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Tetley, W.
Tetley, William
William Tetley (Canadees advocaat (1927-2014))
William Tetley (Canadian politician)
William Tetley (canadisk advokat)
William Tetley (kanadensisk advokat)
William Tetley (kanadisk advokat)
William Tetley (personnalité politique canadienne)
Тетлей, В
Уильям Тетли
テトレイ, ウィリアム
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Herber, Rolf (1929-...)
MacDonough, Brian G.
McDonough, Brian G.
Nadon, Marc
Nixon, Elliott B.
Québec (Province). Comité interministériel sur les investissements étrangers
Québec (Province). Conseil exécutif
Université Laval. Centre international de recherches sur le bilinguisme
Wilkins, Robert C. (1947-)
Zweigert, Konrad
Жернов, В. А
`strong test' and fundamental breach with respect to bill of lading forum selection clauses ZI Pompey Industrie v ECU-Line NV, The
Abus de droit: Wrongful Arrest of Ships
Acceptance of Higher Visby Limits by U.S. Courts
anglophones au Québec et les droits linguistiques, SeriesV, Les
Anglophones et la législation sur les langues, une histoire vécue, Les
Arbitration and the Choice of Law
Arbitration Clauses in Ocean Bills of Lading
Articles 9 to 13 of the Hamburg Rules
Assignment and Transfer of Maritime Liens
Attachment, The Mareva Injunction and Saisie Conservatoire
Bills of Lading and the Conflict of Laws
Bills of Lading : Where both sides of the bill of lading differ, the charterer, not the shipowner, is the carrier, the shipowner may not benefit from a Himalaya clause, and only a claimant with title at the time may sue the shipowner in tort. Homburg Houtimport B.V. v. Agrosin Private Ltd. (The Starsin), [2003] 1 Lloyd's 571, 2003 AMC 913 (H.L.)
Book Review - A Hand Book to Marine Insurance by Victor Dover
Book review Droit Maritime by René Rodière
Book Review - Liner Conferences in the Container Age
Book Review - Marine Cargo Delays
Book Review: The Law and Practice of Marine Insurance and Average, Alex L. Parks
Briefing on Canadian Law of Product Liability
Bue de Cale, La
Buenos Aires Maru - Has the Whole Nature of Canadian Maritime Law Been Changed?, The
Cadre et les moyens d'une politique quebecoise concernant les investissements etrangers
Canadian Admiralty Decisions 1983-84 (In French)
Canadian Admiralty Decisions 1983-84 (In Spanish)
Canadian arbitration decisions 1986- 1992
Canadian Comments on the Proposed UNCITRAL Rules
Canadian Interpretation and Construction of Maritime Conventions
Canadian maritime decisions 1995-1996
Canadian Maritime Law Decisions 1985-86
Canadian Maritime Law Decisions 1986-87
Canadian Maritime Law Decisions 1987-88
Canadian Maritime Law Decisions 1989-90
Canadian Maritime Law Decisions 1990-1991
Canadian Maritime Law Decisions 1994-95
Canadian maritime legislation and decisions 1993-1994
Canadian maritime legislation and decisions 1996-1997
Canadian maritime legislation and decisions 1997-1998
Canadian maritime legislation and decisions 1998-1999
Canadian maritime legislation and decisions 1999-2001
Canadian Maritime Legislation & Decisions, 1991-92
Cargo Owners' Obligations in General Average
Carriers' Liens Against Cargo for Freight and Hire
Case Comment - Ontario v. Pembina Exploration
Cession et Transfer des Privilèges Maritimes
Charterparties and Choice of Law
Choice of Law - Tort and Delict
Chronique de droit maritime canadien
Civilian Perspectives on General Motors v. Kravitz: Legislation by the courts or the Legislature
Collision and Loss to Cargo
Comments on General Motors v. Kravitz
Conflicts of Law Between the Bankruptcy Courts in Admiralty: Canada, United Kingdom, United States
Contre-lettres d'indemnité et lettres de garantie
Cross-Defences and the Conflict of Laws, The
Damages and Economic Loss in Marine Collision: Controlling the Floodgates
Deck Cargo
Definition of Canadian Maritime Law, A
Division of Collision Damages
Droits linguistiques et scolaires au Québec et au Canada, Les : histoire législative et journal politique personnel
Droits Linguistiques: Source de Friction, Source de Protection, Jocelyne Lamoureux, ed., Les
Due Diligence and Seaworthiness
EMENDAMENTO (Muncaster Castle), L'
Enforcement in Canada of Liens for Necessaries Furnished in the United States
English and Language Legislation, The
Error in Navigation or Management
Evasion/Fraude à loi and Avoidance of Law
Expenses in Custodia Legis, Court Costs and Attorney Fees
