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Franz Wachsmann
Franz Waxman
Vaksman, F.
Wachsmann, Franz
Waxman, F.
Waxman, Franck
Waxman, Frank
Waxman, Franz
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
D'Alba, José (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Wachsmann, F. (other identity, same person)
Wachsmann, Franz (Frueherer Name; other identity, same person)
Waxmann, Franz (other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Copyright Collection (Library of Congress)
Fontaine, Joan (1917-)
Grant, Cary (1904-1986)
Harrison, Joan (1907-1994))
Hitchcock, Alfred (1899-1980)
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra Affiliation (see also from)
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Affiliation (see also from)
Naxos Digital Services
Paramount Pictures Corporation
Reville, Alma (1899-1982)
Royal Scottish National Orchestra Glasgow
Stewart, James (1908-1997)
Universal Pictures Affiliation (see also from)
Warner Brothers Pictures Affiliation (see also from)
Wilder, Billy (1906-2002)
Accident, The
Accuse Myself, I
Ach wie oft kommt die Liebe unverhofft
After Auld Lang Syne/The Pampered Prince
After School
After the Dance
After the Fight / By the River
After the Party / Chase in the Woods
After the Storm
Afternoon Outings/Sacrifice Of Self-Respect
Aging Actress, An
Alaska / Yancey Is Back / Oil, Oil
Aleta and Ilene / The Wrong Girl / Aleta
Algerian Market Place
Alice's Radio
Allein in einer großen Stadt
Allison And The Picture
Allison Typing
Alone-Bad, Friend-Good
Alternate Fanfare
Amo, Amas, Amat
Andrei and the Duke / The Battle of Dubno
Angel Gabriel
Angela Collapses
Angry King, The
Anne In Yellow Dress
Anne Looks For Pierre
Anne of the Indies: Prelude / The Sheba Queen / Jamaica / Finale
Another Horse
Arena Fanfare
Ariane Love in the afternoon
Arrival in Tokyo
At Helen’s Club
At Night
At Sea
At the Beach
At the Pottery / The Gladiator’s Party
At the Pottery / The Gladiators' Party
Attack, The
"Auld Lang Syne" Variations: I. Eine kleine Nichtmusik
"Auld Lang Syne" Variations: II. Moonlight Concerto
"Auld Lang Syne" Variations: III. Chaconne à son gout
"Auld Lang Syne" Variations: IV. Hommage to Shostakofiev
Aventures en Birmanie
Bach, J.S. Violin Concertos : Violin Concerto No. 5 (Heifetz) (1946-53)
Back to the Commandos
Bad Accident
Bajadere / Fabian's Job / Akkordeon Solo, Die
Ballet (pre-recording)
Bandoneon Concerto
Banquet, The
Barbecue Party
Basil Loves Helena
Basil's Conversion
Basil the Slave
Battle of Dubno and Finale, The
Belle Croisière, La
Beloved Infidel
Beth Pleads to the Queen
Billy Wilder Collection
Birth of Andrei (Original Version), The
Black Beard
Black Plague, The
Blue Dress, The
Boaz and Ruth
Book, The
Botany Bay: Arrival at New South Wales
Botany Bay: Attempted Murder / Futile Escape
Botany Bay: Capt. Gilbert’s New Plan
Botany Bay: Cat With Nine Lashes / Start of Voyage
Botany Bay: Cold Love
Botany Bay: Keel Treatment (Muffled Drums)
Botany Bay: Native Drums / The Plot Fails / The Penalty
Botany Bay: Plague
Botany Bay: Prelude and Foreword / The King’s Convicts
Botany Bay: Prelude & Forward / Montage / New Escape Plot / Love & Victory
Bottle Sequence
Boulevard du crépuscule
Bourget / End Title, Le
Boy Meets Girl
Bride of Frankenstein (1935): Suite
Bride of Frankenstein: Danse Macabre, The
Bride of Frankenstein: Female Monster Music, The
Bride of Frankenstein (Main Title), The
Bride of Frankenstein: The Creation of the Female Monster, The
Bring Him to the Village
Brumese Village / Jacobs Death / Burial / Retreat
Buiilding up to Murder
Building the Spirit
Burial / Natalia at the Stake, The
Burt Lancasterl'Odyssée du sous-marin Nerka
By The Bridge And Sayonara
Cafe Anglais - "Don't Fence Me In"
Caligula and Claudius
Caligula Enters
Caligula's Death (unused overlay)
Caligula’s Death (unused percussion)
Caligula’s Rage
Call Me Paul (without insert)
Camp / Finale, The
Campanella (4 min 18 s), La
Captain Courageous: Suite
Captains courageous.
