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Denzil Holles, 1st Baron Holles (English politician)
Denzil Holles (personnalité politique britannique)
Holis, Denzell
Holles, Danzil (Lord)
Holles, Densell
Holles, Denzell
Holles, Denzil
Holles, Denzil (baron)
Holles, Denzil H.
Holles, Denzil Holles
Holles, Denzil Holles (Barón)
Holles, Denzil (Lord)
Holles of Ifield, Denzil
Holles of Ifield, Denzil Holles (Baron)
Hollis, ..
Hollis, Danzil (Lord)
Hollis, Densell
Hollis, Densil (Baron Holles)
Hollis, Denzel
Hollis, Denzell
Hollis, Denzil
Hollis, Denzil (Baron of Ifield in Sussex)
Hollis, Denzil H.
Hollis, Denzil Holles
Hollis, Denzil (Lord)
Hollis, Denzil (Master)
Hollis, Denzil (Mr)
Hollis, Denzill
Ifield, Denzil H. of
True well-wisher to the peace and good government of the kingdom
Холлис, Дензил
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Manuscript language material
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Fairfax, Thomas (1612-1671)
Goodwin, Timothy (Londen)
Guizot, François Pierre Guillaume (1787-1874))
Huntington, Robert (1636-ca1701)
Huygens, Christiaan (1629-1695)
John Boyd Thacher Collection (Library of Congress)
Nedham, Marchamont (1620-1678)
Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)
Ralph, Elizabeth
Toland, John (1670-1722)
Brief van Denzil Holles (1598-1680) aan Christiaan Huygens (1629-1695)
case stated of the jurisdiction of the House of lords in the point of impositions
Claer ende oprecht verhael, van den ghevaerlijcken ende bloedighen slagh, tusschen sijn majesteyts leger, ende de forcen des Parlements, by Kyneton in het graefschap van Warwijck den 23. occober[!] 1642.
Considerations touching that question
exact and true relation of the dangerous and bloody fight. -, An
Grand question concerning the judicature of the House of Peers, stated and argued, and the case of T. Skinner, complaining of the East India company, which gave occasion to that question related... [By Denzyl, Lord Holles.]
Letter of a gentleman to his friend
letter to Monsr. van B*** de M*** at Amsterdam, written anno 1676 by Denzil, Lord Holles, concerning the government of England, A
Long Parliament dissolved. -, The
Lord Hollis his remains. -
Marriage bonds for the diocese of Bristol : excluding the Archdeaconry of Dorset
Mémoires de Hollis ; Mémoires de Huntington ; Mémoires de Fairfax.
Memoirs of Denzil Lord Holles, baron of Ifield in Sussex, from the year 1641 to 1648.
Reflections upon Antidotum Britannicum, and Mr. Hunt's late book and post-script
Second letter to a friend concerning the judicature of the bishops in Parliament
second pacquet of advices and animadversions sent to the men of Shaftsbury., A : Occasioned by several seditious pamphlets spread abroad to pervert the people, since the publication of the former pacquet.
Some considerations upon the question, whether the Parliament is dissolved by it's prorogation for 15 months? : the two statutes upon which this question depends are 4 Edvv. 3. cap. 14 ... 36 Edvv. 3. cap. 10 ...
Speech at the delivery of the protestation to the Lords of the Upper House of Parliament, May 4, 1641
Speech in Parliament concerning the articles of high treason against himselfe
Speech in Parliament , Decemb. 30, 1631, upon the reading of the petition and protestation of the twelve bishops
Speech in Parliament on Munday the 31th of January upon the delivery of a message from the House of Commons concerning the poore tradesmens petition
Speech in Parliament the 21 of March, 1642, wherein is contained his declaration concerning the Kings Atturney Generall
speech of Denzell Holles esquire. Delivered at the Lords barr, Wednesday the 15th of Iune., The
Speech to the Lords concerning the setling of the Queen of Bohemia and her electorall family in their right and inheritance
Speech to the Lords in Parliament concerning peace
true copie of the speech made by the Honourable Denzell Holles, Esquire, at a conference by a committee of both Houses of Parliament in the painted chamber ..., A
true relation of the unjust accusation of certain French gentlemen, (charged with a robbery, of which they were most innocent) and the proceedings upon it, with their tryal and acquittance in the Court of Kings Bench, in Easter term last. Published by Denzell Lord Holles, partly for a further manifestation of their innocency, (of which, as he is informed, many do yet doubt) and partly for his own vindication, in regard of some passages at that tryal, which seemed very strongly to reflect upon him., A
Worthy and learned speech in Parliament, on Thursday the thirtieth of December 1641