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Castlereagh, Frederick William Robert Stewart
Castlereagh, Henry Robert Stewart (viscount)
Castlereagh (Lord)
Castlereagh, R. S.
Castlereagh, Robert
Castlereagh, Robert S.
Castlereagh, Robert Stewart
Castlereagh, Robert Stewart (vicomte)
Castlereagh, Robert Stewart (vikomt)
Castlereagh, Robert Stewart (vikontas)
Castlereagh, Robert Stewart (Viscount)
Henry Robert Stewart (Brits politicus)
Londonderry (R. S.; 1769-1822)
Londonderry, Robert of
Londonderry, Robert S.
Londonderry, Robert S. of
Londonderry, Robert Stewart
Londonderry, Robert Stewart (2d Marquis of)
Londonderry, Robert Stewart (Marquess of)
Londonderry, Robert Stewart (marquis de)
Londonderry, Robert Stewart (Marquis of)
Londonderry, Robert Stewart of
Marquess of Londonderry
Robert Stewart, 2. Marquess of Londonderry (englischer Staatsmann)
Robert Stewart, 2.º Marquês de Londonderry
Robert Stewart, Bíocunta an Chaisleáin Riabhaigh
Robert Stewart (britisk politiker)
Robert Stewart Castlereagh
Robert Stewart (personnalité politique britannique)
Robert Stewart (politico britannico)
Robert Stewart, vikomt z Castlereaghu
Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh (British politician)
Robert Stewart, viscount Castlereagh (britisk politiker)
Robert Stewart, viscount Castlereagh (brittisk politiker)
Robert Stewart, Vizconde de Castlereagh
Robert Stewart, wicehrabia Castlereagh
Stewart (R.; 1769-1822)
Stewart (R.; виконт; 1769-1822)
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, Robert (Marquis of Londonderry)
Stewart, Robert (vicomte Castlereagh)
Stewart, Robert (Viscount Castlereagh)
Ρόμπερτ Στιούαρτ, Υποκόμης Κάσλρη
Каслри (Р. С; 1769-1822)
Роберт Стюарт Каслри
לורד קסלרי
روبرت ستيوارت، (الفيكونت،)
روبرت ستيوارت كاسيلراي، (الفيكونت،)
كاسيلراي، روبرت ستيوارت، (الفيكونت،)
캐슬레이 자작 로버트 스튜어트 (영국의 정치인)
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Bartlett C. J (1931- Christopher John)
Dix, E. R. McC. (1857-1936)
Dix, Ernest Reginald McClintock (1857-1936)
Frankenberg, Siegmund
Gray, W.
Great Britain. Parliament
Hyde, H. Montgomery (1907-1989))
Ireland. Parliament. House of Commons
Londonderry, Charles William Vane marquess of (1778-1854)
Londonderry, Charles William Vane Marquis of, 1778-1854
O'Connor, Arthur (1763-1852)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
United States. Dept. of State
Vane, Charles William of
Annotated typescript draft of article 'Luttresltown Castle : Luke White - millionaire'
Arthur O'Connor's letter to Lord Castlereagh.
Case of Peter Finnerty, including a full report of all the proceedings which took place in the Court of King's Bench upon the subject; ... Comprehending an essay upon the law of libel, and some remarks upon Mr. Finnerty's case; to which is annexed, an abstract of the case of Colonel Draper, ...
Castlereagh, 1769-1822 ou Le défi à l'Europe de Napoléon
Copy letters from Theobald Wolfe Tone to various correspondents
Correspondence, despatches, and other papers of Viscount Castlereagh, second marquess of Londonderry
Correspondence relative to Baron d'Ende's appearance before the House of Lords as a witness on the part of Her Majesty the Queen, October 1820.
County of Down election, 1805. : The patriotic miscellany: or mirror of wit, genius, and truth, being a correct collection of all the publications during the late contested election between the Hon. John Meade, and the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Castlereagh.
Discours prononcé à la Chambre des Communes d'Angleterre dans la séance du 21 juin 1821 par le marquis de Londonderry concernant les affaires de Sicile
examination of Mr. Parnell's arguments and plan for a commutation of tithe in Ireland, An : as submitted to the House of Commons, in the year 1812, in a letter to the Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount Castlereagh.
Facsimilie of Declaration
Histoire de la guerre de 1813 et 1814 en Allemagne et en France
journey to Damascus trough Egypt, Nubia, Arabia Petraea, Palestine and Syria, A
Letter from Robert Stewart, 1st Marquess of Londonderry, to "Abbé Girot", inviting him to visit his home now that the Abbé is settled in Paris
Lord Castlereagh's Denkschriften, Depeschen, Schriftenwechsel und sonstige amtlich-diplomatische oder vertrauliche Mittheilungen
Papers presented to parliament in 1813.
régulateur, ou traité complet des poids, mesures, changes et monnaies, de toutes les nations commerçantes, Le ; rédigé, d'après les renseignements les plus positifs, sur le plan des tables de Martin ; par F. Hortolan. Tome premier [-deuxième].
régulateur universel
Rentals of the estates of the Earl of Shelburne in Down, Dublin, Kilkenny, Laois, Louth, Meath, Tipperary and Waterford; also, two letters from Lord Castlereagh (to Shelburne?) concerning elections etc.
report of two speeches delivered by the Rt. Hon. Lord Vscount [sic] Castlereagh, in the debate on the Regency Bill, on April 11th, 1799., A
Reports of committees
Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, circular letter
Signed autographed letter from Lord Castlereagh to Major-General William Loftus asking him to delay resigning his Parliamentary seat to facilitate the passing of the Union
Speech of the Right Honorable Lord Viscount Castlereagh, .. February 5, 1800
substance of a speech delivered by Lord Viscount Castlereagh, in the House of Commons, July 15, 1811, The : on the second reading of Earl Stanhope's bill.
Thomas Conolly Papers
To the Right Honourable Lord Castlereagh one of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, &c. &c. &c.