Caravan / Deborra / Joseph / The Secret Meeting / The Sacred Cup / The Golden Bathtub / Simon The Savior / Basil At Work, The
Caretaker, The
"Carmen" Fantasie
Carmen fantasy
Catacombs, The
Cay Day and End Title
Centenary Celebration, A
centurions, Les
charm bracelet, The
Chase And Mansion/An Aging Actress
Chase at Night / Return to the Steppes
Chase /Deborra Is Hurt / Rooftop Fight, The
Chase Music / Crucifixion / Monster Breaks Out
Christmas Carol: Christmas Morning, A
Christmas Carol: Finale, A
Christmas Carol: Mr. Scrooge, Ghost & Spirits, A
Christmas Carol: Snowball Fight, A
Christmas Carol: Suite - Prelude & Threadneedle Street, A
Christmas Eve
Classic Film Scores
Claudius and Caligula (mono source)
Claudius and Caligula (stereo - damaged)
Claudius and Messalina
Claudius / The Catacombs / The Slave Market / Roman Police
Come Away, Fritz
Come Back, Little Sheba: Reminiscences for Orchestra
Comeback, The
Commandos, The
Composers In Exile - Zemlinsky, A. von ; Schreker, F. ; Schulhoff, E. ; Ullmann, V. ; Hindemith, P. ; Schoenberg, A. ; Milhaud, D.
Confession, The
Connie’s Kitchen
Constance's Story / Allison's Decision
Corpse, The
Cossack Anthem / Free Men
Court Decision / The Cup Is Safe And Basil Is Sailing
Creation of the Female Monster
Creation, Part 1: / Female Monster Music
Creation, Part 2
Creation / The Tower Explodes/Finale, The
Crime in The Streets/Three Sketches
Crossroads #2
Cry Of The Swamp
Cumparsita, La
Curious Collaboration, A
D. T. Blues
Dance and Angela (film version)
Dance and Angela (original version)
Dance Macabre / Female Monster Music
Danse Macabre
Dark City: Finale
Dark City: Stroll in the Dark
Dark City: Suite - Prelude
Dark Passage 1947
Dash to the Tower
Death of Ygor, The
Death Scene And Sayonara
Deborra's Disappointment
Deborra's Lament
Deborra's Theme
Decision, The
Defeated Again
Delirium / Vision of Natalia
Demetrius and the Gladiators: Opening Titles / Finale
Demetrius and the Gladiators: Prelude; Lucia; Messalina & Demetrius; The Marriage of Life & Death; Return to Faith
Demille’s Compassion
Departure and the Congo
Derry's Death
Destination Tokyo: A Montage for Orchestra
Detroit Theatre
Devil Doll: Souvenir de Paris Waltzes, The
Diamond, The
Dinner Music
Discover Film Music
Discovering the Obvious / The Road to Success/Finale
Discovery, The
Distant Ship
Don't Touch Him, Frankenstein
Don’t You Think About Anything But Sex?
