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Duning, Geo. W.
Duning, George
Duning, George W.
Duning, George William
Dunning, George
George Duning
George Duning (American musician)
George Duning (Amerikaans componist (1908-2000))
George Duning (amerikansk komponist)
George Duning (amerikansk kompositör)
George Duning (compositeur de musique de films)
George Duning (US-amerikanischer Filmkomponist)
George Dunning
George W. Duning
Джордж Данинг
جورج دانینگ (آهنگساز آمریکایی)
Creation class: 
Computer file
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Belke, Rafał
Daves, Delmer (1904-1977)
Ford, Glenn (1916-2006)
Garabedian Collection (Library of Congress)
Lang, Charles (1915-2004)
Lawton, Charles Jr 1904-1965
Lemmon, Jack (1925-2001))
Mann, Anthony (1906-1967)
Shapiro, Stanley
Stewart, James (1908-1997)
Stoloff, Morris (1894-1980)
Welles, Halsted (1906-1990)
Yordan, Philip (1914-2003)
Young, Victor (1900-1956)
15:10 do Yumy
20 Million Miles to Earth: Bookworm (New)
20 Million Miles to Earth: Galley Fire
20 Million Miles to Earth: Jericho's Arrest
20 Million Miles to Earth: Moon Mystery and End Title
3:10 to Yuma
3 h 10 pour Yuma, français
3h10 pour Yuma
42 Miles / Black Bart
5 contra la banca
Aberdeen Caper Part I
Aberdeen Caper Part II
Affair in Trinidad
Alex Follows
Alex’s Bike
Alibi/Bridal Brisket
Alimony Bridge
Aloneness, The
Amish Farm
And I'm Proud
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Busy-Busy (M23) / Tommy Tired (M24) / Here Comes the Gorgon (M25) / Kids’ Whammy #1 (M26)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Kids in Control (M44–50/M44–50A/M44–50B/M44–50C/M44–50D/M44–50E)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Last Whammy (M53/M53A)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Scotty Whammied (M51) / By Whose Orders (M52)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Strange Feelings (M16–20)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Triacus Burial (M13) / Kooky Kids (M14) / Reluctant Kids (M15)
Anxious Wife
Any wednesday
Apple”: Unused Percussion Track (M1 tk 1), “The
Apple”: Unused Percussion Track (M2 tk 1), “The
Apple”: Unused Percussion Track (M3 tk 2), “The
Apple”: Unused Percussion Track (M4 tk 1), “The
Apple”: Unused Percussion Track (M5 tk 1), “The
Apple”: Unused Percussion Track (M6 tk 1 0), “The
Are You Alright, Nurse
Assassin Ennuyé, L'
At the Bank / The Error / Pan Flips
At the Namkok
Attic / Julian, The
B.B.’s Letter
Back on Board
Back on Course
Bad News
Balcony View
Bar Fly Magoo
Bastille Day / Finale
Bell, Book and Candle / 1001 Arabian Nights
Big Quake and Trek
Big Valley, The
Bike Wash
Bing! Bang! Bong!
