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Dennis Shasha (American computer scientist)
Dennis Shasha (Amerikaans informaticus)
Dennis Shasha (amerikansk datavetare)
Dennis Shasha (amerikansk informatikar)
Dennis Shasha (amerikansk informatiker)
Dennis Shasha (informaticien américain)
Shasha, D.
Shasha, D. E.
Shasha, Dennis
Shasha, Dennis E.
Shasha, Dennis Elliott
シャシャ, D.
シャシャ, デニス
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Computer file
Language material
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British Computer Society
Garène, Michèle
Harvard University
Kleiman-Lafon, Sylvie (1966-...)
Lazere, Cathy
Lazere, Cathy A.
Morad, Tamar
Moreira, Leonor
Ohori, Atsushi (1957-)
Shasha, Robert
Wang, Jason T. L.
Zhang, Kaizhong
Zhu, Yunyue
鈴木, 良尚
Adaptive combinatorial design to explore large experimental spaces: approach and validation.
AJAX:an extensible data cleaning tool
Algorithmics and applications of tree and graph searching
approximate search engine for structural databases, An
Approximate tree matching in the presence of variable length don't cares
As enigmáticas aventuras do Dr. Ecco
aventures extraordinaires du Dr Ecco
Aventures stratégiques et logiques
Benjamin Baskerhound has turned over a new leaf, this time coming to Ecco and Liane for help, rather than mischief
Building secure file systems out of byzantine storage
cis element/transcription factor analysis (cis/TF): a method for discovering transcription factor/cis element relationships.
Codes, mystères et complots
Codes, puzzles and conspiracy
Códigos, enigmas e conspirações
Combinatorial pattern discovery for scientific data:some preliminary results
Cómo robar un submarino
Complementary classification approaches for protein sequences.
Computing for biologists:lessons from some successful case studies
Concurrent algorithms for search structures, 1984
Concurrent search structure algorithms
Concurrent set manipulation without locking
Conditional transition networks and computational processes for use interactive computer-based systems
cyberénigmes du Dr Ecco
Cyberłamigłówki Doktora Ecco : 36 łamigłówek dla hakerów oraz innych detektywów matematycznych
Database programming languages (DBPL-4) : proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Database Programming Languages: Object Models and Languages, Manhattan, New York City, USA, 30 August-1 September 1993
Database Systems
Database tuning: Principles and surprises
Database tuning : principles, experiments, and troubleshooting techniques
Discovering active motifs in sets of related protein sequences and using them for classification.
DNA sequence classification via an expectation maximization algorithm and neural networks: a case study
Dokutā ekko
Dr. Ecco and Liane divide their attention to add up the pluses and minuses in an effort to multiply the fun factor of Astrid Svensen's math class
Dr. Ecco's cyberpuzzles, 2002:
Dr. Ecco's Omniheurist Corner : Dr. Ecco and his sidekick Liane help the military avoid going from the frying pan into lines of fire in this month's episode
Dr. Ecco's Omniheurist Corner : Ecco and crew look for the most efficient way to mix trains, stations, and passengers
Dr. Ecco's Omniheurist Corner : Ecco and Liane are challenged by the Borghese Club to win the game of Flats and Steeps, which is based on the principles of columns and beams
Dr. Ecco's Omniheurist Corner : Ecco and Liane lace up their L.L. Bean boots and venture into the great outdoors to solve the problem of how many angels can fit on the head of a tent - and still survive
DR. ECCO'S OMNIHEURIST CORNER Genetics, protein networks, and a Russian physicist are among the challenges Ecco and Liane face this month
Dr. Ecco's Omniheurist Corner : The police commissioner pays a visit to Dr. Ecco's apartment - not looking for trouble, but answers
DR. ECCO'S OMNIHEURIST CORNER Up in the Alaskan tundra, oil and caribou mix about as well as oil and water
Dr. Ecco's Profi-Rätsel für Freaks, Cracks und andere Fortgeschrittene
Ecco and Liane need to come up with a way of using valuable, but scarce, water to keep valuable, but equally scarce, cacti alive in the Sonoran desert. Maybe you can help out
Editorial: Plant systems biology: Lessons from a fruitful collaboration
Efficient elastic burst detection in data streams
Evaluating a class of distance-mapping algorithms for data mining and clustering
Extensible framework for data cleaning
Fast algorithms for time series with applications to finance, physics, music, biology, and other suspects
Fast clustering and minimum weight matching algorithms for very large mobile backbone wireless networks.
Fast parallel algorithms for the unit cost editing distance between trees
Fast structural search in phylogenetic databases.