Dougle Follows Pierre
Dougle Turns
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: Suite
Dramatic Chord
Drinking Song
Drowning - Part 1, The
Drowning - Part 2, The
Duel, The
Dungeon - Glycon, The
Early Christian Hymn
Egyptian Dancers
Elephant Walk: An Angry Ruth
Elephant Walk: Elephant Stampede
Elephant Walk: Fighting Cholera
Elephant Walk: Prelude
Elephant Walk: Suite
Elephant Walk: Tea Montage
Elephant Walk: The Necklace (part 2)
End Cast (stereo)
End Title (Instrumental)
End Title (Original Version)
Entering Peyton Place / Going to School
European Hospital
Evil Flute (Flute Solo), The
Evil Plans
Examination, The
Explosion, Part 1
Explosion, Part 2
Fabian A Thief - Part One
Fabian A Thief - Part Two
Fabian And Nosseross
Fanfare and Drums (Welcome at Dubno)
Fanfare For Nero's Walk To The Table / Ballet
Fanfare For Simon / Caesar's Arrival At Tower
Farewell and Frenzy (film version)
Farewell and Frenzy (original version)
Farewell/Joe Walks Out
Fat Man’s Face
Female Monster / Pastorale / Village Chase / Crucifixion
Fenêtre sur cour
Fight For The Cup
Fight / Machlon´s Death, The
Figler’s Double Cross
Film Music (Nestor, Kanengiser, Halligan, Dardov)
Finale / End Cast
Finale (film version)
Finale from Madama Butterfly
Fire in the Hut / The Graveyard
First Day / Mother Superior
First Mile, The
First Rendez-Vous
First Test Flight
Fishing Boats
Flight to St. Louis
Flying Suit, The
For Those Who Are Young
Forget? If Only I Could Forget
Fox and the Hen, The
Fox Hunt
Frankenstein (Main Title)
Franz Waxman at Paramount: Elephant Walk / Botany Bay / Stalag 17
Furies: Suite, The
Fury, The
Gaby Enters the Convent
General, The
Get Fabian
Getting Ready
Giant / Looking for a Monster, The
Gladiator March
Gloria (orchestra only)
Good Old Mary
Goodbye Father
Goodbye, Lover
Grand Appassionato
Great Adventure, The
Gypsy Camp
Haircutting / Gran Coro
Hanging Scene
Harris Leaves
Has He Asked You to Rob Any Graves?
He Died with his Boots on
He Hated Fritz
Helena At The Inn
Helena In Jerusalem
Helena's Exit
Hemingway's Adventures Of A Young Man (An Original Soundtrack Recording)
Her First Husband
Here's To Champagne
Herewith I Deed to You
Hermit's Fiddle (Ave Maria), The
Home Again
Horn Blows at Midnight: "Athaneal the Trumpeter;" Overture for Trumpet and Orchestra, The
Hospital, The
Hotel Berlin: Cafe Waltzes
Huckleberry Finn: Overture
Humoresque: City Montage
Hunting Scene / Sleigh Ride
Hysterical Proposal / Across the Threshold
I’ll Show You
I'm Captain Here
I'm Glad to See the Monster Roasted
I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover
I’ve Got Something
Ich und die Kaiserin.
In The Desert (music & effects)
In the Tower, Part 1
In the Tower, Part 2
Indistinguishable Melody
Informer (music & effects), The
Interview With Demille
Invasion / Landing
Invisible Ray (1936): Main Title, The
Invisible Ray - Suite, The
It Happens Every Spring
It’s The Syme The Whole World Over" / "The Jolly Young Winterman" / "Waltz For Bag Rags
It Wasn't My Father's Fault
Joe Walks Out
Journey, The
Juke Box #6
Katsumi Theme
Kester Is Back / Walk!
