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A. North
Alex North
North, Alex
North, Alexander
Soifer, Isadore
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Manuscript notated music
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Soifer, Isadore (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Alex North & His Orchestra (isMemberOf)
Burton, Richard (1925-1984)
Goldsmith, Jerry (10.02.1929-21.07.2004)
Huston, John (1906-1987)
Karl-Lennart, 1898 (1986)
Kubrick, Stanley (1928-1999)
Metty, Russell (1906-1978)
Miller, Arthur
Olivier, Laurence (1907-1989)
Richard L. Coe Theater Programs Collection (Library of Congress)
Schlöndorff, Volker (1939-....))
Sigmund, Aleš (1944-)
Simmons, Jean (1929-2010)
Taylor, Elizabeth (1932-2011)
Trumbo, Dalton (1905-1976)
Warner home video France
Zaret, Hy
2001: A Space Odyssey: Space Station Docking
3 Darling Dragonettes / Triumphant Dragon
30 Mile Hike - Part 3
30 Mile Hike - Parts 1 & 2
AA Medley
About Doc Pearson
Across the Rio Grande (from The Wonderful Country)
Agony and the Ecstasy: Main Title, The
Alamo, The
Alex North’s 2001: The Legendary Original Score
Alex North's 2001 the original motion picture score.
Alexander's Tomb
Alexandre Desplat
All About God
All Fall Down / The Outrage
Alma's Story/Goodbye Jack
Also Sprach Narathustra (2001: A Space Odyssey)
am Spartacus, I
Amami, caro
Anna, the Girl
Anthony and Calpurnia
Anthony and Cleopatra Theme
Anthony's Farewell
Anthony's Victory
Anthony... Wait...
Antoninus Song
Antony and Cleopatra in Tarses
Antony and Cleopatra's Love
Antony's Retreat / Transitions
Antony... Wait
Arrival At The Beach
Arrival at the Sea
Arrival of the Cardinals
Ashamed / Home sweet Home (original version)
Assembly – Dodge City (Bugle Call)
Aunt Kate Recalls Parkinson
Awful Truth/The Late Comer, The
Back From The Sea
Back to St.Peter's
Back To The Mansion / The Costume
bad seed, The
Ballad for a Westerner
Bandit's Story (In a Grove, The Rape, The Duel), The
Barn Burners
Basket of Kisses
Battle Field, The
Battle – Part 1/Battle – Part 2
Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar
Bedroom, The
Belle Reve Reflections
Ben Departs
Ben Spies on Lovers
Ben - Willy's Symbol of Success
Beside The Pool
Better Late Than Never
Big Rock Candy Mountain”, “The
Biker's Minuet
Biker's Waltz
Bill Evans & Jeremy Steig
Birthday Party, The
Bishop Peruses Passport
Bite the bullet
Blanche and Mitch
Blue Danube (2001: A Space Odyssey)
Blue shadows and purple hills
Bluff, The
Boiling Sea
Bonus Track: Mountain Scene
Bonus Track: Rosebud
Bonus Track: Square Dance (for Accordion and Guitar)
Boots And Saddles (Bugle Call)
Boys Meet Ben, The
Brady and Helen
Breakout, The
Brian Tyler
brigade du diable, La
Brooding (Preliminary Version)
Burning Village
Burt / End Title
By Divine Right
Caesar and Cleopatra
Caesar's Assassination
Caesar's Departure
Caesar's Farewell
Caesar to Egypt
Caliope, the Wife
Camp at Night-Spartacus and Varinia talk of the Future, The
Camptown Races
Capitol City
Carlos Santana
Carnival Bozo
Carny Theme 2
Cattle Drive
Cavalry [After Battle]/Sick Girl
Cavalry [Into Positions]
Chaplain’s Music
Charge (Bugle Call)
Charlie's Town (The Charleston)
Chase, The
Chasing Tuan
chevauchée sauvage, La
Cheyenne Autumn
cheyennes, Les
Chief Pistolero
Children At Play
Children’s Hour (Main Title), The
Cicero, the Friend
Cleopatra: Caesar's Assassination / Cleopatra's Entrance Into Rome
Cleopatra (Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
Cleopatra: Love Theme
Cleopatra: Main Title / Cleopatra Enters Rome
Cleopatra's Ambition
Cleopatra's Barge
Cleopatra's Son / Antony's Camp
Click Go the Shears
Climb Up the Mountain
Com'è strano
Comes Running
Commission's Reaction / Telemond's Death
Compassion / Compassion for Guido
Composers corner at MGM
Con sus mismas armas Man with the gun
[Concerts from the Library of Congress, 1991-1992 series. Music from the cinema : David Raksin and his colleagues.
