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Bakker, J.
Bakker, J. W.
Bakker, J. W. De
Bakker, Jaco de
Bakker, Jaco W. de
Bakker, Jacobus W. de
Bakker, Jacobus Willem
Bakker, Jacobus Willem de
De Bakker, J. W.
De Bakker, Jaco
De Bakker, Jacobus W.
De Bakker, Jacobus Willem
DeBakker, Jaco W.
DeBakker, Jacobus W.
Jaco de Bakker
Jaco de Bakker (niederländischer theoretischer Informatiker)
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Computer file
Language material
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Apt, Krzysztof R.
European Association for Theoretical Computer Science Affiliation (see also from)
Leeuwen, Jan van (1946-)
Meyer, J.-J.Ch. (1954-)
Meyer, John-Jules Charles (1954-)
Nijman, A.J. (1947-)
REX Workshop 1992 Beekbergen
Roever, W.-P. de (1943-)
Roever, W.P. de
Roever, Willem Paul
Roever, Willem-Paul de
Rozenberg, Grzegorz
Rutten, J. J. M. M.
Stichting Mathematisch Centrum (Amsterdam)
Treleaven, P. C.
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Vink, Erik de
Algorithmic languages : proceedings of the International Symposium on Algorithmic Languages
Automata, data structures, complexity
Automata, languages and programming : seventh colloquium, [ICALP 80], Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, July 14-18, 1980
CCS for OO and LP
Colloquium bedrijfssystemen
Colloquium structuur van programmeertalen
Compactness in semantics for merge and fair merge
Comparative semantics for linear arrays of communicating processes
Concurrency semantics based on metric domain equations
Control flow semantics
Correctness of programs with function procedures
Current trends in concurrency : overviews and tutorials
decade of concurrency reflections and perspectives ; proceedings
Derivatives of programs [microvorm]
Designing equivalent semantic models for process creation
Fixed point semantics and Dijkstra's fundamental invariance theorem
Flow of control in the proof theory of structured programming
Formal definition of programming languages. With an application to the definition of algol 60.
Foundations of computer science II
Foundations of object-oriented languages : REX School/Workshop, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, May 28-June 1, 1990 : proceedings
Full abstractness of an interleaving semantics for action refinement
Fully abstract denotational models for nonuniform concurrent languages
Hewet - plus wiskunde : vacantiecursus 1984.
J.W. de Bakker, 25 jaar semantiek
Languages for parallel architectures : design, semantics, implementation models
Least fixed points revisited
Liber amicorum : Jaco de Bakker
Linear time and branching time semantics for recursion with merge
Linear time, branching time and partial order in logics and models for concurrency school/workshop, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, May 30 - June 3, 1988
Logic programming languages : constraints, functions, and objects
Mathematical theory of program correctness, c1980:
Mathematics and computer science : proceedings of the CWI symposium, November 1983
MC-25 Informatica Symposium; [lectures]
Niet met zoveel woorden : over de taal der informatica
On convex sublattices of distributive lattices
On infinite computations in denotational semantics
On the completeness of the inductive assertion method
Order and metric in the stream semantics of elemental concurrency
PARLE, parallel architectures and languages Europe : Eindhoven, The Netherlands, June 15-19, 1987 : proceedings
Real-time : theory and practice
Real-Time: Theory in Practice REX Workshop Mook, The Netherlands, June 3-7, 1991 Proceedings
Recursive procedures
Recursive programs as predicate transformers
Rendez-vous with metric semantics
Semantics and proof theory of PASCAL procedures
Semantics: Foundations and Applications REX Workshop, Beekbergen, the Netherlands, June 1-4, 1992. Proceedings
Semantics of infinite processes using generalized trees
Stepwise refinement of distributed systems : models, formalisms, correctness : REX workshop, Mook, the Netherlands, May 29-June 2, 1989 : proceedings
Ten years of concurrency semantics selected papers of the Amsterdam concurrency group
Termination of nondeterministic programs
Topological models for higher order control flow
Towards a uniform topological treatment of streams and functions on streams
Transition systems, infinitary languages and the semantics of uniform concurrency
Uniform abstraction, atomicity and contractions in the comparative semantics of Concurrent Prolog
Wiley series in parallel computing
Thesis (doctoral)--Universiteit van Amsterdam, 1967