parade
Bank Job Gone Wrong
Bank Plan
Bank Shootout
Barry's Photos
Battle of Times Square
Be Good
Beauté cachée
Beautiful Ghost
Beef Supreme / Supreme Flames / Supreme Fires Again / Joe's Speech / Crops Are Growing
Ben and Fiona
Better Idea / Class Favorites, A
Better World, A
Bieber Chase
Big Stall, The
Big Wheel Accident / Sympathy Sheet
big year, The
Black Jack
Blacklist Is Alive, The
Blades of glory
Blink of an Eye
Blood of Steve
Blow the Bridge
Body, The
Booger Chase
Booty Parade
Born Rotten
Bostick Sneaks a Peek / Bird Bait
Boy and Dog
boyfriend pourquoi lui ?, The
boyfriend why him ?, The
Brain Control
Brain Damage
Brain of a Child
Braqueurs amateurs
Break Through
break-up (Peyton Reed), The
Breakdown Under
Breaking the Ice
Breakup, The
Breathe Deeply Jules
Bribe, The
Bridge, The
Bringing Krupp Home
Broken Glass
Bromance Origin Story
Buddy's Dilemma
Building Rescue
Bulgarian Breakout
Buried Treasure / Happy Ending
Calling Card, The
Capitaine Superslip
Captain's Dream, The
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (Original Motion Picture Score)
Captain Underpants Theme Song
Capture the Dream
Carnival Conniptions
Carpe Annum
Casino di Roma
Cat Burglars
Central intelligence
Change for a 20
Change Is Coming
Change Up Piano / Jamie Cries
Change-Up, The
Changed Up
Chase, The
Chasing Arturo
Cheese Touch, The
Chosen Ones, The
City of Varying Lights
Claire Departs
Club Escape
Clue #1
Clue #2
Code Writer, The
Collateral beauty
Collector's Club, The
Color of Money, The
Comic Book Opening
Competition, The
Conducting Business
Contempt of Congress
Couches / Busted at Costco
Credit, The
Cruel Bitch Mother
Cue Bill Conti
Cup Teminders
Curriculum Vitae
Cutest Friends
Cutout Camera
Daka's Ultrasound
Dalton Trumbo
Dangling Piano
Dark Side
Darla Arrives
Darth Mommy
Day One
Day Two
Dear Laughing Doubters
Death and Roses
Death of Atari
Death Rides the F Train
Death Visits Howard
Destroyer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
devil wears Prada Diabeł ubiera się u Prady, The
Devil Worshipper Woods
diable s'habille en Prada, Le
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Dinner for Schmucks
Dinner Hour, The
Distinct Human Form
Do It Yourself
Dock, The
Dog Farm
Don't Judge Me
Don't Stop Asking
Dr. Heiss
Dream and the Letters, The
Dream Fulfilled, The
Dreams Turn to Dust
Drôles d'oiseaux
Dumb Angry Mobs
Dust Field / A Bad Map
Dutch Reunion, The
Eddie Names Names
Eden, No
Eighty Words a Minute
Elephant in the Room, The
Emily And Sean
Emily / First Playdate
End Credits
Enter the Cobras
Enter the Dragons
Entering the Mercado
Escape From the Headshop
Evil With a Dog Face
Face the Abyss
Facebook Friends
Family Business
Family Plot, The
Family Reunion
Feathery Heart and Soul
Fight Fight Fight
Final Stretch
Final Turns
Finals, The
Fine Is Back
First Sleepless Night
Flaming Dragons
Fleeing the Cops / Joe Finds Rita / Harboring a Fugitive / Shooting Frito's Car
Flight From the Village
Flight To Budapest
Fog on the Thames
Following Rick Ford
Forbidden Fruit, The
Foundry, The
Four Leaf's Plan
Four Wet Feet
Fourth Cataclysm, The
Fox News Logo
Freight Train From Hell
Fresh Crab
Friend Like You, A
From Dusk to Glendale
Full Circle
Fun with Dick and Jane
Future Shock
Game Called Freeze, A
Game change
Game Montage
Garage Fight / Helicopter / Death of De Luca
Garbage Avalanche
Garrett Attack, The
Gates of Sodom, The
George Leaves Harry
German Match, The
Get Your Boy Back
Ghost Girl
Ghost in a Box
Ghostbusters la chasse est ouverte
Ghostbusters original motion picture score
Ghostbusters original motion picture soundtrack
Girl Guides
Go Get 'Em
Golden Plover / Ruby Alive /Freak Blizzard
Golden Triangle, The
Gordon's Epiphany
Gordon Wins the Game
Got the Yard Back
Gotta Have Faith
Grand Cayman Bank
Great Grey Owl
Grief Group
Grim News
Grown Up Conversation
Grublets on Ice!
