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Glocestrienses, Guilielmus
Gloucester, William
the Divine Legation of Moses Demonstrated, Author of
Warburthon, William
Warburton, ..
Warburton, Guillaume
Warburton, Gulielmus
Warbürton, Wilhelm
Warburton, Wilhem
Warburton, Willhelm
Warburton, William
Warburton, William (Bishop of Gloucester)
Warburton, William (Bp. of Gloucester)
Warburton, William (évêque de Gloucester)
William (Lord Bishop of Glocester)
William (of Gloucester)
William Warburton (Bishop of Gloucester)
William Warburton (britisk præst)
William Warburton (britisk prest)
William Warburton (Brits priester (1698-1779))
William Warburton (brittisk präst)
William Warburton (englischer Kritiker und Bischof)
Уорбертон, Уильям
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American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Brown, John
Budge, Gavin
Clarendon, Edward Hyde (1609-1674; comte de))
Hurd, Richard
Meersch, Abraham Arent van der (1720-1792)
Pope, Alexander (1688-1744)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Silhouette, Étienne de (1709-1767)
Tablic, Bohuslav (1769-1832)
Alliance between Church and State, or the Necessity and equity of an established religion and a test-law demonstrated from the essence and end of civil society, upon the fundamental principles of the law of nature and nations. In three parts : the first treating of a civil and a religious society, the second, of an established Church, and the third of a test-law
Alliance between Church and State, or the Necessity and equity of an established religion and a test law demonstrated in three books. The 3rd edition... By the Rev. Mr. Warburton,...
Anglické múzy w česko-slowenském oděwu
Brief van Abraham Arent van der Meersch (1720-1792) aan William Warburton (1698-1779)
Coriolanus, a tragedy in 5 acts... with explanatory French notes, by Ad. Brown, improved with a... selection of notes from Johnson, Steevens, Malone, Theobald, Warburton, etc.
Critical and philosophical commentary of Mr. Pope's "Essay on man", in which is contain'd a vindication of the said essay from the misrepresentations of Mr. de Resnel, the French translator, and of Mr. de Crousaz,... the commentator, by Mr. Warburton
critical and philosophical commentary on Mr. Pope's Essay on man. In which is contained a vindication of the said Essay from the misrepresentations of Mr. de Resnel, the French translater, and of Mr. de Crousaz, Professor of Philosophy and Mathematics in the Academy of Lausanne, the commentator. By Mr. Warburton, A
critical and philosophical enquiry into the causes of prodigies and miracles, as related by historians. With an essay towards restoring a method and purity in history. In Which, The Characters of the most celebrated Writers of every Age, and of the several Stages and Species of History, are occasionally criticized and explained. In two parts, A
Démonstrations évangéliques de Tertullien, Origène, Eusèbe [et al.]. traduites, pour la plupart, des diverses langues dans lesquelles elles avaient été écrites...
Dissertation sur les tremblements de terre et les éruptions de feu qui firent échouer le projet formé par l'empereur Julien de rebâtir le Temple de Jérusalem
Dissertations sur l'union de la religion, de la morale et de la politique, tirées d'un ouvrage de M. Warburton
Divine legation of moses
Doctrine of grace, or the Office and operations of the Holy Spirit vindicated from the insults of infidelity and the abuses of fanaticism concluding with some thoughts (humbly offered to the consideration of the established clergy) with regard to the right method of defending religion against the attacks of either party... by William, lord bishop of Gloucester
doctrine of grace: or, The office and operations of the Holy Spirit vindicated from the insults of infideltiy, and the abuses of fanaticism With some thoughts (humbly offered to the consideration of the established clergy) regarding the right method of defending religion against the attacks of either party. In three books. By William lord bishop of Gloucester, The
enquiry into the nature and origin of literary property, An
Epistola critica ad celeberrimum virum Gulielmum, Episcopum Glocestriensem
Essai sur l'homme, en 4 épîtres, corrigé et augmenté par l'auteur, avec des notes de Guillaume Warburton, M. A. traduit en français par le marquis de Saint-Simon
Essai sur les hiéroglyphes des Égyptiens, où l'on voit l'origine et le progrès du langage et de l'écriture, l'antiquité des sciences en Égypte et l'origine du culte des animaux. Traduit de l'anglois de M. Warburthon. Avec des observations sur l'antiquité des hiéroglyphes scientifiques et des remarques sur la chronologie et sur la première écriture des Chinois...