Kiev Street
Killing of Aurelie
Killing the Sentry / Getting Ready
King Aguar's Escape
King Arthur Speaks
Kiss (excerpt) / Fanfare for Gladiator’s Entrance, The
kleinen Mädchen mit dem treuen Blick, Die
Kontakion for the Departed (Traditional Russian Orthodox Hymn)
Korea War
Koto Theme
Kurt is Back
Land Rush, The
Last Mile (Finale) (original version), The
Leaving Home
Leaving Rinaldi's Office
Leaving Rossi’s Office
Leaving the Convent
Leaving Town
Legends of Hollywood: Franz Waxman, Volume 1
Legends of Hollywood: Franz Waxman, Volume 2
Legends of Hollywood: Franz Waxman, Volume 3
Legends of Hollywood: Franz Waxman, Volume 4
Leicester & Raleigh
Letter from Dr. Fortunati / Convent Life / War
Liebesfreud (3 min 27 s)
Lied von Terezín: An einem sonnigen Abend, Das
Lied von Terezín: Dachbodenkonzert in einer alten Schule, Das
Lied von Terezín: Das Mäuschen, Das
Lied von Terezín: Der Garten, Das
Lied von Terezín: Es ist Zeit, Das
Lied von Terezín: Finale: Die Furcht, Das
Lied von Terezín: Versunken, Das
Lied von Terezín: Vogellied, Das
Little Helena / Brother Linus
Look! It's Moving!
Loon Lake - Part 2
Love Duet (from Madama Butterfly)
Love in the afternoon
(Love Is a) Career (film)
(Love Is a) Career – vocal version
Love Me, Michael / End Title
Love's Meeting
Love Scene
Lovers Fatality, The
Lucy’s Arrival
lugar en el sol, Un
Lulee, Lulee, I
Lure Of The Wilderness
Mädels vom Montparnasse, Die
Main Title (Demo with alternate lyrics)
Main Title (Film Version with Effects)
Main Title / Gaby and Her Father
Main Title / Hilltop Scene
Main Title (Mono Version for Records)
Main Title / Opening Scene / Briefing in an Hour
Main Title (original version)
Main Title: The Cup
Main Title ("The Nun's Story")
Maison des marins, La
Major's Rescue, The
Man and Wife
Man on a tightrope.
Matsubayashi Theatre
Meeting Gregorius
Meeting Tom Wyatt
meisjes uit den Harz, De
Memories and Finale
Message, The
Messalina and Demetrius
Messalina at Home
MGM Fanfare
Mine / Ruth and Machlon, The
Missing the Plane / Waiting / Up the Hill / Williams' Death
Mister Roberts
Molly O'Brien At Sea
Money Trouble/The Schwabadero
Monster Appears / The Monster's Lament, The
Monster Enters / Monster Theme
Monster Entrance
Monster! It's Alive!, The
Monster on a Rampage / The Menace Destroyed
Moon's Rising, The
Motion picture music.
Mr. Chilk (Phil Gets A Message)
Mr. Chilk (The Coat Is Gone)
Mr. Roberts: Prelude / Main Title / Final Scene / End Cast
Mr. Skeffington: Suite
Mrs. Pegler Carries On / Don't Go Yancey / A New Town
mujer pirata, La
Music from 'Casablanca'
Music of Friends (Ave Maria), The
My Cousin Rachel: Main Title
My Cousin Rachel: Suite - Prelude, Tisana, Philip's Birthday, at Night & Finale
My Geisha: Good-Bye Love (Finale)
My Geisha: Suite - Prelude
My Geisha: Work Montage & Wedding
My Way of Life / Another Obstacle
Mykola’s Warning / Mykola’s Death
Never So Good/No Divorce (film)
Never So Good / No Divorce Parts 1 and 2
New Beginning
New Father, The
New Home
New Interest and the Studio Stroll, A
New Start / Back From the Past, A
New York to Cape Cod
News of Father's Death
Night and the city.
Night At Sea
Night Camp
Night Club Dance No. 1
Night in the Palace
Night & The City: Nightride for Orchestra
Night Unto Night: Dusk: A Setting for Orchestra
No Loan
No Retreat
No Sleep
Norma Desmond
Norma’s Gallery
Norma's Suspicions
Not Married
Nova Scotia
Now I'll Take Those Guineas
Nun's Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The
Nun's Story: Prelude / I Accuse Myself / Haircutting / The Killing of Aurelie / Finale, The
O'Neill's Garden / Cape Town Street
Objective, Burma!: Prelude; Take-Off; In the Plane; Jumping; The Patrol; Stop Firing; No Landing; Up the Hill; Invasion; Retreat; Finale
odyssée du sous-marin Nerka, L'
Oh, Harry
Old acquaintance.
