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Pfaltzgraff, R.
Pfaltzgraff, Robert L.
Pfaltzgraff, Robert L. (Jr)
Pfaltzgraff, Robert L. (Junior)
Pfaltzgraff, Robert Louis
Pfaltzgraff, Robert Louis (Jr)
팔츠그라프, 로버트 L.
팔츠그라프, 로베르트 L.
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Language material
Manuscript language material
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Davis, Jacquelyn K.
Dougherty, James E.
Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Medford, Mass. International Security Studies Program
Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. International Security Studies Program
Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis
Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis (Cambridge, Mass.; Washington, DC) Affiliation (see also from)
Kaltefleiter, Werner
Kemp, Geoffrey (1939-...)
Kintner, William Roscoe (1915-....))
Perry, Charles M. (1947-....))
Ra'anan, Uri
Shultz, Richard H. (1947-....))
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pa.) Affiliation (see also from)
American foreign policy : FDR to Reagan
Anticipating a nuclear Iran : challenges for U.S. security
Arms and technology transfers security and economic considerations among importing and exporting States
Arms transfers to the Third World the military buildup in less industrial countries
Atlantic Alliance and U.S. global strategy, The
Atlantic community; a complex imbalance, The
Atlantic community in crisis : a redefinition of the transatlantic relationship
Britain faces Europe
British common market decision and beyond, 1966., The
Contending theories of international relations a comprehensive survey
Contrasting approaches to strategic arms control.
cruise missile, The : bargaining chip or defense bargain?
Dealing with the Nuclear Threat in the Struggle against Terror
Emerging doctrines and technologies : implications for global and regional political-military balances
Energy issues and alliance relationships : the United States, Western Europe, and Japan
Ethnic conflict and regional instability : implications for US policy and Army roles and missions
Future of air power in the aftermath of the Gulf War, The
Great Britain and the European economic community ; a study of the development of British support for common market membership between 1956-1961
Greens of West Germany, The : origins, strategies, and transatlantic implications
Hydra of carnage the international linkages of terrorism and other low-intensity operations : the witnesses speak
INF controversy, The : lessons for NATO modernization and transatlantic relations
International security dimensions of space
Japanese-American relations in a changing security environment
Long-range bombers and the role of airpower in the new century
National security : ethics, strategy, and politics : a layman's primer
National security policy the decision-making process
Naval forward presence and the national military strategy
New directions in U.S. defense policy
other arms race, The : new technologies and non-nuclear conflict
Peace movements in Europe & the United States, The
Politics and the international system
Power projection and the long-range combat aircraft : missions, capabilities, and alternative design
Projection of power : perspectives, perceptions, and problems
role of naval forces in 21st century operations, The
SALT II and U.S.-Soviet strategic forces
Salt II : promise or precipice?
SALT: implications for arms control in the 1970s; [papers].
Security commitments and capabilities : elements of an American global strategy
Security in Southeastern Europe and the US-Greek relationship
Security strategy & missile defense
Selling the rope to hang capitalism? : the debate on West-East trade & technology transfer
Shattering Europe's defense consensus : the antinuclear protest movement and the future of NATO
Soviet and American signalling in the Polish crisis
Soviet military trends: implications for U.S. security
Soviet theater strategy : implications for NATO
Special operations forces : roles and missions in the aftermath of the Cold War
Strategic defense and extended deterrence : a new transatlantic debate
Strategy and values : selected writings of Robert Strausz-Hupé
study of international relations, The : a guide to information sources
Superpowers in a multinuclear world., The
Taiwan in a transformed world
U.S. defense mobilization infrastructure, The : problems and priorities
United States Army, The : challenges and missions for the 1990s
Thesis--University of Pennsylvania, 1964