Blue Eyes
Bonus material - Additional Score Cues
Bonus material - Attic Jazz / Attic Beguine
Bonus material - Blues for Charlotte
Bonus material - Champagne Party / Waltz for Carrie / New Orleans Cafe / Bourbon Street Twist
Bonus material - Strip Stuff / More Strip Stuff / The Stripper Blues / Preservation Hall
Bonus material - Toys in the Attic (instrumental)
Bonus material - Toys in the Attic (vocal)
Bright Idea / Incense and Saki
Brigitte’s Gift / Erasmus Kissed
Broken blocks
Bronson Away
Bronson Leaves
Bronson Mad
Bronson Rides
Bronson Rock
brothers Rico, The
Bucky’s Guilt
Bulls Eye
Busy Bees
Busy Boys
Canoe Music And Distant Carnival
Cap’n Lights Pipe / You’re Finished
Captain Patch
Captain's Log
Captain, The
Cargaison dangereuse
Carrie Excited
Carrie Listens / Anna's Accusations
Carrie Remembers
Cass and Ellen
Cavalcarono insieme
Cave, The
Ceremonial Robes, The
Chaque mercredi
Chief Engineer's Log
Chinese Zither #2
Cinzia Charleston And Rock Cinzia Rock
Cinzia Flips
Cinzia's Gown And Tears And Sympathy
City Within a City
Clear Passageways
Closing In
Clutch in Dutch
Cochrane's Home
Companion, The
Contention City
Convicted (1950)
Country Club Dance
Country Club Jump
Country Club Swing
Cowboy's Life and Death, A
Crazy Carpet
Creepy Log Entry
Culmination / Hal's Escape
Culprit, The
Dark Thoughts
Darker Deeds
Dead Child
Deal Goes Bad, The
Death Merchant: Doug Duels / Tony Returns / Doug Chased / Tony Again / Pal Fight / More Pal Fight / What's Happened / Stand Back, The
Death Merchant: In the Battle / Lost Trail / Anne Worried / Michael's Dog / No Sign / Omens / Corporal Shot / The Trunk, The
Delay Us No Longer
Détective comme Bogart le privé de ces dames
deux cavaliers, Les
Devil at 4 O'Clock -- Main Title
diable à 4 heures
diable à quatre heures
Didn't You Know
Difficult Choices
Do It!
Doc Is Dead
Double Clinches
Doubting Sands
Doug Duels / Tony Returns / Doug Chased / Tony Again / Pal Fight / More Pal Fight / What's Happened / Stand Back
Down to Earth
Drastic Measures
Dream Ballet
Eddy Duchin story, The
empath (18 min 19 s)
Empath”: Don’t Touch Me (M61), “The
Empath: Help Him / Spock Stuck / McCoy Tortured, The
Empath”: Lost Trio (M14) / Enter Gem (M15+M15A) / The Vians (M16) / Kirk Stunned (M21) / Force Field (M22) / Kirk Healed (M23), “The
Empath”: One Specimen (M31) / Kirk Tortured (M32) / Kirk’s Agony (M33) / Help Him (M34) / Vians’ Threat (M35), “The
Empath”: Poor McCoy (M51) / Bedside Manner (M52) / No Interference (M53) / Time Grows Short (M54–60/M54–60A), “The
Empath”: Vian Lab (M24) / The Subjects (M25), “The
Empath: Vian Lab / The Subjects / Cave Exit / Star Trek Chase, The
Empath: Vian's Farewell / Empath Finale, The
Empty Spaces
End Title (alternate)
End Title (version 1)
End Title (version 2)
Enemy Within, The
Enter Temple
Enterprise, The
Evil Carrie / Miss Anna / Dock Rumble / Who Told Him? / Get Out / I Heard Her
False Orders
Farewell to Camille -- End Title
Father's Logic
Fiesta and the Bull Ring
Final Fall
Final Frontier, The
First Test, The
Five Minutes After Forever - Part One
Five Minutes After Forever - Part Two
Fleur, La
Flo and Madge
Frantic Cass
Frantic John
Fraternity blues, c1930:
From here to eternity
From the Top of the Tower
Gem Falters
Gem Heals Kirk
Gem's Decision
Gem's Theme
Get Him Down
Girl Makes Good, Live Dangerously
Girl Singing, A
Gitano, El
Going on the Offensive
Good Morning, Mr. Flood
Goodbye Carrie / End Title (short version)
Goodbye for Awhile
Goodbye Papa Bear / Off Again
Grisly Discovery, A
Groove for Susie #2
Gunman's walk
Gwenny Lee
Hacienda Arrival
Hal's Boots
Hal's Theme
He Plays It Cool
He’s an Orphan
He's Dead
He's Dying
Hell Hath No Fury
Help him
Henoch Begins Work
Herb Shop, The
Hey Dad
Higgins Has It / End Title
Hollywood's greatest hits.
homme au bras d'or (Main title)
homme de la plaine
Hong Kong Disaster / Temple Yard
Honor thy father
Honra a tu padre
Hoodwink Bridge / The Final Faint
Houseboat Haven And Cinzia And Tom
Houseboat Jump
Hurt Pride / Ah Tung / Groove for Suzie #1 / Robert Searching / More Searching
I’ll See You / Wayfaring Stranger*
I've Got Something
I've Seen All Sides, Somehwere Wisconsin
If You Live You Will Have Your Answer
Important Exceptions
In His Hands Are the Deep Places of the Earth
In the Battle / Lost Trail / Ann Worried / Michael's Dog / No Signs / Omens / Corporal Shot / The Trunk
Is It a Trick?