Conflict / Symphony No. 2
Confused / Pour me
Consolation / Tiny Folly
Conspirations and Conflicts
Contessina, The
Continue the Climb
Coriolanus: Processional and Fanfare
Coronation (alternate)
Corpse Walker, The
Cosette Kisses Jean
Country Road
Crassus' Camp
Crassus' Home
Crassus' House / Deserted School
Crassus Legions
Crossing the Mountains (alternate)
Crown Hit
Crucifixion March (Preliminary Version)
Daddy Long Legs: Hong Kong
Daddy Long Legs: Paris
Daddy Long Legs: Rio
Dance Montage (bonus)
Dance of the Dead
Dave Grusin
David / How soon / Help
Dawn of Man and Main Theme from 2001
Dead Agent
Dead Bike Rider
Dead Fight the Living / Good Versus Evil / Celia's Waltz / The Happy Mimic, The
Dead / Journey Into Fear, The
Deadly Quest
Death in the Garden
Death of Eufemio
Death of the Flute Player
Death Scene
Deborah/Indians Arrive
Deborah [Proposal]
Deborah’s Book
Dedication/Going Home [Trek Continues]/Cavalry [Pursuit]
Dejection / Eclipse / Resurrection of Ulrich
Delivery Boy, Trapped
Della Robia Blue
désaxés, Les
Deserted School
Desirée: End Title
Desirée: Main Title ("Song From Desiree")
Desirée: Score Selection
Desolation Elegy (Preliminary Version)
Desperate Straits
Destory That Amulet! / Ulrich Explodes / Vermithrax's Plunge
Destroy That Amulet!
Devil's Brigade March (I Want a Woman) (Chorus), The
Diego Navarro
Dirty Clothes
Do Women, I
Do You Love Me, Charlie?
Doc and Cora
Doc Leaves
Doctor / Affirmation, The
Dodge City
Domestic General / The Domestic General Revisited, The
Don't cry / Bye L'Ums
Down Girl / Ashamed
Draba Fight
Dragon's Flight / Burning Villages
Dragon Sore‐ing
Dragonslayer: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Dream of Kings, A
Dream, The
Drive Through New Zealand
Drums No. 4 (Version 1)
Drums No. 4 (Version 2)
Drums No. 5 (Version 1)
Drums No. 5 (Version 2)
Drums No. 6
Drums [Proposal For Peace – Alternate]
Dunkirk Revisited
Dusty March
Dying Is Less Than Love
“Early In De Mornin’”
Eat Meat and the Kill
Eclipse / Love & Hope
Election (album version), The
Election of the Pope (film version)
Elspeth at the Stake / Vermithrax's Triumph / Galen's Encounter
Elspeth's Destriny / Dragon Scales
Empty Bottles
Enchaînés, Les
Enchaînesslow, Les
End Credits
End/Going Home [End Cast], The
End of Act 1 (three versions)
End Of Act I (Alternate Version)
End Sequence and End Title
End Title (Album)
End Title-Alt
End Title (alternate)
End Title & End Cast
End Title (film version)
End Title (original version)
End Titles (Leone version)
Entering the Bar
Entr'acte (Caesar & Cleopatra)
Entr'Acte / Leone
Epic, The
Epilogue (Act 1)
Epilogue: The Truth
Eric Stern & The London Symphony Orchestra
Espartaco Spartacus
Exit Music (Antony and Cleopatra)
Exit Music (original - unused)
Expectant Parents
extase et l'agonie, L'
Faces of Death Scene (test recording)
Faces of Death-Varinia has her Child (original extended version)
Fantine Collapses
Father and Son
Fear and Revelation
Fear Of Death (Alternate Version)
Ferry, The
Festival (Alternate Version)
Festival (Preliminary Version)
Festival (test recording)
Festivity in St.Peter's Square
Fight, The
Fight to live / Serenity
Final Farewell And End Title
Finale / "The Maple Leaf Forever"
Fire Burns / Son of Caesar, The
Fire Burns, the Fire Burns, The
Fire Dance
First Call (Bugle Call)/Drums No. 3 [Snares]
First Experiment, The
First Pair
Flibberti Gibbet
Flourish (Bugle Call)
For whom the bell tolls
Foraging, The
Forest Meeting
Forest Romp
Formations-The Final Battle
Forward (Bugle Call)
Friend Deborah; Waiting for Supplies
Gabor Szabo
Gabriel's Mournful Reflections
Galen Jailed / Galen's Escape
Galen's Desperation & Spirit Revitalized
Galen’s Search for the Amulet
Gathering Forces from Viva Zapata!