Old Bathing Beauty, The
Old Friends
Old Home, The
Old Jenny, The
Omen, The
On Borrowed Time: Miss Nellie, Pud, & Mr. Brink
On Borrowed Time: Suite - Prelude
On Borrowed Time: Where the Woodbine Twineth
On ne voit ça qu’à Paris
On Stage
One Fine Day (from Madama Butterfly)
Open That Door
Opening And Sayonara
Organ Grinder, The
Osage Street Scene / Cim and Ruby / Yancey Goes to Washington
Out of Nowhere – Rhumba
Out of the Past / Cold Water Flat
Outtakes Suite
Overture (Concert Suite Version)
Overture to Madama Butterfly
Panic and Finale
Paradine Case: Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra, The
Parading to Paramount
Paramount-Don’t-Want-Me Blues, The
Paramount Studio
Part 1: The Plot
Part 2: The Crime
Part 3: The Celebration
passagers de la nuit, Les
Pastorale (Orchestral Backing Tack)
Pastorale (The Wishing Star) Female Chorus Version
Pastorale (The Wishing Star) Instrumental Track
Paul Finds Katja / Hoffen Valley
Paul's Son / To Kolesburg
Pegler's Death
Peter’s Return
Peyton Place Draftees / Honor Roll
Peyton Place / Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man
Peyton Place: Prelude; Entering Peyton Place; Going to School; Swimming; The Hilltop
Peyton Place: Swimming Scene
Philadelphia story (Motion picture)
Philadelphia story., The
Philip Moves Away
Philip Rushes Out Of The Church
Philip's Room
Philip Sits At The Window
Philip Smokes Pipe / Philip And Louise
Phoney License
Pie Break
Pierre And Molly
Pierre Passes Out
Pioneer Suite: Music From Red Mountain / Cimarron & The Indian Fighter, The
Pirate Ship
piste des éléphants, La
Pittsburgh Surprise (alternate)
place au soleil, Une
Place in the Sun: Suite From "A Place in the Sun", A
Pledge / Val Leaves the Island / The Fens / The First Chase (damaged), The
Plot (From "Crime in the Streets"), The
Plot/Lucy’s Poster, The
Poem, The
Possessed: Peter Rosenfelt / Pianist
Prelude and Building the Spirit from The Spirit of St. Louis
Prelude and Conversing Corpses
Prelude and Credo
Prelude and First Scene (film version)
Prelude from Sunset Boulevard
Prelude (Main Title)
Prelude / Night in the Palace
Prelude: Southampton, New York
Prelude / This Is London
Preparations / The First Quarrel
Prince Valiant: Main Title / King Aguar’s Escape
Prince Valiant: Prelude
Prince Valiant (Suite)
Prison Cell, The
procès Paradine, Le
proceso Paradine, El
Processional March
Prologue / Menuetto and Storm / Monster Entrance
Prophet Returns, The
Quarry, The
Queen's Court, The
Rachel At The Fireplace
Rachel Rises
Rachel Turns And Goes
Raffaella’s Beguine
Rainy Night, A
Raleigh's Farewell
Raleigh's Secret
Rape, The
Reading the Script
Real Yoko, The
Rear Window: Lisa
Rear window (Motion picture)
Rebecca: Main Title, Foreword and Opening Scene
Rebecca: Prelude / After the Ball / Mrs. Danvers / Confession Scene / Manderley in Flames
Rebecca - Suite
Reminiscences (From "Come Back, Little Sheba")
Resolution & Finale
Resting / Radio Gone
Restless Night, A
Result of the Examination, The
Return, The
Return to Belgium
Return to Faith
Return to Judah
Return To Peyton Place
Rhumba (original version)
Ride of the Cossacks (Concert Suite Version)