Is There in Truth No Beauty?: Enter Miranda / Ambassador Arrival / McCoy's Toast / Quite a Woman / Marvick Pleads / Marvick Mad / Marvick Berserk / Marvick Dies / Sentimental Jim / Blind Miranda / No Change / Miranda Mad / Miranda's Farewell
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Marvick Mad (M31) / Marvick Berserk (M32/M32A) / Marvick Dies (M33)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: McCoy’s Toast (M22) / Quite a Woman (M23) / Marvick Pleads (M24/M24A)
It Is Time
It's a Big Galaxy, Mr. Scott
It's a Blue World / Torn Shirt, Part 1
It’s Not Mine / Nowhere to Go
Jan’s Invitation
Japanese Record
Jazz Chase
Johnny O'Clock
Julian, Don't Go
Just a Thorn
Just Following Orders
Kid Coup
Kirk's Dilemma
Kollos Speaks
Lame Brain David And Pig-Headed
Lament for a Key
Lava Trap
Lecher John and End Title
Leona and Bronson
Lily and Julian
Lily Goes Home / Motherless Child
Lily Phones
Lorna Doone
Love and Compassion
Love, Death, and Madness
Love Declared
Love In A Dinghy
Love Song From "Houseboat"
Love Theme from Suzie Wong (outtake)
Lovely Emily
Lovely Maria and Cowboy Hangover
Mad Prof / Disturbed Prof
Magical Moment
Magoo's Blues
Maharajah Wins / Smooth Smooching
Main Title (album version)
Main title and closing theme
Main Title / Bourbon Street Beatnik / Lily Enters
Main Title: Cowboy Overture
Main Title / San Francisco
Main Title (series, alternate)
Main Title / Suzie Sulks
Maintaining Standard Orbit
Make It Good
man from Colorado
man from Laramie, The
Man in the saddle
man with Bogart's face
Mary Delivers
Más fuerte que la ley
Mass Suicide
Matinee Madness / No Excuse
McCoy Eliminates Kirk
McCoy Volunteers
Me and the colonel : an original soundtrack recording
Medical Log (3rd Season Rerecording)
Meet Marlena
“Metamorphosis”: Cochrane Angry / Spock Puzzled / Nancy Sobs (M45/M46–50/M51)
“Metamorphosis”: Cochrane Calls (M31+M31X)
“Metamorphosis”: Cochrane (M15)
“Metamorphosis”: Cochrane’s Decision (M62)
“Metamorphosis”: Companion / Still Alive (M22+M22X/M23)
“Metamorphosis”: It’s Her / Loveliness (M54/M55–60)
“Metamorphosis”: Kirk Pleads / New Nancy (M52+M52X/M53)
“Metamorphosis”: Looks Familiar (M21)
“Metamorphosis”: Mad Companion (M34+M34X)
“Metamorphosis”: Shuttlecraft / Shuttle Helpless (M11/M12)
“Metamorphosis”: Spock OK / Judas Goat (M32/M33/M33A)
“Metamorphosis”: Starship / Scott Anxious (M41 tk 3/M42)
“Metamorphosis”: The Planetoid / Most Unusual (M13/M14)
“Metamorphosis”: Transition / Companion Talks / Kirk Frustrated (M43/M44/M44A)
“Metamorphosis”: You Loved Me (M61)
“Metamorphosis”: You’ve Got It / Angry Companion (M26/M27–30+M27–30X)
“Metamorphosis”: Zefram / Nancy Flips (M24/M25)
Minara 2
Miranda's Secret
Mirror, mirror (8 min 22 s)
Misleading the Innocent
Miss Sadie Thompson
Mission Meeting
Mitos del cine
Monde de Suzie Wong, Le
Moonglow and Love Theme
Moonglow and Theme from "Picnic"
Moonglow & The Theme from
Morning at Berniers / I'm Sorry, Cyrus / Hey Gus / Lily Returns
Move 'em Out and Ride 'em, Cowboy
Mrs. Lacey
mundo de Suzie Wong, El : banda sonora original de la película
My Sister Eileen
Naked City, The
Nature Got Her
New Boss and End Title, The
No Change
No Choice
No Interference
No Place
No sad songs for me
No Tribble at all
Nora Mad
Not Alone
Now / Carrie Disturbed
Number Eleven / Fund Building / Swank Café
On Schedule
On to B.B.’s
One More Shot
Only Human and End Title
Onto the Surface
Operation Salvage
Our Home
Owens Family, The
Palanquin Chase
Papa Bear / Jim’s Story
Passing the Scratch