Future of Canadian Carriage of Goods by Water Law, The
general maritime law - The lex maritima, The
Geographic Deviation
Glossary of maritime law terms
Good Faith in Contract : Particularly in the Contracts of Arbitration and Chartering
Hamburg Rules - A Commentary, The
Himalaya Clause - Heresy or Genius?, The
Himalaya Clause, 'stipulation pour autrui', Non-Responsibility Clauses and Gross Negligence under the Civil Code, The
Identity of the Carrier - The Hague Rules, Visby Rules, Uncitral
In Defence of the Ioannis Daskalelis
Inexécution fondamentale du contrat suivant les règles de La Haye, Visby, Uncitral
International Conflict of Laws - Common, Civil and Maritime
International encyclopedia of comparative law
International maritime and admiralty law
Interpretation of the Hague Rules
Jurisdiction Clauses - Forum Non Conveniens
Jurisprudence Maritime au Canada (1979)
Kaijō kamotsu kurēmu
Language and education rights in Quebec and Canada : (a legislative history and personal political diary)
Law of Insurance Contracts, Malcolm A. Clarke - a book review, The
Law of the Flag 'Flag Shopping,' and Choice of Law, The
Law of transport
Letters of Indemnity
Liens for Towage Freight
Limitation, Non-Responsibility and Disclaimer Clauses
Loss or Damage to Cargo, Measure of Damages, Delay for Suit
Marine Cargo Claims, 2d edition
Marine Cargo Claims, 3d edition
Marine Insurance and the Conflict of Laws
Maritime Law Judgments in Canada - 1979
Maritime Law Judgments in Canada Reported in 1980 (In French)
Maritime Law Judgments in Canada Reported in 1980 (In Spanish)
Maritime Law Judgments in Canada Reported in 1981 (In French)
Maritime Law Judgments in Canada Reported in 1981 (In Spanish)
Maritime Law Judgments in Canada Reported in 1982 (In French)
Maritime Law Judgments in Canada Reported in 1982 (In Spanish)
Maritime Liens and Claims, 2d edition
Maritime Liens, Mortgages and Conflict of Laws
Maritime transportation
Measure of Damages - Hague Rules, Visby Rules, Uncitral
Mixed Jurisdictions : Common Law v. Civil Law (Codified and Uncodified)
New Brunswick, Consumer Product Warranty and Liability Act 1978
New Consumer Protection Act of Québec, The
New Development in Private International Law: Tolofson v. Jenson and Gagnon v. Lucas
New Offences in Maritime Law
October Crisis, 1970, The : an insider's view
Octobre 1970 : dans les coulisses de la Crise
ONU et la Convention Sur le Droit de la Mer de 1982, L'
Package & Kilo Limitations and The Hague, Hague/Visby and Hamburg Rules & Gold
Pennsylvania Rule - An Anachronism? The Pennsylvania Judgment - An Error?, The
Per-Package Limitation
Peril of the Sea and Similar Exceptions
Pilotage Liens (Privilegios de los practicos)
Pourquoi pas l'harmonie
Prof. Tetley's Glossary
Proof, Presumptions and the Conflict of Maritime Laws
Proposed New United States Senate COGSA, The : The Disintegration of Uniform International Carriage of Goods by Sea Law
Prosecuting the Voyage
Rapport sur les activités dans le domaine du droit maritime au Canada
Recourse in Warranty, The
régime juridique du transport des marchandises par eau: l'uniformisation de droit en péril, Le
Renvoi Rejected
Repairmen's Liens
Responsibility of Freight Forwarders
Review of Maritime Law in Canada, A
Rotterdam Rules and Piracy in the Middles East, The : some Preliminary Comments
Salvage Liens and Secured Rights in the U.S., U.K., France and Canada
Selected Problems of Maritime Law under the Hague Rules
Service upon Steamship Agents
Set-Off, Recoupment, Compensation and Counterclaim
Ship Mortgages and Hypothecs
Shipbuilder's Liens and Mortgages
Shipowners' Limitation of Liability
Some general criticisms of the Rotterdam Rules
Special Legislative Rights and Wreck Removal
Special Legislative Rights - Dock, Harbour and Canal Charges
State of Maritime Law: Canada, U.S., U.K. and France, The
Stevedores and Maritime Liens
sûretés maritimes dans deux codes récents, Les
Tribute to Elliott B. Nixon
Tug and Tow ( A Comparative Study)
Update on Per Package Limitations, An
Vessel forfeitures for drug and criminal offenses: a comparative study
Vita Food Products Revisited
Waybills, The Modern Contract of Carriage of Goods by Sea
Who May Claim or Sue?
Whom to Sue - Identity of the Carrier
Претензии и иски при перевозке грузов морем : морские требования по грузу
海上貨物クレーム : 貨物損害と運送人の責任
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