Gun Pull
Gym Class
Hail to the Chief / House of Representin'
Hallelujah, His Name is Poopypants
Halloween Chase
Halloween Path of Glory
Hardest Job, The
Harry Moving Forward
Hate Pirates!, I
He Was Bradley Fine
Heading Home
Hedda Threatens Mayer
Heist (David Mamet)
Heist, The
Hero is Born, A
Higher and Higher (with Craig Wedren)
History of Man / Garbage Avalanche
History of Man, Part 1 (unused)
Holy of Holies, The
Hope And Faith
Hope Springs
Hope We, I
Hope You're Listening, I
Hôtesse à tout prix
House of Adam, The
Human Onion, The
Hungry Little Mutt
Hunters & Gatherers
Hurricane streets
Hut Burner
I'm Actually Early
I'm Not Going (alt)
I'm Not Going/Joe Decides to Stay
Icy Hot Superslide
If You're Out There
Illegal Immigration
Illustrated Man, The
IncrediBALL, The
Instructional Film
Insult To Injury
Intellectual Wasteland
Intern Slash Best Friend
Interns Get Started
Into the Belly of the Beast
Into the Canyon
Into the Coliseum / Death and Roses / Joe Vs the Machines
Into the Portal
Into the Woods
Introducing Howard Inlet
Invitation, The
Iron Lotus, The
Irrigated by Brawndo (unused)
It All Runs Together
It's a Fine Picture
It's Been Four Days
It's Over
Jack Black collection
Jackal Dance, The
Jane Quits
Jen Says Goodbye
Jennifer's body
Job Calls
Joe's Arrest / Convicted
Joe's Decision
Joe Wakes Up / Joe Wanders / March 3, 2505 / Future Shock
Joe Wanders (alt)
Journal d'un dégonflé
Joyeux bordel !
Just Stop
Kate's Cannon
Kate's In
Keep Painting (alt)
Knife Fight
Knocked Out
L'ombre d'Emily
Labor Pains
Lady Superspy
Late for Everything
Late for School
Lead Farmer
Leaving the Boardroom
Leg Love
Les pirates ! bons à rien, mauvais en tout
Letter from Prison, A
Ley Lines
Life of Vin
Like Being In the Movies
Lincoln Bedroom (unused)
Literally Kill You
Locker Room Montage
Long Walk Home
Looking for Abel
Looking for Peter
Looking for the Time Machine
Loophole, The
Lost in the Rain
Love and Work
Love of Gold
Love Visit #1
Love Visit #2
love you, man, I
Mad Genius Inventor
Main Title
Make the Call
Market Chase
Marley & me
Masked Monkey Chase
Masturbation Network
McLanden Mansion, The
Mee the Pirate
Meet Imelda
Meet Joe Bauers / History of Man, Part 2
Meet Rowley
Meet the Hebrews
Mein Finger!
Mexican Script, The
Miller, une famille en herbe, Les
Mitch's Theme
Moi, député
Mono, That's Too Bad
Most Talented / Being a Tree
Mouse World
Mouster Pieces
Moving to Boca
Mugatu's Escape
Murdery Hotel
mysteries of Pittsburgh, The
Naughty Purse, The
Need a Good Wheelman
Never Dealt With The Law
Never Invited
New President
Night at the Theater, A
Niño, El
No Bullies
No Regular Dog
Nobel Prize, The
Not a Total Success
November Cheese
NY Heart GB
Obedience School
Off and Running
Off to Ireland
Office Chaos
Office Christmas party
Old school
Oncoming Traffic
One for the Team
Opposite of Fun, The
Ornithological Pursuits
Owe You One / Dumb Angry Mobs, I
Painter, The
Panda Attack
Panda Call
Panda Face Fritters
Pardon (unused), The
Parents of Two
Park Bench
Penguin and Possum
Pester the Living
Peter and Zooey
Pile of Guts
Pills, The
Ping Pong
Pirates! Band of Misfits (Original Motion Picture Score), The
Pissing on Cotton
Plan B
Poodle Bomb
Pool of Garbage
Poopypants Has No Gas
Poor Defenseless Me
Portnoy's Plan
Power of Patty Compels You, The
Power of the Hypno Ring
Prank for Good, The
Prelude to a Schmuck
President Joe Bauers
Prison Break (Unused)
Pub Decision
Quad Slide
Queen's Lair, The
Quiet in a Minute
Race for the Job
Reading the Entrails
Ready to Make History
Real Tears
Really Silly Names
Right Bicep
Rowley Makeover
Royal Orgy, The
Royal Reprieve, A
Rustic Bunting / Western Tanager
Safe men
Saints Among Us
San Francisco
Sargon Attacks
Satan's Alley
Saving the Day
Saw My Mom / Ring Flashback, I
Script for the Kings, A
Scripts Montage
Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013), The
Semis, The
Separa-dos The break-up
Separation Anxiety
Séquences & conséquences
Sex academy
Shadow Me, Pinocchio
Shrike, The
Shut Down the Grid
Shut Up, Valentino
Simon Pays Brigitte
simple favor, A
Simple Jack Trailer
Six ways to Sunday
Sixth Avenue
Skipperling Tattoo Part 1, The
Sleeping Beauty
Slice and Dice on Ice
Small Means Nothing
Snow Cones
So I Rage
Sorry Not Sorry
SOS fantômes édition collector
SOS fantômes la chasse est ouverte
SOS fantômes trilogie
Space Monster Attack
Splattercell Remix
Spy (Original Motion Picture Score Album)
Spy Something Green, I
St. Vincent of Sheepshead Bay
St. Vincent (Original Score)
Standard Operating Procedure
Starbucks Hit
Starsky & Hutch
Start From The Beginning
State and main
Stationary Cycle
Stay Alive
Step Out
Stranz and Fairchild
Subway Ghost Attack
Sudden Death
Suit Up
Suite From the Devil Wears Prada
Supreme Flames
Suspension, The
Sweeping Cheese / Fatty Patty / Big Wheel
Switched Phones
Ted vs Walter
That Chicken's Mine
There's a Plan for Us
They Go Through You
Tim Confesses
Time Visit #1
Title Theme
To Rome
To the Airport
To The Moon
Too Convenient
Tootsie Roll / June Cheese
Tower of Dreamers
Treasure Island
Tropic Thunder ¡Una guerra muy perra!
