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Alberto Alesina (Economist)
Alberto Alesina (economista italiano)
Alberto Alesina (économiste italien)
Alberto Alesina (Italiaans econoom)
Alberto Alesina (italienischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler)
Alberto Alesina (italiensk ekonom)
Alberto Alesina (italiensk økonom)
Alesina, A.
Alesina, Alberto
Alesina, Alberto F.
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Aghion, Philippe
Alesina, A.
Alesina, Albero
Alesina, Alberto
Alesina, Alberto et al
Alesina, Alberto F
Alesina, Alberto F.
Algan, Yann
Angeletos, George-Marios
Angeloni, Ignazio
Ardagna, Silvia
Baqir, Reza
Barro, Robert
Barro, Robert J.
Bayoumi, Tamim
Cahuc, Pierre
Carliner, Geoffrey
Carloni, Dorian
Cohen, Gerald D
Cohen, Gerald D.
Cozzi, Guido
Cukierman, Alex
Danninger, Stephan
Devleeschauwer, Arnaud
Di Tella, Rafael
Dollar, David
Drazen, A.
Drazen, Allan
Easterly, William
Easterly, William (1957-)
Easterly, William Russell (1957-)
Etro, Federico
Favero, Carlo
Ferrara, Eliana La
Fiorina, Morris
Fuchs-Schundeln, Nicola
Galasso, Vincenzo
Gatti, Roberta
Giavazzi, Francesco
Giavazzi, Francesco (1949-...)
Giuliano, Paola
Glaeser, Edward
Glaeser, Edward L.
Glaeser, Edward L. (1967-)
Glaeser, Edward Ludwig (1967-)
Grilli, Vittorio
Harnoss, Johann
Harvard University / Department of Economics
Hausmann, Ricardo
Holden, Richard T.
Hommes, Rudolf
Hoxby, Caroline
Ichino, Andrea
Karabarbounis, Loukas
La Ferrara, Eliana
Lecce, Giampaolo
Londregan, John
Lotti, Francesca
MacCulloch, Robert
Mantovan, Noemi
Matuszeski, Janina
Michalopoulos, Stelios
Milesi-Ferrett, Gian Maria
Milesi-Ferretti, Gian Maria
Mistrulli, Paolo Emilio
Muller, Patrice
National Bureau of Economic Research
Nicoletti, Giuseppe
Nunn, Nathan
Ozler, Sule
Papaioannou, Elias
Passarelli, Francesco
Perotti, Roberto
Persson, Torsten
Prati, Alessandro
Rapoport, Hillel
Reich, Bryony
Rodrik, Dani
Rosenthal, Howard
Rostagno, Massimo
Rostagno, Massimo V.
Roubini, Nouriel
Sacerdote, Bruce
Sachs, Jeffrey
Schuendeln, Nichola Fuchs
Schuknecht, Ludger
Spear, Stephen E.
Spolaore, Enrico
Stella, Andrea
Summers, Lawrence H
Tabellini, Guido
Tella, Rafael Di
Tenreyro, Silvana
Trebbi, Francesco
Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi / Innocenzo Gasparini Institute for Economic Research (IGIER)
University of Western Ontario. Political Economy Research Group
Wacziarg, Romain
Wagner, Alexander
Wagner, Alexander F.
Weder, Beatrice
Weil, Philippe
Zeira, Joseph
Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina
1992, 1994 and 1996 Elections: A Comment and a Forecast., The
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Budget Deficits and Budget Institutions
Budget institutions and fiscal performance in Latin America
Bureaucrats or Politicians? Part I: A Single Policy Task
Central bank independence and macroeconomic performance: Some comparative evidence
Choosing (and reneging on) exchange rate regimes
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Costs and Benefits of Fiscal Rules: Evidence from U.S. States, The
costs and benefits of fiscal rules, The : evidence from U.S. states
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Economic integration and political disintegration
Economic risk and political risk in fiscal unions
Electoral business cycle in industrial democracies
electoral consequences of large fiscal adjustments, The
Electoral Rules and Minority Representation in U.S. Cities
Endogenous political institutions
Ethnic diversity and economic performance
Ethnic Inequality
Euro and Structural Reforms, The
Europe and the Euro
European Central Bank: Reshaping Monetary Politics in Europe, The
European Financial Market Integration
European Union a politically incorrect view, The
evolution of ideology, fairness and redistribution, The
External debt, capital flight and political risk
Fairness and Redistribution: U.S. versus Europe
Fairness and Redistribution: US versus Europe
Family Ties and Political Participation
Family values and the regulation of labor
Fertility and the plough
Fighting poverty in the US and Europe : a world of difference
Fiscal Adjustment, the Real Exchange Rate and Australia's External Imbalance
Fiscal adjustments in OECD countries : composition and macroeconomic effects
Fiscal discipline and the budget process
Fiscal Expansions and Fiscal Adjustments in OECD Countries
Fiscal policy after the financial crisis
Fiscal policy, profits, and investment
future of Europe reform or decline
Gender based taxation and the division of family chores
Global macroeconomics : Ralph Bryant and Richard Portes, eds., (Macmillan Press, in association with CEPR, London, 1987) pp. 256, $55.00
Good bye lenin (or not?) the effect of communism on people's preferences
Goodbye Europa cronache di un declino economico e politico
Income distribution, political instability, and investment
Independent central banks: Low inflation at no cost?