Fast window correlations over uncooperative time series
Fault-tolerant storage system
Finding patterns in three-dimensional graphs: algorithms and applications to scientific data mining
Free parallel data mining
gene expression map of the Arabidopsis root., A
GhostDB:querying visible and hidden data without leaks
GraphClust: A Method for Clustering Database of Graphs
GraphFind: enhancing graph searching by low support data mining techniques.
High performance discovery in time series techniques and case studies
In vitro and in silico cloning of Xenopus laevis SOD2 cDNA and its phylogenetic analysis.
Insights into the genomic nitrate response using genetics and the Sungear Software System.
intrigantes aventuras del doctor Ecco, Las
Iraq's last Jews stories of daily life, upheaval, and escape from modern Babylon
It isn't the Star Wars project, but the Air Force still has a base to protect and Ecco and Liane are called upon to help
Jeux d'esprit et énigmes mathématiques
Konpyūta no jidai o hiraita tensaitachi : Saisentan de katsuyakusuru katayaburina 15nin no kiseki
Kybernetické hlavolamy Dr. Ecca : 36 hlavolamů pro hackery a ostatní matematické detektivy
Lessons from Wall Street
Light- and carbon-signaling pathways. Modeling circuits of interactions.
Light- and carbon-signaling pathways. Modeling circuits of interactions1
Lots o'Ticks:real time high performance time series queries on billions of trades and quotes
many faces of consensus in distributed systems, The
Method and apparatus for optimizing and structuring data by designing a cube forest data structure for hierarchically split cube forest template
Method and apparatus for protecting information and privacy
Methods and apparatus for protecting information
MetricMap: an embedding technique for processing distance-based queries in metric spaces.
MOCA: a multiprocessor on-line competitive algorithm for real-time system scheduling
Natural computing : DNA, quantum bits, and the future of smart machines
Network inference in molecular biology a hands-on framework
New techniques for best-match retrieval
New Techniques for DNA Sequence Classification
New techniques for extracting features from protein sequences
Noch mehr Profi-Rätsel von Doktor Ecco
On the editing distance between unordered labeled trees
Optimizing equijoin queries in distributed databases where relations are hash partitioned
Out of their minds the lives and discoveries of 15 great computer scientists
Pattern discovery in biomolecular data : tools, techniques, and applications
Pattern matching and pattern discovery in scientific, program, and document databases
Performance and architectural issues for string matching
Plant systems biology: lessons from a fruitful collaboration.
Predicting genome-wide redundancy using machine learning.
Preventing Piracy While Preserving Privacy
Purogurama no tameno ronri pazuru : Nandai o toppasuru ronri shikō torēningu
Puzzler's elusion a tale of fraud, pursuit, and the art of logic
Puzzles for programmers and pros
Puzzling adventures of dr. ecco
Qualitative network models and genome-wide expression data define carbon/nitrogen-responsive molecular machines in Arabidopsis.
Quand la vie remplace le silicium aux frontières de la bio-informatique
Query by humming:in action with its technology revealed
Random B-trees with inserts and deletes, 1989:
Red blues, 2002:
Red Blues : voices from the last wave of Russian immigrants
Secure untrusted data repository (SUNDR).
Ser. syst. biol.
Series in systems biology
SING: subgraph search in non-homogeneous graphs.
Structural matching and discovery in document databases
Sungear: interactive visualization and functional analysis of genomic datasets
Systems Approach Uncovers Restrictions for Signal Interactions Regulating Genome-wide Responses to Nutritional Cues in Arabidopsis, A
Systems biology for the virtual plant.
Systems Biology for the Virtual Plant1
Temporal verification of carrier-sense local area network protocols
Thinksheet:a tool for tailoring complex documents
Trait-to-gene: a computational method for predicting the function of uncharacterized genes.
Transaction chopping: Algorithms and performance studies
Tuning databases for high performance
Using combinatorial design to study regulation by multiple input signals. A tool for parsimony in the post-genomics era.
Utilization of B-trees with inserts, deletes and modifies
VirtualPlant: A Software Platform to Support Systems Biology Research.
VirtualPlant: A Software Platform to Support Systems Biology Research1[W][OA]
Warping indexes with envelope transforms for query by humming
コンピュータの時代を開いた天才たち : 最先端で活躍する型破りな15人の軌跡
ドクター・エッコ : 奇妙なパズルの依頼人たち
プログラマのための論理パズル : 難題を突破する論理思考トレーニング
Contributed to or performed: 
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1984