Patch Begs / The Sea Witch
Patch Desperate
Patch's Quest / Patch Discovered
“Patterns of Force”: Military Mite (Nazi March) (10 bars, hard opening) (M10 tk 4)
“Patterns of Force”: Military Mite (Nazi March) (10 bars, soft opening) (M10 tk 3)
“Patterns of Force”: Military Mite (Nazi March) (6 bars, long ending) (M10 tk 5)
“Patterns of Force”: Military Mite (Nazi March) (6 bars, short ending) (M10 tk 6)
“Patterns of Force”: Military Mite (Nazi March) (horn motive) (M10 tk 7)
“Patterns of Force”: Military Mite (Nazi March) (horn theme) (M10 tk 9)
“Patterns of Force”: Military Mite (Nazi March) (M10 tk 1)
“Patterns of Force”: Military Mite (Nazi March) (percussion only) (M10 tk 10)
“Patterns of Force”: Military Mite (Nazi March) (soft version) (M10 tk 2)
Pearl of Great Value, A
peine du talion
Petty girl unedited and composite soundtrack materials]., [The
PICNIC (Theme : Moonglow & Theme)
Pigeon John
Play With Us
Playboy John
Pleasant and Unpleasant Surprises
Prayers for Charlie
Prelude - Houseboat Return - Tired Tourist
Presents / The Tickets / More Presents / The New Ring / Why, Lily?, The
Prisoner Billy
professionnels. GCT088 (Sony pictures home entertainment)
Prologue and Main Title
Puzzled Cap’n / Final
Pyewacket / Queenie / Gil
Pyewacket Returns
Quite a Woman
Reconciled And End Title
“Requiem for Methuselah”: Pseudo Brahms Esq. (alternate ending) (M26)
“Requiem for Methuselah”: Pseudo Brahms Esq. (M26/M26A)
“Return to Tomorrow”: Henoch / I Remember (M41/M44)
“Return to Tomorrow”: Kirk’s Philosophy (M32)
“Return to Tomorrow”: Last Moments (M64)
“Return to Tomorrow”: Nurse Chapel / Spock Alive (M55–60/M63)
“Return to Tomorrow”: Ready Sargon (M33)
“Return to Tomorrow”: Sargon Inert (M52)
“Return to Tomorrow”: Sargon Transfers / Sargon Requests (M22/M23)
“Return to Tomorrow”: Thalassa / Kirk Returns (M24/M31)
“Return to Tomorrow”: Thalassa Recalls (M34–40)
“Return to Tomorrow”: Thalassa Worried / Nurse Puzzled / Thalassa Concerned / Thalassa Pleads (M45/M45A/M46/M51)
“Return to Tomorrow”: The Voice (M12)
“Return to Tomorrow”: Who Are You / The Globes (M15/M21)
Righteous Cass
río de la luna ..., El : del film ... "Canapé con diamante"
Risk Is Our Business
River Bath
Robert Miffed
Robert the Artist (outtake) / Suzie’s Story / Spoiled Kiss
Rojan's blocks
Rosemary Pleads / Rosemary Alone
Sad Jan
Sands Curious
Sargon Intercedes
Saturday Knight
Scala No. 1, La
Scotty Refuses
Second Season Library Music: Cochrane’s Decision (from “Metamorphosis” M62B)
Second Season Library Music: Nancy Sobs (from “Metamorphosis” M51A)
Second Season Library Music: Nancy Sobs (from “Metamorphosis” M51B)
Second Season Library Music: Shuttle Helpless (from “Metamorphosis” M12A)
Second Season Library Music: Starship (from “Metamorphosis” M41 tk 2)
Second Season Library Music: You Loved Me (from “Metamorphosis” M61A)
Send Me Nicky
Shaky Clutch / Bookie Blues
She Sank
Shep Shook
Sing You Sinners
Sit Back and Enjoy the Ride
Small Town Boy, Mighty Pretty Territory There
Solid Food, Solitude and You
Someone or Something
Song of the Cowboy
Sophia Loren Collection
Spell / Shep Hooked, The
Split Screens
Spock and the Companion
Spock's Epiphany
Spock Wigs Out
Spock Works
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 31: Metamorphosis
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 51: Return to Tomorrow
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 60: And the Children Shall Lead
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 62: Is There in Truth No Beauty?
