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Ervin László (filosofo e pianista ungherese)
Ervin László (Hongaars filosoof)
Ervin László (Hungarian musician and philosopher)
Ervin László (ungarischer Vortragsreisender und Autor)
Lajŭllo, Ŏbin
Laslo, Erṿin
Lāslo, Ervins
László, Ervin,
László, Erwin
Ласло, Эрвин
Ласло, Эрвин (философ науки, исследователь систем, интегральный теоретик, футуролог)
לאסלו, ארווין
ラズロ, アーヴィン
ラズロー, アーヴィン
ラズロー, アーヴィン・L
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Computer file
Language material
Manuscript language material
Nonmusical sound recording
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Backster, Cleve (co-author)
Bertalanffy, Ludwig von (1901-1972))
Bušrūʾī, Suhayl Badīʿ (co-author)
Centro de Estudios Económicos y Sociales del Tercer Mundo
Currivan, Jude
Currivan, Jude (co-author)
Fleischer, Helmut
Grof, Stanislav (1931-)
Institute for Training and Research
King, Alexander (co-author)
Kurtzman, Joel
Laszlo, Christopher (co-author)
Mayor, Federico (co-author)
Monchicourt, Marie-Odile (co-author)
Naess, Arne (co-author)
Ollivier, Annie J. (co-author)
Pauling, Linus
Pauling, Linus (co-author)
Piélat, Thierry (co-author)
Proefschrift Parijs
Robert, Françoise (angliciste; co-author)
Royer, Louis (co-author)
Russell, Peter (1921-2003)
Sági Mária (1945-)
Seixas, Jorge
Spierckel, Pierre (co-author)
Unesco (isRelatedTo)
United Nations Institute for Training and Research
Ustinov, Peter (co-author)
Vitanyi, Ivan
Wylie, Charles (co-author)
Yoo, Jong-Youl (1933-...)
吉田, 三知世
3rd millennium : the challenge and the vision : the Club of Budapest report on creative paths of human evolution
African and Arab co-operation for development
age of bifurcation, The : understanding the changing world
Akashic experience : science and the cosmic memory field
Aux racines de l'univers vers l'unification de la connaissance scientifique
Beyond scepticism and realism : A constructive exploration of Husserlian and Whiteheadian methods of inquiry
Changing visions : human cognitive maps: past, present, and future
Chaos point
choice, The : evolution or extinction? : a thinking person's guide to global issues
Co-operation in the 1980s principles and prospects
Cohérence du réel évolution, coeur du savoir
communist ideology in Hungary. Handbook for basic research., The
connectivity hypothesis foundations of an integral science of quantum, cosmos, life, and consciousness, The
consciousness revolution, The
Cosmos : a co-creator’s guide to the whole world
Cosmos : guide de cocréation du monde-entier
creative cosmos a unified science of matter, life, and mind, The
Crise finale
défis du troisième millénaire
Disarmament : the human factor : proceedings of a Colloquium on the Societal Context for Disarmament, sponsored by UNITAR and Planetary Citizens and held at the United Nations, New York
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Frieden durch Dialog auf dem Weg zur Internationalen Friedensuniversität
Global denken die Neu-Gestaltung der vernetzten Welt
Goals for mankind : a report to the Club of Rome on the new horizons of global community
Grande bifurcation une fin de siècle cruciale
Human dignity this century and the next an interdisciplinary inquiry into human rights, technology, war, and the ideal society
Individualism, collectivism and political power : A relational analysis of ideological conflict
Inner limits of mankind : heretical reflections on today's values, culture and politics
insight edge, The : an introduction to the theory and practice of evolutionary management
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Introduction to systems philosophy : toward a new paradigm of contemporary thought
Kosmische Kreativität neue Grundlagen einer einheitlichen Wissenschaft von Materie, Geist und Leben
Kosmische visie : wetenschap en het Akasha-veld
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La Cohérence du réel évolution, coeur du savoir
La Crise finale
La Grande bifurcation une fin de siècle cruciale
Laszlo-Report Wege zum globalen Überleben
Le management évolutionniste naviguer dans la turbulence
Le Monde moderne et ses limites réflexions hérétiques sur les valeurs, les cultures et les politiques d'aujourd'hui
Les défis du troisième millénaire
Macroshift : navigating the transformation to a sustainable world
management évolutionniste naviguer dans la turbulence
metaphysique de Whitehead: recherche sur les prolongements anthropologiques, La
Monde moderne et ses limites réflexions hérétiques sur les valeurs, les cultures et les politiques d'aujourd'hui
multicultural planet the report of a Unesco international expert group, The
Můžeš změnit svět : příručka světoobčana 21. století
Nas raízes do Universo
New evolutionary paradigm, The
Obstacles to the new international economic order
On Kawara 10 tableaux and 16,952 pages ; [the Exhibition On Kawara: 10 Tableaux and 16,952 Pages was organized by the Dallas Museum of Art, May 18 - August 24, 2008]
Perspectives on general system theory scientific-philosophical studies
Philosophy in the Soviet Union a survey of the mid-sixties
Piano music.
Quantum shift in the global brain.
RCDC (regional cooperation among developing countries) : the new imperative of development in the 1980s
Relevance of general systems theory; papers presented to Ludwig von Bertalanffy on his seventieth birthday., The
revolución de la conciencia, La : un diálogo multidisciplinario : dos días con Stanislav Grof, Ervin Laszlo y Peter Russell
Science et champ akashique l'émergence d'une vision intégrale de la réalité
Science et champ akashique une théorie intégrale du tout
Science et réalité la vision émergente
Science pour demain à réalités neuves, pensée nouvelle
Strategy for the future the systems approach to world order
System, structure, and experience; toward a scientific theory of mind.
Systémisme vision nouvelle du monde pour une philosophie naturelle fondée sur les nouvelles tendances des sciences actuelles
Systemowy obraz świata
Systems philosophy and the crisis of fragmentation in education
Systems science and world order selected studies
systems view of the world, The : a holistic vision for our time
systems view of the world, The : the natural philosophy of the new developments in the sciences
Théorie générale des systèmes
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Vision 2020 : reordering chaos for global survival
Vistas in physical reality Festschrift for Henry Margenau
Weltwende 2012
Whispering pond : a personal guide to the emerging vision of science
Wie kann ich die Welt verändern? ein Report des Club of Budapest
World encyclopedia of peace
World shift 2012
world system: models, norms, applications., The
WorldShift two thousand twelve
Znanost i akašičko polje : integralna teorija svega
Революция сознания : трансатлантический диалог
Contributed to or performed: 
Co-operation for development series
Studies in regional and interregional co-operation series
Proefschrift Parijs