Trouble With the Law
Truck Escape
Trumbo Goes to Prison
Truth Revealed, The
Tuna Casserole
Two Blue Eyes
Two Dragons
Two-Masted Boat
Two Year Montage
Ty's Room
Tyrene's Escape
Tyrene's Metros
Uneasy Memories
Universe Shall Bend, The
Upgrayedd Walks
Verticoli, The
Very Big Year, A
Very Private Person, A
Vespa Chase
View from the top Szkoła stewardes
Vin and Zucko
Virgin Sacrifice
Wait a Mo'!
Waking Up
Walking the Plank
War Is Over, The
Watch The Grass Grow
We Can Try
We Did It
We're the Millers
Welcome to Attu
Welcome to Sodom
Wet Offensive, The
When It's Time
Where Are They Now?
Whit and Amy/Time Visit #2
Whit Follows Amy
Whit's Plan
White House Party
White Kia
Who Can You Trust
Who Gets to Be Proud
Who Is Robert Rich?
Who Was Derek Zoolander?
Will Lead Them All, I
Wine and Spongecake
Winner Is..., The
World Wintersport
World Without Laughter, A
Yak Attack
Year One, anglais
Year one original motion picture soundtrack
You Finish His Work
You, me and Dupree
You're My Brother
Zed and Lilith
Zed to the Rescue
Zoo Wee Mama / More Sophisticated
Zoolander No. 2
მეკობრეები! მოგზაურობა მეცნიერებთან ერთად
عشاء للأغبياء (فيلم)
نمایی از بالا
세인트 빈센트 (영화)
완벽한 그녀에게 딱 한가지 없는 것
월터의 상상은 현실이 된다
웻 핫 아메리칸 썸머
트로픽 썬더
ザ・パイレーツ! バンド・オブ・ミスフィッツ
Contributed to or performed: 
10AM / Bowlegged and Bilingual
American Summer
Backwards From Three
Bags Are Packed
Baxter Theme
Baxter, The
Beckoning, The
Betrayal, The
Betrayer's Standoff
Birthplace of Spaghetti
Blades of Glory
Bob Is the Black Badger
Bob Stone's Acceptance Speech
Bob Vs. Phil
Bob's Interrogation
Can of Vegetables / Gene’s Address
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Capture the Flag
Central Intelligence
Central Intelligence: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Change-Up, The
Conan Cab
Couples Counseling
Devil Wears Prada, The
Don't Like Bullies, I
Elliot and Cecil
Flannel Exchange Program
Forensic Accounting
Garage Fight
Girlfight: Music from the Motion Picture
Golden Jet
Good Morning, It's the CIA
Harris Is the Badger
Higher and Higher / Wind
Higher and Higher: Original Music From the Motion Picture Wet Hot American Summer
Homecoming King
I'm Right Here
Intern: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Into the Harbor
Jet on a Bike
Kill My Partner
Love (Needs a Lot of Sunlight)
Love You, Man, I
Morning Makeup
Mousse You Up
Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack The Devil Wears Prada
Next Level Shit
Nunchucks and Bikes
Office Escape
Office Space / Idiocracy
On the Ropes
Rapid Rescue
Safe House Escape
Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Original Motion Picture Score, The
Shark Attack
She Gave You a Button
Skateboard Delivery
Soul of a Woman
Starsky & Hutch
Stay Away From Me Bob
Stop the Car
Take Off
Time & Life
Trophy Case
Walter Sees Cheryl
Walter Time
Wet Hot American Summer: Original Music From the Motion Picture