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Mac Closkey, Deirdre Nansen
MacCloskey, Deirdre
MacCloskey, Deirdre N.
MacCloskey, Deirdre Nansen
Mc Closkey, Deirdre N.
Mc Closkey, Deirdre Nansen
Mccloskey, Deirdre
McCloskey, Deirdre N.
McCloskey, Deirdre Nansen
McCloskey, Donald Nansen
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Language material
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Mac Closkey, Donald Nansen (other identity, same person)
MacCloskey, Donald Nansen (Frueherer Name; other identity, same person)
Mc Closkey, Donald Nansen (other identity, same person)
McCloskey, Donald N. (other identity, same person)
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Dorman, Peter
Earle, Inga
Erasmus Universiteit Affiliation (see also from)
Floud, Roderick
Folbre, Nancy
Harvard University
Hořejš, František
Iowa State University of Science and Technology Department of Economics Affiliation (see also from)
Kališová, Lenka
Klamer, Arjo
Mathematical Social Science Board Conference on the New Economic History of Britain, 1840-1930, Harvard University, 1970
McCloskey, Christopher
Mccloskey, Deirdre
McCloskey, Deirdre N.
McCloskey, Donald
McCloskey, Donald N
McCloskey, Donald N.
Megill, Allan (1947-...)
Nelson, John S. (1950-...)
Sandberg, Lars G.
Solow, Robert M. (1924-...)
University of Illinois Affiliation (see also from)
University of Illinois at Chicago / Department of Economics
Waldron, Ingrid
Ziliak, Stephen
Ziliak, Stephen T.
Ziliak, Stephen Thomas
1860 to the 1970s
Aplikovaná teorie ceny
applied theory of price, The
bibliography of historical economics to 1980, A
Bourgeois dignity : why economics can't explain the modern world
Bourgeois dignitywhy economics can't explain the modern world
bourgeois virtues, The : ethics for an age of commerce
bourgeois virtuesethics for an age of commerce, The
Britain's loss from foreign industrialization: A provisional estimate
chronicle of higher ed feb 16, the
consequences of economic rhetoric, The
Conversation with Donald N. McCloskey about Rhetoric, A
cult of statistical significance, The : how the standard error costs us jobs, justice, and lives
Debating markets
discreet charm of the bourgeoisie, The
Does the Past Have Useful Economics?
Earth Charter: A Reply, The
Econometric history
Economic history of Britain since 1700, The
economic history of Britain since 17001700-1800, The
economic history of Britain since 17001860 to the 1970s, The
Economic maturity and entrepreneurial decline; British iron and steel, 1870-1913
Economical writing
Enterprise and trade in Victorian Britain : essays in historical economics
Essays on a mature economy: Britain after 1840: papers and proceedings of the Mathematical Social Science Board Conference on the New Economic History of Britain, 1840-1930; held at Eliot House, Harvard University, 1-3 September, 1970;
Essays on a mature economyBritain after 1840papers and proceedings
Ethics for an age of commerce
Fenoaltea on open fields: A comment
Fogel and North: Statics and Dynamics in Historical Economics.
From damnation to redemption: Judgments on the late victorian entrepreneur
How economists persuade
How language is used to do businessessays on the the rhetoric of economics
How to be human-- though an economist
If you're so smart : the narrative of economic expertise
In pursuit of the PhD: a review essay : In Pursuit of the PhD by and . Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1992, pp. xx + 442. $35.00 (cloth)
Kelly Green Golf Shoes and the Intellectual Range from M to N
Knowledge and persuasion in economics
Loss Function Has Been Mislaid: The Rhetoric of Significance Tests., The
Love and money: A comment on the markets debate
Magnanimous albion: Free trade and British national income, 1841-1881
Measurement and meaning in economics : the essential Deirdre McCloskey
Measurement and meaning in economicsthe essential Deirdre McCloskey
Modern Epistemology against Analytic Philosophy: A Reply
New perspectives on the old poor law
New practices of inquirya series
Not by P Alone: A Virtuous Economy
One Quarter of GDP Is Persuasion.
Other Things Equal: Alan Greenspan Doesn't Influence Interest Rates
Other Things Equal: Aunt Deirdre's Letter to a Graduate Student
Other Things Equal: Bush
Other Things Equal: Career Courage
Other Things Equal: Cassandra's Open Letter to Her Economist Colleagues
Other Things Equal: Christian Economics?
Other Things Equal: Economic Tourism
Other Things Equal: Economical Writing: An Executive Summary
Other Things Equal: Economics: Art or Science or Who Cares?
Other Things Equal: Free-Market Feminism 101
Other Things Equal: Getting It Right, or Left: Marxism and Competition
Other Things Equal: He's Smart. And He's a Nice Guy, Too.
Other Things Equal: How to Be a Good Graduate Student
Other Things Equal: How To Be Scientific in Economics
Other Things Equal: How to Host a Seminar Visitor
Other Things Equal: How to Organize a Conference
Other Things Equal: Keynes Was a Sophist, and a Good Thing, Too
Other Things Equal: Learning to Love Globalization
Other Things Equal: Love or Money
Other Things Equal: Milton
Other Things Equal: Mottoes for Science: Intendete Alte in Gubernando; and Qui scis?
Other Things Equal: Notre Dame Loses
Other Things Equal: One Small Step for Gary
Other Things Equal: Polanyi Was Right, and Wrong
Other Things Equal: Quarreling with Ken
Other Things Equal: Reading I've Liked
Other things equal: Samuelsonian Economics
Other Things Equal: Schelling's Five Truths of Economics
Other Things Equal: Small Worlds, or, the Preposterousness of Closed Economy Macro
Other Things Equal: The A-Prime/ C-Prime Theorem
Other Things Equal: The Insanity of Letters of Recommendation
Other Things Equal: The Rhetoric of Economics, Revisited
Other Things Equal: The So-Called Coase Theorem
Other things equal: What's Wrong with the Earth Charter
Other things equal: Why economists should not be ashamed of being the philosophers of prudence
Reply [Economic Writing].
Reply [The Rhetoric of Economics].
Reply to Peter Cain
Rhetoric of Economics: Response to My Critics, The
Rhetoric of the human sciences, The : language and argument in scholarship and public affairs
Rhetoric of the human scienceslanguage and argument in scholarship and public affairs, The
Second thoughts : myths and morals of U.S. economic history
Si vous êtes si malins-- : McCloskey et la rhétorique des sciences économiques, suivi de La rhétorique des sciences économiques de Deirdre N. McCloskey
Significance redux
Signifying nothing: reply to Hoover and Siegler
Simulating Barbara
Size matters: the standard error of regressions in the American Economic Review
Standard Error of Regressions, The
Stiglerite vs. Friedmanite Science
Three books of oomph
Thrift as a Virtue, Historically Criticized
Trends in gender differences in accidents mortality
vices of economists, the virtues of the bourgeoisie, The
Why Don't Economists Believe Empirical Findings?
Writing as a Responsibility of Science: A Reply.
writing of economics, The
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Harvard University, 1970