Inequality and happiness: are Europeans and Americans different?
Institutional Rules for Federations
International conflict, defense spending and the size of countries
International Unions
Introduction to "Europe and the Euro"
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Italia fatta in casa, L' : indagine sulla vera ricchezza degli italiani
Joseph Schumpeter Lecture: The Size of Countries: Does it Matter?
Large Changes in Fiscal Policy: Taxes versus Spending
liberismo è di sinistra, Il
Macroeconomic Policy and Elections in OECD Democracies
Macroeconomic Policy in a Two-Party System as a Repeated Game.
Macroeconomics and Politics
Menus of Linear Income Tax Schedules
model of the political economy of the United States, A
Moderating Elections
Nation Building
On the number and size of nations
On the origins of gender roles : women and the plough
Openness, Country Size and the Government
Optimal currency areas
output effect of fiscal consolidations, The
overlapping generations model of electoral competition, An
Participation in heterogeneous communities
Partisan cycles in congressional elections and the macroeconomy
Partisan politics, divided government, and the economy
Polarized platforms and moderate policies with checks and balances
Political cycles and the macroeconomy
Political Cycles in OECD Economies.
Political Economy of Budget Deficits, The
political economy of capital controls, The
political economy of fiscal adjustments, The
Political Economy of Growth: A Critical Survey of the Recent Literature., The
Political Economy of International Unions, The
political economy of the budget surplus in the U.S., The
Political Economy of the Budget Surplus in the United States: Response, The
Political Instability and Economic Growth.
Political jurisdictions in heterogeneous communities
Political models of macroeconomic policy and fiscal reform
Political Parties and the Business Cycle in the United Stat
Political Parties and the Business Cycle in the United States, 1948-1984.
Politics and economics in the eighties
Politics of Ambiguity., The
politics of monetary policy, The
Positive and normative theories of public debt and inflation in historical perspective
positive theory of fiscal deficits and government debt in a democracy, A
Power of the Family, The
Preferences for redistribution in the land of opportunities
Public Confidence and Debt Management: A Model and a Case Study of Italy
Public goods and ethnic divisions
Redistribution through public employment : the case of Italy
Redistributive Public Employment
Reformas institucionales en Colombia
Regulation and Investment
Regulation Versus Taxation
Reply to Blankart and Koester's Political Economics versus Public Choice Two Views of Political Economy in Competition
Riforme : we will
Rules And Discretion With Noncoordinated Monetary And Fisca
Rules and Discretion with Noncoordinated Monetary and Fiscal Policies.
Rules, discretion and reputation in a two-party system
Segregation and the quality of government in a cross-section of countries
Seminario Latinoamericano sobre Crecimiento Económico (1994 : Bogotá, Colombia). Crecimiento económico, 1995:
Size of Countries: Does it Matter?, The
size of nations
Tales of fiscal adjustment
Taxation and redistribution in an open economy
Technology and labor regulations
test of racial bias in capital sentencing, A
theory of divided government, A
Together or separately? Issues on the costs and benefits of political and fiscal unions
Togetheror separately? Issues on the costs and benefits of political and fiscal unions
Trade, Growth, and the Size of Countries
Voting on the Budget Deficit.
War, peace, and the size of countries
welfare state and competitiveness, The
What does the European Union do?
Who adjusts and when? On the political economy of reforms
Who gives foreign aid to whom and why?
Who trusts others?
Why are stabilizations delayed?
Why are there so many divided senate delegations?
Why do politicians delegate?
Why doesn't the United States have a European-style welfare state?
Why Doesn't The US Have a European-Style Welfare State?
Why Doesn't the US Have a European-Style Welfare System?
Why is fiscal policy often procyclical?
Work and leisure in the U.S. and Europe: why so different?
Work and Leisure in the United States and Europe: Why So Different?
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