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Buckingham and Normanby, John Sheffield Duke Of
Buckingham, James S.
Buckingham, James Sheffield of
Buckingham, John of
Buckingham, John S.
Buckingham, John S. of
Buckingham, John Sheffield
Buckingham, John Sheffield (duc de)
Buckingham, John Sheffield (Duke of)
Buckinghamshire, John
Buckinghamshire, John Sheffield (duc de)
Buckinghamshire, John Sheffield (Duke of)
Buckinghamshire, ... of
Duc de Buckingham
Holroyd, John Baker
Holroyd, John Baker (comte de Sheffield)
John (Duke of Buckingham)
John (Earl of Mulgrave)
John Sheffield
John Sheffield, 1. Duke of Buckingham and Normanby (englischer Staatsmann und Dichter)
John Sheffield, 1:e hertig av Buckingham och Normanby
John Sheffield, 1st Duke of Buckingham and Normanby (Brits staatsman (1648-1721))
John Sheffield, 1st Duke of Buckingham and Normanby (English poet and notable Tory politician of the late Stuart period)
Mulgrave, John S. of
Mulgrave, John Sheffield
Mulgrave, John Sheffield (3d Earl of)
Mulgrave, John Sheffield (comte de)
Mulgrave, John Sheffield (Earl of)
Mulgrave, John Sheffield of
Mulgrave, Lord
Normamby, John Sheffield of
Normamby, John Sheffield of.‏
Normanby, John of
Normanby, John S. of
Normanby, John Sheffield (duc de)
Normanby, John Sheffield (Duke of)
Normanby, John Sheffield (Marquess of)
Normanby, John Sheffield (marquis de)
Normanby, John Sheffield (Marquis of)
Normanby, John Sheffield of
Normanby, ... of
Scheffield, Johann
Sheffield, Jean
Sheffield, John
Sheffield, John (duc de Buckingham et de Normanby)
Sheffield, John (duc de Buckingham et Normanby)
Sheffield, John (Duke of Buckingham)
Sheffield, John (Duke of Buckingham and Normanby)
Sheffield, John (Earl of)
Sheffield, John (Earl of Mulgrave)
Sheffield, John Holroyd (comte de)
Шеффилд, Джон
1648-1720 oder 21
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Christian, Wolfgang
Dryden, John (co-author)
Earl of Murlgrave
Garth, Samuel (co-author)
Granville, George (co-author)
Hughes, John (1677-1720)
Johnson, Thomas ('s-Gravenhage)
Lansdowne, George Granville (lord Lansdowne, 1667-1735)
Ogelire (co-author)
Philips, John
Pope, Alexander (1688-1744)
Pope, Alexander (co-author)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Reresby, John (co-author)
S.n. (Londen)
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616)
Shakespeare, William (co-author)
Thomson, J.
Thomson, James
Trochereau de La Berlière, Jean-Arnold (co-author)
Voltaire (1694-1778))
Wotton, Thomas (170.?-1766))
Yart, Antoine
Antapologia. -
Buckingham restor'd being two essays which were castrated from the works of the late Duke of Buckingham
character of a Tory. -, The
Choice, by Dr. Church. The Bee, the ant and the sparrow, by Dr. Cotton. An Essay on satire, Dryden and Buckingham. Ode to melancholy, by Mr Ogelire. The Officious messenger, by Mr Sommerville, The
Choix de différens morceaux de poésie traduits de l'anglois
collection of poems viz. The temple of Death: by the Marquis of Normanby. An epistle to the Earl of Dorset: by Charles Montague, lord Halifax. The duel of the stags: by Sir Robert Howard. With several original poems, never before printed, by the E. of Roscommon. The E. of Rochester. The E. of Orrery. Sir Charles Sedley. Sir George Etherege. Mr. Granville. Mr. Stepney. Mr. Dryden, &c, A
collection of the best English plays, chosen out of all the best authors, A
earl of Mu------ave's (now Duke of Buc-Ham) speech in the House of Lords, since the revolution, upon the bringing in a bill against admitting officers to sit in the House of Commons, The
Essai sur la critique, de Pope, poème en trois chants, avec le texte en regard et des notes ; suivi d'un essai sur la poésie par le duc de Buckingham, et d'un essai sur les traductions en vers, par Milord Roscommon ; traduits en vers français par A. de Charbonnières,...