Ride of the Cossacks (Pianos : 6 Hands Version) (Première recording), The
Ride to Dubno (film version), The
Right Kind, The
Ring, The
Rolling Out
Rosanna's Death
Rossi's Visit
Rumors, The
Run silent, run deep
Ruth and Boaz
Ruth and Naomi
Ruth's Disgrace
Sacred Cup, The
Sacrifice of Self-Respect
Sacrifice, The
Sakura Sakura
Sayonara: Elegy & Finale
Scare Him to Death, I
Search Every Ravine
Selena Leaves
Sharon / Sharon Proposes
She Hate Me... Like Others
Sheba Queen Beached
Shot Tower / Fabian And Thug / The Window, The
Showdown, The
Sicarii Search
Siege of Dubno, The
Silver Chalice (music & effects), The
Silver Chalice: Prelude, The
Silver Chalice: Suite, The
Simon's Drinking Song
Simon's Miracle / The Unbeliever / The Red Scarf
Simon's Orchestra
Simon the Magician (pre-recording)
Simon The Magician (Reprise)
Sinfonietta for String Orchestra and Timpani: I. Allegro
Sinfonietta for String Orchestra and Timpani: II. Lento
Sinfonietta for String Orchestra and Timpani: III. Scherzo
Sinfonietten (1955)
Singing Sword / Sir Brack's Death, The
Sir Brack
Sir Gawain
Sir Walter
Sister Luke Bids Farewell
Sixteen Millimeter Shrine
Slave Market / Roman Police, The
Sleepless Night
Sleigh Ride, The
Sligone's Death
Smell of Success / Sad News, The
Son Is Born, A
Son of Frankenstein (Main Title), The
Sonate pour violon et piano en si bémol K378
Song of Ruth (Demo), The
Sorry, Wrong Number: A Message of Murder
Sorry, Wrong Number: Bowery 2-1000
Sorry, Wrong Number: Finale and End Title/Cast
Sorry, Wrong Number: Passacaglia for Orchestra
Sorry, Wrong Number: Prelude/The Foreword
Sorry, Wrong Number: Staten Island
Sorry, Wrong Number: The Stanger Buzzer/Mr. Evans Cuts Off
Sorry, Wrong Number: Wedding and Honeymoon
Sospecha Suspicion
Spirit of Saint Louis, The
Spirit of St. Louis: Ireland, The
St. Christopher
St. John's
Stalag 17: Brick Kremlins/The Commandant’s Visit/The General’s Phone Call
Stalag 17: End Title
Stalag 17: Main Title (bonus track)
Stalag 17: Main Title (Film Version)
Stalag 17: Treachery & Reverence
Stalag 17: When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Stars, The
Stop Firing / No Landing
Story of Ruth: Suite - Part 1, The
Story of Ruth: Suite - Part 2, The
Story of Ruth: Suite - Part 3, The
Strange Apparition / Pretorius' Entrance, A
Strange Garden, The
Street Fight
Studio Stroll, The
Suite from Captains Courageous
Suite From Rear Window: Prelude / Rhumba / Ballet / Finale
Sunrise at Campobello: Main Title; Hyde Park; Ten Years Wiser & End Cast
Sunset Blvd. (Music From The Motion Picture)
Sunset Boulevard 1950
Sunset Boulevard Cast
Sunset Boulevard: Prelude
Sunset Boulevard the classic film scores of Franz Waxman
Supper Invitation, A
Surprise (film), The
Surprise Visit
Suspicion: Main Title / Sunday Morning / The Chairs Are Back / Melbeck's Office / Looking for Johnny / Too Fast / Finale
Suspicion - Prelude / Sunday Morning
Swimming Scene
Table Music / Ballet (Reprise)
Take Off / In the Plane
Talk of Ships
Taras Bulba (J. Lee Thompson)
Taras Bulba - Overture
Taras Bulba: Ride of the Cossacks
Taras Bulba (Suite) (Part I)
Taras Bulba (Suite) (Part II)
Taras Bulba (Suite) (Part III)
Taras Bulba (Suite) (Part IV)
Taras Bulba - The Ride to Dubna