Star Trek: The Original Series: Episode 63: The Empath
Stiff Neck
Stormy Weather Polka
Strangers When We Meet
Sultan's Parade and You Are My Dream
Suzie Leaves / Mei Ling – Virgin / Hong Kong Streets
Suzie’s Baby / Robert’s Compassion
Suzie Siren
Suzie Wong Blues
Suzie Wong Mambo
Tant qu'il y aura des hommes
Temple Cold / Not Interested / Temple Horrified
That Cat Again / Shep Whammied / You're a Fool
That Owens Girl / Mille
That touch of mink
Thee Wed, I
Theme for Camille
Theme From "Tightrope"
Thin Ice
Third Season Library Music: Act Out (LM131 take 1)
Third Season Library Music: Act Out (LM131 take 2)
This Is the Naked City
Three Little Maids From Damascus
Time grows short
To the Derby
Tom And Elizabeth
Tonight and every night
Torn Shirt, Part 2 / Hal's Turmoil
Torture Chamber
Toys in the attic
Tra mezzanotte e l'alba
Trail Goes Cold, The
Trail to Mexico, The
Transference Complete
Trek Back, The
Trial Prelude
Trois heures dix pour Yuma
Två red tillsammans
Two rode together
Una strega in paradiso
Uncles Are Aunts / Soft Soap
Undercover Man, The
Unhappy Magoo
Up the Mountain
Vian Force Field
Vian lab
Vian's farewell
Vians, The
Viimeinen valhe
Villain Higgins / Patch Vindicated / Trapped Divers
Villain Upjohn / End Title
Void, The
Wail for a Village
Want You, I
Was I'm Proud, I
Way Out Calypso
Wayfarer Bronson
Wayfaring Stranger / Coffee Time / Have Fun Today?
We're No Longer Orbiting Triacus
We Were Just Starting to Have Fun
Wedding Celebration
Welcome Aboard
What Does He See
When It Happens / Temple Worried
Where Are We
Where’s Johnny
Where's Pyewacket? / Naughty Cat / Gil's Tears
Wherever Here Is
Whiskey at Night
Who Has Summoned Me
Who Is to Say
Who’s Got the Action? (vocal version – demo)
Wife Meets Mistress
Winner Bronson / Shopping
Wise Dog / Erasmus the Brain
Wish I Could / Gil's Whammy / All Right Shep, I
“Wolf in the Fold”: Navel Maneuvers (M1/M1A)
World of Suzie Wong, The
Worried Parents
wreck of the Mary Deare, The
Wrecker Patch
You Love Me / Madge Decides
You're Killing Them
You Won't Like It
Zodiac Blues
Zodiac Serenade
Zorro and Son
Zwei ritten zusammen
Афера на Тринидаде
В 3:10 на Юму
Королева бджіл
Одавде до вечности
Отныне и во веки веков
خواهر من آیلین (فیلم ۱۹۵۵)
سالومه (فیلم ۱۹۵۳)
لمس سمور
مردی از لارامی
Contributed to or performed: 
"Mighty Joe Young" (and Other Ray Harryhausen Animation Classics)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Gorgon Summoned (M54–60) / Gorgon Zapped (M61)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Main Title (soprano version, third season mix) (2006 recording)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Mislead Innocent (M38) / McCoy Mad (M41) / Out of Orbit (M42) / Call the Angel (M43/M43A)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Out of Orbit (alternate) (M42A)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Standard Orbit #1 (M31) / Starnes’ Tape (M32) / Kids’ Whammy #2 (M33) / Tommy’s Whammy (M34) / Standard Orbit #2 (M35) / Whammed Crew (M36/M36A) / Starnes’ Story (M37)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Starship Again (M21) / Instant Ice Cream (M22)