Gathering of Forces
Gathering the Forces
Gautier’s Wallet
General Crassus / Crassus and the Woman / Crassus Meets Varinia
General Crassus-Crassus and the Women-Crassus Meets Varinia
General Marcos
General's Breakfast, The
gens de Dublin, Les
Gentleman Caller, The
Germans Arrive/ Let's Get Out of Here
Ghost: Unchained Melody
Gift for Caesar, A
Glabrus Defeated and End of Act 1 (extended version)
Glabrus Defeated and End of Act One
Glabrus Disgraced
Glabrus March
Gladiator Army / Forest Meeting
Gladiator Selection (Unused Version)
Gladiators Fight to the Death
Gladiators Rebel / Rome
God Help Me/Cavalry [Pursuit Continues]
Goes Double
Going Home [Exit]
Going Home [Hunger]
Going Home [The Train]
Going Home [Trek Begins]
Golden Fleece
Good-Bye Willy
Good King Wenceslas
Good morning, Vietnam : original motion picture soundtrack
Goodbye My Life, My Love / End Title
Goodbye To Troops (Alternate)
Goodbye Tuan
Graduation Ceremony
Grant Me an Honorable Way to Die
Grant Me an Honourable Way to Die
Great Library
Greek Club, The
Gretta's Fond Memory
Gretta's Young Romance
Grim Gabriel
Hail Antony
Hands / Hotel Lobby
Happiness is a Thing called Joe (Sandy Ellis)
Happy Birthday
Hard Contract
Hate Life
Head Divers
Head of Pompeius, The
Headed for Freedom
Helen's Theme
Him Too
Hodge’s Death
Home sweet Home / This is it / Hold it
Homeward Bound: On to the Sea / Beside the Pool
honneur des Prizzi, L'
Honor and Duty
honor de los Prizzi, El
Hope and Farewell
Hopeful Preparations, Vesuvius Camp
How To Kiss
Husband's Story (The Medium, The Betrayal, The Suicide), The
I'll cry Tomorrow (single version)
I'll Never Smile Again
I'm a Bad Girl
I'm Pretty
In the Church
indeseables Pocket money, Los
Indian Fight
Indians Arrive
Indians/Sage Fire
Infant Burial (Alternate Version)
Infiltrating the City / Gathering of Prisoners
Innocente’s Death
innocents., The
Inspector Javert
Interior Orion
Interlude / Sea Battle
Interlude: The Gate
Intermission Music-Final Film Version
Intermission Music (original - unused)
Intro to End Credits / End Credits
It's Over (End Title)
Jack Leaves
Jacopus Blasted
Jason and Quentin
Jean de Dublin, Les
Jean Turns Toward Door
Jimmy Wah’s Bombing
Joe and Karen Kiss
Joel McNeely
John Debney
John Neufeld & Marty Krystall
Josefa’s Love
Journey to Hawaii
Journey to the Farolito
Joy to the World
Joyful Days, The
Julius in the Garden
Karen Runs, Martha's Room, the Funeral
King Again, Ballos
king and four queens, The
King Neptune
Kiril is proclaimed Pope / White Smoke
Kiril's Loneliness (alternate)
Kiril's Past
Kiril's Release / Kamenev
Kitchen (Part I) (Alternate Version)
Kitchen (Part II)
Komm' ins Land der Liebe
Laboratory, The
Lair / Landslide, The
Lalo Schifrin
Lance / The Lottery, The
Lásko má
Lass of Aughrim, The
Last Butterfly: End Title, The
Last Fight, The
Late Night Drive
Later That Night
Lawrence of Arabia
Lead Our People Home – Part 1/Lead Our People Home – Part 2
Letter, The
Levitan Sign On (Alternate No. 1)
Levitan Sign On (Alternate No. 2)
Levitan Sign On (Alternate No. 3)
Libyan Mine Scene (test recording)