Taras Bulba: The Ride to Dubno
Taras’ Pledge
Task Force: Liberty Fanfares
Temple of Isis
Temporary Dance Track
Temporary Fanfares
Temptation (excerpt with sound effects)
Test Me
Theme From “Peyton Place” (Demo — two takes)
Theme From Taras Bulba - The Wishing Star (Pastorale)
Theme, Variations and Fugato
There Are Other Captains
There Are Some Good Women
There Comes a Time
There's a Monster Afoot
There's Bavaria
There’s Yes! Yes! In Your Eyes
They Got the Kid / After Billy's Death and Funeral Parlor
Thieves Market, The
This Is the Fiend
Three comrades
To Have and Have Not
To the Lake
Toast, A
Tob Likes Ruth
Toccata And Fugue In D Minor (excerpts)
Tom's Betrayal
Torch Dancers / Egyptian Dancers
Tout mon coeur Veronika
Toute seule
Tower Explodes, The
Traidor en el infierno Stalag 17
Tristan and Isolde Fantasia
Tristan und Isolde Fantasie
True Geisha, The
Turkish Invasion / Opening Battle / Horn Call / Polish Betrayal
Two Came Back / Hollis Is OK
two Mrs. Carrolls., The
Two Up on Me
Underground, The
Untamed: Main Title
Untamed: Suite (Prelude, Capetown Street, by the River, Vorwarts & Finale)
Val and Aleta
Val Escapes
Val's Capture
Valiant's Report
ventana indiscreta Rear window, La
Victors, The
Villain's Death, The
Violin concerto
Violin Recital Heifetz, Jascha - Dinicu, G. ; Saint-Saens, C. ; Moszkowski, M. ; Falla, M. de ; Sarasate, P. de ; Bazzini, A. (1934-1947)
Violin Recital Ivanov, Yossif - Tchaikovsky, P.I. ; Ravel, M. ; Chausson, E. ; Kreisler, F. ; Sarasate, P. de ; Shchedrin, R.K. (Con passione)
Virgin Queen, The
Wanted / Billy and His Pals
Washington Hotel
Waxman Mr. Skeffington.
Waxman Objective, Burma!
Waxman Rebecca.
Waxworks and the Bridge Game, The
We Better Get Away From These Parts
Who Wants Love?
Wig Room And Sayonara, The
Winding River
Wishing Star (Theme from Taras Bulba), The
Witness Montage
Woman of the year
Word of Friendly Warning, A
Words and the Music of Frankenstein, The
Wrong Man / Goodbye to Dixie / The Telegram / A New Territory, The
You Are Sympathy to Me (demo)
You Can’t Love ’Em All
You Drink It / Finale
You'll Need a Coat
You Shall Have Your Proof
Young Andrei / The Priest / Arrival at Kiev / Students Fight
"Yours (Quiereme Mucho)" / The Strangler Objects
Zaporozhtzi (Film Version)
Zaporozhtzi (Original version)
Zigeunerweisen (8 min 16 s)
Zulu Attack
Contributed to or performed: 
20th Century Fox: 75 Years Of Great Film Music
20th Century Fox: Music From the Golden Age
50 Years of Classic Horror Film Music
70's - Les meilleurs génériques des séries T.V. américaines (Best of)
AA302: From Composition to Performance: Musicians at Work
Alfred Hitchcock, Master of Mayhem
Alfred Hitchcock: Music From His Films
Audrey Hepburn - A Touch of Music
Barber & Korngold: Violin Concertos / Waxman: Carmen Fantasie / Williams: Theme from Schindler's List
BD Music Presents Film Noir, Vol. 2
Bottle Sequence
Bride of Frankenstein - Main Title, The
Bride of Frankenstein, The
Captain Blood - Classic Film Scores for Errol Flynn
Captain Blood: Classic Film Scores for Errol Flynn
Casablanca - Classic Film Scores for Humphrey Bogart
Casablanca- Classic Film Scores for Humphrey Bogart
Celebration of Hollywood 1994, A