Essay of satire, occasioned by the death of Mr Pope
essay on man, An
Essay on man ; Essay on criticism ; Moral essays ; Wife of Both ; Statius' Thebais book first
Essay on woman, by Pego Borewell,... with notes by Rogerus Cunaeus, Vigerus Mutoniatus, etc. and a commentary by the Rev. Dr. Warburton. Inscribed to Miss Fanny Murray
Faith working by charity to Christian edification, a sermon preach'd at the last episcopal visitation for confirmation in the diocese of Lincoln. With a preface shewing the reasons of its publication and a postscript occasioned by some letters lately published in the "Weekly miscellany". By William Warburton,...
goddelyke zending van Mozes, in negen boeken, De
history of the rebellion and civil wars in England together with an historical view of the affairs of Ireland., The
Horace Walpole's political tracts, 1747-1748
Imitations ; Odes ; Versifications ; Epistles ; Miscellanies ; Epitaphs
Julian, or a Discourse concerning the earthquake and fiery eruption, which defeated that emperor's attempt to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem, in which the reality of a divine interposition is shewn, the objections to it are answered and the nature of that evidence which demands the assent of every reasonable man to a miraculous fact, is considered and explained, by the Rev. Mr. Warburton,...
leere van genade, .., De
legal judicature in Chancery stated, The : with remarks on a late book intitled a Discourse of the judicial authority belonging to the Master of the Rolls in the High Court of Chancery.
letter from an author to a member of Parliament, concerning literary property, A
letter to the editor of the letters on the spirit of patriotism, the idea of a patriot-king, and the state of parties, &c. Occasioned by the editor's advertisement, A
Letters from a late eminent prelate to one of his friends
life of Alexander Pope, esq., comp. from original manuscripts, The : with a critical essay on his writings and genius.
Miscellanea Virgiliana
Natural and civil events the instruments of God's moral government. A sermon preached The last public Fast-Day, At Lincoln's-Inn-Chappel. By W. Warburton, D.D. Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty
pensées de Pope, Les : avec un abregé de sa vie, extraits de l'édition angloise de M. Warburton
plays of William Shakspeare in twenty-one volumes. With the corrections and illustrations of various commentators. To which are added notes, by Samuel Johnson and George Steevens. Revised and augmented by Isaac Reed, with a glossarial index., The
Poetical works of Alexander Pope, with his last corrections, additions... from the text of Dr. Warburton, with the life of the author
Pope's literary legacy the book-trade correspondence of William Warburton and John Knapton, with other letters and documents, 1744-1780
Principles of natural and revealed religion occasionally opened and explained.
Remarks on Mr. David Hume's Essay on the natural history of religion: addressed to the Rev. Dr. Warburton
Remarks on several occasional reflections, in answer to the Rev. Dr. Middleton, Dr. Pococke, the Master of the Charter House, Dr. Richard Grey and others, serving to explain and justify divers passages in the "Divine legation", objected to by those learned writers. To which is added a general review of the argument of the "Divine legation", as far as it is yet advanced, wherein is considered the relation the several parts bear to each other, and to the whole. Together with an appendix in answer to a late pamphlet entitled "An Examination of Mr. W-s second proposition". By Mr. Warburton
Remarks on several occasional reflections In answer to the Reverend Doctors Stebbing and Sykes. Serving to explain and justify the two dissertations in the divine legation, concerning the command to Abraham to offer up his son; and the nature of the Jewish theocracy; objected to by those learned writers. Part II. and last. By Mr. Warburton
Sammlung merkwürdiger Abhandlungen über die Weissagungen, welche die christliche Kirche, und besonders den Abfall des päbstlichen Roms betreffen
Sämmtliche Werke
Selection from unpublished papers...
sermon occasioned by the present unnatural rebellion. Being an earnest exhortation to a manly defence of our happy constitution in church and state. Preached in Mr. Allen's Chapel at Prior-Park near Bath, and publish'd at his request. By William Warburton, M.A. chaplain to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, A
Sermon preached at the Abbey-Church at Bath, for promoting the charity and subscription towards the general hospital or infirmary in that city, on Sunday, October 24, 1742. Publish'd at the request of the governors of the said hospital, by Mr. Warburton. To which is added a short account of the nature, rise and progress of the general infirmary at Bath
sermon preached before the incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, 1766, A
Sermons to doctors in divinity being the second volume of Sermons to asses
Tooneelspelen, met de bronwellen, en aantekeningen van verscheide beroemde sc̣hryveren naar het Engelsche en het Hoogduitsche vertaald...
Versuch über die Hieroglyphen der Ägypter
view of Lord Bolingbroke's philosophy, A
Wilhelm Warburtons Göttliche Sendung Mosis, aus den Grundsätzen der Deisten bewiesen
Works... in eight volumes... with a comment and notes critical and explanatory by Mr. Pope and Mr. Warburton
works of Alexander Pope Esq. in nine volumes complete, The : containing his moral essays : with his last corrections, additions, and improvements; together with all his notes, as they were delivered to the editors a little before his death: printed from the octavo edition of Mr. Warburton.
works of the Right Reverend William Warburton, Lord Bishop of Gloucester. In seven volumes, The
works of Virgil, in Latin and English. The original text correctly printed from the most authentic editions, collated for this purpose., The