Libyan Mines / Arrival of Batiatus / The Gladiator School
Lifeless Celia
Like Tweet No. 1
Like Tweet No. 2
Like Tweet No. 3
Loaded Dice
Locket [Film Version], The
Lonely Woman, The
Long, Hot Summer: Ashamed, The
Long, Hot Summer: Barn Burner, The
Long, Hot Summer: Big Daddy, The
Long, Hot Summer: Easy Living, The
Long, Hot Summer: Encounter, The
Long, Hot Summer: Hey! Eula, The
Long, Hot Summer: Jody, The
Long, Hot Summer: Loot, The
Long, Hot Summer: Papa, The
Long, Hot Summer: Respect, The
Long, Hot Summer / Sanctuary, The
Long, Hot Summer: Southern Belle, The
Long, Hot Summer: Summertime, The
Long, Hot Summer: The Barn Burns, The
Long, Hot Summer: The Long, Hot Summer, The
Long, Hot Summer: Two Butterflies, The
Lottery, The
Love and Hate
Love Idyll
Love's Reverie
Love Sequence
Love Theme from ‘Spartacus’
Love Theme (reprise)
Luceria Camp
Lynchers / The Barn Burns / Joy, The
Ma's Girls
Ma Ula Ula
Madame Courbet
Magnificent Seven, The
Maiden's Sacrifice
Main Theme Demo
Main Title / A Boy’s Choice / Places to See / Back in the Twenties
Main Title-Alt
Main Title (Alternate Version)
Main Title (film version)
Main Title (from The Wonderful Country)
Main Title (long version)
Main Title (Not Used in the Film)
Main Title (original version)
Main Title (short version)
Main Title - The Sound and the Fury
Main Title Viva Zapata
Man in Africa
Man with the gun
Mansion, The
Marilyn Monroe
Mark Isham
Martha's Decision (with alternate ending)
Mary and Grandmother in the Car, Mary's Lies
Mary Faints
Mary's Lie
Matsoukas, the King
Matsoukas, the Winner
Medal and Rhoda’s Death, The
Medici, The
Medley: “Angelina Baker”/“Buffalo Gals”/“Angelina Baker”/“Buffalo Gals”
Medley: “Camptown Races”/“Angelina Baker”/“Camptown Races” (Version 1)
Medley: “Camptown Races”/“Angelina Baker”/“Camptown Races” (Version 2)
Medley No. 4
Medley No. 7
Medley: “Oh Dem Golden Slippers”/“Dandy Jim From Caroline”
Medley: “Quadrille”/“Yellow Rose Of Texas”
Medley: “Skip To My Lou”/“Angelina Baker”/“Buffalo Gals”/“Camptown Races”
Medley: “The Big Rock Candy Mountain”/“Oh Dem Golden Slippers”
Memories Fade
Metapontum Triumph
MGM Studios presents Composers corner at MGM
Michelangelo's Magnificent Achievement and Finale
Michelangelos's Recovery
Mines, The
Mirage, The
Miserables, Les
Misfits: Love's Reverie, The
Misfits Theme
Montage: Spear Dance / Song of the Islands / Tavega Voyage
Moon Gate
Moon Music and Prelude
Moon Rocket Bus
Mort d'un commis voyageur (2 h 10 min)
Mort d'un commis voyageur Private conversations
Most Becoming
Mrs. Tilford Learns the Truth
Mrs. Tilford Rejected, the Long Walk
Murder at the Fiesta
Music from the cinema : David Raksin and his colleagues
Musiques de films
My Baby Sleep Well
My Boy
My Love Is My Master
Natayo / The Ceremonial
Nathan Barr & Lisbeth Scott
Nathan Returns, Version A
Nathan Returns, Version B
Never Fear
New Cardinal
New Life
New Orleans Street
New Recruits
News About Jack
Night Crucifixion
Night Crucifixions
Night of Death, A
Night Terrors
No Black Person Is Ugly
No More Children
No More Mail
No More School
No Sorcerers, No Dragons!