“And the Children Shall Lead”: Triacus (M11) / What Goes Kids? (M12)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Ambassador Arrival (alternate) (M13A)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Ambassador Arrival (M13) / My Life Is Here (M14) / I Must Know (M15) / Starship Party (M21)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Blind Miranda (M44) / Mind Link (M51) / Spock—Kollos (M52)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Don’t Move (M61) / Spock Out (M62) / No Change (M63) / Miranda Mad (M64/M64B/M64A/M64C) / Miranda’s Farewell (M65)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Enter Marvick (M11) / Enter Miranda (M12)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Hero Spock (M53/M53A/M53)
“Is There in Truth No Beauty?”: Unknown Void (M34) / Sentimental Jim (M41) / What Is Ugly? (M42) / Why? (M43)
100 Greatest TV Themes, Volume 2
70's - Les meilleurs génériques des séries T.V. américaines (Best of)
Ballad of 3:10 to Yuma, The
Black Ship Tension; Goodbye Mariena; Short Curtain
Cocktail Mix, Volume 4: Soundtracks With a Twist!
Dear Brigitte / Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
Devil at 4 O'Clock / The Victors, The
Empath”: Cave Exit (M26) / Star Trek Chase (M27) / Slow Motion Kirk (M28–30/M28–30A/M28–30B), “The
Empath”: Empath Finale (M64), “The
Empath”: How’s It Going (M41) / Spock’s Hypo (M42) / Spock Stuck (M43) / McCoy Tortured (M44) / Gem Wistful (M45), “The
Empath”: Starship Again (M11) / Nova Phase (M12) / What Happened? (M13), “The
Empath”: Vians’ Farewell (M62/M62A) / Off Again (M63), “The
End Title
Enter Gem; Kirk Healed
Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, The
Goodbye Emily
Help Him; Spock Stuck; McCoy Tortured
Main Title
Main Title And Closing Theme
Martinis, Bikinis & Memories
Matter Of Pride; No Tribble At All; Big Fight, A
Mirror, Mirror; Black Ship Theme; The Agonizer; Meet Mariena
Music From Famous Westerns, Volume 1
Music From Famous Westerns, Volume 2
Neutralizer; Kelvan Theme; More Neutralizers; Broken Blocks
Not With My Wife, You Don't! / Any Wednesday
Ok Corral
Rojan's Revenge; Rojan's Blocks; Pretty Words; Rojan's Victory; Finale
Smell of the Cramps: More Songs from the Vault of Lux and Ivy
Star Trek, Volume Two: By Any Other Name / The Trouble With Tribbles / Mirror, Mirror / The Empath
Star Trek, Volume Two: Newly Recorded Music From Selected Episodes Of The Paramount TV Series
Star Trek: Symphonic Suites, Volume 1
Star Trek: The Original Series 6: Metamorphosis / Return to Tomorrow / …And More
Star Trek: The Original Series 8: Is There in Truth No Beauty? / The Empath (Television Soundtrack)
Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection
Symphonic Suites from Star Trek
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 4: Black and White Classics
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 5: In Living Color
Then Came Bronson
Time Grows Short
Time Tunnel, The
TV Omnibus: Volume One (1962-1976)
Very Best Instrumental Hits Part 1, The
Vian Lab; The Subjects; Cave Exit; Star Trek Chase
Vians' Farewell; Empath Finale
Wreck of the Mary Deare / Twilight of Honor, The