Cinema Century: A Musical Celebration of 100 Years of Cinema
Cinema Classics
Classic Emotions: Fantasy
Classic Themes of the Universal Monsters
Concerto for Two Violins in D minor, BWV 1043: 1. Vivace
Concerto for Two Violins in D minor, BWV 1043: 2. Largo ma non tanto
Concerto for Two Violins in D minor, BWV 1043: 3. Allegro
Creation, The
Crime Scene USA: Classic Film Noir Themes & Jazz Tracks
Crucifixion / Monster Breaks Out
Dance Macabre
Dark Passage: Main Title / End Title / Baila Bailando / Too Marvelous for Words
Definitive Horror Music Collection, The
Double Indemnity: Film Noir At Paramount
Epics: The History of the World According to Hollywood
Female Monster Music / Pastorale / Village / Chase
Film Music Collection
Fire in the Hut / Graveyard
Funny Time / Opening Scene
Great Movie Themes in Dolby Surround: Horror!: Monsters, Witches & Vampires
Heifetz Collection, Volume 21: Korngold: Concerto / Rózsa: Concerto / Tema con variazioni / Waxman: "Carmen" Fantasy, The
High and the Mighty: A Century of Flight, The
History of Hitchcock: Dial M for Murder, A
History of Horror: From Nosferatu to The Sixth Sense, A
Hollywood Bowl Orchestra & John Mauceri: Greatest Hits
Hollywood Chronicle: Great Movie Classics, Volume 1
Horror! Monsters, Witches & Vampires
Hot Paprika
Human Men
In Session: A Film Music Celebration
Invisible Ray Suite, The
Jazz on Film (Beat, Square & Cool), Vol. 1-5
Juke Box #6 (from 'Rear Window')
Kentuckian, The
Love in the Afternoon
Magic Film Hits
Married a Monster from Outer Space / The Atomic City, I
Memorable Scores: Paramount Pictures' 90th Aniversary
Monster Entrance
More Music to Spy By
Murder Is My Beat: Classic Film Noir Themes and Scenes
Music From Alfred Hitchcock Films
Music From Hollywood
Music From the Films of Audrey Hepburn
National Public Radio: Milestones of the Millennium: Music in Film
Night and the City
Paganini: Violin Concerto / Chausson: Poème / Waxman: Carmen Fantasy / Milstein: Paganiniana
Pastorale - The Wishing Star
Peyton Place
Processional March
Prologue - Menuetto and Storm
Psycho: The Essential Alfred Hitchcock
Search For Space Ship
Sharp Objects (Music from the HBO Limited Series)
Shostakovich: Violin Concerto no. 1 / Waxman: Carmen Fantasie
Silva Treasury - Hollywood Tough Guys
Strange Apparition - Pretorius' Entrance - You Will Need a Coat, A
Sunset Boulevard: The Classic Film Scores Of Franz Waxman
Taras Bulba
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 5: In Living Color
Tell Her / The Intruder
Tijuana / Jarabe Tapatio
To Know Love / Finale
Tower Explodes and Finale, The
Transformation Of Schultz / Marge Trails Bill / Marge Watches Transformation
TV Omnibus: Volume One (1962-1976)
Twilight Zone: 40th Anniversary Collection, The
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration
Vieuxtemps: Violin Concertos nos. 4 & 5 / Saint-Saëns: Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso / Havanaise / Sarasate: Zigeunerweisen / Waxman: "Carmen" Fantasy
Warriors of the Silver Screen
Waxman / Mjaskowskij / Schumann / Britten
Waxman: The Song of Terezín / Zeisl: Requiem Ebraico
Works for Violin & Orchestra
Zigeunerweisen, op. 20