No Walk
Noise in the Night-Mary Watches
North of Hollywood
Number One Man
Number Three Man
Number Two Man
Octavian the Victor
Odd Jobs / Frontier Science / Chemists of the Future
Odyssey, Version A
Odyssey, Version B
Off to the Fiesta
Officer’s Call (Bugle Call)
Old Chief/Tall Chief’s Death
On To The Sea (Alternate Version)
On to the Sea-Dead Baby-New Camp (extended version)
On To The Sea / Infant Burial
On to Vesuvius: Forward, Gladiators / Forest Meeting
Once Over
One Breath Closer
Only Yesterday
Order, Order
Original Rat Patrol End Credits, The
Original Rat Patrol Theme, The
Osyters and Snails / Festival
Our Heroes on Duty
Out of the Grave / Into the Well / No Sign of Life
Outbreak – Part 1/Outbreak – Part 2
Outrage - Suite, The
Overture-Final Film Version
Overture (original - unused)
Overture (Unused Version)
Oysters And Snails / Festival (Album Version) *
Oysters And Snails (Film Version)
Oysters and Snails-Original Version (not used in film)
Pablo Is Interrogated
Palace of Alexandria, The
Parade Ground March
Park / Cosette And Marius, The
Parting, The
Party Is Over
Party's Over
Past, The
Patrick Doyle
Patton Patton
Paul Exits
People Rebel, The
Phosphorus Plant / Scientific Supermarket
Picnic, The
Pinning the Corpse
Pocket money
Poi Dance & Hula Dancers
Pompey's Ring
Pony Soldier
Pope and Kiril / Announcement / St. Peter's Square
Post Office
Potter Shop, The
Prelude: The Dawn of Man
Prelude: The Mountains of Carrara
Prelude to Battle: Quiet Interlude / The Final Conflict
Prepare To Dismount (Bugle Call)
Prepare To Mount (Bugle Call)
Princess, The
Prisoner Roundup Continues / Santa Elia Wrap-Up, The
Prizzi's honor
Prologue - Act II
Prologue: The Rashomon Gate
Queen Mother
Queen's Bedroom, A
Quentin’s Theme
Qui a peur de Virginia Woolf?
Racers: A Big Girl, The
Racers: A.M. Blackjack, The
Racers: Appartengo A Voi, The
Racers / Daddy Long Legs, The
Racers: Decision, The
Racers: End Title, The
Racers: GIno And Nicole, The
Racers: Grand Prix, The
Racers: I Belong To You, The
Racers: I Need You, The
Racers: Main Title, The
Racers: Monte Carlo Samb, The
Racers: Much Too Close, The
Racers: Roulette, The
Racers: Truth, The
Radio Source Music
rainmaker, The
Raksin on great film composers
Rally (Bugle Call)
Ramsey Lewis Trio, The
Randy Edelman
Rape (Alternate)
Rat Chat
Rebecca / David to School
Recall (Bugle Call)
Recognition And Crucifixion March
Red Shirt/Cattle Drive
Rednecks Rumble
Regina Carter
Remember to Forget
Reminiscence Theme
Reno Bar Dance
Resolved - End Title
Resolved, Part I
Rest Period
Resurrection of Ulrich
Reunion at Fort Jefflin
Reunion with Castro
Revolt (Preliminary Version)
Rich man, poor man
Richard BurtonQui a peur de Virginia woolf ?