essay on poetry:, An
Idée de la poësie angloise ou trad. des meilleurs poëtes anglois qui n'ont point encore paru dans notre langue ; avec un jugement sur leurs ouvr. ... & un grand nombre d'anecdotes & de notes crit.
Kit-Cats, a poem. To which is added The picture, in imitation of Annacreon's Bathillus. As also The coquet beauty, The
La Festa di Alessandro, ovvero il Poter della musica, ode di Dryden, ed altri saggi di poesia inglese [da Byron, Sheffield e Campbell], recati in versi italiani, coi testi a fronte, fatti precedere da poche riflessioni sul romanticismo dal D. G. Indelicato,...
Laws of poetry, as laid down by the duke of Buckinghamshire in his Essay on poetry, by the earl of Roscommon in bis Essay on translated verse, and by the lord Lansdowne On unnatural flights in poetry..., The
Mélanges de poésie anglaise... [Traduits par Mme Thiroux d'Arconville.]
Mémoires de sir John Reresby . Mémoires du Duc de Buckingham.
Miscellaneous works of Edward Gibbon,... with memoirs of his life and writtings composed by himself : illustrated from his letters, with occasional notes and narrative, by John lord Sheffield. In two volumes. Vol. I [-II].
Plays, by his grace John Sheffield, duke of Buckingham
poems of Buckingham and Lansdowne., The
Poems on several occasions, to which are added the tragedies of Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus, by John Sheffield, duke of Buckingham
Poems. Selections.
Poetical works of the most noble John Sheffield, duke of Buckingham, with the life of author, The
Récit de la révolution de 1688. -
Schmeichelnde Sünden-Gifft und die erfolgende Gottes Rache ... -, Der
short character of Charles II. King of England Written by John Duke of Buckingham, Lord President of Her late Majesty's Privy-Council. With the conference between the Duke of Buckingham, and Father Fitzgerald, an Irish Jesuit, sent by King James the IId. to convert his then grace in his sickness to the Romish religion. Faithfully taken by his grace's secretary, A
siege of Damascus
Tempel des Todes Aus dem Englischen des Herzogs von Buckingham, Der
temple of death a poem, by the Right Honourable the Marquis of Normanby: a translation out of French. With an ode in memory of Her late Majesty Queen Mary, The
Tragedy of Julius Caesar
Tragedy of Julius Cesar, altered, with a prologue and chorus, by... John, duke of Buckingham, The
Tragedy of Marcus Brutus, with the prologue and the two last chous's, written by... John, duke of Buckingham, The
tragedy of Sophonisba
true copy of a letter, from the Right Honourable the Earl of Mulgrave, to Dr. Tillotson, dean of Canterbury., A
Versuch in gebundenen Uebersetzungen und eigenen Gedichten
Veste Burg eines guten Gewissens, Die
Voltaire et Boukingham
works of Alexander Pope, esq. in nine volumes, complete. With notes and illustrations by Joseph Warton and others. Volume the first [-the ninth]., The
works of John Sheffield, earl of Mulgrave, marquis of Normanby, and duke of Buckingham ..., The
works of the British poets. With prefaces, biographical and critical. By Robert Anderson, M. D. Volume seventh ; containing Parnell, Garth, Rowe, Addison, Hughes, Sheffield, Prior, Congreve, Blackmore, Fenton, Granville, and Yalden., The
Works of the English poets with prefaces... by Samuel Johnson. Volume the 32d [containing Buckinghamshire's and part of Prior's poems], The