Richard III: Three Fanfares
Richard Stoltzman
Riding Into Pueblo
River Crossing
rock on almanac 2nd ed
Roman Baths (original test recording)
Rome (alternate) / Main Title (excerpt of alternate)
Rooster On His Back
Rosalie's Confession, Empty School
rose tattoo, The
Roslyn (a.k.a. Misfits Theme)
Round-Up Suite, The
Ruby Spurned/Oralie Spurned
Sad, Sad, Sad
Sanctuary: Believe
Sanctuary: Candy Man
Sanctuary: Candy's Return
Sanctuary: I Remember Sanctuary
Sanctuary: Little Girl
Sanctuary: Main Title
Sanctuary: Narration No. 1
Sanctuary: Narration No. 2
Sanctuary: Narration No. 3
Sanctuary: Revelation
Sanctuary: Sleep Little Lush
Sanctuary: You're Mine
sandalias del pescador, Las
Sangre sabia
Santa Elia Wrap-Up
School House, The
Scotland the Brave
Sea Hawk
Search for David
Search, The
Senza Catene
Several Days Later / The End of a Friend
Sex Rears
Shanks–Main Title
Shoes of the Fisherman Source Music: Celebration, The
Shoes of the Fisherman Source Music: Roman Band, The
Shoes of the Fisherman Source Music: Roman Party, The
Shoes of the Fisherman Source Music: Tiny Folly (film version), The
Shoes of the Fisherman Source Music: Tiny Folly (jazz version), The
Shoes of the Fisherman Source Music: Tu es Petrus, The
Shoes of the Fisherman Source Music: Veni Creator Spiritus, The
Shoes of the Fisherman Source Music: Zoo, The
Shoo Shoo Baby
Sick Girl
Silkworm / Spin Dope / Synthetic Fibers, The
Sing you Sinners
Sistine Chapel, The
Sketch Destroyed
Sketch of the Apostles, The
Ski Training
Slaves Escape
Slight Skirmish (alternate), A
Smuggling Guns
So Long
Soil Demonstration / Decision for Chemistry, The
Solitary Pilgrimage (alternate)
Solitary Pilgrimage / Daybreak at St. Peter's
Sound and the Fury, The
Sound The Trumpet (Alternate Version)
Sound the Trumpet / Crassus' Legions / Spartacus' March / Crassus' Camp
Sounder / Decision for Chemistry
Sounder / Goodbye, Mama
Sounder Returns / Act Like One
Source Music Medley
Source Music (Part I)
Source Music (Part II)
South Seas Adventure
Southern Breeze
Space Station Docking
Space Talk
Spartacus and Antoninus-Spartacus Defies Crassus-The Final Battle
Spartacus and Glabrus Camp (alternate)
Spartacus' Cell
Spartacus Fanfare
Spartacus Love Theme (Preliminary Version)
Spartacus: Main Theme
Spartacus March (Alternate Ending Version)
Spartacus original sound track album.
Spartacus (Part I Main Title)
Spartacus (Part II Love Theme)
Spartacus (Stanley Kubrick)
Spartacus (The Complete Original Film Music)
Spartacus: Theme From "Spartacus"
Spartacus: Titles
Spring; Soldiers; Alarm
Square Dance
Stageco ach
Stan and Stella
Stan Meets Blanche
Standing Bear / American Pastorale
Starbuck's Confession
Starbuck's Story
Starlight Romance / Presently
Stavros, the Song
Still a Virgin
Still My Guy
Stood up / Shattered / Tortured
Story Cards
Story of Michael Furey, The
Stream / Continuing Down the Stream, The
Streetcar Named Desire: Belle Reve, A
Streetcar Named Desire: Della robia blue, A
streetcar named Desire (Elia Kazan), A
Streetcar Named Desire: Flores para los muertos, A
Streetcar Named Desire: Lust, A
Streetcar Named Desire: Mania, A
Streetcar Named Desire, Part Four: Epilogue / Slow Blues / Blanche Exits With Psychiatrist / Finale, A
Streetcar Named Desire, Part One: Opening / Street Scene / Stanley’s Entrance / Blanche’s Entrance / Blanche's Solo / Blanche and Stella Meet / Figures of Death / Stanley and Blanche Meet, A
Streetcar Named Desire, Part Three: Blanche’s Dream / Newspaper Boy / The Ball Dance / Blanche’s Husband Commits Suicide / Jazz Dance / Blanche and Mitch / Street Scene / Stanley and Mitch Fight / Blanche Argues With Mitch / Blanche’s Solo / Rape Scene, A
Streetcar Named Desire, Part Two: Inside the House / Poker Game / Blanche and Stella Enter / Stanley Angry / Fight / Stanley’s Solo, A
Streetcar Named Desire: Sililoquy and Redemption, A
Streetcar Named Desire: Soliloquy and Redemption
Streetcar Named Desire: Stan Meets Blanche, A
Streetcar Named Desire: Streetcar, A
Streetcar Named Desire: The Four Deuces, A
String Chord / Real Heel
Sunday, Tomorrow - All Day
Sunshine of Greece
Surf Riding
Surrender Aftermath & End Title
Sweet Baby
Symphony for a New Continent I
Symphony for a New Continent II
Symphony for a New Continent III
Symphony for a New Continent IV
Tack Room, The
Take Care Of Her (Finale)
Tale It easy
Taps (Bugle Call)
Taste of Death
Ted & Kay (Love Theme)
Terry Callier
Thanks / Disclosure
That’s All
Theme from "A Streetcar Named Desire"
Theme From the Devil's Brigade (I Got a Woman) (Chorus)
Theme From the Devil's Brigade (instrumental)
Theme from The Shoes of the Fisherman
There Is No Leader
There's No Leader But Yourselves
This Is For Your Memory
Thorn of the Rose
’Tis The Final Conflict
To Greece, Father and Son
To the Ball Game
To Work, My Son (Finale)
Too Much Woman - End Title
tormento y el éxtasis, El
Total War
Training (prerecording)
Training The Gladiators (Part I) / Painting (Preliminary Version)
Training The Gladiators (Part II) (Preliminary Version)
tramway nommé désir, Un
Trance / Mama's Plea
Transition / Also / Tony
tranvía llamado Deseo A streetcar named Desire, Un
Trip to the Moon
Troops Arriving
Trouble/Shut Up
Troubled Romance
Truth Hurts, The
Trying for Freedom
TV Horror Show
Two Butterflies
Two Heads
Tyrian and Galen Fight
Ulrich’s Death and Mourning / The Amulet
Unchained melody from the film "Ghost" : wind band/concert band
Under the volcano
Until Next Time / Finale
Up From The Pool
Urlander's Mission (Main Titles)
Uwierz w ducha
Vagabond King Waltz / I'm sitting on Top of the World, The
Valerian & Galen's Romance
Valerian’s Dragon Scales
Vamp, The
Väntans melodi Unchained melody
Varinia And Crassus
Varinia Gives Birth
Varinia in Crassus' House
Varinia's Theme
Varinia-Training, Part 1-Kitchen Scenes-Training, Part 2
Varinia / Training, Part One / Kitchen Scenes / Training, Part Two
Vermithrax's Lair / Landslide
Vesuvius Camp / New Recruits / Glabrus' March / Vesuvius Montage
Victoria Falls / Progress
Vidas rebeldes The misfits
Vino vino
VIPs / King Ptolemy, The
"Virginia Woolf Rock" and SNAP
Viva Zapata!: End Title
Viva Zapata!: Gathering Forces
Viva Zapata!: Main Title
Viva Zapata !original motion picture score
Viva Zapata!/The 13th Letter
Viva Zapata! / The Children's Hour
VIVA ZAPATA!: Zapata and the Peons Rebel
Wagon Mound
Waiting for the Duel-Spartacus and Draba duel-Death of Draba/Aftermath
Waltz Huguette / Bar Mitzvah Rhumba
War Chant
War, The
Warrior Pope, The
We Never Close
We Shall Meet in Egypt
Weapon, The
Webster (5 min 18 s)
Wet Socks
What’s Your Name?
What You Said About Me
Whats’s His Name
When the red, red Robin comes bob, bob, bobbin' along (Sandy Ellis)
Where’s Daddy
White Horse / Into the Sunset (End Credits), The
Who's afraid of Virginia Woold ?
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?: Moon and Main Title
Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf ?music from the motion picture
Whos afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Wife's Story (Her Mother's Lament, The Wife's Love), The
Wild Theme on Nova
Willy's Affair in Boston
Wireless Rooster
Wise blood Sangre sabia
Wonderful Country / The King And Four Queens, The
Wood Pulp Mill / Vanillin
Woodcutter's Story (The Bandit's Plea, The Wife's Flirtathion, The Husband's Cowardice, The Debacle), The
Work in the Cane Field / Family Work
You Always Hurt the One You Love
You Just Feel It
You're My Guy
Young Lovers
Yusef Lateef
Yvonne Returns
Zapata and Villa Meet
Zapata Battles
Zapata Body and Finale
Zapata Circles the Name
Zapata Cuts the Rope
Zapata Escapes
Zapata Falls (End Title)
Zapata Lowers His Hand
Zapata March
Zapata’s Love
Zapata, The Troubled Leader
Zapata Vive!
Zapatistas Battle Against Huerta
Zero Minus Thirty / Stirring With Life / Industrial Skyline / Research
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20 Classic Hits Playalong for Saxophone Gold Edition
20th Century Fox: 75 Years Of Great Film Music
20th Century Fox: Music From the Golden Age
Alex North’s 2001: The Legendary Original Score
Audrey Hepburn - A Touch of Music
Best Film ...Ever!, The
Best of the West
Bluff, The
Brando: Music and Highlights from his Movies
Celebration of Hollywood 1994, A
Classic Movie Themes 4
Classical Chillout Platinum
Cocktail Mix, Volume 4: Soundtracks With a Twist!
Come le foglie al vento: Main Title Theme - Written on the Wind
Come le foglie al vento: Temptation
Concerts pour l'aventure: Les plus belles musiques de films au Grand Rex
Contemporary Creations For Spanish Guitar
Death of a Salesman / Rashomon
Docking (take 2)
Eat Meat and Kill
Eat Meat and Kill (take 7—wild)
Eyes Wide Shut: Music From Stanley Kubrick Movies
Festival de Cannes: 60th Anniversary
Film Music Collection
Foraging, The
Foraging: alternate version (aka The Dawn of Man), The
Ghost ("Unchained Melody")
Good Morning, Vietnam / Operation Dumbo Drop
Gramophone December 1998
Great Film Themes, Volume 1
Hot Spell / The Matchmaker
Hustler, The
In Session: A Film Music Celebration
Initials BO
Instrumental Moods of the Piano
Jazz Noir
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Western und Abenteuer (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 2)
Lounge Movie (disc 1)
Magical Sound of the Panpipes, The
Month JULY 04: In Depth – Return of the Beastie Boys, The
Moon Rocket Bus
Movie Memories: A Golden Age Revisited
Music for 2001: A Space Odyssey
Music From Hollywood
Music from the Movies
Night Terrors
Nova Fait son Cinéma
Prince and the Pauper and Other Film Music, The
Pure Celtic Chill
Quattro ragazze in gamba: Rhapsody for Four Girls in Town
Rat Patrol: Volume 2, The
Reel Love: Great Romantic Movie Themes
Romance Classics
Romancing the Screen: Great Love Themes of the Cinema, Volume 1
SBS Movie Show presents: You Must Remember This: 101 Movie Themes & Songs, The
Shoes of the Fisherman / M-G-M 1968 Widescreen Spectaculars, The
Silva Treasury - Hollywood Tough Guys
Some Love Songs
Space Age 2019
Space Station (take 4—partial
Space Station Docking
Space Talk
Streetcar Named Desire / Since You Went Away / Now, Voyager / The Informer, A
Streetcar Named Desire / The Legend of John Henry, A
Top cinema USA
Trip to Moon
Unchained Melody
Unchained Melody (orch.) - Ghost
Unchained Melody (orchestral)
Varèse Sarabande: 40 Years of Great Film Music 1978-2018
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration, Volume Two
Varèse Sarabande: A 35th Anniversary Celebration
Warriors of the Silver Screen
Written on the Wind / Four Girls in Town